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Austen Tayler, Executive Director of Talent & Development, FTV/Maverick Films (US)


I found you through a search engine and you seem to be the most web-friendly writer with fantastic ideas!!! I love your mind and think that we would be a good fit. You seem so amazing to me! When searching around for a writer for my treatment, I was captured by your elegant, sophisticated writing style. Most writers are not as entertaining with their words as you are.


(…) I have no words to properly express how absolutely flawlessly fantastic (I KNOW, grammatically incorrect) you are! You have blown me away!!! I love the 4 different points of view taped with the interviewer’s simple camera, I love the superimposing, I love the layer's which belong to each twisted character and I love the twist at the end! I LOVE IT ALL! It is truly amazing!!! YOU are sooooooo talented!


(…) I CANNOT tell you how impressed I am by you... most writers struggle with another concept writer’s ideas, you are picking EVERYTHING up like the 2 of you are on the same path. I have struggled with our freelance writers over so many issues and they just never "get it".  Something kept telling me to reach outside the box. I sure am glad I followed the voice in my head! I look forward to getting you signed on to our production company as our star staff writer. It may not seem like much to you, but honestly Roland Michel, you make communicating an idea so so so easy. Nice to work with someone who is brighter than bright and CLEVER!


(…) I LOVE IT!!! Leave it the way it is!!! THANK YOU for all of your hard work and devotion to the project. It's GREAT!!! THANK YOU!!! I love ALL of your questions, they're all really good ones! I love your intense style of writing, you made it come to life!!!


Austen Tayler, Executive Director of Talent & Development, Maverick Entertainment, Inc., Four Brothers Productions, FTV,



Bruce Kalish, Director, Writer and Producer (US)


(On the Jubilee week-end, while I had 4 days off work, I wrote 8 episode synopses for the series Black Hole High. The Executive Producer of the series Bruce Kalish was so impressed he wrote back:)


Roland, you are so prolific, you put everyone I know to shame... I think as our working relationship continues I will give you some movie ideas I have been mottling over and let you run with them if you want. Or if you have ideas I'd be glad to listen to them and give you some input. In this first order I will not be able to get you a script, however, if we get the pickup for the back half of the season, hopefully by the end of this year, I will get you scripts, I can promise that. Sorry I can't do more for you now with all the help you given... other then get you paid for the research you're doing for me and seeing if I can get you a technical advisor credit. Thanks so much for responding with the speed and more importantly the intelligence that you communicate with the writers. Thanks for your notes they are extremely helpful, I was inspired by your hard work and finished off the piece. Thanks again for coming into my life!


Credits: Black Hole High, The Famous Jett Jackson (including the Movie), The Fall Guy, Incredible Hulk and Eight is Enough



David Garber (II), Director, Writer and Producer (US)


Thanks so much, Roland. You are really something, and that's good. I can't believe you got into all of this so quickly. I owe a great debt to you in your scientific analysis and input. Together we'll make this show shine! Once again, it's a great pleasure working with you. Believe me, I already let Bruce know how much I appreciated your notes. I know he's always talking about you and your extensive research. He's a very big fan of yours already.


I went over your notes and found them perfect. You have some great suggestions. This episode is going to be great! You sure are working hard. That's terrific. You can tell you really love what you're doing.


(…) I speak to Bruce a few times a day and always emphasize how much help you are. I just wanted to tell you that the materials that you emailed me are most helpful. Evidently, from what Bruce tells me, it's been received quite well by the network and production company. Everyone's beyond pleased.


Credits: Black Hole High, Jett Jackson, Saved by the Bell, Dennis the Menace, Love Boat, etc.



Lorianne Overton (Tibbets), Professional Screenwriter (US)


Your forth solution to the time loop conundrum is nothing short of genius. That's exactly the type of information I needed. Thank you so much for taking the time to think this through, and so thoroughly at that. 


Credits: Black Hole High, The Zack Files, 18 Wheels of Justice, V.I.P.



Taylor Grant, Professional Screenwriter (US)


Good evening, Roland. Thank you so much for your prompt response.  It's already clear that you have a very keen eye as your questions were concise and well thought out. It's obvious to me that I've connected with the right man! Thanks a million!


(…) Holy COW, Roland! You weren't kidding around, were you? This is AMAZING! OK... give me some time to sift through all of this information and cohesively reply. I can't thank you enough for your diligence and professionalism.


(…) First of all, believe me when I say that you've already gone beyond the call of duty.  Please don't do any more research or I'm going to start feeling guilty. I have to say that you've been a TREMENDOUS help on this and have really assisted me with getting my head around some ideas. I feel really good about your ideas, you really came through on the whole Zero-Point Energy idea. You've been a tremendous asset.


Credits: Prometheus Rising (film in development), Beetlejuice (Animation), Little Rosie, Monster Farm, Bad Dog, Beetleborgs, Power Ranges, The Accuser. Music videos (Fugees, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan) Written and Published Comic Books



Kevin MacDonald, Director and Producer (UK)


(Kevin MacDonald was also impressed with me but as most of our communications were in person at his house, we did not exchange that many e-mails. You will have to contact him and I am sure he will tell you similar things as above. In person he was very appreciative of my hard work. He did say one thing in his e-mails though:)


Thanks a lot for all your help - and especially for the large folder/printout that you sent which is most useful.


Credits: The Last King of Scotland, Touching the Void (Bafta Best British Film), One Day in September (Oscar Best Documentary), Being Mick, etc.





Roland Michel Tremblay




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