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Used to be ashamed of existence, of these words thrown out here and there for anyone to read, and wondered for a while if it was necessary, essential, worth anything. Of course, it depends on what one writes about, and how much suffering and understanding have been added to the matter. There are blogs out there, novels, entertainment, and perhaps philosophy, what deals with the existence, the universe, the primary questions for which there will never be any answer. This is how philosophy can be recognised, if there is no answer to the question. This is what is being discussed here.

I hope you understand that this book has no answer to offer, but might just help you identify the real questions one needs to ask. Be wary of any ready made answers you might get to these essential questions in life, wherever or from whoever these answers might come from. I believe that in the end only you, on a personal level, can answer for yourself any of the questions posed in this book.

If you were to write a similar book one day, trying to answer what this life is all about, Iím sure you would come up with totally different answers. I feel there might not be any ready made answers in this world for the main questions the human race might wish to ask. And yet, I feel it important to ask those questions and try to figure out the answers. I did it for myself here, you might want to consider doing it for yourself as well. It could help us all in the end.

††††††††† Before I start, I need to remind myself about this most fundamental question: what I write here, what it is that I feel about these different topics, is it just what I think in the here and now, and tomorrow I could write something else? I cannot deny that if I were to live another 50 years, and decide to rewrite that same book with the same subtitles, I would definitely write a totally different book, just like it would have been if I had written it when I was 18.

This book is not intended to be philosophical in the first place, and I am not writing it so it will get published and get some recognition. It is purely a need for me to write it, the need to ask myself these questions and see if, for myself, I can reach some sort of answers which will help my existential crisis. I could be writing commercial stuff instead, but I cannot help it, I needed to write Destructivism.

Also, I want this book to be accessible, understandable, not boring and sending everyone to sleep by talking and talking about one specific subject for over 100 pages, after having read all the other authors and regurgitating here all that they have said, and then adding my little bit to it.

I wish now I had not read about determinism. I had something to say about it before-hand, now, Iíll be lucky if any inspiration comes to me. And what I will be writing now might no longer be my own ideas, no longer be simple or to the point, it needs to take everything else into consideration. Spontaneity is good, a thinking process in action, no more than a few pages on any subject without any long term research, or else, I might just waste 25 years writing a book I can write in a month.

And I am not certain if after a long research and 25 years, this book would be any better. It could be worse, because then I would be unreachable and you would need a degree in philosophy to understand me. As soon as I would start to mention the Compatibilists and the Libertarians in the context of Determinism, that would be it, you would be lost. I would need to write another book on top of my book just to explain all those concepts to you and what everyone else said on the topic. And now you know why it would take me 25 years and why philosophy bores you to death.

I hope you will enjoy this light philosophy, enough to get you thinking about some important questions that philosophy through the ages has been debating. Fortunately for you, I ignored the whole branch about logic and the veracity of arguments. Unfortunately for me, I will be such an easy target to anyone who will try to find some holes in my arguments, that perhaps I should keep this book to myself.

You will find many contradictions in this book, and I believe it is all right. Because human beings are full of contradictions, it is in our nature. Someone who never contradicts himself is a liar and most probably adjusted his ideas and truths to fit the whole of his logic, when in fact his logic might have been flawed from the start. So sometimes I will believe in God, and some other times, I will act like if I never met the guy, that in fact, I donít believe he even existed. I met Santa Claus though, many times, and I believe in Santa Claus.

††††††††† The whole first part of this book (Politics) has been published as articles on many progressive websites. At the time we were fighting to get George W. Bush out of the picture. I may eventually edit this book so it is more general, less related to actual events. They were mostly published on five websites: OpEdNews, Atlantic Free Press, The Peopleís Voice, Dandelion Salad and Scoop. The most complete and comprehensive list of my published articles taken out of this book can be found here:


††††††††† I understand I am quite cynical and pessimistic, well, lucky you if your life is like a gentle opened flower, mine is not.




The Path to Self-Destruction











Humankindís future: social and political Utopia or Idiocracy?



††††††††† By some coincidence in the last three days I read Men Like Gods of H. G. Wells and watch the films Idiocracy, City of Ember and WALL-E. They all deal with humankindís future, a very bleak future that could possibly become the ultimate Utopia or perfect world, not before another world war, the extinction of humanity, and survival of a few humans to come back to Earth from space, or emerging from underground to start anew. Is this what we can expect of our future, imminent self-destruction?

††††††††† Should we be planning colonies and ship them into space or below ground, like, right now? Is it because we feel the end of humanity is fast becoming, that we are far reaching the end of all our broken institutions, that suddenly the topic of our future, or lack of it, is so pro-eminently featured even in childrenís films? The topic is not new, H. G. Wellsí discourse in Men Like Gods is so up to date with what is happening today, even though it was written in 1923, that one must believe nothing has changed socially and politically for the last 100 years.

††††††††† We donít trust the government, any reasonable mind does not trust organised religion, we feel betrayed in a world where no one is working towards a better humanity for everyone, where most likely huge corporations including financial institutions control everything, without a thought for anyoneís wellbeing.

††††††††† We have to admit that our morals and ethicsí record on this planet has already passed the custody threshold many times over, this record shows no sign of getting better. So much for H. G. Wellsí Utopia, we will need another 3000 years to change our ways of thinking and our ways of going about things socially and politically. After a few revolutions, civil wars and world wars, no doubt.

††††††††† In the film Idiocracy, based on the idea that the strongest in nature will always be in power and go on to procreate over the more intelligent ones or nerds, we end up with a future where civilization has forgotten everything, a dumb down humanity. We still have technology and what remains from the past, but no one can fix it. So planes crash all the time on the streets whilst no one cares, watching TV instead on their Toilet-La-Z-Boys.

††††††††† The richest company is one selling weird fizzy energy drinks and they are mostly in charge of dictating our lifestyle and the government, to the point were they killed every plant in the world, watering them with this toxic drink. The American President is a Black Rock Star who has no clue what to do to save this world, but knows how to entertain the nation, in a world craving reality TV, fights and destruction. In some ways we might already be living in that kind of future, to a lesser degree perhaps.

††††††††† In WALL-E it is even better. We have already self-destruct, humanity is all dead except this trash robot called WALL-E who still cleans our mess, what remains of humanity. They were clever enough to send a spaceship into space with a colony of people who would be coming back once the world war was over. However that war was a mass extinction event (what can you expect in the nuclear age) and they were told never to come back. And so they remained travelling in the universe for 700 years, until such time that one plant is found on Earth and a probe goes back to the ship to let them know itís time to come back to Earth. So they end up coming back and presumably build a better world.

††††††††† It is nevertheless a very bleak future. Not only the human race self-annihilated, but on top of it the future of humanity on that ship are all obese people who canít even walk, laying on their anti-gravity bed-chairs, plugged into the Internet or television permanently, to the extent that they barely notice the world around them, all that publicity choking their little spaceship. Once again the famous drink is on the menu, as it is their sole food.

††††††††† The City of Ember film starts with the end of the world. A group of scientists built a city underground and gave them a box that will open in exactly 200 years. These are the instructions to come back to the surface once the final world war is over, and so they can start as a new humanity. 200 years of corruption later within their little underground village, two teenagers have to fight to discover the way out of their failing city.

††††††††† In these three films there are still a government, a strong hierarchy, authority and law enforcement officers, whether they are humans or machines. The films are about a vision or version of our future, just before or right after humanity self-destruct.

††††††††† In a way it is about corruption, isolation, individualism, living within our own bubble universe, festering in entertainment whilst the technology and robots replaced the slaves and the servants, whilst all around us we cannot see that everything is decaying and that our lifestyle has already destroyed the planet. We donít even need another world war at this point, global warming will finish us off fairly soon. We can no longer reverse it, our days on Earth are numbered. With any luck I might witness the end of humanity within my lifetime.

††††††††† This is not even being alarmist, this is being realistic. Now you understand my despair, I cannot lose myself in frivolities, like this TV series called Life After People, whilst some people are working so hard to destroy the planet at any cost, through doing nothing ecologically and promoting exploitation and wars. There must be a limit to their greed for wealth and power, a limit prompting us to stop them somehow.

††††††††† In Men Like Gods of H. G. Wells, a book that inspired Brave New World of Aldous Huxley, Mr. Barnstaple is a political writer from the left who passes virtually just where I live in real life, Hounslow, continuing towards Slough and Maidenhead. He suddenly vanishes into Utopia right in front of Windsor Castle. He is accompanied by the Conservative Leader, the Secretary of State for War, a Priest, Lady Stella and Lord Barralonga (the aristocracy), and some servants/chauffeurs.

††††††††† They find themselves in a world where there is no more government, no police force or prisons, but is still some sort of New World Order, where they decided to eliminate most of the population as to make this world sustainable. There are now about 200 million inhabitants on Earth and there are no more social classes or big cities. It does not take long for the Secretary of State for War, the Conservative Leader and the Priest, to plan a take over of Utopia to recreate the hell weíre living in right now.

††††††††† These utopians are from a parallel universe similar to ours but they are 3000 years more advanced in the future, living in a perfect socialist world governed by everyone and no one in particular. Where there is no more money, you take what you need and there are plenty of resources to go around in such a loving and peaceful world of equal human beings. They walk naked, there is no more marriage, they sleep with whoever they want in total freedom. No jealousy, no pettiness, no competition. The scientific world does not work against each other for profit or recognition, they work together humbly and reach results much faster than we could ever hope to.

††††††††† H. G. Wells seems to hope that perhaps in time we will reach that kind of balance in the world. Not before a world government takes hold of the world, and some Big Brother State gets to know everything about everyone, in a world where at least we could trust the government, or after larger revolutions, a world where no one ever lies. And you remain, at the end of this novel, wondering if this could ever come true, if somehow this utopian world could ever exist without actually rapidly becoming our new nightmare.

††††††††† So what is our future? A Utopia or an Idiocracy? I donít mean the future we all wish for, but the one we can realistically expect if we continue on the same trends we follow today. We are still very warlike, going to war without much provocation, still stealing natural resources of others. We are still about taking advantage of human beings, exploitation, using them for our own personal benefit, and it even applies to us being the servants of the richer people of this world.

††††††††† A Nuclear Third World War is inevitable at this time, quite soon we could predict, quite rightly. And if somehow humanity ever shows suddenly a strong desire to see real change happen, to liberate itself from the ones who still have a strong hold on them, in a world where we all know thereís never been a real democracy to speak of, we may consider a massive civil war or revolution is on the way at some point in the future. Maybe after such nightmarish events we will be in a position to recreate a better world, if there is anyone left to recreate such a world.

††††††††† H. G. Wells is quite clear that no sudden change ever worked in the past history of those utopians. Instead he believes that it is only through small changes, hard working authors and thinkers like his Mr. Barnstaple, people going ahead to help humanity on their own without waiting for a government who is not willingÖ only then in time the world changes into this socialist utopia, or at the very least something better for humankind than what we are witnessing today and have been for many centuries. Should we not have finished with all these struggles by now? Is there really any kind of evolution in this world? Weíre all so tired, donít we deserve peace and happiness?

††††††††† So letís work in the details, letís identify everything that does not work or work well, anything that does not profit everyone instead of the few, and see how we can change the world slowly in time to benefit humanity as a whole. If we do not, in parallel of those who are in power, build our own institutions for humankind, we will never even get a glimpse of what this world could truly be like, living in harmony, peace and happiness.

††††††††† Oh, I had enough of Idiocracies, I really need an instant Utopia. I practically live in Slough, an armpit of a place, it is where they filmed The Office, our miserable existence that caught America by storm, they must have recognised themselves in such misery. Windsor Castle is just around the corner. I wonder, maybe if I take the car down that same road as Mr. Barnstaple did in Men Like Gods, I might too find myself in Utopia. Iím not sure I have the patience to wait 3000 years for a better world where there is at least hope. Better be shipped immediately into a parallel universe, before the planet goes up in flames.






Creating The Global Nonprofit Corporation, The Ultimate Cooperative



††††††††† At the end of my last article about the future of humankind as either being a Utopia or an Idiocracy, I stated that if we do not in parallel of those who are in power build our own institutions for humankind, we will never even get a glimpse of what this world could truly be like. It got me thinking about creating a Global Nonprofit Corporation, the Ultimate Cooperative.

††††††††† First of all the idea in not new: there are many cooperatives of all sorts in this world, with many hard thinkers who established it all in the first place. It is a wonder they never proliferated as one would think they should have. I invite you to follow this link on Wikipedia and from there follow the many links:


††††††††† The idea to create such a cooperative is also not new. When I was 4 years old I remember asking my parents how the corner shop and the pre-kindergarten establishment they sent me to could actually survive, as it never seemed to me, even at that age, that they could make enough money to pay their bills (unless they were selling drugs on the side). I was not even 7 years old when I first thought of creating a global nonprofit corporation acting in just about every domain of society. At 10 I had it already all planned out in my mind.

††††††††† At the time I fancied myself as quite the entrepreneur. I told my mother many times that I would be a billionaire before I reached 30. And I would have, if somehow along the way I had not become a poet, to the great dismay of my parents. The very definition of a poet is that they die in utter poverty. Iíve moved on since then, donít worry: I barely wasted 20 years of my life in the process. Nothing to worry about, since it all led me to tell you all this now. I never forgot my initial purpose in this life.

††††††††† It taught me something Ė that money is less important than happiness Ė freedom, freedom of thought, this feeling of being part of something larger than oneself. Oh dear, I was no longer a poet then, I had become an idealist, a utopian lost in his dreams of changing the world. It could be worse, I could have become an anarchist, but I always remained quite realistic, still to this day.

††††††††† My childhood dream was quite simple, and even then, without knowing much about the great world of corporations, the capitalist system, the law in such regards to cooperatives, and so on, I had one single idea that I think today is still perfect, in such thinking that only a child incapable of complicating everything, until you no longer have a cooperative, could think.

††††††††† I was going to buy as cheaply as I could and sell without profit, except to provide for my own survival, that was all. My God, if this could be done on a massive scale nationally and internationally, I could truly make a difference in this world!

††††††††† No one would ever be starving again Ė all within the capitalist system I grown into. I had no need to rethink the whole political and economical spectrum, I only needed to act within those systems. I did not see a problem, there was no need to change the world in the process (what did I know anyway of anything at that time). The idea is still very sound.

††††††††† Weíve got to be realistic. Capitalism is here to stay. We just bailed out all major financial institutions at great cost Ė trillions Ė so they could go on forever. We had our chance right there to change everything overnight, but now it is gone. We will live in our economic system for many decades to come. And so it is with our normal capitalist corporations: they are here to remain, forever.

††††††††† Nothing will change for quite a while at least, perhaps never. And I donít think we the people have it in us to change very much, never mind any revolution or civil war that might happen at some point in the future. I know now we are not ready for that, and itís okay, no need to worry. We can change the world anyway, no matter what is going on in this world. Isnít that reassuring? I thought so. So just listen to this:

††††††††† In order to create our own institutions for humankind, to help us all, it has got to be built from within that capitalist system in which everything evolves. There is no point having the mentality of a socialist or even a libertarian socialist (often called anarchism), when everything and everyone else around you obey the laws of capitalism. It is obviously either doomed to failure or it remains a very isolated case of a cooperative that can only benefit a few over the many.

††††††††† Now, this is quite important. I have just read that page on Wikipedia about cooperatives, and other pages linked to it, and I can see why it has never worked and always remained (when it was successful) quite an isolated phenomenon. Even banks that started as cooperative decades ago have all become today capitalist financial institutions like any other. That tells you all, doesnít it?

††††††††† Well, this is where I want to start Ė creating a nonprofit financial institution that truly is nonprofit, and will remain so forever. And from there, finance all sorts of cooperatives that will keep in mind, if not follow, some sort of established charter about what we the people truly need.

††††††††† This global nonprofit company needs to start with the basics. Banking, then construction, then real estate, then supermarkets selling groceries and clothes and anything we all need on a daily basis, and also manufacturing. All nonprofit, on a major scale, an international, a global nonprofit corporation.

††††††††† You see, I am not that bothered with these profits going to the employees or consumers or partners/members to the enterprise. I am only worried about one thing, that we provide for everything anyone might ever need, without any kind of profit whatsoever. So no one should by right own the corporation. The global company should just ensure it provides all the services and products at a minimum of profit.

††††††††† Any profit, and yes there will be some profit, will go to create the next big venture in the global nonprofit corporation. But at the end of the day, if you were to produce and sell something at a fraction of profit of any other competitor, any such venture will be highly profitable. So Iím not worried, every one of the ventures of the global nonprofit corporation cannot fail, but will be sustainable.

††††††††† I am no longer talking about a cooperative Iím afraid, and that is good believe me. Governments decided to regularise cooperatives, and quite strongly I might add. So the idea of calling this international corporation ďThe CooperativeĒ is gone. Anyway, none of its members or consumers or employees would benefit directly from it, it would all work under the capitalist system, like a real corporation, without wishing to make a profit.

††††††††† Paid employees and employment creation for sure, but profiting from such a cooperative? No one will except the people Ė all of us in society. The need of the many over the need of the few. But I am not against helping any cooperative of any form to be created, and to financing them.

††††††††† But I am talking about a global nonprofit organisation, dealing in every domain of society, and that cannot but benefit all. Ensuring not only the lowest price for houses, cars, clothing and food, but also providing the quality we have been used to.

††††††††† Retailers at the moment take 40% profit, on top of the 20% of the distributor, and perhaps on top of the 20% of the manufacturer. Then there are taxes the government takes at every transaction. You understand the need to create such a corporation that will deliver from manufacturing, to distributing, to retailing, without trying to make a profit, perhaps even somehow evading government taxes in the process as a nonprofit organisation, a charity of some sort Ė why not?

††††††††† Maybe I am just a dreamer. Perhaps I have not thought about all this more than I did when I was just a kid, but it seemed so simple to me when I was 10 years old, and perhaps it is that simple after all. All I need is the backup of billionaires truly willing to help the world; I am thinking about Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. And perhaps there are other billionaires or multimillionaires out there who feel they want to help the world, and go on to help create such a huge ďnonprofit corporationĒ that could eventually grow to help billions in the world. And if we were to start with retail, I suppose not that much money would be required.

††††††††† Cooperatives are not illegal, even when it comes to banking. But they all went haywire in time and never seemed to bring lower prices and helping communities as they should have. I am even surprised such cooperatives have not multiplied in time, why is it that we barely can see them, or take advantage of their low price services and products? Why are they no different from any other capitalist corporation out there?

††††††††† Well, we just have not yet created the right global nonprofit corporation, that is all, and that is what I am proposing. Encouraging along the way, and financing, any other smaller organisation willing to espouse the same principles of nonprofit organisation, and helping the community at large.

††††††††† And now there is one more thing I must stress. I am not talking about anarchism or socialism here, for I propose a pure capitalist corporation that is simply not intending to make a profit, just to sustain itself and help itself develop to all domains of society.

††††††††† It is true that none of the employees or members will profit more whilst the corporation is becoming more successful, as it cannot fail to be successful, eliminating all the competition around. But I will not be willing to recreate the nightmare of the actual corporate structure. I dare say, who cares if you can buy a house, a car, a boat, food and clothes cheaper, if in the end it does not make you happier? We all need to be happy at work. No need for a utopia to be created for this to happen, it only depends on us all.

††††††††† The whole usual corporate structure and hierarchy in such an organisation I am planning needs to go. Whilst the structure will be well defined, salaries paid, and a minimum of profit going to help create more of the same worldwide, it remains that there is still room to rethink the corporate hierarchy and management, to a more democratic process of all the employees together, without any kind of identified supremacy.

††††††††† Letís face it, if this extraordinary massive scale project is to create millions of jobs and help the economy, I want every single employee to take part in all the decisions and be as happy as can be. This is not exploitation I am proposing. It is a massive undertaking to bring happiness, joy and a worthy standard of living to everyone on this planet. A lot of thinking and planning will be required before this starts, I can tell you.

††††††††† Okay! I am willing to start to plan this project, which is not a utopia, so we can help as many people as we can. Perfect timing, weíre in a recession. Please contact me with your ideas. And if you have money and you are willing to jump start such a nonprofit corporation, please contact me.

††††††††† I think we could do good in this world, we could achieve something that should have been done a long time ago, something that is allowed under our actual laws, that could truly become the only competition anyone ever feared in such a capitalist system.

††††††††† We cannot change our economic system, we cannot change our capitalist market, we cannot even change our government and its ways of thinking and going about everything. But in parallel to it all we can plan the best ever cooperative or nonprofit corporation the world ever saw.

††††††††† Please feel free to create such smaller organisations with the same spirit as expressed here, for weíre in desperate need of new ways of going about things in this world. And if somehow we could make it global, to help us all, what a dream come true that would be. That would be something worth living for, worth working towards.

††††††††† I have pledged that I would change this world somehow. I seek a donation. Donít worry, I am not seeking a donation from you. I am seeking one worthy donation from one multimillionaire. From there, the nonprofit corporation will take over. New banking, manufacturing, constructing, distributing, retailing, without any profit. All employees deciding the fate of their organisation, without suffering too much the corporate hierarchy or management. Better remain good and hard working, or else others will get you out.

††††††††† But Iím only thinking about our happiness, to get everything we need without having all those third parties making a fortune on our back, not even the government through taxes at every level. If somehow all could come to you without someone making a profit at every turn, we might be able to afford living, we might afford to survive, to be happy, to change this world without having to change it, by changing this world from within. All by building our own humanitarian institutions in parallel of everything else that might exist in this world.

††††††††† My God, I am idealistic, am I? And yet, I feel, I just feel, it is within our reach. It can be done. We can make it happen! I donít intend to change anything within this world, I only intend to use all that already exists, all that we can use, in order to build exactly what we always needed, and I find that nothing is stopping us but our ability to organise. It can be done on a small scale or a massive scale. Letís get to work! Now, isnít that revolutionary?







††††††††† If we have to work on an imperfect government structure, and can only change a few things here and there, here are at least a few solutions.

††††††††† I have observed politics in three countries in my short life, United Canada, United Kingdom and United States, and I could now add the United States of Europe. Sometimes it was democratic, sometimes it was not. Most often it never was democracy, because there was always an almighty leader following his own vision which no one could agree with.

††††††††† I say ďhisĒ, because it is less often a woman who would act so blindly against everyone elseís will. For that alone, I am willing to only vote for women in the future, but I have met many power hungry women in position of authority within my lifetime, and so, we can never be sure or safe. It is really a question of transparency about who we do elect to power. Who are they truly deep down, do we even get to really know, considering all the lies we are being fed all the time?

††††††††† I have never read Karl Marx or anything about communism or socialism, for some reason when they came to my universities to recruit new fresh minds, I never got on the boat. After my observations, I took several courses in the philosophy of politics in University, and I guess I must have read then about socialism, somehow it didnít stick, I canít remember anything about it. I remember The Social Contract of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Hobbes and Locke and most especially The Prince of Machiavelli. Now that this is out of the way, that you know that I am no expert on the topic, like neither anyone in politics if I may add, letís see what I think of it.

††††††††† I know that the American political structure was inspired by Charles de Montesquieu who lived in France from 1689 to 1755, which also inspired the French political system. I also know that it has well past its sell by date, and that today his famous theory of the separation of powers no longer works. It is obvious to anyone that this separation of powers no longer exists, or at least can easily be circumvented.

††††††††† From an early age I always thought politics didnít work. For some reason, even though the process looked entirely democratic, we always ended up voting for parties instead of people, and hence, we always seemed to elect the wrong people. It has been my observation that it is quite rare that someone in power will actually do what people actually want. It always ends up in disaster, and sometimes we even re-elect the same horrible people, and no one can understand why.

††††††††† Iím not going to talk here about pettiness, like should we separate Canada in two or not, or should we go to war with the rest of the world for no apparent good justification. Or what about those terrorists, should we not destroy a few countries and kill a few million people, for those 20 guys who attacked us on a Monday morning years ago? I will also avoid talking about rigged vote, fake elections, though I feel it is a growing concern and I stop short of saying that I believe democracy is truly dead at the time Iím writing these lines.

††††††††† I simply want to talk about politics at its most basic function and structure, because this is what I feel does not work and ultimately fails us all. This is what can give the power to anyone to suddenly create a world war or destroy an entire economy for the wrong reasons.

††††††††† When I was a teenager, I always thought that one day I would write a book about the philosophy of politics, and my classes at university re-enforced my need to do so. However, up until now I didnít feel I had all the answers yet, in fact, Iím not sure if I have any at all. It is certainly not the easiest topic to address, especially when I feel that a radical change in the structure itself is required. I have however come to a few conclusions.

††††††††† The idea of political parties needs to go. It is the most outdated and impractical concept there ever was in politics. More so because in this day and age, the line is so blurred between party lines, there is not much difference if you vote for one or the other.

††††††††† The only difference is a few main big ideas like being against gays, against abortion, against womenís rights (should they remain at home and have babies as their sole social role), should we give more money to big corporations, should we give more money to the poor, and finally, the big argument that cannot fail to win you an election: should we lower the taxes (as if this was a question to ask anyone already paying 60% of their salary in taxes of all sorts).

††††††††† Now, these few main big ideas, which truly have nothing to do with any political party, as for most of the time these will be completely at the back of their mind and they will most probably do nothing or very little about it, does not have to be the reasons why you vote for a political party. These can be debated anyway by all the elected representatives. If you paid more attention to the personal beliefs and ideas of your local representatives instead of the political party you will vote for, you would know if the person youíre about to elect will be a little tyrant and alienate you completely or not.

That little group of local politicians is really all you need to study in order to vote, nothing else. By electing a political party, you most likely vote for the representative of that party without knowing anything about who that person truly is and what that person can truly do for you. Most of the time these people are so powerless anyway, their elections are more like a formality for a party to get into power, and then the Prime Minister and his Cabinet, or the President and his few allies, take over the show.

So in essence, you will be ruled by a very small group of people. And your local representatives, you will know very little about, and they will be powerless anyway, without a voice of any kind. You see the main problem which needs to be addressed?

By getting rid of political parties and coming back to basics, we will also eliminate another growing concern in actual politics. Now parties are spending so much money on their elections, it goes into the millions if not billions. What does this tell you? That only rich candidates can now get into power. Where do they get the money? This invites bribery, corruption, conflict of interests, and now weíre destroying Iraq to take over their natural resources, because who paid for the American elections? Petroleum companies.

No one can now compete freely in the political arena. If I were to present myself tomorrow as an independent, I will most certainly lose. If I were the representative somehow of a political party, I could win, but all for the wrong reasons.

And even so, how would I go, myself, right now, to represent a political party in an election? I have no clue. I would probably not be accepted, they wouldnít want me. They already have a clique of hungry and greedy little friends who have been in politics since forever, who will most likely be their representatives in my own county when they probably donít even live in my county.

So first, eliminate political parties. Second, eliminate the right to publicise in any way thinkable political ideas and representatives. No one should ever be allowed to accept money from anyone or any corporation for a political campaign. No one should be able to win an election simply by injecting billions into a PR and publicity machine. It is too unfair.

As soon as you hear one guy on the radio or the TV talking about this or that, no matter what he talks about, you are probably very likely going to vote for him, because you will recognise his name on the election ballot, when the others will seem not to even exist. Whatís a name after all? I wonít even talk about negative publicity in order to destroy oneís opponent, a common practice nowadays, where a divorce in the life of your opponent, is all you need to win an election.

So now that we have eliminated the political parties which elect the wrong type of people, and that we have finally eliminated the big brainwashing publicity machine that will most assuredly influence everyone to vote for this or that, all for the wrong reasons, whilst preventing anyone without the money to be heard, and so speaking destroying democracy, what do we do?

Simple. Who pays for the publicity campaign? The government, meaning, and we forget it all the time, the people pay for it. A few pages about each candidate distributed locally to everyone, so we can find out about these people weíre about to elect outside of party lines, and hopefully with the thought that they can think for themselves, that they can be heard and that they can make a difference. An hour here and there on local TV and radio, for each of them, space available in local newspapers, all paid by the people. Cheaply done, no more millions and billions spent on politics and publicity machines. It must remain at a local level, never national. As soon as a political election is national, it defies democracy, it elects the wrong people.

So now that the elections are over, and that people have won for the right reasons, without being a drain on the economy, without bribes and corruption, whoís going to be the leader? It has always been the leader of the political party who took ultimate power, and the leader of the opposition being the leader of the second most popular party. This needs new thinking.

Well, I feel we need to work towards a more democratic process where no one is so clearly an all powerful leader, capable to veto everything, or unilaterally make decisions with huge impacts upon the country and the world. Either the leaders are decided after the elections by the people you elected, or in parallel you also vote for anyone who presented himself or herself specifically as leader. The opposition should be everyone else in the assembly.

The idea is that no one should win a seat in an election based on that one man or woman alone who runs for President or Prime Minister, since all the representatives should be independent. So no one will win for the wrong reasons, and no leader will be capable of obliging half the government to vote on any new law or policy. Following the party line will be something of the past.

In the end, there should never be a strong leader in charge of any country or any other government or council, or else, it eliminates the voice of everyone else, and so, your voice. It cancels the idea of an election and of democracy. Only after, should it be decided who is the leader, or independently from anyone else. And that leadership should never be permanent for the whole mandate, it should change every so often.

This should not stop there. The ministers or whatever they are called in the US, should not be decided by the leader. They should also be voted by the whole of the assembly based on merits and who they feel should be in charge of certain departments. Or else it is too easy for the leader to get all his little friends there in power, and then it becomes dangerous, because the leader can do whatever he or she likes without fear of being stopped.

I suppose I have not thought about all this as much as would be required, really. But with my full time job I have no time to study politics and develop my own philosophy of it. It will have to wait until I retire, assuming I wonít die from cancer at an early age or die in the Third World War or a civil war.

However, my little suggestions might just give us a better representation of what people truly want. It will be more likely that the wrong people will not find themselves in power that easily. It could get rid of corruption, bring back democracy, and avoid costly elections. Overall, my few pages might just do the trick. If that doesnít work, weíll have to re-assess the situation then. In the meantime, it would certainly solve a few of the biggest problems I witnessed in politics today.

Letís debate if we need political parties or not, and letís find solutions, so we can have a better democracy, or even, so we can have a real democracy.







††††††††† It is strange that I wrote this whole book before addressing the one subject people are most likely to accuse me of in time, the one of being an anarchist talking about anarchy. It did not cross my mind to write about anarchy, because I never thought I was an anarchist. I realise now that perhaps I am a bit of an anarchist in the closet.

††††††††† People have accused me of being an anarchist because of the title of my website, The Marginal, which ultimately was just the title of a book by Antonin Artaud, the celebrated French author who died in 1948. His book was about a Roman Emperor originally from Syria named Heliogabalus, also called The Marginal, because of his subsequent reign in Rome.

††††††††† Being an anarchist, in my case, is like being gay. You know deep down at heart that you are, that there is nothing you can do against your nature, and that if that nature gets to be known, you will be ostracised by everyone else, rejected, ridiculed and you are going to suffer the rest of your life.

††††††††† I am nevertheless suffering anyway, from a lack of freedom, a lack of control in the decisions being made that concern me directly, from these hierarchies everywhere present to which I need to bow down to and be submissive.

††††††††† To the point that I feel I am nothing less than a slave, going through this life making the minimum of decisions, and then will go on without any kind of freedom or control, and do exactly what all sorts of authorities will tell me to do, at every single minute of my existence.

††††††††† Be it the authority of parents, loved ones, teachers, managers and directors, spiritual leaders, social workers, judges, probation officers, police, political leaders through a myriad of laws and regulations. Add to it CCTVs and cameras everywhere, and constant probing and recording of phone calls, emails and the websites we visit, to ensure that we no longer have an impure thought that goes against their will. Anything can and will be used against us at some point in time, while everything we do is being recorded, and the time of reckoning seems to be getting closer every day.

††††††††† At some point you do feel the need to explode and tell them all to stop, that enough is enough! That we feel the need to re-assert ourselves, to exist, to make a few decisions of our own, to do what we want to do with this life and that a little breathing space would not go amiss in our life. Do we even have the time to think anymore? Are we free collectively to decide what we want to do, are we able to stop our leaders in their grand scheme of conquering the planet at the expense of humankind, our very existence? The obvious answer is no.

††††††††† Anarchists seem to believe that we can have a real democracy, that it seems that our actual government structures and corporate structures are all against the very idea of democracy and giving the citizens the chance to rule themselves and make their own decisions. If citizens truly had the power to govern themselves, the world would be a different place today.

††††††††† This is what anarchists are fighting for, whether they are extremists or intellectuals who would never dream of picking up a cocktail Molotov or even walk outside in any demonstration. And this is perhaps why I never thought I was an anarchist, because neither of these definitions of anarchy befitted me. I am not extremist, I am a pacifist. I am not an intellectual who will go on to write clever articles about what this kind of anarchist system might look like. I would first certainly give it another name, because either way you take it, the word anarchist and anarchy are too heavy for anyone in their right mind. For them it would mean chaos and the end of the world as we know it, they would be afraid of the word itself, so I could never really write an anarchist book. On the other hand, I cannot deny that at heart I share many of their beliefs and, in my own way, I have been fighting for the same beliefs and freedoms in all of my books.

††††††††† The fact that you are witnessing your leaders suddenly openly declaring a Third World War and lightning the seed of civil war as the only mean to stop it, is very significant. It shows that with the actual structure of our governments, these hierarchies, supposedly democratic, the leaders are still capable of working towards their own interests, destroy an economy and go on to achieve genocides.

††††††††† The democracy we have right now does not work. A man is still able to control the elections, make all the decisions, change all the laws superseding even the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Human Rights Charter, make torture legal, ignoring the United Nations, and go on to wreck havoc in the world and bring about a global war. So, everything has failed once again, and I wonder if we are not ready for a more radical change in our structures and the ways we govern and organise ourselves.

††††††††† Where have we gone wrong? What else could we do to change this? Do anarchists, the intellectual ones, have the answer? They have provided many alternatives to the kinds of established government structures and even commercial company structures we have, where there is no more obvious leader anywhere capable of taking over the world and leash out his evil plan.

††††††††† There could be groups or collectives being formed on a short, medium or long term basis discussing democratically all the decisions to be made, and collectively deciding on who will do what depending on the needs and skills. And if there is to be a leader, it will be a natural one who can be constantly questioned and replaced as soon as it seems that he or she is no longer acting in the interests of the whole group or collective, as anyone else and everyone else could take over just like that.

††††††††† In an anarchist organisation, for example, there would not be a board of directors or an executive board. No leader, just a bunch of people on the same level voluntary meeting, discussing and making decisions as a whole for the organisation or the collective. When someone would ask whoís in charge, the answer would be everyone, free from any authority and coercive social relations, no corporate structure with an elite at the top making all the wrong decisions.

††††††††† I do not intend here to tell you what anarchist ideas are all about, I admit that I am quite ignorant of such things and I have read little on the subject. I have read enough though to know that there are good ideas in there, and that it answers a lot of why I have been living an existential crisis from the day I was born. Under such a structure, I might have been happier, I just donít know.

††††††††† I am not sure how realistically all of this could be implemented in real life. There are many people incapable of functioning without clear leadership telling them exactly what to do. They are quite happy to go on living without ever making one decision. And this is fine, naturally, even in some anarchist system or structure, they will be able to find that, if necessary. There will still be natural temporary leaders.

††††††††† But although it may seem unrealistic that such a structure could become the norm, a lot of these elements could be incorporated in the actual systems and structures in order to become smoother and more acceptable to all, and certainly prevent other leaders from taking over the place and serving their own interests above all the rest of us. Solutions will need to be found one way or another, and at this point I am willing to look for inspiration anywhere in order for us to gain more freedom and live happier lives.

††††††††† So I feel what anarchists are writing is certainly worth reading, considering and seeing what could possibly be incorporated, in default to be able to change the whole system overnight.

††††††††† Until at least our leaders destroy it all and that, after another bloody war and a civil war, we are left with everything else to rebuilt, aware of the mistakes of the past structures and systems. All anarchists would be dead by then, and probably once again, all free thinkers, all outspoken people against the governments, all gay people and all immigrants. There are five good reasons for me to be eradicated. I will not survive, that is obvious, and to be honest, I donít really care that much. So I might as well not be afraid to speak my mind and be ready to suffer the consequences.

††††††††† It is likely that even under an anarchist structure or system, wars, corruption, and less desirable features plaguing our governments rights now, would happen no matter what, as it does not appear that any government structure can prevent them. Which is why that no matter which government structure we have, we need to provide for a lot of ways for a quick change of leadership, and that as soon as there is a bit of smoke, it is the time to act before it is too late.

††††††††† One can only dream that one day we will live under a real democracy, and that we will finally govern ourselves for real, and that no dictator ever could take over the world so easily while we are all too busy to pay attention until it is right there under our nose and that we are all powerless to stop it.







††††††††† Is pure capitalism a religion we have taken too far? Pure capitalism and pure greed to the extreme is now our only religion.

††††††††† I feel it is difficult to speak of capitalism as a whole, without falling in numerous traps and being accused of not knowing what I am talking about. So first thing I did was to go on Wikipedia, then I stopped myself. Donít get me wrong, I will read it and say what I think of it, but first capitalism must be, before anything else, what the people inside really feel it is. Not the perfect book definition that we all wish it to be, because in practice we know capitalism has evolved into something else, that many consider a real monster and threat to humanity.

††††††††† This point becomes clearer when we read Karl Marx and his ideas of a perfect socialism, which in real life has been the breeding ground of corruption and governmentsí hidden agendas, who drove us all to utter failure. I read a bit of Karl Marx a long time ago, I like to say I didnít, and yes, I was charmed by it. In reality, what I have observed of what we have done in his name, has alarmed me so much, the only solution I could see was to discredit the man, because no one ever again should use Karl Marx as any kind of authority to justify the worst atrocities and injustices this humanity has seen. I may talk more about this one day, right now I wish to define my own definition of capitalism.

††††††††† What is capitalism in your own mind? What is it in my mind? Well, it is our new religion, it is all that we believe in. We claim it is our way to freedom, the liberation of the masses, our chance to succeed beyond measure at becoming filthy rich and powerful, no matter our background, our education, our social class. Capitalism can be reduced to the American Dream.

††††††††† In my total ignorance of what exactly is capitalism, I have to say, yes, capitalism is wonderful! I want that chance to freedom, I want to become filthy rich and powerful, I want to do what I want to do in this life, nothing else. At this point I realise that I need to dig further. What else do we believe it is?

††††††††† Well, it is a system, an economic system upon which our existence, our corporations, our governments base everything they think and do. What it seems to be about is capital, making money, as much as one can, to the detrimental of just about everything else in life. If the one at the top prospers, we all prosper. A rich company will create jobs and should in theory pay its employees well. The private sector is where capitalism is applied, though even government agencies think in capitalist terms, and if there is a way to make a profit in anything, we should certainly go for it and make tons of money that could be re-invested somewhere else.

††††††††† When I was a child, my parents never had with me the big talk about capitalism and what it meant. They never told me what was expected of me in such a system. Havenít they? They certainly pushed my sister and I to the limits. We had to have a great education, we had to succeed at any cost and attend the best universities, we had to become rich and have a great status in this society, the best job one can hope for. Medical, law and engineering were the only obvious choices available to us. However, in retrospect, they were misguided. No one becomes rich being a doctor, a lawyer or an engineer. Poor shadows of what capitalism truly means.

††††††††† Capitalism means starting your own business and building it until it becomes a huge corporation employing thousands of people worldwide in some sort of wonderful perfect globalised world. Lawyers in Canada can eventually do that, they can start their own law firm. Engineers can do the same, creating their own engineering consulting firm. Doctors in Canada cannot really go private, in the United States however they can, as it is all mostly private. This led to horrifying results, where doctors became nothing less than advertising agencies for the almighty pharmaceutical companies, pushing half baked drugs that they all know donít work, and in many cases, make the patients worse.

††††††††† Perhaps capitalism should never have been applied in certain areas of our society. There is no need to become extreme, like in the United States, or we will eventually reach a point where everything will come crumbling down to dust, as we are witnessing right now in the stock exchange market and financial sector. Too much greed will be our downfall, just as it has always been throughout the ages.

††††††††† At its most basic definition, I think it is fair to say that what comes to mind to anyone when we talk about capitalism, is this law of the offer and the demand. Letís forget here about advertising and marketing, forcing us to wish for things we would never have thought we needed in the first place. We live in a society of consumerism, highly materialistic in nature, where your only goal in life is to acquire as many possessions and assets as you can, as it is how you will be judged and respected in society. How much wealth you have will define how great a man or a woman you truly are, your worthiness to exist. This is what the meaning of life has been reduced to under capitalism, a game of Monopoly, and I dare you to deny it. It is such a shame, as I do love to play Monopoly on my Nintendo DS. I am a product of my generation, well, almost.

††††††††† Itís okay, I am still not criticising capitalism that badly, who knows, maybe it is the way to go. After all, what other system has brought us anything better? None. Might seem a bit superficial, plastic, meaningless, and so on, and on, and on. If one wishes to be the devilís advocate in this case, my God, that one could go on forever about how misplaced this whole philosophy of life can be, and how more important stuff are actuallyÖ well, much more important. Like, I donít know, emancipation, happiness, finding a meaning to our existence and figuring what is this place, the universe we live in. Finding some peace about who we are and what we are supposed to do here, if anything.

††††††††† Freedom and happiness are still key to everything, we should never forget that. I believe they tried to convince us that it was embedded in the whole capitalism system. You are free to become a civil servant doing admin for the rest of your life, or create your own business and become as rich as your imagination and cleverness or shrewdness will lead you to.

††††††††† Then, I suppose, capitalism only becomes a real problem to you if you are just a civil servant with no thirst to becoming rich and controlling the planet. Otherwise, wow, what a great life you can have, a real challenge that will answer all your prayers, assuming you have totally espoused the capitalist way of thinking. You might find later on in life that this was after all a bit meaningless, but who cares. Whilst you were in the thick of it, it seemed right, it was fulfilling, it was exciting, you can be proud of yourself and your achievements, you certainly cannot be faulted for it, you will be envied.

††††††††† In order to get a better idea about how great capitalism is, we need to turn to our models and heroes of capitalism. I reckon, that should be anyone who has made over a billion dollars and who took the time later on in life to write his or her autobiography, or at least who has given us enough to understand how they truly felt about it. Then, we also need to assess if they have not simply continued to play the game and are not just telling us how great and successful they have been. I mean, a real turn around to assess exactly and honestly how they feel about it all.

††††††††† I can think of two great examples, perhaps the greatest ever, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. It does not matter who they are and how they made it. If you do not know who they are, forget it. All you need to know is that they made billions of dollars and build up the most successful corporations this world has ever seen. And later on in life, they both seemed to have suffered from some sort of existential crisis, and realised that perhaps life and our values were not all that they should have been.

††††††††† So now they have decided to turn the table around and help the world with their fortune, by squandering their money away to every loser on the planet who has never heard of capitalism or cannot even dream to ever find out. The people who most probably suffered greatly at the hand of capitalism, since no system ever could sustain itself without exploitation of others and some sort of slavery in the form of cheap labour. Capitalism is not the exception here, Iím afraid.

††††††††† So, what do we learn from Gates and Buffett? That capitalism is great indeed, but that it is not all there should be, and it should not become a religion. That a good balance about everything in life might actually bring more freedom and happiness. Greed is eternal, as the Ferengi Commerce Authority would say, but there comes a point when it simply becomes meaningless and cannot serve to justify oneís entire existence or course of action, and certainly should not be the main principle upon witch the whole of humanity should be based. Greed is not eternal after all in the Divine Treasury after death. We should welcome entering the Vault of Eternal Destitution at any time, as a sign that we figured it all out, what life is actually really about, which cannot be a Blessed Exchequer. At least, I refuse to believe it.

††††††††† There are other models that we need to study. The ones born and brainwashed into the capitalist system, driven to madness with this desire to succeed at any cost, and who simply cannot make it. Ruined existences, by an impossible desire responsible for a large percentage of the depression and suicides in our society. It is a fact that, though we have produced time and time again generations of people driven to succeed in such a system, it is clear that only a very small percentage can actually succeed.

††††††††† Is the hope of succeeding and freeing oneself, enough to sustain such a system? Or is it time to wonder if our values are completely misplaced and that, how we define success and ourselves in society, has to change? Excellent question, you can ponder over that one to your heartís content, especially if you are a failure and worth absolutely nothing, which statistically speaking, Iím sure you are.

††††††††† Capitalism is certainly better than the previous feudal system. Ironically, we could say that capitalism was sort of invented and made popular in England, where the feudal system never actually died out. I am still a servant to my Queen, working for Her Majestyís Courts Service. And as such, it is illegal for me to talk about politics, and to a certain extent, I would think, to talk about capitalism or anything related to any political agenda. Let my dear Queen sue me, I would love to see that show, because I donít care, I will still speak my mind, and so should you. Who has a backbone around here? You, the people, or the governments? And who can we trust? In God we trust? In Money we trust? Or in People we trust? Yeah, I am asking you, and please do answer truthfully, for once.

††††††††† Capitalism has a better track record than socialism, and is clearly the winner over any kind of form of communism we have observed in this world. I am however Canadian, and Canada is not pure capitalism like its neighbour. Canada is a mix between capitalism and socialism. I think we reached the right balance, and still managed to become a force of nature in the world, a country which is more readily admired than the United States. There are many reasons for that, not all of them admirable, because we depend and count too much on our neighbour. As a result we can afford to forego an out of control military industry and other things. We never felt the need to develop our own nuclear armament for example, we never needed to, not yet anyway.

††††††††† Some American States have become a bit more socialist in time. California is the example that comes to mind. I think it is a great example, and that they show very well to the rest of America that there is no need to be extreme in anything, especially not capitalism, because it could ultimately eventually become our downfall. And that, coming from the State that probably benefitted most from capitalism in the history of America. Perhaps they can only afford today to be a bit more socialist because pure capitalism made them so rich in the first place. Who knows, it does not matter anyway. What matters is that socialism means a bit of compassion and empathy for the rest of us. It says: if you are in trouble, no matter who you are and what you have accomplished in this great system of ours, we will help you, we will not let you die without food, a roof and medical assistance. Here is a greater message of hope than the American Dream could ever provide to most of us.

††††††††† In conclusion, I wonít read the entry of capitalism on Wikipedia. I donít feel the need to bore myself to death. I think I said all that I felt the need to say on the topic. Capitalism and socialism are what we think they are, what we make them to be. Yes, I am charmed by Karl Marx and his ideal world. I am also charmed by capitalism. There are also many ideas coming from the anarchist front which I believe are worth integrating as well. However, history tells us that economic systems taken individually, do not work and lead to abuse and unhappiness. Driving a system to any sort of extreme is our only problem, as I believe we already have all the solutions on the table. Extremes have always been our downfall. A perfect mix of capitalism, socialism and anarchism is the answer, eliminating any kind of extreme in between. That might bring the sort of freedom and happiness Iím sure we are all looking for, the real meaning of this existence, no matter in which system we live in and the religion we believe in. In people we trust, and nothing else.







††††††††† I believe we are all aware now that George W. Bush is a psychopath, with a personality disorder characterized by chronic immoral and antisocial behavior. His mental health problem will be his only defense if the War Crime Tribunals catch up with him one day.

††††††††† I will go through his "psychopath's checklist" later. Keep in mind that his full political agenda has not yet been entirely played out, and before it is over, George W. Bush will certainly present a perfect case of a full-fledged dictator. We still have the time to stop him, but we won't for much longer. So let's explore what is really happening.

††††††††† The following George W. Bush and Dick Cheney "Dictators' Checklist" was gleaned from many websites, but is not exhaustive, and goes something like this:

††††††††† 1) A leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power,

††††††††† 2) The power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly or a Constitution,

††††††††† 3) Cult of personality/megalomania (like when someone states that God has spoken to him and told him to go to war, or when a leader portrays himself as the symbol of patriotism),

††††††††† 4) Head of the military, association with the military and wearing a military uniform (which Bush did),

††††††††† 5) Repression of political opponents and others without abiding by rule of law procedures or moral and ethical code (threatening and succeeding in shutting up one's opponents, Bush has been highly successful at this),

††††††††† 6) Rule by decree (losing the elections and yet proclaiming oneself the ruler),

††††††††† 7) Proclamation of a state of emergency to further one's agenda (9/11),

††††††††† 8) Suspension of civil liberties and spying on its own citizens (several terrorist acts, being able to imprison and convict people without due process, use of torture),

††††††††† 9) Control of mass media (Fox Network at the very least, and probably most of the mass media since they are all so quiet about all this),

††††††††† 10) Suspension of elections following a large scale false flag/government sponsored terrorist event and declaration of martial law.

††††††††† As you can see, everything has already been accomplished except for the last item: suspension of elections through a state of emergency and declaration of martial law. Wikipedia states that modern dictators have usually come to power in times of emergency, and so we can certainly expect that someone as desperate as George W. Bush must be planning another state of emergency to fully establish his dictatorship. Bush's emergency is entirely predictable and likely; it is just a question of time, months at most, probably weeks.

††††††††† One could even argue that elections have already been suspended for two elections, through cheating in Florida and Ohio, and manipulation of electronic voting machines. Also that the main government sponsored terrorist events could be 9/11 and other terrorist acts in London and Spain, all of which point to false flag events.

††††††††† However, the worst is still to come, because it is the final act before absolute dictatorship, and, it is the only way George W. Bush and his partners in crime will be able to remain in power past November, '08. Hence, we already have a dictatorship, albeit not an absolute one, and it is time to impeach the dictator and his associates before the war agenda against us is complete.

††††††††† I don't pretend to know all about psychopathic behaviors and dictators, and perhaps it is a good thing, because as a layperson, I speak about it in terms that can reach the collective consciousness. These topics are highly important right now; unfortunately, the experts are only able to write about it in terms that limit their discourse to other experts. So they speak together in that language no one can understand, and ultimately they forget to raise the alarm when a textbook case of a psychopathic dictatorship shows up in the world and is about to enslave us all. Let's raise the alarm for them.

††††††††† George W. Bush psychopath's checklist is borrowed from Dr. Robert D. Hare's Psychopathy Checklist. Of course, no psychopath is going to exhibit all of those symptoms; however, the more symptoms you exhibit, the more psychopath you are. It is important to understand that most psychopaths are pathological liars and are quite capable of presenting a convincing mask of sanity (the title of a book by Hervey Cleckley, M.D.). In the cases of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the masks have fallen and there is enough data to prove that most of these factors apply to their psychopathology:

††††††††† Factor 1: Aggressive narcissism: 1) Glibness / superficial charm, 2) Grandiose sense of self-worth, 3) Pathological lying, 4) Cunning / manipulative, 5) Lack of remorse or guilt, 6) Shallow. 7) Callous / lack of empathy, 8) Failure to accept responsibility for own actions, 9) Promiscuous sexual behavior.

††††††††† Factor 2: Socially deviant lifestyle: 1) Need for stimulation / proneness to boredom, 2) Parasitic lifestyle, 3) Poor behavioral control, 4) Lack of realistic, long-term goals, 5) Impulsiveness, 6) Irresponsibility, 7) Juvenile delinquency, 8) Early behavior problems, 9) Many short-term marital relationships, 10) Revocation of conditional release.

††††††††† I will not develop every single point of these checklists; this is only meant to be an overall idea to give us some hints about who we are dealing with. I am certain you are already aware of most events and how they apply to each item of the checklists. In their case, it is clear, it all leads to psychopathy and dictatorship.

††††††††† What needs to be assessed is how such psychopathic minds as George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, succeeded first in gaining power, second in achieving so much destruction without being stopped by anyone, and third, why it is so difficult to get rid of them now that we are all aware of where the events are leading us.

††††††††† Where their policies and decisions are leading us can be resumed to: suspension of most freedoms and liberties including the freedom of speech and privacy, the abandonment of the democracy and of the Constitution, the destruction of the environment and of the economy worldwide, famines, the construction of over 800 concentration camps that we know of in America, a dictatorship, genocides, a world war, and so on. All of these are in an advanced stage or have already been accomplished. There is no doubt now of where Bush and Cheney are leading us.

††††††††† How indeed were they able to achieve such a feat on the land of the free, being able not only to shut the media down, but also the scientists and even their political opposition. Is it a reign of fear, of terror, or are they all collaborators of the tyrants? Excellent question.

††††††††† So much has been said about how Hitler was able to get into power and achieve his dictatorship, whilst the Germans were simply sitting back and letting it all happen. Were they all guilty, you have asked? More so about the French, and how cowardly they were according to so many Americans, because corruption was running high at the top, and everything happened in the shadows and so quickly. Before you knew it, it had already happened. Well, now you understand. It is very much happening again, and we do not seem to be any more capable in preventing any of it from happening than the Germans and the French were. No, it can never be that easy to prevent such events. If it were, such things would never happen in the first place, and unfortunately they do all the time in the world.

††††††††† Oh yes, the difference today is that we have the Internet, and alternative media are still reachable using search engines (but not for long I suspect). And if you are reading this, I'm sure you have read a lot more already, and are fully aware of what I am talking about here.

††††††††† I did a test at work recently. I asked my colleagues if they knew that there was a big famine worldwide at the moment and that millions were dying of hunger. I won't go into the reasons here, I'm sure you know all the corruption and market manipulations that went on to create that state of affair, including the World Bank Group's policies and the production of Ethanol.

††††††††† The amazing fact was that, most of my colleagues, had not even heard of this global famine, and this is news that made the headlines on the most important newspapers and television networks in the country. So how would the main population know all about the intricacies of Bush's regime, I wonder, with such a PR and propaganda machine running 24 hours a day on most media worldwide?

††††††††† So their plan for a dictatorship could easily still work. They assume we are dumb and ignorant, and unfortunately I think they may assume correctly. There comes a point though, and I believe that we have reached that point, where we can no longer afford to be oblivious.

††††††††† Such psychopathic minds don't know when to stop and they always go too far, once they believe that they are untouchable. They may feel that way, because legally no one can now stop them without a civil war, and they know that much more awareness and organization would be required before that happens.

††††††††† In this case, without the torture gulags of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where conveniently the Geneva Conventions have been declared obsolete, it is a safe bet that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney have destroyed themselves in America, the last place on Earth where apparently millions still remain unaware of the extent of their abuse and corruption. If this is what they intend for FEMAís 800 empty concentration camps in the U.S., each of them with a capacity to hold thousands of people, we can expect the worse.

††††††††† However, Bush and Cheney donít seem to mind that the general population is now aware of their crimes against humanity, it has not changed their plans. They have not apologized or even tried to pretend that they had no idea, they have not closed down these camps. It seems that there is no point in hiding anything anymore, because we are rapidly reaching the full disclosure of their dictatorship. It will probably take the form of a false flag nuclear or biological attack on American soil blamed on Iran, followed by the declaration of martial law.

††††††††† What can one do? Well, I thought there was no need to write such articles as this one, since so many others are better informed than I, and they express themselves in better ways. I believe now that if many more were to write articles like this, and setup their own website, no matter how ignorant they are, it could make a difference and help build awareness, being perhaps the beginning of some sort of resistance which eventually could gain momentum.

††††††††† I was born in 1972. I would say I am now older, many people around me still consider me quite young. Considering my knowledge of past events, indeed I am young. It took me a long time to finally find out about dictators and political psychopaths in the world. I never thought there was a need to investigate. After all, we seemed to be living in some sort of golden age.

††††††††† For me, both World Wars, Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-tung were way in the past, these events could never be repeated. Then I realized that most of humanity is actually ruled by dictators and tyrants. That was still acceptable to me, because what was important was that I was living in a civilized country and that I was safe. The rest of the world eventually would get out of their nightmare just like we did.

††††††††† I even thought at some point that attacking Iraq and Iran was about that, liberating these people from their own dictators. I thought we were such nice people, bringing them this great idea of democracy. And if we could convince them somehow to abandon their religion in the process, well, we would have truly saved them all. I could not believe what they were saying about us, whenever it happened that we heard what they were saying, which is very seldom. Now I believe they are right.

††††††††† I had no idea that everything was cyclical and history was just repeating itself over and over again. Learning a lesson, whether individually or collectively, is perhaps the most difficult thing ever. It seems that we are just too slow to learn from the past and to react whenever it is about to happen again.

††††††††† I am awake. I am now aware that once you have succeeded in gaining a few more rights and liberties, you still need to continue the fight, to ensure that you will keep those rights for at least another generation. I understood early on that rights are never given for life, they are borrowed for a limited time, and will be snatched away at the very first opportunity, under the pretense of security, morality and ethics, religion, terrorism, war, corporations, failing economyÖ take your pick, anything will do.

††††††††† It is so hard to understand, because who benefits from the fact that we do not have those rights anymore? What purpose does it really serve? Why should any government or corporation work so hard at annihilating any kind of rights and freedoms citizens are so justified to demand?

††††††††† My incomprehension does not stop here. Ultimately, I understand this is all a question of power and wealth, of control over everyone in order to become filthy rich. However, what is the point of that? Why would you want to control every single person on the planet and know exactly everything everyone is doing and thinking at any given time? Why would you want to add many more billions of dollars to your already made fortune?

††††††††† This is when I came across the fact that some people are psychopaths, they have this obsession of being in power and to be rich, to control everything, whilst suffering from some sort of paranoia that they might eventually lose it all. Nothing will stop them in their ascension to becoming dictators.

††††††††† This is hard to understand, because such people simply do not think like the rest of us. They have different priorities, and have often been described as people without a soul, or at the very least, people who lost their soul as they started to climb a hierarchical ladder filled with other born psychopaths. They enjoy the humiliation, the pain and the suffering they inflict on others.

††††††††† I never thought I would feel the need one day to attack in many articles and books an American President and Vice President as I do now. It was simply unthinkable, since North America has been built for that very purpose, the emancipation of the colonies against such control from the Kings and Queens of the motherland.

††††††††† The whole Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been carefully written to protect the country against this form of abuse from the government. They proved to be easily circumvented. They failed us even if the ultimate plan of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney is somehow prevented, since we have already lost those precious rights and protections which previously were defining our nation and who we were.

††††††††† All it took was one psychopath, surrounded by people just like him, to overthrow everything so many generations have worked so hard to protect. And now, nowhere else in the world is anyone safe. No more country is a model for all the others. Corruption and greed are winning the political game, and we are facing once again dark times.

††††††††† I had such hopes for humanity, I now believe that humanity will not survive much longer. I didn't think humanity would become extinct within my lifetime; I can see now that it is a real possibility.

††††††††† I can't comprehend why all of this is happening. I thought there were so many agencies and other organizations fighting against just such an eventuality. After 9/11 they all fell silent, and none of them seem to have recovered their voice in the following years. There does not even seem to be any kind of opposition to the government; the Democrats are all talking about trivia, when there are critical issues at stake.

††††††††† Everything falls on deaf ears. Even the media are silent; they seem to show complicity. So much must have happened behind the scenes that we are still unaware; I hope one day we will get the full picture for the history books, so perhaps we will make this the very last time it will ever happen.

††††††††† The day that we re-establish the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they were before George W. Bush entered the scene, we will have to attach to them the two checklists mentioned earlier, the psychopath's and the dictator's checklists, and pay attention as soon as our leaders start to show too many signs of either of these traits. We will then have to act much faster than we are now, as soon as we see the first signs.

††††††††† I understand why George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's plan worked so well. We were not expecting it in North America. No one would have believed, a decade ago, that a dictatorship in North America was possible in less than a decade, and that no one would see it coming. We have grown complacent.

††††††††† I realize now that we were deluded indeed, with so many dictatorships everywhere else in the world, we should have been more informed. How could we have believed that we were immune? It is unforgiveable, and there will be such a high price to pay before this is over, I don't even want to think about it.

††††††††† I can already guess who will be blamed for letting it happen, but the truth is, we are all to blame, because every single one of us allowed it to happen, and we are continuing to do so right now.

††††††††† I'm sorry, but there is no excuse this time. We already know too much about what is happening; no one bothers to even hide their agenda anymore; it is as clear as day. There should be an immediate outcry coming from everyone everywhere in the country, and instantly everything should change, everything should be stopped before it reaches critical stage.

††††††††† There is still time, and it might yet be simple. Call for the impeachment of our leaders, and give the War Crime Tribunals a call. Which brings up the all important question: who, exactly, could make this happen?

††††††††† Who has the power to start any kind of investigation against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and company? Why are they not acting? We all know that there is enough evidence against them. Yes, I had a look at the latest American Civil Liberties Union's report, they are slipping, they are sleeping, it has gone largely ignored, no help there.

††††††††† Those people, who could do something but do nothing, should be our real target, those people should be shamelessly fired and replaced quickly. If they cannot do their job, if their silence has been bought somehow, if they are too afraid to speak up, we will have to do their job for them, and we will. And then we might still save humanity.

††††††††† It is what we do best, isn't it, saving the world? Well, let's start by saving ourselves, and then the world might stand a chance. No more psychopaths in power, no more dictators ever, anywhere in the world! This has to be our new leitmotiv. "No more!" will also do.

††††††††† So speak up and act while you still can! No one in the mass media will, and their silence is truly deafening. It is all up to you now, only small you... since everyone else has proven to be ineffective in doing anything against the real axis of evil.



††††††††† After proving that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are psychopaths and dictators, and successfully brought about a dictatorship over North America minus the declaration of martial law, I wondered how the United Kingdom rated compared with the United States. I concluded that British citizens are equally living under the threat of a dictatorship, are already living in a Big Brother State, and it has been mastered in a much better and subtle way than in the United States.

††††††††† Looking at the psychopathís checklist, it is difficult to conclude that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown suffer from psychopathy, like Bush and Cheney, which makes it difficult to justify and explain why they are following the same policies. The political system in England will not permit its Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to become rich while in power. Corruption is more readily denounced and fired upon in the tabloids. It is safe to say that England does not suffer from a lack of freedom of speech as they now do in America. It might have proved impossible in the UK to eradicate freedom of speech, and so, more cunning ways had to be developed.

††††††††† Whilst all ten points of the dictatorís checklist in the U.S. have been accomplished brilliantly and without doubt, in England it is a bit more subtle. Most items have come to fruition in a less aggressive manner, as there was no need to go to the extent Bush and Cheney had to go to in order to remain in power. It could however still lead to a full dictatorship, and we can see the signs of it. In the meantime, Great Britain has been the most successful country in the world in establishing an Orwellian Big Brother State, and its citizens are suffering much more than in the U.S.

††††††††† Letís review the ten points of the dictatorís checklist that apply to the Blair/Brownís regime:

††††††††† 1) A leader who holds and/or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power;

††††††††† 2) The power to make laws without effective restraint by a legislative assembly or a Constitution;

††††††††† 4) Head of the military;

††††††††† 7) Proclamation of a state of emergency to further one's agenda (9/11 and London terrorist attacks);

††††††††† 8) Suspension of civil liberties and dramatically spying on its own citizens.

††††††††† You can see that it is already much less convincing than in the U.S. Here are the points which do not really apply to the UK whilst applying to the US:

††††††††† 3) Cult of personality/megalomania;

††††††††† 5) Repression of political opponents and others without abiding by rule of law procedures or moral and ethical code (in England, the Conservatives were so unpopular when Labour took control, it has not been an issue);

††††††††† 6) Rule by decree (there was no need to cheat to remain in power in light of the Conservatives unpopularity);

††††††††† 9) Control of mass media (they tried to control the BBC, they failed);

††††††††† 10) Suspension of elections following a large scale false flag/government sponsored terrorist event and declaration of martial law.

††††††††† In conclusion, we cannot say that England has been following the same extreme dictatorial path than its American cousin. No, the United Kingdom has followed instead a different path, which perhaps might prove just as effective. They have gone for a police state and are probably looking to turn it into a military state through making point 10 a reality.

††††††††† We know Bush and Cheney are trying to remain in power to establish a full dictatorship, Blair and Brown have settled for what they must believe is more appropriate for England, remaining in power to establish a military state, which will basically fulfil the same role as a dictatorship. In the end, it will be the same.

††††††††† There are now so many policemen and policewomen in this country, there might be no need for the military to take over. No one owns a gun for a start, it is not a given right in the unwritten Constitution. Hunting small animals in the countryside has just been declared illegal, now we understand why this unpopular decision was necessary. There is no reason for anyone to buy a gun, unless you wish to buy one on the black market to shoot the Prime Minister.

††††††††† The reason for this difference is obvious. England is a small country compared with America, no one can hide anywhere. The Orwellian State has been so successfully established, no one anywhere in Britain can go unnoticed for very long. There are thousands of cameras watching you in the UK at any given time. Phone records, email exchanges and websites you visit have now become police records and are freely used in court by the prosecution. I know, I work in a Crown Court. I am appalled by their powers, a complete disregard for the most basic human right: privacy.

††††††††† The police force has become an almighty force in the last decade, the military has also grown beyond measure since the terrorist war. There is no need to build concentration camps like they do in the U.S. They are confident the population can be successfully contained and prosecuted with their new terrorist laws without any such extreme measure. As a result, everyone in the UK is now a potential terrorist. Many who should not have, have already been convicted under those laws. This is clearly an abuse of power.

††††††††† I believe they were also planning for something much more destructive and appropriate than in the U.S., where one single nuclear bomb in any State would do the trick and would be more plausible, considering the hate for Americans in the world right now. Bird flu or a false flag event involving biological/bacteriological warfare, which would eliminate up to one third of the population and bring chaos, seemed more appropriate for the UK. Taking ultimate power in those conditions would be child play.

††††††††† This is what they have been working on. There has been so much talk about bird flu and ricin in the press at some point, all information coming from the government, we were all convinced we would all die within days. Since then, perhaps the film V for Vendetta, exposing all of this, has stopped them, and they must be planning something else.

††††††††† People criticised the film V for Vendetta as being an indirect critic of Bush and Cheneyís regime, well, if you had lived in London for the last few years like I did, you would see that it was well targeted for the UK, it is incidental that Americans recognised their own regime depicted in the film. That makes the film V for Vendetta the single most important film in existence for the British, it shows them exactly what is happening and what they can expect, because this is where it seems that everything is leading, a totalitarian Big Brother State.

††††††††† The United Kingdom does not deal with large spaces, different States and many government levels. Everything is pretty much centralised, and Westminster instantly has access to any information about anyone. They have become experts with facial recognition software, and they invested heavily in a nationwide CCTV network which has now become infallible.

††††††††† Are we to believe that such an expensive network is for ensuring that we pickup the droppings of our dog on the streets, or that it is for ensuring that we do not litter the area with our cigarette butts? Though at the moment it is use for these small crimes you could still have wished to get away with less than a decade ago, it is safe to assume that it is for a grander scheme which will become real and evident fairly soon.

††††††††† It has been said many times in the press that terrorism in England is not new, and that even under the I.R.A. threats, none of this Big Brother State stuff came to be. You might think it is because we did not have the technology then, but we did, we simply did not implement it. And now we have gone wild, for a threat that does not even seem to exist.

††††††††† You must have read about the London terrorist events, there is a lot of material there for conspiracy theorists. It definitely points to government sponsored terrorism. This is how I came to my conclusions. At some point it sounded so unreal, so untrue, I thought, I am being lied to, this is all a lie! And now, I am trying to establish why and where it leads.

††††††††† Why such an elaborate system to know exactly whatever anyone is doing and saying at any given time? Yes, city councils cannot believe their eyes, they are making millions because now there is not one person in their county who can escape any futile contravention to the most minuscule law, and believe me, we are paying a high price. I alone received over ten fines in the last two years, me, who never got one prior to that time, and who never goes anywhere. It is all very excessive, and must be for some other purpose than cashing money to help the rejuvenation of city centres as some sort of hidden tax that they know citizens would simply not accept.

††††††††† The question is, where does it lead? At the moment we know it leads to incapacitating anyone in doing anything slightly against the law, some sort of ultimate harassment by the police and the government, a clear message that this is a police state, they are watching us. The real question is, where will it lead once a state of emergency has been declared? The answer is simple, a dictatorship.

††††††††† And so, not only are they prepared in the United States for a real dictatorship, encompassing Canada and Mexico in their newly formed North American Union, but they are also ready in the United Kingdom. This represents the two most powerful countries in the world. Once absolute power has been consolidated in those two countries, it will be time to look at the rest of the world.

††††††††† Will that be enough to conquer the world? One can only wonder. But you better believe it. I think it will be enough, and the power that be, seems to also believe it.

††††††††† Are we veering towards a dictatorship on both sides of the Atlantic? Yes we are. I guess there is only one thing left to do, wake up to the threat and do something about it.







††††††††† It amazes me how whether you are American or not in this day and age, the American elections are now followed closely worldwide and concern every citizen of the world. Just a shame the rest of humanity cannot also vote for their next President and party in power.

††††††††† This is an interesting question, considering how powerful America has become in the world, that the policies of this country alone affect the whole planet. How would the planet vote if they had a say in the next elections this year? Assuming of course that there will be no state of emergency before November 2008 and that Martial Law will not be declared, keeping George W. Bush and Dick Cheney in power. This is the whole point of impeaching them, and this is why it is crucial that we succeed in impeaching them.

††††††††† I have a feeling that the rest of the world is tired of American politics, and if they could vote, it would be neither for the Democrats nor the Republicans. The very reasons why Hillary Clinton was not the right candidate for the presidency over Barack Obama, is perhaps because the Democrats are not right for the job. It will take at least a decade before the Americans can forget what the Republicans have done to America before considering voting for them again, but I wonder if a decade was enough to forget Bill Clintonís presidency.

††††††††† There is no doubt that Barack Obama is the right candidate and that he will be the next President, if somehow he does not get assassinated, and that will be a real test for democracy. However, the Democrats in general have not changed since Bill Clinton, the old policies are the new policies. George W. Bush followed very similar strategies, he simply brought it all to a whole new level, and made it clearer that ultimately nothing good can come out of these policies, as they are now threatening the world.

††††††††† Extreme capitalism and extreme greed, the way it has been practiced recently, can only bring about the Third World War, after millions have died from starvation, and perhaps, with the lack of action on the environmental side, it will also bring humanityís extinction within years. This is no longer a matter of transferring the problems to the next generation.

††††††††† Nothing convinces me that the Democrats will be our savior, and that suddenly we will witness miraculous changes in the world. In fact, I feel we will see much more of the same, developing at a slower pace, and so humanity will survive a bit longer. If you do not agree with this fair assessment, then please bring me your arguments.

††††††††† The Democrats seemed to have shown too much complicity in the Republicansí decisions in the last decade, and voted yes to most of their bills, no matter how horrifying they were. They are equally guilty for what America has become. They can no longer be trusted.

††††††††† Their unwillingness to impeach George W. Bush right now, following Dennis Kucinichís 35 articles in Congress, is another example that these people are more about being elected and being in power, than actually caring for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the citizens of the United States. None of them are idealistic, none of them have in their heart this willingness to help and change the world in a better way, and we need more of that right now.

††††††††† When a representative has to follow the party line, you have lost democracy. One person decides for everyone else. In those actual conditions, being in power requires no thinking or decision making, the message to politicians is clear: just do what you are told and everything will be fine, you will even get re-elected without having to prove your worth. The American people have lost their rights, their democracy and their freedom, and the rest of the world has lost it all as well as a consequence.

††††††††† There is a real chance this year for the people to take back some sort of control, and send a clear message to Congress that we have to be listened to: everyone should simply vote for independent candidates belonging neither to the Democrats nor the Republicans.

††††††††† No association, organization, corporation, should endorse those two parties, and they certainly should not give them any money for their campaign. They should help and support any independent. And donít worry, the Democrats will still win, Obama will still be the next President. Even if the Democrats spent zero money on their campaign this year, they will win. George W. Bush has seen to that, he has singlehandedly annihilated the Republican Party. Weird that no Republican seems to have picked up on that.

††††††††† People have to stop thinking in terms of two or three government parties, for once they should consider other options. Instead of voting for a political party, you should vote for the candidate who you most agree with, as long as this candidate is not a Democrat or a Republican. Is this not how it should be anyway? Do you even know anything about your own local politicians and what they are all about? Or do you just vote for a political party?

††††††††† If only this message could spread around, if American citizens could see how these two parties have failed them in the last 20 years and perhaps even centuries, maybe, just maybe, we could change the face of politics in America and worldwide, and bring back real democracy by and for the people.

††††††††† It would be a shame for Obama, because he certainly deserves his chance. However, once again here comes a religious President who stated that we cannot abandon the field of religious discourse in politics. I say yes we can, in fact, we must.

††††††††† Obama surrounded himself with many religious figures who sound just as extreme as George W. Bush and some other leaders of the Middle-East. In the end, no matter who leads, the Democrats have proven that they are no better than the Republicans and it is time for a radical change, it is time to send a clear message of who is ultimately in control: us.

††††††††† Normally, such an idea of voting for independents would be dangerous, because we would risk electing by default the party we really do not wish to elect to power. On the other hand, there has never been a better time to promote the idea of voting for independents, since there is no way the Republicans will get in power this time around.

††††††††† Unless of course the extent of the corruption surrounding the electronic voting machines turns out to be more serious than anyone thought. Which may very well be the case, when we cannot even trust the official election polls. One would also need to control the polls, so everything adds up. No one you know ever vote Republican, yet, they seem to win against the odds.

††††††††† Many Republican representatives are jumping ship, because they know they will not be re-elected this year no matter what. Some have joined the Democrats. I propose they should go independent, and letís see if they will get re-elected on their own steam, or if being part of a party is all they need in order to get elected in this country. And if you still wish to vote for your Democrat representative, encourage him or her to go independent.

††††††††† This time around, forget about Democrats or Republicans. You donít even need to say who you support, here are the new slogans, feel free to come up with your own:

††††††††† ďElections 2008, I support my independent candidates!Ē

††††††††† ďIn 2008, I Vote Indie!Ē

††††††††† Remember, denouncing is not enough, proposing solutions and moving into action is required at this time.

††††††††† Letís start a new trend where going into politics will be available to everyone, even you, without all the screening and impossibility to actually get to represent a popular political party. Because if somehow you could succeed in doing that, well, you would still need to be heard, to make a difference, and you simply could not within a political party, you would have to follow the party line.

††††††††† Vote Indie! Please, pick up on it and spread the word. It could save democracy and bring about a real needed change. Political parties are undemocratic, they have to go.







††††††††† The American government has become a master at manipulating opinion polls, surveys and all sorts of statistics, they can make them say everything they want and convince us of anything in order to manipulate public opinion and the passing of new laws. The US powerful PR and marketing machine costs billions of dollars every year. So much so, it could be compared to the old Russian propaganda machine which, decades ago, effectively convinced millions of starving unemployed Russians that they were living in the best and most successful country in the world. Governments always believed that ignorance for the people was bliss, one could wonder the purpose of this constant deceit.

††††††††† Opinion polls in the US are biased. So how can they efficiently reflect the outcome of a presidential election, unless the official election results are also biased? The problem with electronic voting machines, is that there is no more recount possible. The first count is the last count. If someone hacks the machine and adds a few thousand votes in order to win, no one will be the wiser.

††††††††† How can you fight this outrage to democracy? A return to paper ballots would have been the solution, but no one wanted it, or else the electronic voting machines would have disappeared by now. So maybe we can fight with discrepancies between strict and scientific independent opinion polls compared with final electoral results. But then, since you cannot ask for a recount, you will need to fight for a new voting session on the basis of fraud.

††††††††† Which brings an important problem about opinion polls. If you do a search on the Internet and start comparing opinion polls for the 2008 US presidential election, you will quickly realize that depending on the sources, sometimes you can witness differences as large as 15% on similar questions, occasionally more.

††††††††† A few actual polls, when only considering the Democrats and the Republicans, predict that Barack Obama will win with 51% of the vote, others that he will lose with 40%. Same for John McCain, he is supposed to win with 51% of the vote, and lose with 37%. How is this possible? Is there not a science behind these surveys? Have we not been told that they were highly reliable in reflecting the final outcome?

††††††††† Are opinion polls too biased in the US? The question is crucial, because if the manipulation of the electronic voting machines is more extensive than anyone realized, it is essential for the culprit to falsify many local opinion polls to reflect the calculated outcome.

††††††††† If you have many official opinion polls in the mass media stating wrongly that John McCain will win with 49% to 51% of the votes, reflecting the final manipulated results, someone could safely say that these latter opinion polls reflected a reality which is in fact a myth, facilitating election fraud. Which is why we need to ensure unbiased local opinion polls everywhere in America, compare them with the final results, and contest these results if discrepancies show up.

††††††††† One quick look at this page on Wikipedia will tell it all: ďNationwide opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2008Ē

††††††††† If you study that page carefully, you will immediately understand that opinion polls are all over the place, contradicting each other in large amounts, and ultimately none of them can truly be trusted. There is another page on Wikipedia which you need to study in order to understand how it is possible to manipulate opinion polls, short of lying outright about the results, which often is probably the case: ďOpinion pollĒ

††††††††† Why is this important? Because if you wish to prove that there was trickery with electronic voting machines, it will be helpful if you can prove that there have been outright lies in opinion polls. One would have to control both the voting machines and the opinion polls in order to avoid questions about this corruption of democracy.

††††††††† Why is it also important? Opinion polls are an efficient tool to influence the masses. If a voter can see that both the Democrats and the Republicans are head to head, they may decide to go and vote, because suddenly they know it might make a difference. If a voter can see that a certain candidate has already lost the election, they may intrinsically feel that there is no point in voting as it is a lost battle (boomerang effect).

††††††††† The ďspiral of silenceĒ is when someoneís answer is influenced towards the most popular answer, but does not reflect his or her real opinion. Surveys could also influence opinions through a bandwagon effect, where the poll prompts voters to back the candidate shown to be winning in the poll.

††††††††† Other ways by which an opinion poll can be biased range from offering alternative answers, suggesting who is leading the election (for example by presenting a candidate first over another), the wording of the poll, the order in which the questions are asked, and so on. An important bias can come from not using effective control in the survey, going about it less scientifically, which apparently is the case in the polling industry in the US.

††††††††† You could also use a less representative sample, or survey people who you might already know their preference. For example, people watching Fox News are more likely Republicans than Democrats. Any opinion polls from that source, we know the outcome, the Republicans will win the next elections with a landslide.

††††††††† It can be difficult to start checking the source of the poll, the questions that were asked, who was queried and where, etc. You should always compare any opinion poll with other similar ones from other sources. Sometimes the real opinion might be somewhere in the middle, sometimes one will be completely biased or falsified, and the other more representative of the truth. This needs to be proven somehow.

††††††††† I suggest a few courses of action this year for the presidential elections. There should be a proliferation of unbiased and independent scientific opinion polls coming from everywhere, national and local. Second, there should be a careful comparison study of many similar opinion polls from various sources.

††††††††† The sources that are clearly out of range of the others, should not be considered, and even should be denounced publicly until everyone is aware that the opinion polls from those sources are highly biased. And then we could try to assess why they are so biased, who has to gain from those lying surveys?

††††††††† Many have denounced in the past opinion polls using flawed methodology and offering unreliable and sometimes misleading results in order to boost a marketing campaign or influence the outcome on an issue. In the UK there has been such a scandal a few years ago, and I bet it is the same thing in the US. Here is the link to the article published in The Observer:

††††††††† ďLies, damn lies - and opinion polls?Ē A £1bn industry is accused of distorting results to produce what clients want to hear

††††††††† The title of the article is a reference to a 1977 book by Michael Wheeler called: ďLies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: The Manipulation of Public Opinion in AmericaĒ

††††††††† Some interesting links to investigate:

††††††††† Someone comparing the different official polling organizations:

††††††††† The Pew Research Center, organization trying to monitor the behavior of Polling arms and the use of polling and statistical data (it is also the most accurate polling organization, according to the link above):

††††††††† I had a hard time finding interesting links. Is there no one checking up on biased opinion polls and if they correspond to final electoral results, as to avoid electoral fraud? Hopefully others more informed than I am will pick up on the topic and develop it further.







††††††††† I am still too much in shock from what the Republicans have done to America and to the world to so blindly jump on another bandwagon and espouse the Democratsí philosophy so completely. I may never recover from what George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and others have done, I feel I have lost all faith and ďhopeĒ in any government, in any politician. I am totally disillusioned with the world of politics.

††††††††† I am now considering wild ideas to reform everything, take a huge step back and think how we could change the whole political system overnight. I find it so hard to support any politician these days, if I could vote to get them all exterminated and start anew, believe me, I would.

††††††††† So, when they presented me this new politician called Barack Hussein Obama II, branding him as the new modern and young President of tomorrow who will save us all, you bet I had my doubts. So I decided to read his book ďThe Audacity of HopeĒ. I thought, he will most probably be the next American President, I might as well find out what he is about.

††††††††† Then after reading the prologue and the first chapter, and yawning out of control, I realized that it was a lot of talk and wind, just like many other politicians, with no firm commitment. So I did a bit of research and read instead his blueprint for change, his plan for America, which you can find on his website. I thought, this is where I will see if there is substance behind the great speeches.

††††††††† Here is the PDF, you should read it:

††††††††† How are we supposed to find the time to read all these things? Sometimes I understand why most people donít bother reading anything about who they will vote for, and then, I understand how people like George W. Bush become President. I will read all of this even if it kills me in the end, after all, it is my duty as an ordinary citizen, it is all our duty to know who we vote for.

††††††††† It is 64 pages long and it took me one afternoon to read. Well, it was worth reading, even though Iím still wondering if this is just political propaganda in order to get elected, or if this will seriously become an elaborate strategy for the next presidency.

††††††††† It is clear indeed that the man identified many problems in American politics and society, it suggests he might actually do something about it, since it is part of his big political plan. He does not talk about religion, I suppose it means it is not one of his priorities, thank God! He does not mention gay issues either, hopefully it does not mean that secretly he is very much against the idea of gay marriages or even gay relationships (we wonít talk about gay sex, of course).

††††††††† Reading his blueprint, I have to say, I am impressed by what Obama says he intends to do once in the oval office. He used to be a political blogger, and he speaks like one. He gives the impression of having read most of them, it must have helped him no end to develop his blueprint, as it seems to me that he says everything we want to hear, almost. Is it too good to be true or should we be weary?

††††††††† You know, I wonder if all Presidents who enter their office start with so much idealism and convictions, and that ultimately the system fails them and nothing they intended to do gets done. Obama does kind of say in his book that no Democrat government would be able to achieve these grand schemes unless Republicans also wish to see America get out of the mud and sort itself out.

††††††††† If truly Obama will go out of his way to end this corporate lobbying getting all that they want and controlling everything in Washington by financing political campaigns, if truly he will bring about transparency and end the abuse of the last administration, and invest so much on all sorts of social securities, maybe he could restore my faith in the Democrats. Well, if they are all mostly asleep, at least I know the President will not be.

††††††††† Is this what people supporting Obama have been reading, his blueprint for change? No wonder Hillary Clinton was beaten. Sounds like a utopia, but thatís what we need right now, any kind of crazy idea, anything but Bush and the Republicans.

††††††††† There are so many ďObama will do thisĒ, and ďObama will do thatĒ, or try to anyway, that one wonders where he will find the money for all his reforms and social securities.

††††††††† Silly me, if we were able to spend so many billions on those wars in the Middle East, I guess if we were to stop them, Obama will have enough money for all his reforms, and more. I suppose also that the end of tax breaks to large corporations alone, will bring enough billions to build the new health care program and educational reforms he is hoping for, that we are all hoping for.

††††††††† About his new energy policy though, vowing to renewable fuels and ethanol, I would think he should be aware by now that the food crisis is due mostly to that, the use of land for fuel instead of growing food. Which highlights his serious omission of anything about the worldwide food crisis in his plan.

††††††††† It is true that people in America are not starving that much compared to the rest of the world, and maybe it was not such a burning issue for Obama and the Americans. Still, it is a bit short-sighted if Obamaís politics will not be as self-centered toward Americans as Bushís policies have been. And what about investing heavily on nuclear energy? Is this still part of the plan?

††††††††† When I lived in Los Angeles for almost a year, a few years ago, I identified many areas which were problematic in my new job for a small company. I have written a book about it called ďCorporate America, Hell on EarthĒ, available on my website for free:

††††††††† I was astonished by how merciless America could be in the work environment and how little security was provided to anyone. In fact, within nine months, half the company had been sacked on the spot without pay, the other half was living in fear of the same thing happening to them, and others were mercilessly demoted, humiliated and hurt emotionally beyond salvation. I thought no one could work under those conditions.

††††††††† What I witnessed was far from being the land of the free. We were treated like prisoners chained to our desks, with dire consequences if we could not produce miracle results. I think I succeeded in walking on water once or twice, as this is what was expected of me, whilst I worked over 80 hours a week through all my holidays, and yet, it was never enough to satisfy their greed.

††††††††† Obama seems to have identified many of those corporate problems, mostly for women, and I hope he will go further. I wish he will deliver on these points which may not seem that important, but in fact are more important than anything else for our own personal happiness. Overall, our own existence is very much what we spend most of our time doing, our daily job. I donít care being poor, at least I wish to be happy, not suicidal as I was then in America.

††††††††† When you work in a horrible corporate environment, fearing for your security, under emotional distress, you quickly reach breaking point and depression. For me, these issues are as important as health care: providing security and happiness at work, not a stressful environment where making money becomes so important, if you do not perform 200%, and make the company at least a million dollar in the first six months, you are fired without financial support or safety net to fall back on. And bye bye health insurance.

††††††††† Obama is also trying to fix the health care system, when in fact, it is flawed at the core and salvaging it is simply impossible. It may prove useless in the end the way he wishes to go about it. He should scrap the whole health care industry and system, and get inspiration from countries like Canada, France, Germany and the rest of Europe. Even Poland has an excellent health care system for everyone, better than the British one, I have been told.

††††††††† You cannot have a health system based on capitalism, that is the obvious flaw, is it not? Corporations should have nothing to do with paying health insurances for their employees. Health insurance should have nothing to do with getting a job good enough in order to get access to such insurance or being able to afford one.

††††††††† The government should pay for everything for everyone through general taxes, as simple as that. Why complicate your life with all these health insurances that are all different from insurance company to insurance company, from corporation to corporation, from State to State?

††††††††† Eliminating all this bureaucracy and this health privatization, would save a lot of money and headaches, and would ensure that every single American gets the exact same treatment nationwide whether they are rich or poor, whether they are working or not, whether they have a great job or a dead end one, whether they are living in California or Alaska, whatever their skin color, whatever if they are illegal immigrants or not.

††††††††† By the way, I am aware of many Americans crossing the border to Quebec in order to benefit from free health care, and I am not bothered by it in the slightest. We can afford it, we all can afford universal health care, and we should offer it to everyone. It is one of the most basic human rights. Or else, we play God by deciding who has the right to live and who should die. We all deserve to live, donít we? We are all equals, donít we?

††††††††† Some countries have solved these problems a long time ago, is it that difficult for politicians to look at what is happening elsewhere and draw some inspiration from it? It is time for radical thinking and radical change. There is no better time than now.

††††††††† About immigration, I am a bit afraid of what Obama said. It seems he wants to build a Wall of China all around America, and uncover every single illegal worker in existence. He also wishes to let in only the cream of the crop, inviting a brain drain from the rest of the world.

††††††††† At least he did say that he would like to facilitate the twelve million supposed illegal immigrants to gain citizenship, and that would be about time. They are after all the new American slaves sustaining the economy, no government can deny that. Which is precisely why Great Britain was one of three countries within the European Union to allow any Polish immigrant to come in and work in the U.K. We still need our slaves.

††††††††† As an immigrant myself, I suffered the whole brunt of what it means to be an undesirable. Even though I am a Canadian immigrant, that I have a Masters degree, that I can contribute to society and that I am here legally. Gosh, I suffered greatly and I am still suffering. I donít have my British citizenship yet after 15 years in the country, I simply cannot afford it, now that I am allowed to request it. It only took me 14 years to get that right (I am gay, living in a 15 year old relationship).

††††††††† On the subject of not being able to afford the essential, Obama points out that 37 million Americans live in poverty. There are more Americans living under the poverty line, than there are Canadians in this world (I think there are 27 million Canadians now). Imagine, a whole population, larger by ten million than the whole Canadian population, living in poverty within the United States of America. I am unable to conceptualize this fact.

††††††††† It makes you think twice about helping the poor in other countries, or launching costly wars on the other side of the planet, when at home you have that serious a crisis. If all 27 million Canadians were poor, we could not even afford a military, help anyone or dictate anything in the whole world. No way would we have such a percentage of our population being so poor, or would we leave them in such dire straight. Is there any compassion out here, or just selfishness, just pure capitalism?

††††††††† And I am one of them. As a civil servant in England, I cannot see how I could possibly ever buy a car, let alone a house, and I donít understand how people can afford to have kids, I canít even feed my parrot. There is a God, as I will not have to pay for his education, which letís face it, should be free for everyone. Or else, here comes the elitist society where discrimination is the law. Donít tell me we cannot afford it, as I know better. I have seen where we are spending all our money, I know it would be better spent elsewhere. Responsible spending is one of Obamaís main points.

††††††††† True, I am in England now, where everything is much more expensive. However, I found that when I was living in the United States, it was quickly becoming just the same. Fifteen years ago, we used to pay twice more for anything we wanted, but not now, you pay as much as we do. That pair of shoes costs you exactly the same, and beyond shoes, it may even cost you more. Standard of living is dropping rapidly worldwide, it is called humanityís evolution.

††††††††† About Civil Rights, I think Obama is not going far enough. Bill of Rights is mentioned three times in his political plan, in the context of ďcredit cardsí bill of rightsĒ. The word Constitution is mentioned once, and it is about Iraqís Constitution.

††††††††† I understand that Black and Hispanic Americans (and women and gays) suffer a lot about their civil rights in America, or lack thereof, however, at this crucial time, the Patriot Act and other laws from Bush are more worrying for the population as a whole.

††††††††† How can you have a whole blueprint of what you would do once in power at this time, without stating that you will restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as they were before George W. Bush came to power? How can you not even mention anything about those unwarranted spying laws, the lost of privacy, the lost civil rights of every American? After all, most political blogs talk only of that.

††††††††† Should we assume then that Barack Obama has no intention of reversing those unpatriotic laws that the Republicans pushed into Congress? Because then, no matter what Obama intends to do in order to help the Black (and the Hispanic) community, it will prove totally useless. Iím sure they will be the first ones who will suffer the most from this new abuse of power that the police, the prosecution and the spying agencies have gained under Bush.

††††††††† Obama might have talked about this in other speeches, I donít know. However, it should be in his blueprint, so we can hold him accountable. Civil rights right now, is no small political issue. We need clear assurance that the Democrats will redress the situation, or else it might be worth voting independent, any independent candidate.

††††††††† And dear me, donít talk to me about reforming the broken death penalty system right before stating that torture is not acceptable. Death penalty should be banned altogether from any civilized society, especially when one understands how the whole criminal system works nowadays. Another important political issue not mentioned. As far as we know, under Bush, we are all criminals at the moment.

††††††††† About Obama foreign policyís ideas, it sounds easy and wonderful, but a bit vague. How he intends to achieve what he proposes, I donít know. Nevertheless, he favors diplomacy with everyone; he wants to get out of Iraq within 16 months; he does not wish to attack Iran; and he wants to work towards a Palestinian State. So I feel this is a good beginning for some sort of worldwide peace, so we could finally concentrate on whatís going on at home.

††††††††† He could have mentioned working with the United Nations though, he does sound like he will lead an international coalition and that he intends everyone to respond and rally behind American leadership. Well, Iím sorry, but diplomacy is everyone working together, not America dictating once again what should be done, and then go on to buy out everyone else into believing that this is the right course of action. And if that does not work, do it the Bush way and go about it alone, breaking all international laws.

††††††††† On building a 21st Century Military, Obama believes we need more soldiers and more Marines, and better military equipment. I canít really say anything on these points, I have no clue if this is necessary in America right now, since there is no transparency about what is really going on.

††††††††† All I know is that whenever someone says we need more policemen and policewomen on the streets, I shiver, and wonder, do we? It seems to me that we will all be their next target, whether we deserve it or not.

††††††††† The only reason I am now actually just reticent, instead of being scandalized at the idea that we need to invest more in the military, is because I just watched two documentaries about the Falklands War. If it was just for defense purposes, then yes, we need to ensure that we can defend ourselves against anything. If it is for attack, pre-emptive strikes and policing the world, just like under the Bush/Cheneyís regime, no, we do not need to invest one more cent into the military. What we need, is to spend much less on military and reallocate this money to social securities and eliminating poverty within America.

††††††††† Unless they could train those soldiers to help communities, build things instead of destroying them, it is not worth considering spending any more on an already out of control military budget, which has recently brought the nation near bankruptcy, in financing these unnecessary pre-emptive strikes in the Middle East.

††††††††† As to this whole last chapter about helping the Veteransí Affairs, me, who is so against over militarization, find it hard to see the need to turn this into a political presidential election issue. I suppose it is important to care for Veterans, as it is so traumatizing to go to war and to get back to some sort of normal civil life afterwards. We are all now suffering from post-war syndrome, we could all benefit from that money.

††††††††† But the real problem is not that we need to invest so much more in Veteransí Affairs, the real problem is that we should never have gone to war in the first place unless it was for defense purposes. But now that we did go to war for no reason, as usual, I guess we might as well pay for it, again and again, forever. And perhaps ensure that we donít in the future put citizens in such position to mentally wreck their lives needlessly, so no one will ever become that dysfunctional.

††††††††† And while we are at it, if our own veterans are so traumatized by what they did in those countries, we might wish to reconsider what it is that they do in those countries. And to also help the chaos and psychological collective nightmare they must have caused in those other civilian communities. I bet they are as distressed as our veterans, the ones who survived at least.

††††††††† Overall, Barack Obamaís blueprint for change is inspiring, and if somehow he is capable of achieving half of that in his first mandate, I think he might turn out to be the most successful American President in recent times (which, letís be honest, cannot be that difficult). His plan shows many links to past achievements in Illinois whilst in the Senate, which prove that this is just not words, but there is substance to the man.

††††††††† Which reminds me, I have not started yet investigating all the negative ads the Republicans are putting out on him, with all their millions and billions they spend on their political campaignÖ got to do that soon.

††††††††† I donít really wish to support the Democrats, neither the Republicans, but you know, I would not mind to see Barack Obama as the next American President. Something exciting might happen and we might witness some real needed change. I hope history will not prove me wrong in saying so.

††††††††† Promises, promisesÖ will one ever finally deliver on those promises? Will that be Barack Obama?

††††††††† Obama wants feedback on his blueprint, a copy of this article has been sent to him. Please, do the same, send him your own feedback here:

††††††††† He is more likely going to listen to you before the elections, than after. We are all well aware of that now, after George W. Bush, who never listened to the voice of the people he was supposed to represent.

††††††††† Before and after an election, are two whole different worlds. There is no reason to make it easy for anyone to get to power and to suddenly start dictating our destiny out of our control. Enjoy the little control you have right now, before the elections are over.







††††††††† This world is all about irony. When you have absolutely no identity, any identity becomes yours. America meant so much to so many, it was the dream come true, it was what every single country aspired to be. We all wanted to be American, we all secretly wished that our country would be America. And now... wellÖ who wants to be American now? Donít look at me, Iím horrified!

††††††††† To be honest, we went through hell. From afar we looked at everything that has happened since George W. Bush came to power. We went from being surprised, to being amazed, to being totally disgusted. We could not believe our eyes!

††††††††† What in Godís name happened? We witnessed the absolute annihilation of everything we admired. And now, dear me, perhaps our own country, with its own ever lasting dictatorship, is better than America. Letís hope your new President can change all that, despite the depression.

††††††††† My own personal dictator is not as bad as George W. Bush was. That man has reached a whole new level of dictatorship, as it was worldwide that he was fooling around, it is humanity that he was playing with. At least my own personal dictator limits himself to my own backyard.

††††††††† I needed hope, desperately seeking some sort of liberation in my mind, the thought that perhaps somewhere else in this world people were happy to be alive, to exist, to be fully emancipated. Somewhere at least, beyond my own country, someone was living exactly what he or she was meant to live. Absolute freedom, the chance to say what one needs to say, without censorship, no consequences for speaking oneís own mind! What a dream!

††††††††† I thought that this only existed in AmericaÖ not anymore. I find I can speak my mind much more freely than Americans nowadays. My own dictator does not seem to mind that I spit on George W. Bush and the Republicans, otherwise I would be dead by now. This is how it works in my country. It seems, it is getting worse in America right now, and one wonders if this will change with Barack Obama. Because no one is speaking anymore, but I speak, and I am still alive.

††††††††† True, I have not said one word against my own government, I have not denounced anything about what is happening in my own country. I limited myself to speaking for Americans, against their new found dictatorship, against their psychopath leaders. I have not been shot yet, I guess my leaders hate Bush and Cheney as much as I do. For different reasons, no doubt, still, I have never felt that free in my whole life.

††††††††† You see, in my country, we have always lived under threat from the government. We have always been starving. Unemployment is quickly reaching 100%. The Global Warming you are so keen on talking about, we suffer the whole brunt of it. Within years my country will become inhabitable.

††††††††† Where I live, it seems, every single policy and decision of the American government, seem to be another nail in our national coffin. We are dying by the millions. Of course, none of you has ever been made aware of that. Your mass media are totally silent about that global genocide.

††††††††† However, I do not wish to talk about this right now. I want to embrace the idea of freedom, of prosperity, of living full on, towards some sort of escape from this reality, the very idea of being an American, or at least, what it used to be.

††††††††† My President does not like me. All the books and articles I have written, they have been banned in my own country. I have been put under house arrest. Every phone call I make, is recorded and listened to. Every website I visit, the President is made aware of. There are already many websites my country has banished from my computer. I get this Blank Screen of Death instead telling me that this is inappropriate content. Search engines are no longer listing anything I was searching for. Soon my government will have severed every single link I still have to the American dream, to what it means or meant to be American, to be free!

††††††††† And the more I study what is happening in America right now, the less I feel sorry for it. A revolution is more likely to happen in my own desperate country than in yours. An insurgency is just around the corner for us, for you, dear me, it might take you a few decades to see the point of it. And yet, it seems to me, it is getting worse in your own country than in mine. I guess you are not used to living under a tyranny, you are unable to recognise it when it hits you in the face. But it has, believe me, and yet, you remain oblivious to it. I guess it is part of your charm.

††††††††† You can be forgiven for now, you feel change is around the corner, but there is no reason to believe Obama will change all that, as it seems out of the control of any new President, so intrinsically linked it is to all your institutions, your corporations, your powerful lobbying groups. Can Barack Obama operate change, even if he wants to? Interesting question.

††††††††† In fact, it could be asked of George W. Bush as well: was he really at the root of all those disastrous decisions that brought America to the brink of destruction? Perhaps he was coerced into making all those unpopular decisions. It would explain why he was rumoured to be utterly drunk at so many important meetings worldwide in the last few months and years.

††††††††† My brother died in the last civil war. My father was killed by the government way before the civil war. My mom was a teacher, she was the hope of my country, and yet, she was judged a danger to society, she was shot in front of me in our own house. This is probably the last thing I will be able to convey to you before my Internet connection is cut.

††††††††† Be careful, because what I have witnessed in my own country, is happening to yours right now, you are inches away from that state of affair. You have already lost all your rights, the American Constitution is now meaningless, just like your Bill of Rights. Any new President can now unitarily declare a state of emergency and martial law at any time, just like they always do over here. You have no experience with that kind of thing, we have become experts on how dictatorships develop. So please, be careful. We know what is going on in the US, we witness it all the time over here.

††††††††† Elections have never been fair in my country, we all knew the outcome before anyone ever voted. The ones in power always remained in power no matter how they were hated by the people. I see you had the same problem in America at least twice in the last decade. And you may only have averted such electoral fraud this time around because the difference between Republicans and Democrats was too overwhelming, and hence the elections could not be stolen a third time without being too obvious. This problem will however come back at the next presidential elections.

††††††††† Our leaders are war mongers, they always want more power and wealth, they want what our neighbours have. So we have always been at war, it has been one genocide after another. I see you have the same problem in America.

††††††††† Our mass media are so afraid of the government, none of them would venture to talk about anything else but the most trivial entertainment news. So we have heard a lot about Madonna, since this was judged unthreatening by our leaders. They had no idea. It is rare we hear anything about what is happening in your part of the world, and so anything we are allowed to put our hands on, becomes our whole philosophy of life, our sole reason to exist. That kind of thing is the product of revolutions. Just like the Beatles have been instrumental in the dismantlement of the U.S.S.R.

††††††††† I love you! I love you all! Even if your country was nearly destroyed and civil war might still be declared over this money crisis. You have inspired me no end! You showed me, you showed us all, that for a limited time at least, humanity could feel free. Not be free, that is of no consequence, but feel freedom.

††††††††† This is what your American dream is all about, the hope and faith that one day we will all be free, we will govern ourselves, we will have a true democracy by and for the people. It was such a great concept. But I guess, that if even you, my American friends, are unable to make it happen, us, in the rest of the world, have no chance at all. Letís hope that one day all this will be behind us and none of this will ever happen again.

††††††††† The dream is all we have left. The dream of democracy and freedom. Oh dear, just to feel the wind on my face under a sunny sky, with a view showing me a wide area over the horizonÖ this is what freedom has been for me, since forever, nothing else. Perhaps this is what freedom is meant to be, or maybe this is what freedom is now reduced to.

††††††††† Welcome to my world! The world of the rest of humanity, to which you have been blind for most of your life. Well, I feel somehow pleased that you had a taste of what we have been going through for most of our lives. It ainít easy out there, you have to fight to survive, you have to become an idealist, and constantly fight for your rights to even exist, and be prepared to die at any time for what you stand for. Cowards survive, the others donít.

††††††††† America has not known any of that in its history, it has all changed nowadays, as now you are aware that no one is safe from dictatorships, and you have a long way to go in order to restore what you once had. Very rarely a new government will go back and erase the extreme measures of a previous government, this is something we learnt the hard way. Letís see if your Patriot Acts will now disappear, if your Constitution and Bill of Rights will be re-instated as they were before Bush came unto the scene, if all this spying, witch hunts and torture will be forgotten.

††††††††† It shows that you are exactly like us. You will learn to fight for your rights, for your existence, for what you believe in, just like we always did. You will become aware of all the tricks used by untrustworthy leaders, you will read between the lines in the media and instantly see through all the lies, and live though it, just like we did. So painful it is.

††††††††† Just like us, you have no more rights. Just like us, you have no more democracy. Just like us, you have no more privacy. Just like us, you go to war and commit genocides against your will. Just like us, you have no more freedom. Have you ever wondered if this life was worth living? We always did wonder about that, we never found an answer.

††††††††† Yes indeed, welcome to my world, welcome to what the world truly is and has always been, a world governed by psychopaths, tyrants and dictators, a world where there is no hope for humanity.

††††††††† Is there truly hope now? Will you fight for it, like we always did? I guess it is up to you to ensure that not only it gets back to what it was, but that the fight goes much further so we can ensure none of this will ever happen again.

††††††††† Otherwise, it was so nice for a while to cling to some sort of dream that somehow there was a land of liberty out there somewhere called AmericaÖ







††††††††† I took three classes in Economics when I was younger in College. I realized then that it was just like mathematics: if you can easily learn everything by heart, you can get a perfect score of 100%. Yes, I excelled at Economics, and yet, I was the only one who stated out loud that none of it made any sense, that I could not understand how it could all work. I think I was the only one still based in a world of reality and logic.

††††††††† How is capitalism to work, I asked my teacher? Why is there a recession every 10 years or so, and a big crash at least every century? What causes them? I never found a satisfying answer. And today, I wonder, are recessions just a transfer of money from many poor and rich alike to the billionaires controlling the markets? Are these recessions and stock market crashes artificially created? Dear me, what a thought! This thought could annihilate the world as we know it.

††††††††† That would explain a lot, finally Economics could make sense. None of the identified factors affecting the economy truly affect it, and all those elaborate equations and diagrams to explain how markets evolve, are false pretence and explain nothing.

††††††††† Those courses I took are way in the past, and today I know next to nothing about money matters. Perhaps it is good that a layman should question what might be really going on, since, can we really trust Economists?

††††††††† Most people in my class were puzzled indeed about what the world of Economics was all about, and never questioned anything. Forecasting the markets, is like predicting the weather, they often get it wrong. They get it wrong more often than usual, as if suddenly statistics and probabilities were not operating as they should be in those markets. They donít. It seems all random, but is it really random?

††††††††† As if somehow, pretty much everything is controlled at a distance, by governments first, then by powerful financial institutions, then by very powerful corporations and then by very rich men. Who could predict what any of them will do next, how powerful they truly are and how badly it will affect the markets? No one can reliably forecast anything, I thought. Especially when a small war between two unknown countries somewhere can affect the markets so much. Who can predict wars? The ones planning and ordering wars, of course.

††††††††† It was not so long ago that I remember how expensive it was to send a shuttle into space, so expensive in fact, two billion dollars was simply something NASA could not spend just like that on a whim. This was how I actually understood what was really expensive and what was not. If you spent a billion dollars on anything, I thought, you are mad. Twenty years later we are spending 100 billion dollars on a space station, we are spending 500 billion dollars and counting on a war in Iraq, as if none of it mattered. Is it really worth it?

††††††††† I understand about inflation and other financial mechanisms, and that a billion today is worth much less than a billion a few decades ago. However, I will not believe that spending a billion today is like spending a million less than 20 years ago. Something is wrong here, really wrong. I am not a fool.

††††††††† Our salaries have not multiplied by any such factor in the last 20 years. Quite the contrary in fact, the standard of living keeps getting lower and we are getting poorer. Where once a man alone could support his entire family, now both the husband and wife are working like crazy and can barely make the ends meet. Moreover, they are being completely alienated at work under such pressures of todayís corporate structure designed to send us all into deep depression, if not driving us to suicide. No one can think anymore, that much is certain.

††††††††† A quick calculation of what we are spending right now on just about everything, will show you that we are certainly spending at least two if not three billion dollars per American citizen! How is this possible? How can capitalism still work under those conditions?

††††††††† Is this just adding to a huge debt somewhere, kept hidden as much as they can, and one day America will declare bankruptcy, like, next week? Is this what this big recession coming is all about? The one no one wishes to make quite official yet, when Economists have known for a quite a while that we are already there, and the worst is still to come?

††††††††† In that case, you can see that I may feel justified in questioning if recessions are not actually artificially created, and if they donít profit to someone. How else would you explain that the American government one day decided to spend two to three billions for every single American alive, within two presidential mandates?

††††††††† Is it not obvious then, that after that, the country will have to declare bankruptcy? Or certainly will take forever to get out of that next economic crash, and it wonít be pretty? The results could actually be as bad as if there was a civil war or a nuclear attack, it could easily be worse.

††††††††† And yes, I have read here and there that the American government is actually expecting a civil war over everything that has happened in Iraq, the consequences of 9/11 on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and also, because of the incoming crash.

††††††††† We might still be slow to react when we lose our Constitution and our Freedom, however, when you cannot find any work anywhere and that you are starving, after losing your home, suddenly you have a lot of time to think, to read about what actually happened and to act about such matters. I have no doubt that this civil war will take place, and it might still have nothing to do with the fact that this country has become a dictatorship.

††††††††† It is important here to mention that I am not talking about a few planes crashing in a few buildings, bringing worldwide chaos into the stock exchange markets, or a few people making a few millions or billions as a consequence. I am talking about a much more devious long term plan of the whole capitalist system, which is set at its core structure for everyone to fail and lose money.

††††††††† Unless of course you are a big player, that you know the secret rules of success and you are privy to information no one else is. And if you are lucky, you might even help create chaos, working hand in hand with the government, to ensure that you will make those billions you so desperately seek.

††††††††† I remember only one sentence from that teacher I had for three semesters in a row in Economics. He said it only once. Recessions are just a transfer of money from some people to others. And whilst many are ruined, others become overnight billionaires.

††††††††† Not just George W. Bush and his colleagues at the White House and at the Pentagon, but just about all those who finance their political campaigns and PR machine, might well have thought of a way to ensure that this recession will pay off so wonderfully, it is all worth destroying the country and the planet in the process. And if it brings a crash in the financial markets worldwide, so be it, it is all worthwhile for their own financial interests and insatiable greed. Not only capitalism is flawed, the whole government structure is as well.

††††††††† There Is no need for me here to denounce what the Bush family and their friends have been doing for almost a century now, there are enough articles about that out there. It seems that even the mass media speaks about it at length, and yet no one reacts, no one is scandalized, no one is doing anything about it. It is as if we have just accepted that is like that, and that there is nothing anyone can do but hope for the return of Jesus Christ, who might once again rattle their golden cage.

††††††††† Iím only hoping some people will keep in mind and investigate further if perhaps recessions are artificially created, as a mean to ensure that most investors will lose all their money every ten years or so, and if this money will go to larger fish in the financial markets. As if this is so, and it is perhaps even already well known, we ought to make it quite clear to everyone, so they will stop investing for no good reason, since they will assuredly eventually lose their money.

††††††††† And at that point, you get to understand, and you can no longer bury your head in the sand, that capitalism does not work and never did. All it ever did was to make the extra rich people even richer. And whilst they depend on the investments of smaller players, who will perhaps enjoy for a few years a good return on their investment, they will definitely eventually lose it all. So no one would in fact benefit from capitalism except a few rich people.

††††††††† If this is true, our crime against humanity, that we let happen because of our ignorance and lack of action, will be much more serious than we could ever have imagined. This is not just killing one million Iraqis, or letting millions starve to death with this new worldwide famine, it will actually affect us all directly and leave us all in a hole.

††††††††† As it means that, this time around, this crash coming could be worse than the one in 1929, and frankly we might just not recover. Add to this the environment disaster of global warming and a Third World War looming over our heads, and we will be lucky if humanity survives at all.

††††††††† If somehow we could identify clearly how it is happening, and prove it, no one will ever trust the financial markets again, and it could very well mean the end of capitalism, upon which everything we do is based on, even the health care system. The legacy of the likes of the Bush family.

††††††††† I know now why every 10 or 12 years there is a recession. It takes about a decade for all the small investors to feel confident enough to invest all their money and their assets. Then they are ready to give it all away, and a few people are ready to take it all over.

††††††††† I know now why there is a big crash every century. It takes about a century to accumulate such wealth in the worldwide markets, without any suspicion, to make it worthwhile creating the crash that will make it possible to take over all the wealth of the planet in one single transaction. You could only do that once in a century, if you wanted capitalism to survive.

††††††††† What will that go on to finance, I do not wish to know. All I know is that even if you wanted to prevent such recessions and crashes, or alleviate how bad they are going to be, you couldnít, no one could.

††††††††† It is well orchestrated, it plays on the fears of the market, it plays on and exploit exactly what is being thought in those classes of Economics. To the point that if you truly wanted to make money out of the stock market, it would be wise to do the exact opposite of what your financial adviser is telling you to do. Because he or she must have heard all the false information going around, and most assuredly this will lead you to utter despair.

††††††††† Capitalism is designed at its core to crash and transfer most of the money in the markets to a few hands. Only Economists and your Financial Advisers appear to know nothing about it.

††††††††† Brace yourself, as planned, in a spectacular way, and for other reasons than stated, it is all about to crash.







Monopoly is one of the oldest board games in the Western World. It has become a symbol to everything that we are about, a symbol to capitalism. It is such a simple game, anyone can learn to play it in minutes, and yet, within this simple game, it is amazing how our whole way of life can be resumed. Is it still worth playing the game though, or is the bank playing alone nowadays?


I always loved playing Monopoly, I have been playing since I was born. My first time must have been when I was 3 years old. Today I play it on my Nintendo DS, on my PC, and even on my phone/Pocket PC. I still enjoy it tremendously. Critics of the game have pointed out that you can get tired of playing Monopoly, since it is always the same, and it lasts for a bloody long time, before everyone goes bust, except the winner.


Of course, they are right, which is why my generation is so lucky: now I play alone, with five other AI players. Artificial Intelligence or CPU players. They never get tired of playing Monopoly, they will play as soon as I order it, they will also lose on command (once set at the easy level), because I still have to lose one game.


I lost only once at Monopoly, you donít want to know the result. I was 7 years old, I hit my playing partner in the face (common assault), destroyed the game, destroyed a table, threw a chair out of a window (damaging property), and I sulked for a week. Thankfully I lost only once. A second timeÖ and certainly I would have started a Nuclear Third World War on your head! Because, you know, this is human nature, in the West. This is who we are! No one needs to be ashamed of it.


I bet you want to know my strategy, the strategy of a real winner in life. Itís very simple, you have to ensure you play with brainless people. There is only one strategy at Monopoly, you need to own every single piece of land in the world, after that, only you can build and own any piece of real estate and make a profit.


Now, it is difficult to buy everything, to land on everything, so you have to pay big money to get all those lands from the other players, and this is when playing with brainless people is essential. It has been said that anyone had a price, and if you have enough money to throw away, you can always buy anything you want, everything that exists in the world, even the government! I always risk it all, this is the sign of a real capitalist winner. The Shock Doctrine would also come in handy, or The Prince of Machiavelli if you insist on being old fashion.


At first this is difficult, because though everyone else seems to go around the board like if there was no tomorrow, and win cash right left and centre, you always appear to be stuck forever in a loop. You never pass go, you always end up in prison.


No problem, I just mortgage everything I buy, and somehow that leaves me enough money to buy out everyone else out of it all. So at the end I own everything, and everyone pays me a fortune. As soon as I build my first house, thatís it, I simply have to wait a few rolls of the dice, until everyone goes bust and that I acquire all their money and everything they might still own that I donít already own. Monopoly is such a satisfying game, as long as you always win.


If you had never heard of the game, and even, did not know I was talking about a game, you could potentially be horrified right now. Because the very basis of Monopoly, our international national symbol of all that we are and represent, is all about becoming the richest person alive, but also to ensure that everyone else goes bankrupt, and hopefully die a painful death. And when they do, cheer up and open a bottle of Champagne, you have won the game of life!


I find it terribly ironic that I have enjoyed winning at Monopoly for most of my life, and yet, in real life, which is more or less based on the very same principles, I never owned anything, and my partner is about to lose our apartment to the bank, because of the depression. I have never applied those same principles in life that I have applied for so long playing Monopoly. And so, my partner and I are totally bankrupted.


Others have won, the banks, they are the ones popping up the Champagne right now. They have been for a very long time, and no one will allow them to go bust. We all pay dearly to sustain them before that happens, so they can continue to finance houses and hotels, and repossess it all when we default on our payments. It never fails to happen, as soon as a little economic depression shows up, every decade or so.


And the worst part of it all, the Bank has become God, the God of the capitalism religion. The Bank is all powerful, has always existed, is omnipresent, it knows everything about you. And the money it lends you, is not based on any asset it had to acquire, or even on assets of others they have a claim on, or money or gold they have at their disposal. That money is created out of nothing, with each loan, guaranteed by the government (us). And when we all go bankrupt, the bank simply finally acquire everything we own. This is not in the instruction manual, or else, no one would play Monopoly.


Actually, the real worst part of it all, is that despite registering record profits of billions in recent years, on our back, whilst we were all going bankrupt, banks still managed to go bust themselves! And, we bailed them out! If it was not so ridiculous, meaningless, plain stupid, and sadÖ I would cry myself to death.


One has to wonder, who thought of this system, or who was able in the first place to impose it on us all through time. I suggest we leave it out of our history books, something we have become very good at. We donít want future generations to know how brainless we were at playing Monopoly, do we? I could not justify it, it would bruise my die hard capitalist Ego.


One could be tempted here to talk about a great analogy of the game of Monopoly, the real great corporations buying everything they can, because they have unlimited funds, and, remember my strategy, everyone has a price. And once you own everything, you can charge whatever you want, and people pay, and then they go bust.


This is how it actually happens in real life, and these large corporations eventually end up owning everything, including us. They do whatever they want, even dictate politics worldwide. But at the back of it all, there is always a large bank supporting them, making it all happen. The almighty bank, our God of capitalism.


Monopoly is limited to real estate, lands, money and banks, and in the end, it is pretty much it. Monopoly leaves out everything about products, food, marketing and sales, all that we have truly become. I am not even talking about the Stock Exchange markets, for that you would need to play another great board game I love called Racetrack, a game no one as yet thought of creating a PC version of.


In the game Racetrack, you do play the Stock Exchange markets, the life of the rich and poor, with yacht clubs, racetracks, powerful weddings and costly divorces. Delightful! The king game of spectacular bankruptcies! There is always a way down, but are we even given the chance for a way up these days? I just love that game, I may have to create a Nintendo DS version myself, so I can play it all day long in the toilets at work, whilst my whole life and career are going down the drain.


Another great game that came from the same source is Careers. That too needs to be resuscitated. The Parker Brothers were visionary and geniuses about their games, some people might even think it was a conspiracy theory. They were so spot on and instrumental in cementing it all, they were the symbol of everything we were, everything we are all about today.


Their only miscalculation was their failure to foresee that eventually the banks would take over, eliminate all the players, and play alone endlessly, in some sort of meaningless loop. Well, whatís the point in playing then? Whatís the point of living? No one can compete against the bank, or globalisation, or those international corporations who have become banks in their own rights.


The whole idea of this article, and we are getting now to why I spent so long writing this introduction, is that life has very much become a game of Monopoly, except that none of us can possibly play or win any longer.


The game has gone off the scale. Where one dollar used to be worth one dollar, now, a million dollar has become, in the space of less than 20 years, worth a billion dollars. And we are quickly reaching a state where one dollar will soon be worth one trillion, and all whilst leaving inflation completely out of it all. How can this be explained? I donít know.


No one can even buy the cheapest piece of land left on the whole planet, no one can even afford to pay the taxes on any apartment they are renting, and no one ever reaches GO anymore, as there is no job left. Maybe we can spend three rolls of the dice in prison, just to get some breathing space and consider all our options. Even though we know there are none, and we will all go bust any second now. Did you really think you were somehow immune? Think again.


I hate losing, I cannot stand to be manipulated that way by the bank, which has unlimited funds, which owns everything including myself, and against whom I could never possibly compete. We are all now destined to fail by design. There is no point playing Monopoly, Racetrack or Careers any longer, because we can never be a player anymore, only a bystander, an observer of the game of life being played in front of our eyes. And lucky us if somehow we can escape being slaves to those corporations, those monopolies, those banks.


I used to enjoy playing Monopoly, I used to be a real die hard capitalist. However, the rules have changed, and this existence no longer has anything appealing to anyone. Until such time that we get back to what the rules were, until such time that we bring back a chance for all the players to win. Until then, we might as well forget it. If this is what capitalism has become, well, weíll have to come up with something else, new games to play.


I never thought we could push it so far, to such an extreme, that suddenly the game Monopoly could lose all its appeal. My God, it is our whole way of life, all that we are, that we are on the verge of losing, whilst we are being launched into the unknown of what else could replace it all, at a time when people are truly actually considering changing everything on a massive scale.


I guess we better sort ourselves out and find the solutions, bring back the capitalism we were born with, or else, well, weíll just have to consider new types of games. Surely someone could think up a game play not too boring about socialism, or even communism? Oh dearÖ I might as well shoot myself in the head right now!


Bring back the real Monopoly! The one where not only the bank is playing, but where we all have a chance to get rich and live the American Dream, and collectively get out of our eternal misery. The hope of it is usually enough! But you were too greedy. You killed all hope, for all of us.


Starving people have no wish to play any game any longer. They cannot listen to anything, they can only revolutionise everything. And do remember, they are in power, not any monopoly. The people can always take it all away from you, and they will. Your power can never be that absolute for too long. We can all just take it back, all those privatisations, now all public again, overnight, without compensation!


You were quick enough to buy out our corrupt leaders, thinking it would lead to insane profits. You should be prepared now to lose it all. There is not one Judge in the land that will go against this indictment, and suggest that it should all be anything else but a guilty plea. It is all part of playing the game, isnít it? The risk will not pay off.


Weíre all bad losers, and collectively, we can never afford to be losers. We can still break the bank and win. Because collectively, we establish the rules, we dictate around here, not you!


You killed our hope, and my God, you were asking for it, there will be a revolution. Until such time that, by law, we will restore the real rules of the game, where all the players will have a chance, and where, once in a while, the game does end and can be reset, and we can start all over again at GO.


I think we have just reached that point in the game. Donít you?






††††††††† Where do we need to move now to escape Big Brother, and would the North Pole suffice? I wonder. I came back from work tonight to find a new CCTV camera right outside my door, this is as close as it can be before they install one in the apartment I live in. I live on a lone street in the suburbs of London, there is absolutely no reason to put a camera there.

††††††††† We can no longer deny that our governments are control freaks, they will not stop until they know everything we all do and say at any given time. This is called paranoia. Why the need for such a police state? What are the authorities really fearing? Great questions.

††††††††† Letís study the consequences of such a Big Brother policy on all of us, and if really this is something we want in any self-proclaimed democracy. And if we donít want it, why is it still imposed on all of us? Crucial questions.

††††††††† As soon as you get your birth certificate, we have established your identity. We know your name, your date of birth and where you were born. After that, to get your first identity card or passport, what is required, is simply generally your birth certificate.

††††††††† Imagine a world without birth certificate, none of us would have an identity. Imagine if none of us had a name and didnít know where we were born and on what day. Sounds weird, but it is a fact for all animals on this planet, except of course our cherish pets which we now microchip and follow online. Only humans have this obsession with identity, identifying, and eventually to track down anything about anyone anywhere on this planet. You will never witness that anywhere in the animal kingdom.

††††††††† If it were to stop there, it would be easy enough and it would be nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, your birth certificate is simply a login and password to your true identity, who you really are. That identity being every single thing you will ever do in your entire life, be it getting married, divorced, switching country, getting a loan or a mortgage. And if you do anything wrong at any time, this is when your identity becomes quite important to every single authority on this planet. Be it a great crime or something as simple as a little white lie in order to get something. Thatís it, your identity might prevent you from achieving anything you ever dreamt of.

††††††††† Identity is what drives every single government wild, in truth, they will not stop until they can have a quick and easy access scheme to everything you have ever done in your life from the moment you came into this world. Whatever you might want to do to protect your privacy, it is useless.

††††††††† Up until now we have been lucky, the technology was simply not there, and we could still hope to get away with a little lie or two to get a job, a loan, some other benefits. Now you can forget it. Multiple central databases have been put together, I have already given my thumb print last year in order to pay with my own credit card, I had my eye scanned when I entered the United States a year ago. This is as good as my DNA, as with those, they can establish the login which is the door to my true identity, everything I ever thought of.

††††††††† From now on, everything is tracked down, to the beers I bought in a Seven Eleven a few months ago where they had to scan my Californian driving licence. I was quite shocked actually, I shouted that I didnít want the President of the United States to know that I was buying beers tonight, just in case one day, somehow, this could be used against me in a Court of Law.

††††††††† I can already see it: that man has been buying 24 bottle of beers every single week he spent in Los Angeles, how can we trust an alcoholic? That man has been buying violent video games in Hounslow for over a decade, how can he be stable enough to be a manager? That man has left the UK for more than 100 days, how can we give him a British citizenship now, it is obvious he does not deserve it, or does not live here or intend to live here forever. And what difference does it really make when I have now spent more time in London than anywhere else in the world?

††††††††† That guy has travelled to this country, visited this city, the very same one where some terrorist attacks took place. He has been visiting this and that website and read for 20 minutes and 30 seconds all about these conspiracy theories concerning the so called governments cover up. What credibility has he got?

††††††††† Today there are good reasons for you to wish to keep your anonymity, keep some privacy about your identity, because you never know how the government laws and policies will turn against you, and these changes come fast.

††††††††† In the last few years, since the destruction of the twin towers in New York, most Western countries have lost their rights and liberties. Another serious terrorist attack at this point will definitely bring about everything you most feared about the importance of your privacy when it comes to your identity. And since governments have always dreamt and worked toward being able to know everything about you since your birth, it is just a question of time before you lose your identity completely.

There must come a time when you no longer own your identity, when you are no longer free to build that identity, move about and do what you wish. This has not yet happened globally, but a large percentage of the population has already lost its identity, or the freedom to build one. For example, the unemployed, whether they are retired or simply incapable of finding a job, and people who simply run out of money.

††††††††† The government and the financial institutions donít ask much from you, until that is you run out of cash. If you need anything from the government or banks, they will want to know everything about you in return, up to where and what you spend your money on. At this point they control your destiny.

††††††††† You are no longer free to move to another place, change job, or play video games all day. You have to look for work, you have to repay somehow your debts, you need to report on everything you do to get yourself out of your situation, you have to report your expenses and justify them. Any change in your life will need to be declared.

††††††††† And believe me, they already know the truth about you. Do not dare lie to them, you will pay highly for the consequences. And from all that data which form your identity, decisions will be made, things might or might not be granted, you could be penalised or punished in ways you canít even imagine right now.

††††††††† If you are thinking about taking any risk, forget it, banish it from your thoughts. The Big Brother State is here, they know everything, it is always used against you in a Court of Law. I know, I work in a Crown Court. I am more amazed every day by what the Prosecution can now use in Court. It is like infinite power, and there is no end in sight to this abuse of power which does not respect the most basic human rights of privacy and freedom.

††††††††† It is like, the government own us all. And donít you ever forget it, because I do know what I am talking about. You can no longer get away with anything, you can only be, perfect citizens, conforming to the max, and be more conformist than most. Your only way out, Iím afraid. So go on pretending to some sort of existence, and explode at some point, no doubt, as such things canít really be helped. So much repression, can only lead to explosion now and then, and again.

Financial institutions tried to prevent me from moving to the United States, they almost seized my meagre assets and declared me bankrupt when I did. That would have seriously handicapped me for many years, perhaps for life, even though I am seriously already handicapped when it comes to money and where I can spend it. Lucky me, I used my charms, and my salary was higher than previously, and of course I moved before they could say no.

††††††††† It is not hard to imagine how these schemes, procedures and other protocols could become global in a few years, where everyone will be in the same boat. In a way, the tax man already checks up on everything you do and spend your money on, how you acquire it and how much of it they will get. The tax man is not yet at the point where it can dictate what your life will be, like with people who have no money, like in my case, but weíre getting there, especially now that we are facing a crash that will make the one of 1929 pale in comparison.

††††††††† They will only be satisfied when they will have your complete identity on record, when they will control your life to the second. Which, by the way, sounds very much like the communist socialist countries, like for example China, where you cannot have a child or buy a house without first being on a long waiting list. Waiting a few years, giving up your identity, waiting for the authority to tell you yes or no, you can do something with your life, for a change.

††††††††† Might as well be dead then, as this is no way to live, not by our own so called definition of what it is to be living in a so called free world. There is no more free world to talk about here, we have all become desperate to even breathe!

††††††††† So called democracies give the impression of being different, that you have more freedom. However, I found it not to be the case, and we are much closer to this state of affair than one would like to admit.

††††††††† Thankfully, I canít have children, and I will never have the money to buy a house, so I donít want one. I might still wish to move about though, and now I find that I canít even do that. I am but a prisoner on probation, and I feel that globally we are all moving towards that social status.

††††††††† Where it starts to look like a real prison, is in the corporate world. Letís leave the financial institutions for a moment, to concentrate on employers, even though this is again a financial question. An employer is ready to give you money as long as you provide your identity in full, who you are, where you come from, what you have done in your past up until that very moment. This information will be verified, they need reference letters, forms to be filled out by previous employers sometimes reaching 20 pages. They need to have your whole life planned out in front of their eyes before they can make a decision. No chance for a fresh start anymore in this life.

You then have to go to work everyday, do what has been established as your job, and report anything that might change in your life. Do you need time off for some reason? Why, what happened, what has changed in your life? Are you sick, are you having a baby? Are you going through a divorce, has someone close to you died? We need to know everything. If you are to be late for five minutes tomorrow, we need an explanation, we need you to call in to let us know, we need to establish if being five minutes late was justified. If it turns out that it was not justified, or that you are late a bit too often, disciplinary actions will be taken against you and eventually will lead to your dismissal.

If it was just dismissal, it would be all right, however all the mind games they use via their HR or Personnel department are most likely to make you physically and mentally sick before any action is actually taken against you.

There is not even the smallest freedom left in this world, that you cannot go to the bathroom for fifteen minutes without having to justify it in great detail, filling out forms, and it being reported to all corners of the world to the authorities within the hour. You think I am joking? I am not. This is the world in which you are living in now. This is how anal they have become.

By all means, test it, go to the toilet for thirty minutes tomorrow at work, and see what happens, see the consequences. You will live to regret it. If not, try it again the next day. It wonít go unnoticed twice in a row, I can assure you. As it will not go unnoticed the first time around, and you will have to justify yourself. I hope you are a good liar, whilst it has become now useless in this world, they always know the truth.

Having eaten an Indian meal the previous night is no excuse, as nothing is no longer an excuse to justify anything. You are transparent, you are always lying, and so you shall pay for the consequences, no matter if you are telling the truth or not.

Guilty until proven innocent, is the world we are now living in, as perhaps it always was. It is better to bypass the toilet, shit all over your trousers and show them proudly, without shame, as it is your only way out. And burst into tears, god knows, that might work. Maybe there is still a part of them which is human, and not 100% corporate management training brainwashing, making them more like reporting machines than humans.

Through these fears they control your mind completely. You are chained to your desk, and cannot leave it for too long, and will also need to justify anywhere you go and why you left your desk unattended for so long. You better have a good excuse, constipation and having to spend hours on the toilet bowl might work once or twice, but I wouldnít bet my life on it. This is your corporate nightmare.

We are all prisoners and slaves to our employers, the financial institutions and the government. They want to establish our identity, they want to control it, they want to tell us what we need to do. And so far, they have been highly successful. One more step and it will suddenly become clearer to everyone. And all that is left for us then, is to be depressed before our incapacity to lead the life we always wanted to lead, cry due to our lack of freedom. And it all starts with your birth certificate, the day you gain your very own identity. As after that, they can track you down from the day you were born.

In a perfect world, in utopia, we would not have an identity. We would not have a past, a timeline of all our actions recorded for posterity and for authority to probe and decide if we deserve this and that or not. What they would see at the interview, would be what they would get. And if somehow youíre not wearing a suit with a tie with shiny shoes, but decided to go there in jeans and T-Shirt, that would already be giving away too much about your identity, they would make an instant judgement, and you wouldnít get what you should get by right.

Your appearance is also a big give away as to your identity, who you really are, what you think, what you are all about. Dear me, never could I stand this idea of wearing a suit and a tie, I wish I could kill the bastard who invented those. I think of it every day. I bet he was French, bastard!

You might not be racist at all, but if for one second of inattention in your lifetime you say a racist word, lucky you if you were in your own house and you can trust your family not to tell anyone of what you said. Say it in the work environment, or anywhere on the street where there are witnesses, and watch your entire career go, your whole identity changing overnight, you are now a racist and do not deserve anything for as long as you live.

Your identity is everything. If you were born in Africa and you were black, trying to die somewhere else from where you were born might prove difficult if not impossible. Immigration will be closed to you unless you can become a refugee and there is danger for you in your own country, as long as you can justify all this to the government of the country you wish to move to. Unfortunately for you, it is unlikely that there is a civil war every year in your country, it would have helped you immigrate.

If you have committed any crime, even just being arrested at some sort of manifestation or campaign against the government, you might not be able to immigrate that easily to another country either, you might find it impossible. Every single action you do every day defines your identity.

And now in the UK, there are thousands and thousands of cameras watching your every move at all time, and so you can no longer get away with anything. Not even letting go of a cigarette butt on the sidewalk, that is an instant £100 fine. They will find you through face recognition software, you will be prosecuted for anything you do, even just walking in the park without a child or a dog, because then, certainly you are a paedophile. It made headline news recently, you can no longer walk alone in any park in England.

The only solution would be for you to remain at home, alone, shut all the doors, get rid of your computer, your phone, and any other gadget that could be used for communication and monitoring. Then, you can only hope the government has not yet bugged your place in order to monitor everything you do and say. That is the next step, and most government believes that it is no longer necessary, because with your phone and your internet connection, they know already everything they need to know, anything they need to successfully prosecute you in any Court.

A few years ago a man fell asleep at the wheel of his van, and somehow found himself on a train track. The ensuing accident killed a lot of people, and it was just that, an accident. The British government went out of its way to find anything to incriminate the man. They found out that he was chatting in a chat room with some lady at 2 am the night before. That was enough to inculpate him without doubt, this was no longer an accident, it was multiple murders. Had it not been that he was chatting on the Internet at 2 am the night before, I wonder what else they could have come up with to justify his culpability. Perhaps something to do with insurance companies? They are all going bankrupt now, thank God!

Anything will do at this point, there is no denying that. If you were spotted walking the dog at 1 am by a CCTV camera just out of your doorstep, or just opening your front door to get a bit of fresh air at 4 in the morning, that could be used against you to justify any criminal activity, or why you lost that big contract for your company (of course you were too tired), or why you missed the train the next day, and therefore, you should lose your job and find it impossible to find another. Since being sacked is now your new identity, gross misconduct is your new identity, and any future employer will most assuredly get to know about it. Your career is gone.

I have decided tonight that the dog no longer needs to pee before I go to bed. That camera outside my door, the government, the prosecution, the police, donít need to know when our dog goes for a pee. Of course, our dog shitting on our own bit of green, even if we pick it up the very next day, is another £100 fine, 20% of my monthly salary, so out of proportions those fines are.

Of course, none of you worry about all of this, most of you are not even aware yet of all of this. Because most of you have not yet been in a bad situation where suddenly every single action you have done can be used against you to incriminate you, whatever the gravity of the crime or negligence.

You are all, however, about to find out very soon, because sooner or later, with so many new laws being passed every day, you are bound to break a few laws without even noticing it. And suddenly they will all jump on you like a ton of bricks. And then you will be in awe, you will wonder, puzzled, how this came to be, how did you and everyone else let this all happened without even a blink.

You can have a taste of it right now, take your car, go at 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, and meet on the same bit of road, all within less than a mile, three speed cameras. A minister recently in England experienced that for himself, and became an instant criminal, lost his driving licence, had to go to Court to justify himself, when there was not much to justify in the first place. And God knows what could then be used against you in that Court of Law, if you were not a Minister.

However, maybe this is not frightening enough, how likely would you be to be flashed three times within 10 minutes, even though most of us are now collecting points on our licences and collecting parking tickets for 30 seconds of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Just throw a bit of paper on the sidewalk, perhaps even unintentionally, there are CCTV cameras everywhere, your identity can now be established quickly with just a shot of your face and the databases. Youíre an instant criminal with a huge fine to pay. So many people have been fined hugely in England recently for chucking their cigarette butt on the sidewalk, and yet, no one blinked an eye to this state of affair.

Because it has not happened to you yet, and when it does, you will feel powerless to stop it, you wouldnít know what to do, and so, you will do nothing but accept that youíre a criminal and that you have to be punished. Abuse of power, this is what will be on your mind. And the lack of power to redress the situation. We are so powerless, we could never hope to be heard, to change anything, even, to warn others. Well, I am doing it right now, and so you can find a way to do it too.

Any government or other authority wishing to create a perfect orderly society, cannot bypass the fact that we need some privacy, rights and liberties. Every day, bit by bit, they blur the line between your rights and liberties, they justify it in such a way that the chart of rights and liberties, or the constitution, written or not, no longer apply. The key is to establish your true identity, and control it somehow, be it by fears of some horrible consequence if you do not comply in any way. No doubt, no one could possibly comply 100%, and so we are all criminals now, if not terrorists, in such an extreme world.

There is not much anyone can do about it, or is there? There are many organisations out there fighting against the Big Brother State, and yet, they have met their goal with little success. Millions of people walked to Westminster and Trafalgar Square to denounce unpopular policies of the government, and yet, nothing has prevented the government from passing these anti-terrorist laws and go to war.

A civil war at this point is the only solution left to reverse our lost of identity and freedom. This requires good justification, convincing, whilst taken individually, all the little decisions of the government never seem that threatening, especially when it all seemed justified at the time for whatever reason.

Civil wars are bloody things, many people would die, and in this day and age, it almost sounds unthinkable. Until at the very least the government goes global on all its policies and it affects everyone, and alienate everyone at once. Something they will be careful not to do, to cross that unacceptable threshold. So for now, even a civil war seems impossible, and we will have lost everything before the idea seems right.

So what is there left to do? Nothing? Do we have to simply sit back and watch our identity being changed and eroded, witnessing losing all our rights and liberties, becoming drones to any authority out there? Maybe making everyone more aware here and there, bits and bobs in newspapers, chapters like this one in books, articles in magazines, will eventually slow down governments, who knows. You might enjoy a few more years of partial privacy and partial freedom before it all disappear completely before your eyes.

So Iíve done my bit, what are you going to do about it? And it all begins with safeguarding your identity. No one needs to know who you are, what you do, what you have done, where you were born and the very second you came into this world. Together letís work at erasing our identity so nothing can be used against us at some future occurrence. Sounds like the beginning of an underground movement working in the shadows. Well, I guess authorities pushed it too far, and they will do much worse before this is all over.

††††††††† And yet identity could be something entirely different, and it was for a while. We could be proud of our identity. This is who I am, this is where I was born, this is all I have achieved, I am proud of being who I am. Let it be known to everyone what my identity is, as for it I will fight wars to defend my identity, my country, what we stand for, what I stand for. This is my sportsí team, they have to win, because they are who I represent, where I come from, they are who I am.

††††††††† In fact, as long as you only get a fine here and there, never had trouble with money, never wished to live in a different country, are quite successful at work and collect awards from your old days in school, your identity is not only safe, but it is something to take pride in. If you love your country, even better, that gives you another collective identity, altogether you are working towards something great, building the future, evolving with times. In reality, we should be proud of our identity, and certainly not try to erase it.

††††††††† The problem is, when you are no longer in control of that identity or the collective identity of your country, and when everything is now used against you to turn you, to turn us all, into criminals, this is when identity can no longer be celebrated, or can be something to be proud of.

We have reached that threshold, when no one can now recognise themselves in what the government says, when what you read in the mainstream media sounds like a distorted lie coming right out from the horseís mouth. When you live in fear of saying one little word which could irretrievably destroy your career, make you lose your car and your house overnight, and worst of all, your credibility and your reputationÖ does honour still mean anything?

Donít even think that word in your mind. One racist comment, and youíre finished. One little trip in your car, one little accident, youíre finished. Donít show at work one day without calling your boss or justifying yourself afterwards, and youíre finished. Throw one bit of paper on the sidewalk, and youíre finished. Be born in an ďundesirableĒ country, and you will never have a chance. Did you take a day off recently, because if you didnít you would have gone mad and kill your manager? I know, mental wellbeing means nothing, unless you are physically dying. Whatever you do, do not breathe! Sounds extreme, sounds like reality to me.

And at that point, I no longer want an identity. I donít care if I am being blown up by a terrorist attack, better that than having a policeman or a camera on every corner, which only seem to be there against my protection, to most assuredly turn me into a criminal, and ultimately making me lose my freedom.

There are again five police cars in front of my flat today. There were ten last week. I have no clue about what is going on, and I will never know until the day they come for me. All I know is that everyone we spoke with about it, felt that the police was there for them, as if somehow they were all guilty of something. And there we are, weíre all fit for prison because they could always find or invent something to use against us. We are all now criminals by default. We are all guilty, and there is no way to be proven innocent, not against such lies.

You must think I am one of those lunatics who have been speaking against authority all their existence, but it is not true. England has really changed in the last 15 years. The last ten times that I have gone to Central London, I got a fine of over 100 pounds each time without fail, I never had a fine in my entire life before that. There are policemen everywhere, and they donít inspire safety, quite the contrary, they inspire fear.

I never thought I would be writing this kind of stuff, but if you live in London and have been blind to all the changes, youíre lucky indeed. I feel Hitler is in power, and I found living in Los Angeles last year even less inspiring. I have no doubt it is now as bad in Canada, as these three countries are all doing the same damn thing and following the exact same policies, no matter who is in power.

Iím not sure if I like what we have become, because of a few terrorist attacks. We had plenty of those in the past, virtually nothing changed after that, and we were happy for it. I donít know where all this is leading, I am not going to prophesise here, but I donít like it.

I tend to avoid Central London now, of course, the astronomical Congestion Charge doesnít help. I donít know who can now afford to go to Central London, but not me. Terrorists perhaps, I bet theyíre all living in Westminster, immune to everything, whilst we suffer so miserably and have lost the wish to even live, in such a world.







††††††††† North America along with Western Europe have often been called the Free World, with the American President usually self appointed as the Leader of the Free World. The distinction can only be understood in terms of the Second World War and the Cold War era when these countries were compared with communist regimes where democracy and freedom were noticeably less on the agenda. So are we living in a Free World, or are we simply living in a world more free than certain others?

††††††††† It was easy 50 years ago to define the free world, it is not so easy now. It is not enough to say that we are free just because others have it worse than us, as it would not be fair to say we are living in rich countries because Africa is starving and weíre not. Iím starving, Iíve always been starving, and yet, Iíve always lived in the so called free world, and oh, by the way, I never felt free either.

††††††††† What is it that people are talking about when they wish to claim freedom for an entire nation? What kind of freedom can be gained by going after terrorists and attacking the Middle-East? What kind of freedom is Paul McCartney singing about in his famous song written in response to the 9/11 attack? I am puzzled when he states that we are free and that we need to fight to remain free. I am puzzled, because I cannot see how we are actually free right now.

††††††††† With more rules and regulations coming into play every day by many governments, with the advent of new terrorism laws and patriot acts, I can see that the collective freedom has taken its toll, and that the little freedom we already had has just gone up in smoke.

††††††††† Still, this was not freedom in my mind. Because I can only define freedom from my own small frame of reference. How every citizen is actually free, taken individually, not as a nation. So were we free before those terrorism laws? I feel that any kind of small freedom you might wish to take, has got a high price to pay attached to it. And you would be right to wonder if it is worth exercising your right to freedom, with such consequences happening every time you choose to do so. This can be better understood when assessing what goes on in our daily life.

††††††††† Freedom starts at home and continues in school and later on in life. Are you free to decide to leave your parentsí home to live on your own? No, not only your parents or family would not allow it, the law will support their decision until at the very least you are 16. Are you free not to attend school and high school? Usually not until you are at least 16 years old.

††††††††† So, until you are at least 16, perhaps 18, sometimes 21, you are not free by any means, you have to do what you are told by a string of different authorities which will ensure that you cannot deviate even slightly from the path they will lay out for you.

††††††††† By the time you are old enough to free yourself from your parents and other authorities, letís see how free you really are. You have to work, and since those previous authorities would have guided you for nearly 20 years, you will usually be trapped in working in a certain field depending on what you studied.

††††††††† You could always decide not to work, but then you cannot simply decide to find a bit of green somewhere and erect your little cabin there to live. That bit of green will need to be purchased, taxes and other bills will need to be paid, and so you are not free to do as you wish, you have to work or receive some sort of government benefit. In which case you will not be free at all and will once again have to live where they tell you and do whatever else they order you, or else you wonít get your benefit.

††††††††† When you have a job, how free are you? Iíve already said so, and there is not much else I could add, being chained to a job is as good as being in prison. You again have to do what you are told by your boss or manager, and if you donít, you will quickly realise how little freedom you really have. You are free to change job, find a new employer, you might then be a little bit more free, but probably not by much.

Then you could always start your own business, be your own boss, you are free to do so, if you have the money, usually you donít. And then you will understand that this is hard work, with little freedom, as if you had a boss. Because one way or another, you always have to answer to someone else, be it creditors, banks, governments and tax people. Not getting up one day cannot become a normal occurrence, you will be married to your business and it might be more demanding than a hysterical partner or a control freak manager.

††††††††† Which brings freedom on a personal and social level. You are usually not free to sleep around, you are required to marry and have kids, and after that, any sort of freedom you might take could lead to disastrous consequences. Being in a relationship is like the end of your last freedom. You need to report back on everything you do, spend or decide, and it is never easy. If you have children, you might as well consider you have lost all your freedom, because then you have, in the eyes of the law, a whole book of responsibilities and obligations.

And what about the freedom of suddenly moving to London or New York or Paris and work for a living? Impossible, unless you were born in those countries. You have no freedom to move to other countries to live. Lucky you if like me you were born in Canada, a rich and spacious country with different climates. Shame on you if you were born in a principality as big as certain peopleís backyard, you will most likely have to die in your principality.

Though you will be able to enjoy holidays abroad once in a while, if you work hard enough to save money to do so, and then again, many places will require visas and other form of bureaucracy. Aliens from outer space witnessing such a state of affair might be puzzled by our lack of freedom to roam the world freely and the chance to live wherever we want on that small planet of ours.

††††††††† And finally, perhaps the most important freedom of all, the one to say what we feel inside, the freedom of speech. We are all told that it is in the Constitution, but really, we have no such freedom. Criticising the American President in recent years has proven so. Anyone who decided to say that going to war with the Middle-East was a bad idea, has been ostracised by everyone else and their career standing in shambles right after, with no more credibility than a child who has not witnessed anything in his life and doesnít know what he is talking about.

††††††††† You are free to criticise political parties or other groups, but you are usually attacked as a result and stand to lose a lot. So in the end you better shut your big mouth and continue with your other duties, responsibilities and obligations. Before some authority decides that you are not fit to live in their society and starts restraining your freedom a bit more every day, by closing in your face every single door to any kind of freedom.

You will rarely be able to do whatever you want in life, any decision requires a lot of planning and usually a lot of bureaucracy. You cannot decide to go to France this afternoon, you have to go to work, you have to think of your employer, your wife or husband, your kids, your passport, your bank balance, the list goes on.

††††††††† The Free World has wrongly been called free, we are not free, it is in the Social Contract of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Your freedom ends where your neighboursí freedom begins, and since we are surrounded by neighbours everywhere we go at any time, the only freedom you will ever enjoy can only be in your own mind. The freedom that we have all been told we had, is a virtual concept that in practice does not materialise.

††††††††† Freedom is but an illusion, there is no free world to speak of in the here and now on this planet, and as hard as I could try to figure out a way to bring this world any sort of freedom, I cannot see it happening any time soon.

††††††††† And now I have to go back to work, my lunch hour is over by five minutes, and God knows in how much trouble I will be for being that late. This is another battle for freedom I will most assuredly lose, and there will be draconian consequences.

††††††††† Writing this entry is my last taste of freedom against such social repression I live under. There is no such thing as freedom.







††††††††† It has not been 100 years since the First World War, and the Third World War is upon us. We have not even begun the preparations for the celebrations of the 100 years since the First World War ended, but we are ready for another one. What an achievement! Does it not feel great, as a humanity, that our history can be so bloody and deadly? What is wrong with us? Are we not in control of our collective destiny? Or do we have a death wish, a secret desire to see this world end?

††††††††† We are lucky that the Second World War ended with only one side having nuclear bombs. We are lucky that two of those nuclear bombs ended the Second World War. However, the Third World War will begin where the second one ended, with nuclear bombs all over the place.

††††††††† We will not be celebrating that Third World War in one hundred years, I can assure you, because there will not be anyone left to celebrate anything. Did you not realise what a Third World War was all about? If not, it is time for you to wake up. The Third World War will be the last one. You can always dream that a few will survive, but it will be so destructive, it is likely that none of us will survive.

††††††††† The very first time I became aware of war, I was 5 years old, perhaps 4. It was right after the Vietnam War, a war I heard nothing about until I was much older. I had five years of blissful ignorance before I found out that in some parts of the world, people were killing each other by the thousands, by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions, and that, for millennia.

††††††††† I donít remember many specific events from that early age, however I remember my sister telling me all about war very clearly, as it was so shocking and stunning, I didnít sleep for a week. It might have had something to do with the way she described it to me. She simply said: ďWar is soldiers coming into our house with guns and shooting all of us dead right here!Ē As far as I could try to define war today, I find it so perfect a definition, coming from the mouth of a 7 year old little girl, that I will stick with it. This is what war is.

††††††††† If she had been really bright, and had wanted to frighten me to death, she could have added: Who needs soldiers? One nuclear bomb and we are all gone!

War at its simplest level, is about human killing other humans, and thatís it. So the immediate question that comes after that is: why? Why would they do such a thing? What could possess them to kill us all?

Try to explain that to your children, you will quickly realise that, on that topic, they are certainly more mature than you, because nothing in their innocent mind could justify such an action. Unless they were born right in the middle of a war, and then again, they probably wouldnít understand anything about it, they just know that soldiers come and kill their family and bombs are falling everywhere, destroying everything, killing everyone. At that point, I guess the reasons are unimportant, you have to run for your life.

††††††††† As I grew older and got more educated, or brainwashed, I finally understood, of course, we have to go to war, we have to eradicate them all, they have to kill us all, it is in the nature of humanity to find reasons to go to war and take over power and steal natural resources of others. Or bring them freedom and capitalism, or Christianity, over some other weird and incomprehensible religion which would definitely take away our freedom.

I might have thought at that time that it would also be acceptable for me to kill all my neighbours and steal all their possessions, and convert them to anything I felt like, but it seems that there were many laws to prevent me from doing just that, and if I dared to try, I would quickly rot in a prison for the rest of my life.

Funny how we have all these laws to ensure we donít decide to do personal wars against our neighbours, but once the government decides it is time to go to war, then it is permitted and you will be trained to do just that. So, it appears to me that governments are above the law they oblige us to obey.

††††††††† I never understood wars, I was never able to justify them. Only when I was confronted with the idea that Germans were about to conquer the whole world and decided to attack us, I finally came to term with the fact that you cannot avoid war if your sudden enemy decides to declare war against you. In my mind, before I was even a teenager, I thought there were some barbaric nations out there who still believed in wars, whilst us, as pure and innocent as we were, would only go to war in self-defence.

††††††††† The problem was that I came to meet many German people, I visited Germany a few times, and these people were as civilised as any of us. In fact, they were the nicest people I have ever met. I had to turn around and ask myself, how could these people go to war? None of them looked particularly threatening.

††††††††† Then I understood that no nation decides to go to war, governments or a few lunatics decide for them. Unfortunately the population appears incapable of saying no to their governments, and so war is still inevitable at the time of writing these lines.

I also came to understand that my own country has gone to war when we started it, along with our supposed allies including mainly the United States and the United Kingdom. Under the pretence or disguise of humanitarian aid, keeping the peace and whatever, we went there, we killed a lot of them, we got contracts to rebuild afterwards and we took power.

We ensured that communism or socialism or some other bad political system other than democracy would not take root, we ensured that some undesirable religions would not grow too quickly and take over the world by surprise, unless of course it was Christianity. Subsequently we probably got lots of natural resources for much cheaper, and made a few others quite rich, which was probably ultimately the reason we went to war in the first place.

There are always people fighting these things, seeing through the games our governments play, and yet, their plea is never heard, we always go to war. Millions get out on the streets to denounce it, and yet, it has no impact whatsoever. I find this extraordinary. The population is incapable of stopping the war machine once the government decides to go to war, it is puzzling.

When the majority of the population says no, the government should fall. I think it is in most constitutions, and yet, governments rarely fall or listen to their constituents. It seems that even our political representatives, supposed to talk for us, are powerless to stop their leaders. It is as if our governments are like tyrannies; and democracy, at the end of the day, doesnít count, doesnít work.

Even more puzzling, the PR machines of the governments today are so powerful, they can actually go to war without any good reason, and yet get everyone to accept it as the only solution, and most surprising, they get re-elected at the next elections.

You have to admire such ultimate power, that you can be a tyrant, and yet have everyone love you, give you all the money and carte blanche, to declare war on the Middle-East for no valid reason, and then still love you and re-elect you afterwards (assuming the elections and opinion polls are not rigged, as we all know now that they are).

††††††††† This world has become a very sad place to live in, and as long as a strong overhaul of the political system is not accomplished, then we will continue to go to war to serve the interests of a few rich people and corporations.

††††††††† I was brainwashed for most of my youth and teenage years, I thought I was living in the best country in the world, that I could be proud of my flag, that we were respectable people, we had a democracy, we had freedom. What more could you ask when you read all the horrors of history?

††††††††† I thought humans had evolved, we were not like in the past, we were now more clever, intelligent, reasonable, self-defence kind of people, even though the Second World War was not even 30 or 40 years behind us at the time. And the worst part of all this, is that most of the population is as blind now as I was when I was a kid. They still believe they are living in a democracy and that terrorism is not government sponsor terrorism in order to go to war.

††††††††† War pays, it is an industry all in itself, and a lot of people get rich over it. If only the whole population could benefit from it, if only suddenly the price of petrol and other resources were to fall down dramatically all over the United States, after taking control of all the Oil in Iraq. However, this is not happening, the prices are going up and up and will never go down. In fact, these wars are ruining the country, the debt is so large now, we are entering the worst economic crash in history. These wars made for profit donít even profit the population, and so there is really no justification for them.

Pre-emptive strikes cannot be justified either, let the first bomb fall over our country before annihilating the whole of the Middle-East. And twenty lost souls succeeding in destroying two towers in New York, in the most suspicious circumstances, does not count either. A place being blown off, or five, or twenty, in the well referenced archives of our own government sponsoring terrorism, is too suspect to start wars.

ďMy first world war, this is so exciting!Ē War is not a game, none of us really understand it, we are not there witnessing the hundreds of thousands being bombed and dying. And yet, on the charts of every video game store all over the Western World, all the games are war games of shoot them up. I wondered about that for a long time, how it is that these kids love these games that are so boring, without a plot or story to them, but filled with tanks, helicopters, soldiers bombing everyone, etc., and now I feel it must be part of an American and other governmentsí ploy.

They are usually so quick to move on to protect the poor fragile mind of their children, and yet, they let them be exposed to such violence with impunity, when the word ďfuckĒ or ďshitĒ in a film or a television series is automatically beeped. Dear me, what would we become as a nation if our lovely children were to hear ďshitĒ or ďfuckĒ on TV, and yet, let them all kill soldiers and civilians in video games all day long. It makes no sense.

Donít get me wrong, I have nothing against these games being sold and played by children, I would not want that to stop, we should have the right to play these games. I however question how and why the market is saturated with these games to the point that no other games at all reach the charts. I am also puzzled by the fact that no government listens to the crying parents who want this carnage to stop, whilst they otherwise move so quickly on less important issues.

I think the governments in the Western World have been preparing a whole new generation of warmongers, who will find it natural to go to war and kill mercilessly without thinking twice about it. After all, the reality these days is just like the virtual world of a video game. Does it matter if your victims are real instead of virtual, is there really a difference? Perhaps not.

So weíve been prepared for quite a war, it is coming very soon, I would think we are all ready now. Iran is next. The Third World War is looming over our heads. And once again we will all be powerless to stop it. The people will say no, go and march in Trafalgar Square and Westminster, Washington and Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and yet, we will go to war, because it is in our nature, and because the government said so.

I have rarely witnessed love and compassion in this world, I witnessed a lot of jealousy, envy and anger. If there is a God, you can be certain that we will all burn in hell, there is no question about it. Whether you are filled with compassion and love or not, does not matter. If you havenít done anything to stop wars, or even if you have not been successful at stopping them, then you can be most certain that you will burn in hell. (Is my fear mongering working? No? I donít understand, it works so well when the government does it.)

War is a reality of our species, it has always been, it will always be, no matter what we could do to avoid it. Power, money, religion, are all still very popular, and they are all responsible to some degree for wars. I cannot see wars being eliminated any time soon, and I am not certain what could ever ensure that there will never be another war in this world. Unless we were already all living in some sort of global Big Brother State without the chance to breathe or think, whether we were aware of it or not. Even then, as long as one nation would still want to resist that state of affair, we would still have to go to war.

Shame really that the United Nations failed to prevent wars, and will fail again. Could have been our last hope, but now we know that illegal wars are of no consequence, and crimes against humanity only count for leaders from the enemy countries.

††††††††† It is a question of time before the next World War, it will always be just another question of time before the next World War, no matter how many World Wars there will be. Are we all ready for that? In a sense, I think we are, in other ways, I feel we will never be.

It has been a while now since the last significant war, even though at the moment we are at war with Iraq and other States supposedly harbouring terrorists. I believe the Third World War is overdue and will be upon us any day now. I donít feel sorry about it, I donít feel sad, as I feel it is in our nature and it is unavoidable. Whatever the reasons, whatever how badly we do not want it, whatever people will do to try to prevent it.

There is no democracy in this world despite the illusion of it, the population is powerless to stop their leaders and to prevent the next World War. The third one within 100 years, there is really no hope for people like us, we never learn. Weíll just have to, once again, learn to survive it all, if we can this time.







††††††††† One of the main reasons for wars right now in this world is energy related, natural resources, oil, natural gas and pipelines. There are two critical reasons why we have to solve the energy crisis, and both reasons lead to the absolute annihilation of the human race. There will be more pollution as we consume ever more energy, hurrying global warming and our extinction, and as resources become more scarce, wars will continue to erupt everywhere in the last battle to secure the so-called remaining litre of ďjuiceĒ on Earth. How can we avoid total destruction by solving our energy crisis?

††††††††† We have no choice, we have to find solutions, and we need them now. So letís think hard on this problem, nothing else truly matters, since no one can deny that this is one main source of our misery.

††††††††† We have heard for some years now that we are moving towards renewable energy, we even tried to oblige the world to reduce consumption and pollution, to move towards cleaner energies, whilst none of us intended to do the same within our own countries. When you look around, despite how desperate this world has become, nothing has truly happened.

††††††††† We are perhaps running out of gas and oil, we are also suffocating in one huge smog, we are about to declare a Nuclear Third World War in order to secure more of what already may exist only in a small amount.

††††††††† Some people say that perhaps there are more resources than we initially thought, but we are obviously acting on the assumption that those resources are running out. We are without a doubt desperate, and the worst of it is, this battle cannot be won, it can only bring the utmost disaster, the last war of our history.

††††††††† Whatís happening? Why have we not already got electric cars or at least hybrids? Why instead of reducing our carbon emissions are we ever more destroying the world? Why are we ready to kill unnecessarily millions of people to avoid being held at ransom by alarming costs for energy resources? Why is it that after killing millions of people and taking over many countries and their possessions, those natural resources are still highly expensive to us all? Why indeed.

††††††††† None of us profits from this, only some big corporations and rich stockholders profit from these wars, and some corrupt government officials. Even war is no solution to our greatest problems. What should we do then, apart from impeaching and replacing our governments entirely, something which has already proven to be impossible?

††††††††† They all think the same anyway, a change of government makes no difference, they all have the same obsession for war as the only possible solution to everything. I can already predict Obama will be the same.

††††††††† I guess diplomacy never worked, I suppose we are just too greedy at the negotiation table. We want it all, with no sense of justice and fairness. We do not expect to pay for what we want so desperately, we will simply take it, as we have always done.

††††††††† For a start, none of the renewable energies that we are heavily researching and developing at the moment, at high costs, are promising. Wind power, solar power, hydropower and geothermal power, they are all insufficient and impractical for our growing and desperate need for energy. How shocking! But, oh so well known and referencedÖ none of them offer a viable solution.

††††††††† Ethanol is perhaps the worst, since as we witnessed in the world, using so much land to power our cars and trucks, simply prevents food to be grown, contributing to the worldwide famine causing the death of millions. Ethanol has been described by many experts as being a crime against humanity.

††††††††† And what about nuclear energy? Lobbyists have moved quickly and have been far reaching in convincing us that it is the cleanest energy for the future, even though as we speak they are back-pedalling. The problem is, nuclear power brings nuclear waste which glows and is mortal for millennia, is quite dangerous for the population since a power station might explode at any given moment, and yeah, the output of energy you get for the input you put in, is not that great either. We wonít even talk about coal. This is a desperate world in search for desperate solutions which do not exist, yet.

††††††††† So, letís admit it, we are heading for disaster. Energy resources are running out, only wars can ensure we will have enough for a limited amount of time, at the cost of killing and starving millions. And ultimately, it will all be for nothing, because global warming will finish us all if a nuclear war does not achieve the very same result first.

††††††††† We also need to consider the new ice age, which has been predicted for decades now, hopefully it will cancel out global warming. And oh, have you looked into global dimming, this increase of human-made particles in the atmosphere which prevents the radiation from the Sun from reaching us? That too might help us, before it starts threatening us. As if we had not enough to worry about. We have reached a no win situation, we have reached the end. Can you put it any differently?

††††††††† I have been furiously thinking. We need to find a solution, we need to solve the energy crisis, one way or another. And at this point, only radical solutions will do, nothing less. It will hurt, it will require a lot of thinking and planning and headaches, but it must be done.

††††††††† One solution would be to ban altogether individual transportation, cars would become illegal, everyone will have to use public transport. We may then wish to oblige employers to keep their employees at home. Technology has evolved so much in the last two decades, we all have personal computers with high speed Internet connection, there is no need to get to an office in order to be harassed by management. Almost everyone who can work from home should. Employers have been so reticent to this idea, almost no one works from home. Letís pass a law, letís oblige them to make it a reality.

††††††††† There are a myriad of other solutions, like obliging industries to upgrade to cleaner technologies, even if they have to declare bankruptcy in the process. America dislikes the idea so much, imagine China, it is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

††††††††† We are running out of time, we are running out of solutions no one wishes to see being implemented. The warning signs are all around us and we have chosen to ignore them. If collectively we are not willing to do anything about it, the solution must then come from one person or a group of people, through a breakthrough technology of some sort. This is the last answer, and perhaps the only one.

††††††††† Theoretical physics, chemistry, science. We could have hoped for a breakthrough, a theory of everything which suddenly would have solved all our problems. Infinite amount of energy almost for free, violating the laws of thermodynamics. Why not?

††††††††† There are still many mysteries in science, so many anomalies, we are far from having discovered everything. And yet, nothing seems that promising on the horizon. It is unlikely science will bring us a breakthrough before we reach extinction, despite much hype to the contrary. It all goes largely ignored, if not suppressed.

††††††††† What else is there then? Well, you might not appreciate this last solution, but desperate times call for desperate measures. There is one last avenue to consider, and letís hope that we can make it work. Because at this point, I cannot see any other solution to prevent our destruction.

††††††††† Barack Obamaís vice-presidential running mate, Mr. Joe Biden, has stated before in an interview with ďgristĒ: ďWhile campaigning for president in 2007, Biden said that, if elected, his top priority would be Ďenergy securityí. He has also been quoted as saying ĎIf I could wave a wand, and the Lord said I could solve one problem, I would solve the energy crisisí.Ē

††††††††† Letís see if we can wave a wand and solve this crisis. We now need to enter the realm of the ďcrackpotsĒ, and there have been many of them in the last 100 years. There is no way at this time to know if these people were simply insane or fools, or if they have simply been made to look that way. I am talking about those inventors who claim to have invented perpetual motion machines, free energy devices or over-unity devices (more output of energy than input, inexpensive energy).

††††††††† We have all heard of this fantastic discovery at some time or another of someone who invented a car powered by water, many of them did so, apparently, and how they died mysteriously soon after. We have heard of those scientists discovering cold fusion. We read about new inventions producing lots of energy out of almost nothing.

††††††††† And yet, we were led to believe that every single one of them turned out to be mistakes, experiences impossible to reproduce, or the fruit of madmen. Here is the list on Wikipedia, a very long list indeed, and highly compromised now:


History of perpetual motion machines


Check out also this great book which presents a better list: ďSuppressed Inventions and Other DiscoveriesĒ by Jonathan Eisen


And look at: "Over Unity Power" Research


And: Water Car Inventor Murdered! - Cars Running On Water - Stan Myers


Finally, if you first need a revolution in Physics and you are poised to find a Theory of Everything which, in the words of Agatha Christie: ďOne must provide an explanation for everything. Each thing has got to be explained away satisfactorily. If you have a theory that fits every fact ó well, then, it must be the right one.Ē Then you should investigate Expansion Theory in the book ďThe Final Theory, Rethinking our Scientific LegacyĒ by Mark McCutcheon


††††††††† Could all these people have been wrong and mistaken? They were so certain of their discoveries, they presented them to the world, when they knew full well that if suddenly no one else could reproduce those results, they would be covered with ridicule and it would annihilate all their credibility?

††††††††† Even, many secured millions in investments, successfully created commercial companies, and announced that they would have products on the market within months. You donít get investment without impressing investors. There was something there, and suddenly, in every single case, the dream vanished into thin air.

††††††††† No wonder there is a whole conspiracy theory surrounding these ďcrackpotsĒ, which claims that far from being useless inventions, these discoveries would change the world and save us all. That people in the shadow have been working very hard in the last 100 years to prevent any of these discoveries from reaching the mainstream and production lines. Oil and gas companies, governments, whatever, who knows. It might just be true. Have you ever wondered, and quickly forgotten, after the PR machine went through to convince us all that this was lunacy?

††††††††† I decided to do a little bit of investigative journalism, I contacted my hub of friends with whom I work very hard to make people aware of where the world is heading, trying so desperately by any mean to save this world, and I got a great feedback. I cannot name any name or any particular invention or any particular company, because these people were seriously threatened with their life if they continued to work and develop their breakthrough technology.

††††††††† This is at least one conspiracy theory we can eliminate, any investigative journalist contacting a handful of these inventors, will quickly realise the reality that big players will stop at nothing to prevent any new clean energy from reaching the market; energies that could produce such a high output compared with the input, it would solve all our problems.

††††††††† It would eliminate wars, our dependence on unstable countries, it will render any pipeline useless, it would annihilate all those money grabbing oil and gas corporations, reduce considerably corruption in governments worldwide, also in the high end world of finance. It would boost productivity and eliminate starvation. It might even eliminate poverty. What have we got to lose at this point? Nothing, as we are desperate.

††††††††† We have a lot to gain, we have to explore this avenue, however dangerous it is. I donít know, work in secrecy perhaps, reviewing these technologies one by one and find one that works, and find a way to bring it to the mainstream. It should not be that hard, all those inventors have taken patents to protect their discoveries, anyone can look for these patents and build these inventions. So letís do it, letís test it, letís make it come true!

††††††††† Even Nikola Tesla, who invented wireless communication (radio), alternating current electric power systems, induction motor and rotating magnetic fields, who has been described as the Father of Physics, the man who invented the twentieth century, the patron saint of modern electricity and helped usher in the Second Industrial Revolution, had such ideas we need to get back to. He believed, and even demonstrated, that energy can be transmitted wirelessly, and can be gathered for free from the ionosphere. Have a look at this:


Free energy suppression


††††††††† ďIn June 1902, Tesla moved his laboratory operations from his Houston Street laboratory to Wardenclyffe. However, in 1903, when the tower structure was near completion, it was still not yet functional due to last-minute design changes.

††††††††† ďTesla intended for the tower to demonstrate how the ionosphere could be used to provide free electricity to everyone without the need for power lines. Morgan, who could not foresee any financial gain from providing free electricity to everyone, balked. Construction costs eventually exceeded the money provided by J. P. Morgan, and additional financiers were reluctant to come forward.

††††††††† ďBy July 1904, Morgan (and the other investors) finally decided they would not provide any additional financing. Morgan also encouraged other investors to avoid the project.

††††††††† ďIn May 1905, Tesla's patents on alternating current motors and other methods of power transmission expired, halting royalty payments and causing a severe reduction of funding to the Wardenclyffe Tower. In an attempt to find alternative funding, Tesla advertised the services of the Wardenclyffe facility, but he met with little success. By this time, Tesla had also designed the Tesla turbine at Wardenclyffe and produced Tesla coils for sale to various businesses.

††††††††† ďSoon after Tesla's death, the FBI instructed the government's Alien Property Custodian office to take possession of his papers and property, despite his US citizenship. His safe was also opened. After the FBI was contacted by the War Department, his papers were declared to be top secret. The personal effects were seized on the advice of presidential advisers; J. Edgar Hoover declared the case most secret, because of the nature of Tesla's inventions and patents.

††††††††† ďHowever, the likely cause for the seizure of Teslas' documents was that he had been working on the teleforce weapon, or death ray, that he had unsuccessfully marketed to the US War Department - not because of his work on free energy devices which had ended eleven years earlier.Ē


For more details on this topic, see: Wardenclyffe Tower


††††††††† The conspiracy theory could possibly start with Nikola Tesla, over a hundred years ago. Where investors suddenly were afraid that, with free energy, there would not be any profit. And so, Tesla was shut down. It was perhaps not so worrying a hundred years ago, but today we are not living in the same world. It is no longer a question of profits, it is a question of survival, avoiding another world war which will most likely be the last, avoiding a global warming cataclysm and the extinction of humanity.

††††††††† We have no choice, we have to go back to all those ideas, and seriously develop them, make them come true, as soon as possible. The government, or some sort of association if governments cannot be trusted, will have to ensure the safety and security of its employees. No one can be threatened in the development of the technology which will solve our energy crisis and every single one of our actual problems.

††††††††† By the way, there is no need to threaten me, my involvement in all this ends with this present article designed to motivate others to break free and save us all.

††††††††† Somehow, letís solve the energy crisis and save this planet. I know we can, because we have to in order to survive. Letís just walk all over anyone willing to stop this from happening, they can no longer matter, can they? Even ďtheyĒ must understand this now. If they canít, weíll just have to do something about it, make them understand somehow, because we have reached the point where our very survival is at stake.

††††††††† They may not care about solving the energy crisis, as long as there is money to be made, but since none of us will make any money from their hidden agenda, or profit from it, surely we care for any possible other solution over the horizon, no matter how crazy it is? Surely we truly do care about solving the energy crisis?

††††††††† Well, I have offered a few solutions. Better than threatening the world with nuclear bombs. Now, since you all seem to know better than I, letís hear your own solutions to this energy crisis.







††††††††† I do speak for the people, for a change. It has been said throughout history that money and religion were the root to all evil. It would be hard to deny it, both are responsible for most wars in this world. They are both about control and power, though they are both presented to us as our salvation. Well, are they our salvation? This is a message of hope, that you do not require money to survive, or to achieve your dreams.

††††††††† I suppose you could have a completely different point of view about what money really means, depending on how much you suffered in your childhood and later on in life for a lack of it, or how much freedom you enjoyed because there was always plenty of money around you.

††††††††† My opinion is that money does not really matter, depending on how you truly feel about it. For example, if it stops you from achieving whatever you feel you should achieve, then youíve got it wrong.

††††††††† There is no reason why money, or a lack of it, should ever stop anyone from achieving his or her own dreams. If you feel otherwise, you need a reality check, you need to learn to live, you need to learn what life is all about. Just take risks, there are always solutions over the horizon.

††††††††† It has been my observation that people who always had plenty of money appeared quite peaceful, happy, laid back, and even beautiful. Itís like, they never had anything to worry about for most of their life, and it seems to show.

††††††††† On the opposite side, where there was a lack of money, it was a living hell. Shouting, fighting, arguing, compromises, rage and anger. You could easily add an ABH (Actual Bodily Harm) or a GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm) to the mix, it would not be unexpected. Like if that sense of injustice could make you permanently ugly and incapable of thinking about anything else but your own misery.

††††††††† This is called the path to self-destruction. We are reaching the root to all of this, what we are all about. It is my new found duty to change all that, to show some sort of a light, a way out. There is a way out, even if at first, it will not seem that way.

Peacefulness and happiness never come from poor families or failures. Genius, yes, it can. You are born genius whether you are rich or poor, and hopefully you have a good chance to use it to your own advantage and become rich one day out of it. But peacefulness, happiness, contentment? You can only hope to discover those once youíre rich, if it is not already too late by then.

There is a point of no return where you can never be happy no matter what, as if one could get used to be miserable and could never be anything else. Pessimistic one day, pessimistic for a lifetime. Miserable for too many years, misery for the rest of your life. You can only hope to find what you expect in life. And so, you can reach a point where what you will only be able to see, is a nightmare with no way out.

I am damaged beyond repair, I will never now find happiness in this lifetime. If I were to become rich tomorrow morning, Iím afraid, Iíll never be a new man, I would still be the miserable human being I am now. I would also be so cynical about it, I would be convinced that it would never last, and so, I could only possibly be rich for a little while, and then go back to normal, a life where everything is about money, every single argument, every fight, every sentence.

People are so obsessed with money, with getting out of their misery, that they canít sleep at night anymore. Their dreams are larger than the universe, and at the end of it there is only disillusion. Is the only solution left, is to listen to Nine Inch Nailsí new albums, and feel something in between? Between feeling reaching some sort of freedom, or actually accomplishing something towards it? That would not do. You are significant, you can be as significant as you feel you should be. You would be surprised, you can get heard, you do make a difference!

Thinking otherwise, is the result of the capitalism system we grew in. You are reminded every time you open a magazine or watch the TV. Happiness is only possible when thereís plenty of money around. Freedom, or the feeling of it, without the finance to back it up, is a utopia.

Never mind that I have been at the height of my happiness when I had to count my pennies to buy a bag of chips, or crisps as they are called on this side of the Atlantic. I wonít go into my personal misery when I arrived in London 15 years ago. God I was happy then, but it had more to do with the fact that for the first time I was free to do whatever I wanted, free to go out every night in Central London, even though I could not afford the three pints of beer required for me to get off this planet.

††††††††† I was never affected by money, the lack of it, or having a lot of it. There are always solutions presenting themselves when you drop everything to seek adventure and exploration. I suffered though from the people around me who could not think about anything else. It drives their mood, their whole existence.

††††††††† I always thought that having money was some sort of an obstacle, because the risk of losing it is too great, and so you do not take any risk anymore. When you donít have any money, you have nothing to lose, you can leave tomorrow morning for Los Angeles or Paris, like I did before, and not even think twice about it.

††††††††† I used to be worried about the fact that my lifestyle of moving from country to country, after thinking about it for one long second, could leave me dry without a mortgage, a house, a flat, a car, or any other real asset. Now I feel free from not having any of those, because for me, moving country or going into space wonít be a problem.

††††††††† I have nothing, so I canít lose anything. I even sold my last book on eBay, these were desperate times. I appreciate that freedom, more than you could ever imagine, for what it gave me the chance to experience, living in so many different countries, and see for myself what those Belgians, for example, go through every day. (Nothing much to say about that Iím afraid, better commit suicide than live in Brussels ever again.)

††††††††† And yet, I would love to have a bank account filled to the brink, to ensure maximum freedom, so then I could really truly have anything I want, to go anywhere I want, China, Afghanistan, Iran. Really pursue this adventure and life of exploration I always desired, and only partially achieved, being so poor all the time.

††††††††† Itís great I have done so much without any money, and yes, money should never stop anything or anyone. In my case, money never stopped me from achieving anything I always wanted to do, but it would have been much easier if I did have plenty of it, I would have done much more. But when youíre rich, itís a different ball game. You cannot do what I have done, too many other things come into play.

††††††††† I also feel that if I had plenty of money, people around me would be nicer, smiling, more emancipated. So then we could talk about philosophy instead of what we are going to do about the car. Fuck the car! I agree money might not necessarily bring happiness and make you happy, but Iím sure it cannot hurt, as the lack of it will most definitely bring you eternal misery, bring you to the brink of war.

††††††††† Not everyone thinks like I do. Without money you might as well be dead, in certain circumstances where it drives your other half bunker and to the brink of insanity, as you will witness everywhere in every single household. One is usually obsessed with money or the lack of it, the other half does not care one way or another, because nothing truly depends on having plenty of money if you can take risks and do not care about any consequence.

††††††††† What is money really? Well, you do learn early on in school that there was a time when money didnít exist, and everything was just trade. You fish, you exchange your fish for butter, bread, carrots, etc. In Canada, listening to history, I often felt that there was no money at all. You had to sustain yourself with a few cows, a few chickens, a mill around the corner for the whole village, cut the trees for heating, water from the river (before the industrialisation of course, now drink that water and you will die).

††††††††† Self-sufficiency, with no need for money. That is what I often aspired to, self-sufficiency. However, Iím also realistic. Iím not sure if it would be possible nowadays to grow carrots in my backyard and survive that way. The taxes alone just for me to exist in one little square, would quickly bring me to prison.

††††††††† Money is just a commodity, a currency. You give your fish away, you get money, and then you can use that money to buy something else. It is known that the richest people are getting richer, beyond belief, and the poorest people are getting poorer. I think it has always been that way, isnít it? Boy, how poor we must be by now! And it is true, standards of living have only gone down since I was born.

††††††††† I donít really care. I am not one of those idealistic persons who feel that socialism will cure all our problems. I wonít deny that I am a capitalist at heart and that I dream to become filthy rich one day, whilst all my neighbours are dying in appalling poverty. Fuck them, I hate them all anyway and wouldnít mind if another war was to eradicate them all.

††††††††† I told you I always thought like an American President, as this is how they have always been thinking. Unfortunately, this is also how the presidents and leaders of communist and socialist countries have been thinking. And so, as they were getting richer, socialism and communism failed spectacularly.

I never really cared for poor people or rich people. I have no desire to help any of them. I was never moved by those dying Ethiopians, and I have never helped any charity. I always thought anyway that I have always been poorer than the dying Africans. Because they can still be happy, smile, while I always wanted to shoot myself, with debts larger than a continent. They never had any money, but I was in a worst shape, I was minus tens of thousand of pounds, with no hope to ever pay that back. Iím bankrupted now, for another five years at least. Donít judge me so harshly, you are about to become bankrupt yourself. Just read the headlines.

And yet, I had dreams of saving the planet, and if I become filthy rich one day, it is most likely that I will help the planet one way or another. I always had at the back of my mind the idea of a string of companies covering just about everything, including banks and grocery stores, all non profit organisations. How successful would be a chain of grocery stores and banks working for no profit? It could easily destroy the economy and bring everyone in deeper shit. But got to be idealistic, and keep my desire to help humanity somehow. Got to be realistic, letís go nuclear, because my electricity bill is way too high, I canít afford it. You canít quote me on that.

Money is a joke, a bad one. It reminds me of an episode of Sherlock Holmes, the Blue Carbuncle, where at the beginning they tell us the history of that rock. That, in its short life, that blue crystal had already cost the lives of something like a dozen human beings, because greed knows no boundary. And you can only laugh at it, because at the end of the day, it is only a rock, no matter how rare it is. Who cares to own it? What could it possibly change to oneís life?

I myself have no jewellery of any kind, I donít even have a watch, and I donít want one. I always managed to lose or destroy everything I ever had anyway, so I no longer value anything. I suppose I can sustain myself out of air, no one has yet put a price tag on that, selling it at high price around the corner. I can see though that we are getting there.

I digress, Iím not supposed to talk about my life here. I need to talk about money, what it means, what purpose it plays in mankindís destiny. Though owning a blue carbuncle would be totally useless, having a bundle of money would give you the chance to tell your boss to fuck off, buy a yacht and live anywhere in the world on any ocean. Is there anyone on this planet who does not believe in God or religion who could refuse such freedom?

The thing is, there is only one thing on this planet that we are all seeking, our liberty to do whatever we want whenever we want. And as far as I know, money is the only thing that could bring you that kind of freedom. So I love money, because I love my liberty. And as a bonus, without money you are so restricted, you cannot wash as many times as you would like. You have to take cold showers, you have to worry about leaving the computer on, because dear me, it costs more monthly than cable. And all these little insignificant and petty things are what make everyone around you lose it completely and jump at your throat the second money is mentioned. Weíre all living on the edge of insanity, and the lack of money is the first spark which will bring about the war.

So in conclusion, I love money, because I love my liberty, and money is what will lead me to freedom. I am aware that money is the root to all evil, that money has caused all wars on this planet since the very beginning of humanity, and I donít care. I value my liberty too much to worry about any of this. I cannot help others to survive until I have myself found a way to survive, and surviving for me means my freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want.

I freely admit that I have done so without having any money, so it is not that necessary for anyone who is determined to lead the life one has set it to be. And if it happens that one day I become filthy rich and gain total freedom, I will then help humanity as much as I can, to reach the same state of euphoria. Iíll then distribute the class A drugs freely myself (only kidding).

Money is the root to all evil, and yet, it could very well be the path to total freedom. Why canít we just print more? I remember asking that very question to my father when I was barely 4 years old. Iím not that dumb now. I have studied economics in college, finished with a perfect mark of 100% every year, and yet, I never understood anything about economy, which means, not many economists out there must understand what economy is all about. Frightening, when you think that understanding economy could mean eating bread tomorrow or not, and yet, no one on this planet understands how it works.

What is economy? What is the significance of money? Honestly, I donít know, or more to the point, I donít care. I just know that I always thought that one day I would have plenty of money, and that thought alone has sustained me all my life, even when I was the poorest moron alive. Thatís why I never thought I was poor when I was. I guess this is the true meaning of the American Dream, in a world where none of us will ever have enough money to even afford a house.

I donít have a million right now to buy a house, this is how much they cost these days. Something must have gone wrong with the economy, surely. I remember reading years ago that in Russia, where inflation went crazy one day, suddenly a loaf of bread cost 100 pounds instead of 40 pence. Weíve reached that point now, an ugly small house costs three million pounds. The 20 square meters alone, without the house, can cost a million. Good thing I donít care to own a house right now, as I will never have the money to buy one.

It doesnít matter, as long as I am still free to do whatever I want whenever I want. No need for money for that, you just need guts and be able to bypass your brain or conscience. Donít think, just act! Leave it all behind, drop that bitch or that bastard youíre living with, never mind about those kids, someone will take care of them. Act irresponsibly for once, you are allowed! No one is expecting the world from you. Go on to explore all that this world has to offer, without thinking about any consequence. You will be held in higher esteem by the world for following such impulsivity.

Go for it! Now is the time, you have lost everything, or you are about to, so why not leave for the other side of the planet as you always wanted to? You donít need money for that, for being that insane. Just feel the freedom, just go for it! Iíve done it before, Iíll do it again. You might just change the world.







††††††††† Religion is the last remaining taboo in American society, and God, do I know it. I just hope I wonít be censored, for talking about religion, and, oh, being drunk at the same time. Hopefully it is within your book of truth, your Bible, to forgive such things as I am about to do. What has Jesus Christ said exactly, some 2000 years ago? I am so drunk, I canít remember anything.

††††††††† If you are about to judge me, you are following the wrong immoral type of religion. And you better wake up to this world, the real world, before someone else takes advantage of you, using against you your most cherish beliefs, your own religion. It happens more often than you think. Just think about it.

I wonder if Iím not too drunk to talk about religion right now. Just finished a hell of a week at work, drank myself to death tonight, after I had sex with my boyfriend (a homosexual deviant diseased mind like me, to use the religious term), smoke more roll ups that I would care to count, and here I am, I will talk about religion. Did I mention drugs in there somewhere? Oh!

I am your son! I am the son of every good American out there! Because I am just a statistic, and according to statistics, so many are just like me. I am your Useless Alcoholic American Gay Son! Please remember that, if you cannot remember anything else.

I am testing your limits, have you exploded yet? At least I will not talk about war, or nuclear third world war, which religion will most definitely play a major role in making it come true. Nuclear death by religionÖ it has a great ring to it.

Right now, Iím just afraid that Iím no longer objective, that I will be right down cynical, and will alienate any of my readers who might be religious even slightly. I guess I would do just that in any caseÖ so letís go! You are not afraid of your own opinions, why should I?

What would you say if I were to tell you that I am Catholic, and Catholic is the only real religion, and that if you do not convert to Catholicism right now, you will suffer for eternity once you die? We all know that only Catholics will go to heaven, anyone else goes straight to hell.

I can already tell you that your religion is crap and filled with lies, and you all need to die sooner or later, sooner rather than later hopefully, and that I am quite willing to help eradicate any believer in any other religion.

If you are not Catholic, youíre most likely to think that I am mad, and that someone needs to stop me, kill me, before I somehow succeed in my plan to annihilate humanity. And you would be right. After all, we all know that Catholics are wrong, they will all go to hell, and any religion originally based on Protestantism are the right ones, they are the ones who will go to heaven. Does that include the Mormons? I wonderÖ probably not.

I will tell you the truth, I am a Muslim. Oh, I need to be shot now, donít I? But why? Why indeed. Since it cannot possibly be justified, under any Court of law, under any kind of rule of any God that ever existed. Is it not so? Come on, tell me, I am listening.

If you believe otherwise, there is an indictment ready for you under our Court of law, and it leads to a trial which will lead you straight to prison. Please, do remember that, if you cannot remember anything else.

If you canít reach reason by reason alone, the law will lead you to reason. All religions are to be respected, even the lack of belief in any religion will be respected. Are we free to think and believe whatever we want or are we not, what do you prefer? A prison sentence? I will arrange it, believe me. The law is on my side (at the moment, at least).

I am highly surprised by this need for people to have a religion, since at the end of the day, why would they need such a thing? What is a religion exactly anyway to start up with?

A religion, I would think, starts with a leader who spoke some sort of wisdom to some other people who obviously trusted the man. This man either talked a lot and was listened to, and some others wrote about him, or he wrote himself a bunch of books that could be thought of as some sort of wisdom or book of truth about the nature of humankind and the universe, and a whole set of ethical and moral behaviours to observe that no one in their right mind could possibly ever obey.

I can see why this is attractive, since we are all, as humans, curious by nature about who we are, what we are all about, and what is this universe in which we evolve in, or were created within, and who initiated this whole existence. We could easily go mad just trying to elucidate these mysteries. And when someone comes along and tells us exactly how it is, how it could have been and how it will be, I suppose it can be refreshing and welcomed. We all need answers to the main existential questions.

Of course, some sort of truth would not suffice, this man needs to be charismatic, quite clever and bright, to come up with instant answers about everything, and usually would be so caring, and the people around him as well, that it must give a sense of importance to the disciples of any religion. We all feel the need to feel important, to feel that people care about us, love us, to fulfil this need of belonging to a group of people who share our philosophy, whether that philosophy is ours or comes from someone else, if the imagination lacks.

I never felt the need to belong to any group, must have come from the fact that I was gay and, quite early on, I was rejected by everyone from everywhere at once, most specifically by all religions and religious people.

I always wondered why my whole being and nature could be so despised and offensive to any religion, as if I was such a threat that, I alone, could bring about the end of the world as we know it. And so it is not surprising that I came to wonder why people would need a religion or set of beliefs and behaviours to believe in, and go about life, always thinking in those terms their religion would have taught them. It makes no sense to me, no sense at all, as I was denied just all of that. I was a target to be eradicated as soon as possible, the sooner the better. A miracle I survive without committing suicide, society tried its very best to drive me to it.

So, for a long time I always believed that religious people were not that intelligent, could not think for themselves and were highly suggestible. I was so interested in this puzzle, I read a lot about religious sects and secret societies in order to better understand what happens in the macroscopic world of religions, and I found many illuminating answers about human nature.

I wrote a novel about it, in French, even though I think no one on this planet has read it or even understood what I was really trying to say in there. Iím not sure myself, since I tried to be objective, just painting a picture of reality, and that was it. People can read and interpret whatever they want from it, but at least I told them how it works, how it is that people can get caught into these beliefs which make no sense to even people of other religions suddenly getting interested in believers of other religions.

Not only will we get to believe in a certain religion, most likely the one we were born into, but then understanding and tolerating other religions is quite a feat to achieve, because most religions have been designed to teach to despise any other sort of truth as a lie, and that if you do not believe in your own religion, you will most likely go to hell or something similar.

When you start analysing religions, you see clearly how clever they have been in ensuring the longevity of their own truth, whilst eliminating any other religion or people in the market believing otherwise, eliminating any other possible explanation, so it becomes difficult to get out of any religion, and especially believe in another one.

Within any religion is the seed for war against anyone who does not believe in that religion, and so teaching tolerance for other religions has always been impossible.

It never seemed to be a contradiction to anyone that most religions at heart have a message of love and understanding, but then turn ugly as soon as you go beyond a certain point, then love and understanding become hate, war and destruction.

I always wondered why most religious people were blind to this fact, how they could look at history, see for themselves that most wars were caused by religions, and yet, quite willingly choose to ignore that fact, and probably would go to war once again for those same beliefs which caused millions if not billions to die over the centuries.

More specifically, why is it so important for any human being to have any sort of religion, when they could be quite happy without it, whilst still be loving and caring people, and pursue on their own what could be the truth about the universe we live in?

Why would you need a religion? Why do you feel the need to belong to any group of people believing certain things and giving you truths you are not even allowed to question? Why indeed? It is something I might never understand, and I believe that anyone who is free from any religion will also be as puzzled as I am.

I would have thought that, as time goes by, more and more people would ditch religions and start seeking other answers to life. However, quite the opposite is happening, more and more people become more and more religious by the day, and 85% of the planet, from old statistics I can remember, all believe in some sort of religion and God.

It is astonishing and frightening to me, as I cannot explain this behaviour, and I know that most of them would be quite happy if I were to die today just because I am gay. How do I fight this, can I even fight this? Or do I simply have to accept it and hope I will still be granted the chance to lead a normal existence? Or should I be killed right now? With stones?

Most religions are also highly restrictive, no freedom whatsoever, and many of them require from you a lot of time and money and devotion and prayers, and little space to think and develop at your own pace. Why would anyone enter a new religion knowing full well all that it entails, and how much of their freedom and liberties they will lose once within it? What could possess them to give up so much, if it is not a belief that they will gain much more in return? But what do they gain if anything? Are they more peaceful with themselves? Are they now closer to God and anything spiritual? Are they more loving, or ready to kill?

Is there something I am missing here that no one told me about? Because if 85% of the population is talking directly to God, and get some hallucinogenic buzz out of it, I ought perhaps to get on the bandwagon. But then, why would they keep such ecstasy to themselves, whilst being unable to even give us a glimpse of what is it that their religion is bringing them, without us thinking they are deluded, too far gone and ready for the asylum? Could 85% of the planet suffer from mass delusion? I sometimes think so. Just think of Allah, then you will begin to understand how I feel. Because Allah has declared a Jihad on you, and you all need to die, all of you, non-believer in Allah! I will kill you myself, in the name of Allah!

††††††††† I will try to be a bit objective. If my father had divorced my mother when I was quite young, and if I had spent most of my younger years with my mom without my dad around, God knows how much brainwashing I would have suffered and how good a Catholic I would be right now.

††††††††† You see, my father never believed in religion or God, whilst my mom was completely devoted to them, and still is. It would have been difficult for me, if not impossible, not to believe in God and fall back into religion, if both my parents had been nuts about it. It is nearly impossible to shake off something that you have been banged on the head about from an early age. This is how I explain why people can still respect any religion and believe in God, even when they are quite intelligent, and should normally, in my opinion, have at least some doubts about it all.

There are plenty of reasons to at least take a step back and assess the whole question of religion, God and other related beliefs as hypothesis, and not the complete truth about this world.

The very fact that whatever you believe in, whatever if it is the biggest or smallest religion there is, you can count on the fact that not even 1 person out of 5 on this planet will believe any of it. There is not one religion on the planet for which at least 20% of humanity will agree on is the truth. How can it be the real truth then, when a whopping majority would say no, it is all a lie?

Why would that Muslim or that Jew be more wrong than I would be, being a Catholic or a Christian? It should tell any reasonable person, capable of taking a step back, that perhaps others are right, or that perhaps, no one is, because no one really knows the truth. I have not seen any proof anywhere, none of us have. Iím sorry, faith alone does not make it true.

How could we be right? Religion is worse than philosophy, and philosophy has a really bad track record. In philosophy, no one can agree on anything, and yet, it is based on logic. Religion is not. And millions of people are forced to believe the most fanciful inventions about humanity, its origins, about whatever could be out there in this universe.

It is so sad when you meet the most intelligent person you have ever met, the most logical, and yet, when the time comes to talk about religion, there go logic and good common sense. Theyíve been brainwashed, they will not let go. They will not compromise, they will not even consider other possibilities to explain the unexplainable. No need for proof, no need for half convincing arguments, this is the truth, this is how we all came to be, this is what this existence is all about.

Religion is quite important in a way here, because it addresses what this existence is all about, and all religions claim to know the answer. There was a creation of some sort, there is a God of some sort who created us, we appeared one day out of nothing, out of nowhere, and God controls everything, as he is some sort of control freak, and if youíre a bad boy, he wonít come down the chimney and bring you gifts at Christmas. Or am I confusing God with Santa Claus? Oh dear.

When I was in grade 5, I stopped my English teacher in front of the class and I asked her: what is Santa Claus? Everyone around me seemed to know, we were hearing about it every day in English classes, and yet, I had no clue about Santa Claus and what it was. She laughed, everyone did, it seemed that I was the only lost one out there who had no idea about who was Santa Claus. I must have been 10 years old by then. And then she said that Santa Claus was the ďPŤre NoŽlĒ. I instantly knew then what Santa Claus was, it existed in French as well, though, never in my life had I believed he existed. Like I never believed the ďBonhomme Sept HeuresĒ existed (the bogeyman), though most kids in my area were so afraid of the ď7 pm ManĒ, they all went to bed, frightened to death that this monster would come to eat them alive if he found them not in bed and sleeping by 7 pm.

I have to admit that my sister and I never slept when we were young. We would fall asleep out of exhaustion at 4 am every night, after talking all night and getting up all evening, to the astonishment of my parents. My parents never believed in lying to us in order to convince us to act a certain way, so they could have peace once in a while. As a result we were wild, but at least we were not fed lies.

I would guess that if you control your kids through fear at an early age, you will most certainly make them perfect slaves to some other opportunistic boss or bitch later on in life. Leave your kids to become wild, and theyíre most likely going to end up being management, controlling the other weak minds around. Never mind. All that to say that it is easy to have beliefs when they were implanted at a young age. And then logic and common sense seem to go out the window.

I donít know if there is a God, I donít know if what any of these religions state is true or not. I can only take it all as possibilities, hypothesis, and to be honest, not very convincing ones at that, for someone like me who was not brainwashed at all on any religion or philosophy at an early age. Again, I value my liberty or freedom far too much to adhere to any religion or philosophy. And thatís the problem, isnít it? The real conundrum of any religion.

Religion is not about some sort of distorted truth about the origin of existence and whatever might happen after death or in between re-incarnations. No. If religion was simply that, some sort of truth about a God who created us and the universe, it would be great, it would be bearable.

Religion is about control and power, and so adhering to any religion implies following many rules, obligations, giving up your life, freedom, liberty, and whatever else, everything. But to whom? The high priests, the leaders, to whoever profits from it all. It is like giving up everything you have, everything you are, and any sort of individuality you might wish to have, to some half baked ideas or concepts, which in the end, makes no sense at all.

Religion is the end of your freedom, the end of your own individuality, your identity, who you are, who you could possibly become. Religion becomes you, you no longer exist. You serve, youíre a slave, no longer in charge of your own thoughts or your destiny, frightened to death of one simple thought, the idea of sin, which in itself, is completely meaningless.

Weíre all animals, nothing more. We only answer to nature, our own nature, whatever it dictates, not what religion or any sort of leader dictates. Whatever we truly desire, is nature. It doesnít mean we should act upon it, upon that desire, but it certainly doesnít mean we should feel guilt about it to the point of wishing death. Guilt, guilt of even being alive, that is what has plagued my life since the very day I was born. And yet, I donít believe in religion!

Religion is something you need to free yourself from, at any cost, no matter the consequences. You will feel better at any rate afterwards, no matter the consequences. Then, and only then, will you be free to observe this universe and come up with your own answers.

All right, there may be a God after all, who created the whole thing, who knows. You donít need organised religion to dictate that to you, when there are so many others stating the complete opposite. These questions about nature, about humanity, about the universe, should be pursued freely. You should be able to think on your own, figure it out on your own, believe what you feel might be the truth, not what others tell you the truth is, when so many other truths exist.

I donít know who, years ago, decided to create these religions, all religions, and how they came up with these truths which make no sense at all. I donít know why they felt the need to create religions and to ensure that everyone would believe them and obey them. I can only guess that it was a question of control, power, and hence, turning you into mindless drones, slaves, whatever.

I just know that Iím glad I have nothing to do with any of these religions, secret societies, religious sects. I am free! Free to think, to assess for myself what this life is all about. And I will come to my own conclusions, after reviewing everything everyone has ever said on any topic, and from whatever I feel seems right. No one will tell me how to think or what to believe. I will observe and come to my own conclusions about this world and what it is all about, all on my own.

I only wish it would be the same for most of humanity, we could get the answers much faster that way. More freethinkers is what this world needs. I do not respect one religion over another, I do not accept any truth over another, unless I, myself, have a vague feeling that it may be the truth.

I never encountered a religion which agreed in the slightest with what I felt the truth might be. Perhaps because, a long time ago, I came to the conclusion that I will never find out about the truth.

No one knows the truth about anything, and no one could ever know the truth about anything. Makes you wonder if there is any sort of truth to discover in this world, perhaps there is no such thing as the truth. And so, all religions are simply wrong. What a thought! A revolutionary thought. As without religions, my God, we might just have saved this world. But now, there is no hope.

Religion will be the death of us all.







††††††††† Barack Obama has mentioned many times he wanted to radically implement change. He boasted in his book about listening to the population at large (mostly old war widows, from what I gathered), understanding them, with a desire to change everything. Even after the elections Obama still sends e-mails asking us ideas about how to change the country (besides asking for more money, of which we have none, so stop asking!). Well, letís start with identifying the real root of society as we know it: education. You know me by now, you can trust me for providing the most extreme ideas.

††††††††† There is a real problem in this world concerning education. I will try to resume it in a few sentences. If you have no education, you will quickly find a job and perhaps even excel at it. You will immediately ensure your survival, but you will never dream of owning a house, lucky you if you even get to buy a used car plagued with problems.

††††††††† If you have a lot of education, you face the exact same situation. You canít find a job in the field you studied. Of course, thousands every year graduate with the same diploma. I hope your dad can plug you somewhere, otherwise, well, it will be difficult to even get the same job someone without an education is going for, as those are the only jobs available. One has to survive.

††††††††† You will have to lie on your rťsumť, claim that you are in fact brainless and never achieved anything in life. Youíll be blessed if they let you wipe tables. This state of affair is very prevalent with new lawyers, most of them are taxi drivers (if theyíre fortunate, and learnt to lie early on, on the way to their great career).

††††††††† There was a time, before public education, when a degree meant something, and achieving it would guarantee you a great position: the three houses, the five cars, the garages, the lot. But when everyone is now an engineer, a lawyer and a doctor, well, there is no need for more, there is no need for you and your great education. It becomes meaningless, and certainly will not ensure your survival. Go back to live with mommy and daddy, they will know what to do with you, for a few months, before they can no longer stand it and kick you out for good, stating: ďnever ask for money ever again!Ē

††††††††† And if you try to claim those same benefits reserved for brainless and uneducated people, even the government will feign surprise and ignorance: ďI donít understand, you have a PhD, and you cannot find a job? What is wrong with you! Are you sure you are not just a loser, and do not deserve any kind of help? Perhaps there is one good solution for you, why donít you just declare yourself a failure and commit suicide?Ē Thatís the answer I got, a miracle I did not follow it through.

††††††††† Oh yes, higher education brings you there, the thought of suicide. When facing such an incomprehensible world, that has lost touch with reality. That a degree not only will not get you a job in the field you have studied, but on top of it, it will make sure you canít even get a job as a street cleaner. I know.

††††††††† You would then be in your right to wonder why you spent 25 years of your life, if not 30, to study. And wonder how you will ever repay this astronomical debt you contracted to achieve this degree. It is clear you will never work in that field, you will never get the salary they promised you. And hence, before you even begin your life, at 30, you can only feel despair.

††††††††† Of course we are all intelligent here, we are all intellectuals, we are all educated. We can easily debate Capote, Hemmingway and Nietzsche. But donít you see? This is not wanted in this market. Not only it is not required, it is despised, as the workforce can truly recognise the truth: education has become futile, you are useless, even most probably unwanted. Know about Kant and Descartes? Good! And now get lost! And then your only solution is to read Machiavelli, and finally understand the full extent of its true meaning.

††††††††† If I had been responsible for implementing a system of education initially, I donít think I would have come up with the system most Western countries have at the moment. I also understand that now it may be too late, it would need to be changed globally. Because if one country changes its system, none of its citizens will ever be able to work abroad, their skills would simply not be recognised. However, letís identify the problems with education, and perhaps without a radical change or revolution, a few things could be adapted and developed along the way.

††††††††† It is obvious education does not work. It is the biggest waste of resources, energy, time and money anyone could ever witness. Iíve said it before, Iíll repeat it now: how dare we have a huge portion of the population wasting up to 25 years in schools, colleges and universities, if not 35, doing nothing productive for society except learning things most of them donít even care about or wish to learn, that nobody in the active world gives a damn about, when statistically a huge portion of these people will not even live to be 50 years old?

††††††††† It is a huge waste! Have we gone mad? Is it not time to re-adjust this whole system of education? Perhaps we donít even need such a thing at all! Certainly not to the extreme we brought it to.

††††††††† Learn on the job is truly all that is required. After all, your boss is always the mindless one who had no intelligence whatsoever, no education whatsoever, but ended up at the top because he was incapable of finding a better job somewhere else. And hence, he spent 25 years working for those fools, and was eventually somehow promoted, again and again.

††††††††† After all, that secretary who is nothing, knows more about your case, and will help you more, than the professional who does not have the time, nor the will, to care about you, no matter how much money you spend for those out of reach services. Oh! Always trust the one without the degree willing to help you. He or she is the one who will save your meaningless existence, certainly not the expert who never has time for anything, let alone for you.

††††††††† And now, see what truly happens at the end of it. It turned out that the whole goal of studying had nothing to do with teaching something. It was all about testing you, comparing you with the moron sitting next to you, eliminating you. If you turn out to be better equipped in memorising all that crap, or simply if you had more time than that moron to do so, then you will do better in your exams. And depending on that, you may go higher, and end up in the best institutions. Though, in retrospect, maybe you did not truly deserve it. Most likely you are that moron.

††††††††† I was so obsessed with studies, the day I abandoned sciences in college, I thought my life had come to an end. It certainly felt like it in my family, they all had a heart attack. I studied natural sciences instead, and then went on to study law at university. Everyone was happy again, but I was about to commit suicide. I was doing nothing I really wanted to do, I was studying the last thing I would ever have picked.

††††††††† When I dropped out of law and switched to philosophy and literature, I didnít tell my family. When they found out, they all said my life had been wasted, that I might as well be dead. Perhaps they were right after all, my Master Degree in Literature certainly never brought me any money. At least I studied what I wanted. Unfortunately it didnít bring me a job. And so now I am as depressed as ever.

This is how obsessed society is now with studies. We all need to push our children to the brink of insanity into those universities for years and years and years, and hope that at the end of it they will get the diploma that will ensure them a big income. We donít care about what those children truly want to do, what they like, what they might enjoy doing for the rest of their life. We donít even care if they will have a job at the end of it all, as it is now clear that they wonít.

The result is horrendous. The ones who succeed never wanted to succeed in these fields in the first place, they were bored to death and now they will be unhappy in their new cushy jobs for years to come. The ones who failed, thatís even worse, they are contemplating suicide, how a wonderful concept it all is. Better be useless in death, than go through being useless through life. You can quote me on that.

The big competition game gets to you, your parents and your teachers make sure of it, even employers and other universities, and even your friends. You need to win, you need to get to the top, and if you fail, you fail big time, no one wants to know you anymore. It is soul destroying, it leads to depression, sickness, sadness, a sense of absolute hopelessness.

So who wins in all of this? Who finally gets the job he or she always dreamt of? No one. Nothing in the education system will truly assess what you truly want to do, and expedite you on your way to become it. On the contrary, everything works against you. And it does not even give you a job at the end of it!

I think we should prevent anyone from wasting half of their existence learning something, whatever it is, on a bench in a class anywhere. I donít believe this is the way to go. I think we should spend much more time finding out what these children want to do with their life. Then, I feel they should learn on the job, more training than anything else, less boring classes.

For example, I wanted to be a writer. Has anyone, at any time, stopped me to assess this desire, and helped me get there? No, on the contrary, I only met obstacles. After I finally destroyed all the obstacles along the way, alienating my whole family in the process, disappointing all my teachers, virtually committing social suicide by studying literature and philosophy, I was once again met by a brick wall. It turned out that you do not learn to become a writer or a philosopher when you study literature and philosophy, you just learn about a few authors and what they wrote about. Big deal!

No one helped me or did anything to point me into any direction where I could learn to write and live out of my writings. I guess I could have done more research, find out other schools or something, but by then it was already too late. I could not now abandon that degree in pursuit of this. The system had failed completely, and would ensure I would never become a writer. And to this day, I am still just but nothing.

And then I turn around, turn on the TV, and hear all these actors or actresses, or successful musicians in bands, and in three seconds flat they say: ďI canít believe I am being paid so much to do what I actually enjoy doing. I donít think I could be doing anything else, I would be useless at anything else.Ē And thatís it, this is so illuminating! I only want to do what I enjoy doing, nothing else matters. If I donít do what I enjoy doing, then I may as well be dead. I donít even need to be paid millions for it, as long as I can ensure my survival, I will be happy, at the very least.

It could have been worse, I could have thought that my long life ambition was to have the simplest life there is, picking up garbage for a living. Funny, I often think that this is my destiny, and that all would be so simple and easy, if everyday, all I had to do, was to pick up your garbage. As ironic as it may sound, I have considered it, and may still consider it. How low does one needs to go in order to find happiness and to free himself or herself from all this crap of education and responsibility you canít never truly achieve?

And what fries me the most, after spending 25 years in schools, colleges, universities, in no less than three different countries, I still know nothing! I am still an ignorant bastard! I barely read 100 books in my entire life. I know a few authors, I remember vaguely what they wrote about, but thatís it! That was however enough for me to sustain any conversation about French literature, whether I was in Ottawa, in New York, in Paris or in London. Because internationally we all studied the same few authors, the same few books, and nothing else.

In the end, I understand, no one who studied anything knows anything about anything, except the main lines of it, a few classic authors and movements, and yeah, they may remember a few books they read. I bet they all know about Samuel Beckett and his ďWaiting for GodotĒ. If I hear one more student in literature mentioning to me Samuel Beckett, I will scream so hard, the whole world will hear me. That book was shit, just like the author who wrote it. And thatís the end of it. That book certainly does not deserve to be studied worldwide. Who decided this? Why is every single student in French Literature worldwide will eventually get to read and study this book? Itís crap! Iím sure anyone in any field of study, economics for example, could easily identify that author and that book who are the classics which need to be eradicated from the curriculum.

Like Dangerous Liaisons of Choderlos de Laclos? At least that book was great, I did my thesis on it, but you wonít read that thesis any time soon, it is the worst thing I have ever written in my entire life. That was my big contribution to the world, after 25 years of hard study. A miserable fifty pages that never got out of some drawer somewhere, and that I am too ashamed to show the world. I wrote the damn thing in one night, to get the diploma, and that was it. But just wait for my PhD thesis on Agatha Christie, that will be something! And I suspect it is the same for everyone else. Complete waste of time and money.

So, in rťsumť, the problem about education is that we are spending too much resource on it, too many young people waste way too long learning useless things they will never need and donít even want to learn. In the end, not many people will end up leading happy lives, because not many people will be doing what they truly want to do. No job is guaranteed at the end of it.

The system of competition has become overwhelming, causes too much pressure, for little results other than comparing and eliminating students, when perhaps there is not so much a need to compare them to that extreme over the idea that they should learn something productive to society, whilst actually enjoying the process.

What sort of society can afford to have half its population studying things for 25 years if not 30, doing nothing productive for us all, whilst the other half is basically either retired or about to retire if not dying? So, whoís doing all the work then?

Silly me, all the vegetables of the world are being produced in some weird country by a handful of slaves, and many machines. And our electronic equipment is being built by children in Singapore, and our clothes by babies in China. Theyíre so good at it! Does my bum look huge in this? Yes, enormous! Those babies know nothing about fashion!

I understand now how we can afford to spend our lifetime studying, we have our slaves working for us in the Third World. This should give us enough time to think then, think about how to make this place liveable. However, there does not seem to be much time for that in between 20 exams and 20 essays. And once you start to work, they not only want your life, they also claim your soul. 60 hours a week, against all laws, is what you can expect. And so, thinking? Maybe these things are better left to the slaves of the revolution. Our salvation will come from elsewhere, the revolution of the working babies of China perhaps, one day.

Have I mentioned somewhere that education should be free and accessible to everyone? No? Oh dear, Iím losing perspective. I guess I did not see the point of that, if we could not first guarantee a job to everyone at the end of it all, you see?

Many countries offer great education for free, it might explain why our market is flooded and saturated with foreigners from all those weird countries. More competition we could never hope to overcome. How we have become totally useless, us, the very sons and daughters of our nation.

Might have something to do with the fact that any foreigner pay so much more money to study here than our sons and daughters, and as such, only they, are guaranteed entry in our great educational system.

God only knows where they get the money from, their entire family it seems, knowing full well the future of this entire family will depend on the success on that son or daughter in a foreign country. Our parents? No way would they finance our education, whilst the government still somehow believes they have a duty to do so.

Those foreign students, you meet them in university libraries. They have gone half mad, cleaning the inside of their nose with their two hands, in front of everyone, without realising they are doing something astonishing. So much depends on their success, you see, they donít care anymore about the quirkiness of upper society.

Ah! Foreigners! No manner whatsoever. We should create a special education for them, to teach them our ways. I bet it would be a failure, whilst they only think and succeed in taking advantage of our policies.

As long as you pay the price, you can take the place of our sons and daughters. This university will survive, no matter the cost, since the government will not help, since society does not value education. And why should it? In the state it is in, we all agree that at any rate, education is totally useless.

I invite you to study the French educational system. At first it seems crazy, irrational, unthinkable. It does not end with education, it is all interlinked with the productive world. The government will not only ensure you will get a free education, it will also ensure you will get a job in your field at the end of it. The government will find you a job, and until it does so, it pays you the salary you would expect from that job! And somehow it works. Study it carefully, it might be the solution we are all seeking, even if none of it makes any sense. A sure sign it might be the solution, we certainly require a radical change.

We need to reassess our priorities. We need to take every child aside and make sure we know what they like to do, and give them the chance to do it, get experience first hand in training in the real world. Or at least get the right school, college or university where they can really learn what they want. We need to terminate this obsession with producing more and more doctors, lawyers and engineers. It leads to too many unhappy lives and probably many suicides.

Right now I would like to study some more, yeah, you heard me, as if 30 years was not enough. I want to study theoretical physics, because it is my passion. I donít have the money, I need to work. I abandoned the idea after I registered and actually started at the University of London.

I now want to study to become a teacher of literature, apparently in Britain there is a huge shortage. My Master Degree is insufficient, even though it is from England. I need to study another two years, they would even give me 6000 pounds every year to study it, but thatís not enough, and so, I wonít become a teacher, neither a theoretical physicist. I wonít be revolutionising Einstein by destroying him any time soon. We all know by now he is completely wrong and that he was never a genius. It remains for someone to prove it. Your daughter maybe? Fat chance.

And oh yeah, my dream of being an author, I still have it. Could I study some more to become a writer, a journalist perhaps? Where do I start? Where do I find the money? How could I sustain myself? And thank god I have no children, then, there really would not be any hope. No help there either.

You have failed with me, miserably, just like you fail most of us. Get back to the drawing board and redesign a new educational system that will show more promise, one that would at least give us some hope for a better future! Or at least, some sort of future. Should all be done and planned in parallel of work, of a job, a career, right from the start.

A future connected with the real world, some productivity to help us all survive. Letís seeÖ what are again those most basic needs, or did you have time to forget? Food (including water), shelter, and clothing. OhÖ no jobs on the market at the moment are even remotely connected with any of those most basic needs. I think I just identified our main problem with education.

Before long, we will suddenly understand it all. A simple prediction of the future, we will forget the wonderful world of marketing and sales, we will get back to basics, out of necessity. I so wish it was not true, whilst we continue to hope and never achieve this wonderful American Dream. After all, we have been disillusioned for so long, could it not continue until at the very least we all die?

Just as I said, my life long ambition now, for the simplest existence without any kind of worry, has always been to pick up your garbage. So simple a life, after all, it could have been and still could be, as this does not require any education, and would have spared me so much of your exasperating and nightmarish educational system.

As long as I can ensure my survival, I donít care what I do. I have just applied to become a street cleaner in Central London. This is actually true. Above all, my freedom! At the very least I would be outside, breathing without any line manager sitting on my lap, bullying and harassing me, instead of suffocating in an office at the bottom of the hierarchy.

I lied on my 98 pages application form, I stated I had no education whatsoever. Oh dear! I just hope and pray to God that I will get the job, before it disappears, and Iím just hoping that I will not be prosecuted for so blatantly lying on my CV! Whoís to prove I studied at all? My references? I provided none.

Have I mentioned that we are losing our mortgage, our apartment? So much education, so much intelligence, so much success overcoming so much competition, I thought that we were worth it. We are losing everything, we were worth nothing after all.

And it kills me to see that those mindless morons of my childhood, who have no education whatsoever, not only have such a great three floor house made of white bricks, but the economic depression does not seem to affect them at all. They are happy, thriving on our misery, whilst we are dying.

Is it possible that too much education kills? That perhaps even, education guarantees your misery? Could those morons somehow succeeded in achieving the easy and successful life I was promised but never got?

I am getting desperate to survive and escape, struggling to even eat, banging my head on the walls wondering where I went wrong. Just like the rest of us all.







††††††††† So many things, are just fake and faking it, just like life. You might think this entry will be my least significant one, I feel it is my most significant one. Because it touches to our daily life, everything we do, everything we are. It defines oneís existence from the beginning to the end, if there is such a thing in sight. What are we all about? What is it that we do, that we are? A job. How are we treated in that job? Very badly indeed. Like children, like prisoners, like animals. Well, we will have to put a stop to this corporate bullying.

††††††††† Tonight I went completely berserk. I shouted so loud, I am certain every single person in that lost street of London heard me. I went mad! I was ready, I was ready to kill, and I did not care for the consequences, I did not care that it could have brought me to prison. I might have been glad, because something needs to happen, before I either kill someone or shoot myself.

††††††††† All because of a Line Manager digging at me all day, all week, all month, all year round, before I can no longer hold it, hold to my last shred of sanity. Dear me, I could then so easily push the button to annihilate the whole world, you would not believe.

††††††††† This is the result of the American Corporate Management structure, now common place all over England, Canada, Australia, and the whole of the Commonwealth. Pure anger, pure madness, pure desire to annihilate anything standing in our path. Get those nuclear weapons ready, they are ready to go!

††††††††† I sincerely believe, without being able to prove it, that most crimes, most domestic violence, most murders, can be derived from the alienation and insanity resulting from management hierarchies mind games. And that if we were to work very hard in order to make the work place a peaceful and nice environment to work in, where happiness might actually be a real achievable goal, the crime rate would be lowered considerably in society.

††††††††† Why is the word ďworkĒ so offensive? The mention of it can give cramps and send you to the toilet within seconds. The thought of it will most likely keep you awake most of the night. Work is our nightmare and we all have to go through it. Is there a cure on the horizon? Or are we all condemned to be forever slaves to the corporate structure and small minded control freak management the Americans export so successfully everywhere?

††††††††† I understand that it would be impractical for a society to abolish work altogether, but how nice would that be? Or how necessary will it become, if we wish to keep our sanity and find some form of happiness in our lifetime? Big changes are required, we are going about it the wrong way, I am telling you.

††††††††† For a second there, I thought it would happen. All those newest corporations being created, with billions of dollars in their name, they serve no purpose, they do not produce anything, they donít even provide a worthy service or fulfil a need for anyone. And yet, they are rich, they are made of marble, perfect empty shells made of billions, serving no need, which, logically, should not require any of their employees to do anything. They are mostly all in the financial sector.

††††††††† Unfortunately, even though the Tapeworm Corporations (the empty shells) still do nothing worthy to justify their existence in the first place, they still ask a lot from their employees, they are driving them all mad. No help there. It is amazing how a company that does nothing helpful to society, still requires so much work and headaches from its work force.

††††††††† For example, what have I been doing for the last 15 years? I produced conferences, making millions for some lucky guy in the process. What does it mean? I brought together a bunch of losers who are perceived as the leaders in their field or niche market, and other losers paid a lot of money to come and hear them talk, sometimes hoping to sell them other useless ideas of their own.

††††††††† Perfect example of a company serving no purpose in this world. What sort of meaning can I then give to my own existence? All my life I have brought together a bunch of trash corporate people to talk about nothing, all over Europe, all over America, and from which nothing happened, because none of them were really listening to the others in the first place. They were only trying to sell each other useless services and ideas.

††††††††† At $15,000 a place, I hope they learnt something, or sold something. They certainly did, sold more empty ideas that went nowhere, or were huge big mistakes from the start. I could have told them that, I was the only one extensively researching the topic in the first place, a big empty egg, symbol of what corporations have become today.

††††††††† If truly there was a need for people to meet and talk, they would do it without spending that much money. Meeting and speaking to anyone is free, no need to spend the price of a house in China just to hear pre-packaged marketing gimmick those corporations would actually pay big money for you to hear.

††††††††† And, if this had been all I had to do, bringing those losers together and making big money, it would have been great, it would have been bearable. But I had to deal with the great American Corporate Structure, its management, for which I have always been at the lowest level, even though it seemed, I was the only one doing any work, the one making it all happen. I now suffer from every single neurosis known to humankind.

††††††††† I heard 20 years ago that we were all veering towards a society of leisure, with more time to enjoy walking the dog in the park and watching those children grow, whilst working less and less hours so we could enjoy some sort of existence.

††††††††† Now, 20 years later, any job I ever had, turned out to be a real nightmare, with hours going off the scale, with weeks of up to 75 hours, with mind games capable of rendering you either completely alcoholic, dependent on drugs, or at the very least completely neurotic.

††††††††† If not, then you must be that sadist bastard who feeds on alienating everyone around you at work, and for that, you need to be shot. We dream of it every night, thinking of new ways to assassinate you. Sometimes thinking about how we could get away with it, most of the time, beyond caring about the consequences, as long as you die a painful death.

††††††††† How nice must it be, for a job, to ensure that every single form of discrimination is implemented as an unofficial policy. And spend the rest of the time fighting in Work Tribunals with HR, justifying that indeed this was not discrimination, all employees are ungrateful liars and simply incompetent! They deserve to be sacked without pay, and suffer as much as possible. That revolting word ďmanagementĒ.

††††††††† I bet you felt the same just about all your life, but for some reason could never express it in such words, that suddenly it sounds like the whole truth about this world, what every single one of us goes through every day, struggling to survive. Here you are, a now well identified problem, letís do something about it!

††††††††† We are making millions, I can assure you. I donít know how, I canít explain it, since we are not really doing anything, or provide any needed product or service to this society, but the millions are coming in. So leave me alone! I donít need more bullshit, Ego trips from you, and self-made crises.

††††††††† Sorry, did you mean that I need to make billions now instead of millions? Oops! Let me see what I can do. Let me see if I can kill myself ever more, and find out who else I can kill in order to make you a multiple billionaire.

††††††††† I had jobs that I actually liked a little, most I hated beyond belief. Actually, I hated them all. The jobs I actually liked a little, quickly became unbearable, because the people I was working with couldnít help themselves, they always managed to turn the place into a living hell.

††††††††† Is there a need for this? Does it serve a purpose? Does it bring more millions in? I feel it can only breed resentment, a serious lack of loyalty, sheer hatred, and a deep need to sabotage the company and your ambitions. I have dreamt of seeing you and this company go down the drain, so many times, you would not believe. Do we all feel the same? Iím sure we do. Perhaps this is where the revolution will start.

††††††††† The whole concept of management, a string of managers and a big boss at the top who, if youíre lucky, you will never meet, has put so much strain on us, Iím surprised weíre still alive. For a long time I thought it was only me, I know now that everyone has the same sad story to tell about his or her job. We have all reached breaking point. You better pay attention, this is a serious crisis.

††††††††† How can we make this work? What could we do to prevent bastards and backstabbers from destroying everyone else? How could we ensure that management does not play these little mind games which have far reaching impacts, more than they probably even realise themselves?

††††††††† Their allies are Human Resources departments, packed with highly paid lawyers, who will ensure your utter destruction, since, how could you possibly defend yourself against those? You couldnít, you will lose every time, since none of us understands the language of the law.

††††††††† How can we finally make sure that the week below 40 hours does not simply and uniquely apply to civil servants, but to everyone else out there whoís working for a bunch of greedy and disgusting business people requiring over 60 to 70 hours of work a week? Most of us already spend two to three hours a day suffocating in the packed transport system to begin with. That is soul destroying enough.

††††††††† I donít know, I really donít. I wish I did know, but to be honest, I have suffered many years, I have written a complete journal in several volumes about it all, and I am still nowhere near finding the solutions. Work being an obscenity, has been the central point and obsession of my entire existence, it was all leading to this present article.

††††††††† Even though I was not expecting to find happiness at work, I certainly did not expect to find depression, murderous thoughts, and suicidal ideas in order to escape the nightmare. Well, I do have a few radical solutions, I doubt they would be practical or that they would be implemented, but letís see.

††††††††† If I ever hear the word teamwork ever again, I will shoot someone. I think this translates all our thoughts upon the subject. Banish it from your vocabulary this instant, or there will be blood! After all, we are all over the edge right now, it would not take much to start the war.

††††††††† It is clear that in this society there is no such thing as team work or a teamwork player. A team cannot work together, that much is certain. People are too selfish, too self-absorbed, too arrogant, too ambitious, too jealous, too power hungry, too self-centred, too insecure, too much ready to explode under too much pressure, too everything, in order to work in a team. So teams need to be eliminated.

††††††††† Everyone hates their colleagues at work, you might like a few, but most of them, you wouldnít mind too much if they were to suffer a heart attack or a fatal car accident tonight on their way home, no matter how many children they have, because at that point, you donít care about anything else but the idea of getting rid of them. So teams need to disappear.

††††††††† We are not socially apt enough to work in harmony with others, we are more prone to fight and alienate everyone. So workers need to be separated, you should never find a floor shared by 6, 12, 20 or even 40 people. Even cubicles would not do, you would really need to not be able to see your colleagues, in fact, it would be great if you never knew they existed.

††††††††† So either you provide all your employees with separate offices, no matter how important or useless their job is, or you get them to work from home. We all have computers now with internet connections, whatever can be done from home, should be done from home. No question about it. Youíre less likely to alienate a whole office and get sacked or get your colleagues sacked if youíre working from home. It would, in the process, solve many, many, many other problems. No more commuting in trains or cars, hours wasted in transport, draining the energy of your employees. Traffic problems and train congestion, and parking situation, all that solved. And what about how much money you would save from not needing so much office space?

††††††††† When I was young, I dreamt of working from home. I read everywhere that soon we would all be working from home. Somehow it never happened. I know no one who works from home, even though all the people I know already have all the equipment necessary to do so. Trains are still packed, congestion charges in Central London had to be implemented, now London is a fortress and is totally unreachable. To go to Central London today to work, you would need to be a millionaire, and a maniac.

††††††††† 150,000 young professionals leave Central London every year because they cannot stand it anymore. And theyíre not simply going to work from home, they had enough, they abandoned their great career in finance. They are gone to grow carrots in the countryside. God knows what happened to them, maybe they just went back to their parents, their parents who were lucky enough to have bought a huge house at a time when houses were actually affordable, and who are now living out of disproportionate pensions that those young professionals could never hope to have one day. They canít even afford a house or an apartment.

††††††††† See how cynical I am? This world made me, this is my generation, completely alienated, terrorised, ready for the big crunch at any time. With nothing to lose, well, you can expect anything at any moment, we no longer care.

††††††††† All right, so working from home would solve the first problem of work. The second one is management. This obsession with authority, supervision, competition, people constantly checking on others, telling them what to do every minute of the day, micromanagement, starting to freak out or panic if we are five minutes late or went to the toilet for too long, all this needs to end. Measuring the results of oneís work not on time they work on it, but how much they have done whilst at home, is a solution.

††††††††† Management never ends, you have a Line Manager, a Main Manager, another few Managers in between who can all control you as well, a Director, sometimes an Assistant Director (and dear me, if you have an Assistant Manager, you might as well shoot yourself right now), another bigger Director, VP, perhaps even a few more, and then ultimately a boss, General Manager, Managing Director, President, owner, whatever.

††††††††† So what do you do, yourself, when you are at the bottom of this hierarchy or even if you are stuck in middle management, with a person or two to supervise? You are a slave, you cannot be anything else. You have more people telling you what to do, and double checking that you are doing it correctly, than there are actually people doing anything. And since all these meetings and talks and checking up take most of your time, in the end no one is really doing any work. No productivity whatsoever. The downward spiral of the corporate hierarchy.

††††††††† We are all way too absorbed into management games to work, it has become our whole existence. So much so, that when we return home, we cannot think about anything else but work, we cannot do anything else but thinking about these mind games. Perhaps we may even work at home in the evening, as I did so many nights before, as it is the only way to actually do any work, free from the corporate structure. So the society of leisure, what an utopia that was.

††††††††† How do we solve the growing problem of management. A few decades ago it seemed all promising, new books on the market came out, and suddenly we were all going to have a new management style, a soft touch, a human side to management, understanding and all. Work would become a happy place, and as a direct consequence, a more productive place.

††††††††† It never materialised. Management works with Personnel and HR departments, collecting information about you, to eventually get you sacked. And they succeed big time, working against you all the time, this is all we can think about. I canít see this changing any time soon. Production and results are, as a direct consequence, quickly reaching zero.

††††††††† You cannot motivate a suicidal employee, or one you could so easily tip over the edge by simply saying that he or she cannot take a day off in the next two weeks. That employee is already dead, and certainly unproductive. Counterproductive most likely, moaning all day long to anyone still willing to hear that never-ending bull.

If I were paid on how much work I do instead of how many hours I do, unsupervised, Iím sure I would be much more productive and motivated. The harder I would work, the more money I would make. Simple idea, and yet, it has never caught on. They decided instead to pay me by the hour and use the whip to make me work harder. That leads to neuroses, depression, lack of loyalty, a frank desire to sabotage the organisation Iím working for.

If I didnít have so many people to deal with, if there was not so much pressure on my shoulders, if I were given the possibility to do my job, I actually might be able to do it. I didnít say I would enjoy it, but at least I could do it. So less management would be an idea. Less meetings. Less reports. You should find other ways to measure my work, ensure that I do it, without having to threaten me or send me off the wall. Micro-managing us the way you do, is a bad idea.

The thing is, what these managers donít understand, is how humiliating it is for us to be told anything. The smallest comment has such a huge impact on us, the smallest sentence rings in our ears and will be repeated in our mind for at least 12 hours afterwards. We are all trapped in time loops and we cannot escape them. Anger builds up so quickly, this patronizing, at that point, anything could ignite the little ticking time bombs we have all become in the work environment.

How do you get rid of management, and still ensure that the job gets done? You should pay by the work your employees do, not by the hour. If one lazy bastard doesnít want to do anything, he or she simply wonít get paid. If what he or she did is not good enough, find a way to make that person understand it, without igniting the ticking time bomb. Surely there are ways, besides sending us all to the asylum.

At the very least, avoid having any management talking to him or her. The less verbal contact you have with your employees, the better they will feel. Send a nice memo, accompanied with flowers and a box of chocolate. You get the gist, use kid gloves, we all desperately require it, and expect it.

If I never had to speak to any manager or director or boss ever again, I would be beyond pleased. And if I never ever had to meet and work with any of my working colleagues ever ever again, I would be doubly beyond pleased. In fact, if I never ever ever ever had to work ever ever ever ever ever again, it would simply be perfect!

Now you understand the workerís mentality. Any motivation, any way you could invent to motivate positively your employee to achieve anything, is essential. We do not give a f*ck about the millions and billions you dream of. If you so desperately seek them, and depend so desperately on us to get them for you, you will have to get creative, you will have to work for it, and think hard in order for us to work hard to make those millions and billions for you. Slavery is no longer an option. That little tyrant you hired to micromanage everyone, has got to go.

And now you are scandalised by such a statement. What you donít know is that everyone thinks the same damn thing. We all entertain murderous thoughts about our Line Manager or Line Director, VP, or even the President. And whilst we think of that, we think of little else. So take that under your hat, and make that damn working place a worthy place to work in, a place where someone can actually still have a wish to live.






††††††††† This will be my most conspiracy theorist entry ever. I am writing it because it is moving towards the mainstream and is perhaps no longer part of the conspiracy theoristsí domain. Globalisation does not benefit anyone but a few rich people and corporations, and whether or not there is an organisation such as a New World Order, some sort of new world order is being created at any rate, and we all stand to lose from it. It can only lead to worldwide poverty, famines and wars.

††††††††† Globalisation, second tentative. Second, because I first wrote an entry which has now been deleted, and that hopefully you will never read. As I kept a copy of it, it is possible that one day you will read that fantastic positive entry about globalisation that I have written, against my will (after some brainwashing). I went into lots of definitions, and now I realise I cannot provide any definition of what globalisation truly is. As you dig further, it becomes blurry.

††††††††† Why have I deleted it? Because when you read about globalisation in an encyclopaedia, it sounds ideal, it sounds perfect, it seems like the only way forward. But then, globalisation has got nothing to do with McDonalds on every street corner from Moscow to Baghdad, is it? Globalisation is not about Hollywood killing many cultures in order to impose the one of some chosen Americans worldwide. Globalisation has nothing to do with something becoming global, and then you can reap the profits worldwide for a single idea or product. Globalisation does not even have something to do with the corporate world eliminating frontiers and barriers and exploiting cheap labour in order to make huge profits.

††††††††† In this day and age, globalisation is synonym with New World Order, and we all know what that means, unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade. New World Order means the end of any sort of freedom, right or liberty, it means, in the best conspiracy theory fashion, the end of the world as we know it. You lose your own culture, your own language, your own religion, your own beliefs, your own identity.

††††††††† Most people still laugh at the idea, I almost do myself, especially after taking such topic as globalisation so lightly. I read a few books, and I thought, could it be true, is it possible, or is it just conspiracy theories? But when the new Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, makes a first speech after taking power, with no less than 17 mentions of New World Order and Globalisation, I have to wonder, who is he really working for? Not the people, that is most certain:


YouTubeís ďGordon Brown New World Order SpeechĒ


Even the BBC states it clearly: ďBrown wants a 'new world order'Ē


It is everywhere in the mass media, Google it. The New Statesman: ďBrown's new world orderĒ


††††††††† And then, I feel so lost, desperate, that even new elections, new Prime Ministers, new Presidents, does not change anything, that they are all on the same war path, they are all about globalisation and New World Order, and ultimately, not many of us really understand what this is all about and where it will lead us all.

††††††††† We can only see the state of the world today, genocides here and there, a Nuclear Third World War around the corner, the greatest stock market crash in history awaiting us at the bank, we are all now Americans and our world leader is the American President. Have I mentioned Bird Flu and terrorists? Dear me, it is the End of the World, as my grandfather would say, after blaming it all on the Communists.

††††††††† I donít even know what a communist is, the concept has been eradicated from my education, as I am from one of the new generations, the ignorant one without a purpose in this world. Not the Baby Boomers Generation, not even Generation X, not even the new youngest generation, Generation Kill. I am from a lost generation in between Generation X and Generation Kill, as I said, a lost meaningless generation without an identity. For a while we were called Generation Y (why), it came after X. As I said, an insignificant and utterly powerless generation. Thatís me!

††††††††† Generations have been globalised nowadays, it transcends countries and nationalities and time. We were all listening to the Moody Blues when I was born in 1972, if you can remember, whether we were in England, in America, in Quťbec or in Italy.

††††††††† I donít know more than you, I have a full time job as a civil servant, at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, I canít read all the literature on the subject and write clever fully researched articles. But it seems clear, a new world order is being drawn over the horizon, none of us will survive it if the trends continue as they do. Something is going to happen, something huge, I can say that even without being alarmist, all the obvious signs are here. And whenever America crashes, the rest of the world crashes with it. Another sure sign that worldwide globalisation is complete.

††††††††† All I know is that it does not sound like any sort of paradise or utopia, but more constraints, less freedom, less rights and more misery, whilst they continue to reap humanityís global wealth.

††††††††† It is almost like an opened invitation for one crazy tyrant to rule the world, because after globalisation is complete, the way they want it to be complete, one man decides everything. And that most coveted job will be the one no one will have any power in deciding who gets it. Money and power decide, which means a few men decide, and then, our future is definitely going to be bleak as their personal interests will most likely clash with the massesí self interests.

††††††††† You canít make money if anyone else is making money, the solution is everyone should live in utter poverty, or die if you somehow can make it happen. It seems to have been the prevalent course of action lately in international politics. Perhaps it has always been the case, it would explain why most of the world is living under despotic political regimes instead of peaceful real democracies.

††††††††† We are no exception, Iím afraid. If what the majority of the people in the country wants does not happen, there is no democracy. What do we want most right now? We want to end Iraqís war, we want to ensure we donít attack Iran, and we desperately want to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. If none of this happens, how could you even think that this is a democracy?

††††††††† Then we need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better system which will be democratic. I hope a civil war will be unnecessary for this to happen. Perhaps the people we have elected as our representatives will wake up and make it happen for us, before we have to take control of the government ourselves, and replace it entirely.

††††††††† Globalisation is the way by which some humans that you can count on one hand will take over the world and drive it to extinction. Greed and thirst for power as main motivations will make sure of it, as greed and thirst for power know no boundaries. You can quote me on that.

††††††††† This is difficult to grasp, because most of us donít know what greed and thirst for power really mean, we barely can conceptualise what having billions of dollars or pounds or Euros at our disposal really means, because most of us would not know what to do with so much money and power. We wouldnít even know where to start in order to make some good in this world, eliminate poverty and famines, work towards some sort of a beginning of a utopia or golden age for everyone. There are enough resources for everyone in this world, you know.

††††††††† Any step anyone could take towards doing some good, is ambushed by the greedy and blood thirsty people who are in power. Any New Real World Order would need to eliminate, eradicate from its cogs, anyone who seems too eager to seek power or seems a bit greedy, perhaps already rich and buying an election and the mass media, and then, perhaps only then, the idea of globalisation would not seem so offensive.

††††††††† Even if there was no New World Order organisation working against us, globalisation benefits only a few die hard capitalists capable of conquering the worldís markets with near infinite financial means. And so, whether there is a New World Order conspiracy or not, makes no difference. Globalisation can only be offensive as it can only profit the few over the many. This is essentially all I have to say about globalisation.

††††††††† What is true of humans, is doubly true for anyone in power. We all know humans cannot be trusted and will backstab you at any given opportunity. Because we are all selfish at heart, we all want whatís best for ourselves and our children, and it is doubly true for any politician or religious leader. None of us can be trusted. In these conditions, globalisation can only be a bad idea.

††††††††† At this time we cannot deny that some evil force has been at work in international politics, mostly coming from leaders of the most powerful countries. There is enough evidence to show that there is smoke, and that there is no smoke without fire. It seems also that a change of leader, even if it involves a change of political party, does not seem to change anything.

††††††††† The course to globalisation seems to be the mean to achieve some unknown goals. All we know is that these goals have nothing to do with making everything easier, bringing peace in the world, eliminating poverty or bringing some happiness.

††††††††† So, if globalisation does not appear to be a priority for anyone, what good could come out of it except that you will have a McDonald within a mile of your home, and your TV packed with Hollywood films and television series dubbed in your language? There is no need for globalisation for this to come true, so in the end, what is globalisation really about, what will it concretely bring you which will make your life easier and happier?

††††††††† More money? I doubt it, though it might make a few people richer. The chance to move more freely between countries and work wherever you want? That might ultimately be the only advantage of globalisation, like any Western European can now move to London and wipe the streets with a broom.

††††††††† At least they are now in London, never mind that they will experience the most miserable existence there is, despite the fact that most of these immigrants already have a PhD. At least now the streets are getting cleaned, such thing was impossible to conceptualise before the whole of Poland was finally allowed to move to England. One great achievement of globalisation, more institutionalised slavery. And yet, most of these slaves are usually not allowed to leave their country, they are exploited in the comfort of their own crooked home.

††††††††† I donít know about the European Union, but the American Union between Mexico, the United States and Canada can only mean one thing. The American President taking over all the decisions and resources for the whole of North America, and I suppose this is just a beginning. How can Canada sign such a deal, and it might already have been made, is beyond me. Surrendering our sovereignty to the United States, turns me into an instant separatist, even though it is well known that I have never been keen on Quťbec separating from the rest of Canada in the first place. I am French-Canadian, living in Britain, just so you can understand where Iím coming from.

††††††††† In this day and age, as long as you are not American yourself, it is likely that the word America leaves you uneasy. If not, then I guess you are blind and need to read some more. You cannot blame most Americans though, you canít even blame most of the members of their government, the poor kids are all completely powerless. Because the American government is strangely organised that, in the end, there is but one man deciding the fate of the whole country and the world, and nothing and no one can stop him. Not even democracy, elections or public opinion.

††††††††† Whatever you vote for, whoever gets elected, has already been decided by others you will never hear anything about. And whoever you elect does not matter, they are all working towards the same goal, they are all working for the same people and corporations, the world of high finance.

††††††††† I am not convinced Barack Obama is not already one of them. If he wins the elections and becomes President, then we will be certain, wouldnít we? You could not possibly be in power and work against them, even with the best intentions, moral and ethic that God can provide. Fear has always been the most powerful tool in politics, and fear needs be applied only in a few high places for it to work so perfectly.

††††††††† Globalisation sounded like such a great idea, just like democracy. Just like socialism sounded so great in theory. However, nothing is ever like it seems, and if you read upon the subject even just a little, you will quickly understand that there is no such thing as democracy, freedom, evolution towards a better free world, a happy peaceful world. That no political system or solution will ever work, because other dark people in the shadows are working terribly hard to make sure they remain in power and become richer.

††††††††† At the first sign of this we should see rebellion. But this is never going to happen, it is unlikely on a global level, because in this day and age, it is clear as day what leaders are doing, what they are working towards, and yet, everyone chooses to be completely blind to it.

††††††††† There is an expression saying: hidden in plain sight. In this case it is no longer hidden, and yet we choose to do nothing. We believe everything, we are weak over the ones who are not. We are all being manipulated, and one does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to see it. It explains why what was once conspiracy theories, spoken by unknown people, is now moving beyond that, and well known personalities speak openly in such terms.

††††††††† There comes a point when it can no longer be overlooked or denied. We have reached that point, conspiracies are reaching the mainstream, and everyone is talking about it. Even the mass media, between the lines, if you listen carefully. A sure sign of a dictatorship and tyranny, and some resistance movement forming. We are going to need it.

††††††††† Letís just make sure that in the end this is exactly what we will get, a true globalisation to make this world a better one, a happier one for everyone, crowned by a real democracy. No political system will ever be what we hope for as long as greed and thirst for power can still get to the top and decide for everyone. Something needs to happen, something revolutionary, and yet, it might not bring anything better for anyone.

††††††††† There are always ways to go around everything, to still control everything despite all the laws to prevent such deceptions. Democracy and globalisation are meaningless concepts if you choose to ignore what is going on behind the scene and how events can be used and abused to the advantage of the few over the masses.

††††††††† Wake up and be aware of the lies and what is untold, at the very least. The terrorism we are witnessing right now is obviously government sponsored terrorism, or at least there are excellent reasons and evidences to wonder. No sudden change should come out of terrorism, it would be a big mistake. All that we have lost since the first attacks, will need to be regained at some point, letís just hope it can be done without civil wars.

††††††††† At this time, globalisation sounds like a bad idea, because we cannot be certain why it is really happening and what will be the benefits compared with what we stand to lose. We just have to wonder who profits from globalisation, and on an individual level, if we do profit from globalisation. And first of all, one needs to clearly answer what is globalisation anyway, and Iím afraid we wonít find the answer so easily.

††††††††† So, I say no to globalisation, until such time that we can be certain that everyone can benefit from it, and I mean everyone. We still all have our own distinct national identity and culture, what could possibly be so threatening about this, that we are all being offered this ultimate choice: total assimilation or total annihilation? We should be able to say no to joining this new world order, and we should be able to say no to war. Is this still a choice or none of this can be stopped? Are we that powerless against our leaders?







††††††††† Could what the Jewish historian Professor Benny Morris says in the New York Times be true? That if Israel fails in the next four to seven months to destroy anything that remotely smells like radiation in Iran, Israel will simply annihilate all 70 million Iranians through a full blown nuclear war, all within the next seven months?

††††††††† You have to read this article, it is illuminating and hallucinogenic all at the same time, it confirms in my mind that Iran will definitely be attacked, and a Nuclear Third World War declared. I cannot see how it could be avoided, considering how fearful and desperate Israel leaders seem to have become, just like our leaders apparently:


††††††††† Historian Professor Benny Morris must know what he is talking about, he is working closely with Israel leaders. He has been criticised for this article, people said it sounded like a threat. Nonetheless, if you pay attention to what he says, you will notice that it is not ďheĒ who speaks, nor does it seem like an opinion or a threat.

††††††††† He is telling us exactly how Israel leaders think and what they are actually about to do in order to save their country and prevent at any cost Iran from acquiring a nuclear bomb, from fears that they might themselves be obliterated in return.

††††††††† I believe Benny Morris is simply stating a fact about what must happen if Iran does not stop its nuclear program and fail somehow to convince us of it. Letís face it, Iran could never possibly convince Israel that they have stopped their nuclear research.

††††††††† Moreover, since Iran will not stop its nuclear program - why should they stop, whilst facing such a threat as Israel and America - then a Nuclear Third World War is inevitable.

††††††††† It will most likely eventually get China and Russia involved, against us, our real targets perhaps. We will certainly deserve it, because we did everything we could indirectly to provoke them. Why? Iím not sure. Maybe you can enlighten me. Iím just like everyone else, totally ignorant of why we do the things we do, though I know that it does not seem to make any sense, since nothing good can come out of it.

††††††††† I thought Israel did not have nuclear weapons? I better correct my history books. Letís see, how should I put it? America dumped a bunch of nuclear weapons ready to go in Israel, becauseÖ well becauseÖ well Iím not sure why we did such a thing. Seems now like it might prove to be the greatest mistake ever made.

††††††††† I would much prefer to teach future generations that Israel was completely inhuman, and did something totally insane, than telling them that we did it and we were completely out of our minds. Still, I would need to admit that those nuclear weapons, we gave them to Israel. At any rate, we will be accomplice in the greatest genocide ever achieved. How could I hide that fact?

††††††††† I was not yet born when six million Jews and one million gays were eradicated during the Second World War in Germany, and yet I feel responsible. I feel I have done it myself, as I feel that somehow I am part of this humanity, I am part of its history, no matter how much I would love to say that I am not.

††††††††† I can already tell you now, that I will not have on my conscience 70 million deaths through a nuclear war which will just be the beginning of it all. I am here now, I am able to say no, this cannot happen, I do not want it.

††††††††† This time I will dissociate myself from your history, and go back to live in my own little bubble universe where I always lived, from where I claim I am just an observer of what goes on in the world.

††††††††† After all, I have nothing to do with what you do, I am but one human being in this world, what difference could I possibly make? None of this has anything to do with me, or has anything to do with any of us. Or does it? Who is responsible then for our collective destiny?

††††††††† I donít even vote, I never did, thank God, as I can never forgive myself for anything I do, or that I donít do whilst I know I should. So many obligations, am I alone responsible for the fate of humanity? Sometimes this is just how I feel. And that whatever I could do, the result would be just the same. I donít count, none of us do.

††††††††† Besides, I would never be able to explain or justify such insanity, even if done in my name, without my consent. And then, well, I would have to acknowledge that none of us truly deserves to exist. I would have to recognise: why not blow ourselves up?

††††††††† If global warming does not achieve that very result within years, we might as well make doubly sure we will all disappear for good as soon as possible, before we start to threaten not only our small planet, but the whole universe with it. Who knows, perhaps there is life elsewhere. If we do not feel we deserve a chance, and decide to be so destructive instead, we might wish to give them that chance.

††††††††† There is no doubt in my mind that if we ever develop a technology that could destroy the entire universe, we would certainly use it at the first opportunity. Iím sure the American President would be eager the press the button, just to find out what happens, in case somehow it brings him more wealth. Maybe the President will think that it could get his God to finally reappear? I wonder.

††††††††† How will we write that down for history, how will we explain such a lack of common sense? Is there truly something that important going on behind the scene, of which we are totally unaware, which warrants this crisis? And why is it that it is thought that we would not accept the real version of event, the motivation behind what we do? Because it could not possibly be justified?

††††††††† How could we ever make this look good and acceptable to future generations? I donít know. We will have to be highly creative indeed, and perhaps invent some more lies to cover it all up.

††††††††† What else can we do? Just admit weíre monsters and do not care at all for human life? That history is just a long series of genocides, and that the worst ones all happened in the very last chapter of our history, not forgetting of course all the ones happening in Africa at this very moment? That none of us tried to prevent humanityís ultimate destruction, because none of us truly cared?

††††††††† I am sitting here tonight wondering how we could possibly make the last decade look good on paper for history, how we could twist everything so none of this will look so dirty and simply revolting. My God, I donít think we will be able this time.

††††††††† We will have to re-adjust our definition of humanity, describing humans as the most savage and destructive animals of the known universe. And that religion certainly did not help in the slightest, that in fact, religion was used a great deal in order to expedite our way out of this world. Worth having Gods, for the good it brought us.

††††††††† One Vietnam War was enough, it took only 20 years to decipher the truth. Do you know the truth now? This time around we were very much aware of the Second Vietnam War in Afghanistan. Then a third one in Iraq. And as if we were still completely irrational, letís immediately create a Fourth Vietnam War by attacking Iran, and this time, really start the beginning of the end for us all. There are after all just a limited number of pointless Vietnam Wars this world can take before reacting and deciding to put a stop to it.

††††††††† What is history? No, really, what is truly the history of humankind? We often hear that history is written by the victors, but I have to add, history is also written by the losers, so it might be more acceptable to students trying to understand whatever it is that might have happened before they were born.

††††††††† Even though, good luck now, students probably donít care about any of it. And so it should be, because our vision of history is so twisted, so biased, that in the end, our history is just a bunch of lies and is worth absolutely nothing. Our own version of history could not tell anyone what actually happened here.

††††††††† Dear me, am I the first person on this planet to realise that and say it out loud? Hopefully not. Come on now, you know better, you know this is true, history is worth nothing. Because we all know or can guess that this is not how it happened, that these were not the true motivations or the real version of events they are trying to teach us.

††††††††† Was Germany just deadly thirsty for power, to rule the world, or was Germany provoked into declaring the two first world wars? What was the political scene then? What did we do to provoke this? Iím sure, if we dig deep enough, we will realise that we are all responsible for those two first world wars, even, maybe we are to blame. So convenient to be able to blame someone other than us, and that somehow Germany was too shocked and powerless after those wars, to contradict our own version of events. The Third World War though, we will be certain who will have started it: us.

††††††††† We can read between the lines, we have the Internet now, we can find out what truly happened there and then. We know most sources cannot be trusted, theyíre lying for whatever reason. History is simply hypocritical and has always been. I have no doubt Benny Morris, as an historian, does not help the true history of this world or of his own people, as he is now very much provoking it, making history happen, for the worst. Who would have thought that historians could make history happen? They always did, it is the whole point.

You can only but try to hide the truth, in this day and age it is all but useless. The truth is, humanity is so unworthy of existing, that you on top of it all, trying to hide the true facts about it all, is just too much for anyone to take, because we all know it all. No one in their right mind could wish to live in such a world of make belief.

††††††††† No matter how you could present it, no matter how you could try to justify history, you will never succeed in proving this wrong: humans are all bloody killers, way too ready to take over the land and resources of the next one, and kill whoever might stand in their way.

History is undeniable on this point, humanity is all about wiping itself out of existence, the sooner the better. And one human life counts for nothing, hell, six billion lives count for nothing. If we all die in the end, for whatever explanation, as long as one last tyrant survives all alone, rich as Croesus with all the worldwide wealth, then it would all have been worth it.

This is history in the making, as horrifying as it may seem. Wars to bring richness to a few, whilst eliminating the rest of the world to that expense. There is unfortunately no other way to put it, and it continues to this day.

One human life has always been worth nothing, and will continue to be so for hundreds of years to come, until none of us survive another world war. And then, what would be the point of power and money in such a world? No one can tell, but we will all fight to the death until this reality comes to be.

††††††††† History might actually be the worst subject ever in school, because first it is just a series of dates between war and peace times, and second, it is just a bunch of misrepresentations about the true motivations for these wars.

††††††††† I feel that if greed and thirst for power were to be stated as the reasons for wars, and religion and philosophy, then it would expose way too obviously humanity as what it really is. And yet, this is what history is truly all about, to show how human nature is selfish, greedy, an endless desire to kill everyone else on this planet for its own sake. This is history as we really came to know it.

††††††††† Donít kid yourself, nothing has changed, we are still as barbaric today as we were hundreds of years ago. Technology is by no mean making us look any better. It makes us look worse, because now, we are capable of annihilating the whole world, and we will eventually do just that.

††††††††† There is no hope for humanity, this is what history tells us. And as much as you would like to believe that history does not apply to what is happening today, that somehow we have now learned all the lessons of history, that we are so civilised compared with those barbarians of the past, you would never be so wrong.

††††††††† History will be there to tell it all to future generations, just as it was, as long as then, they will be as good at reading between the lines as you are right now when you read your own history books. This world, all of history, is just a distorted truth, and it is up to you to find the real truth behind it, just like it is your duty today to find out what is the truth behind what will one day be described as our history to future generations.

††††††††† I think it is fair to say that we had enough of wars, that humanity at this time agrees that the history of humankind is ugly and shows nothing commendable. It is also fair to say that no one wants another world war justified by half baked arguments, like false flag terrorism, or potentially threatening countries we all know are not threatening. It is simple, if we were to stop acting as if we own the world, if we were to stop threatening everyone around and start working towards a lasting peace in a just and fair world, there would be no threat, there would be no war.

††††††††† And what if Iran gets a nuclear bomb in the end? Just about everyone else on this planet has one in its own backyard. Hell, I have read enough on the topic that I could possibly build one myself. The recipe is, after all, in many books in just about every single library in the world. Any last year physics student can build one.

††††††††† How to make a nuclear bomb has never been a secret, it is basic physics, and then only a few tests are required to get the balance right. Oh, and this little problem, easily circumvented, of finding the ingredients. Or what did you think, that they were impossible to find or buy, in a capitalist world?

††††††††† We all have a nuclear bomb ready to explode in our back pocket, no one can now prevent that. Trying to prevent them from exploding through pre-emptive strikes, will most assuredly ensure that they will all explode at once. You can quote me on that.

††††††††† You could not possibly annihilate every country that will develop a nuclear bomb, since any country could do it now. Perhaps if left unprovoked, Iran will never use it. Right now, I feel we are much more likely going to use it through fear and unnecessary pre-emptive strikes, and obliterate this world before anyone else.

††††††††† History is not made by the victors or the losers, it is made right now by a few leaders/dictators elected in so-called democracies. The history of humanity will not become what we make it to be, it will become what a few unwise leaders decided it will be, because despite so-called democracies, we are not in control of humanityís destiny.

††††††††† There is no reason to believe that even in 1000 years, history will be any different from what we have observed in the last 2000 years. It will just be more destructive, thatís all. At least it wonít be bloody, nuclear just vaporises people out of existence. It will still be about killing everyone else in order to take advantage of their natural resources, and whatever else, imposing unto others religions and political philosophies like capitalism, communism and socialism. The day we finally succeed, is the day we are all dead.

††††††††† Humanityís history cannot change until a few leaders can no longer decide the fate of that humanity. Until a true democracy, involving the decision power of every single individual, is actually put into place.

††††††††† We can no longer afford a few people deciding the fate of history. Either you have a true democracy or you donít. We have not witnessed at all, at any time in history, a true democracy. It would require for that every single person on this planet being able, individually, to vote on any decision, on any new law, on any new war to be fought.

††††††††† Today for the first time we have the technology to make this come true. And at that point, if individually, everyone on this planet were to say that being gay is wrong and that I should be executed for being gay, I will accept it and gladly die.

††††††††† Since then, it would not be one politician who decided my fate, or one priest or religious leader. It would not be one little group of people, it would be everyone, and then you cannot but accept what everyone decides.

††††††††† And if everyone decides that it is right to obliterate half the planet to become richer, at least I will know that half the planet is insane, immoral and unethical, instead of just a few leaders who appear to control everyone else, for their own self-interests. And then I would at least be certain that annihilating so many people will at least profit many of us, not just a few of us that you can count on one hand. I can accept democracy as long as it is a real democracy, and every single voice has been heard.

††††††††† And then, you better not start thinking in terms like: ďNo problem, weíll just brainwash everyone and impose our own point of view upon this world through publicity, public relations and propaganda. Weíve done it before with great success. And then weíll just convince ourselves we have convinced everyone, and go ahead with our delusional plans.Ē

††††††††† We will put a stop to this as well, as history has certainly taught us to recognise such manipulations of the masses and where they ultimately led. Eventually we will learn something from history, right?

††††††††† It is so easy after all to convince anyone of anything these days, no one seems to think for himself or herself anymore, have we ever? One day someone will convince us all that we do not see in colour, everything is black and white, or perhaps they will convince us that everything is either black or white. We may have already reached that point.

††††††††† It seems there is always but one leader deciding for everyone else in this world, and from the point of view of history, this is no longer acceptable. History will always be the same, until we decide collectively to put a stop to it, and make it something no one will ever be ashamed of telling their children what we are all truly about.

††††††††† We are so eager to go nuclear, as it means ultimate power, as it means ultimate protection. Letís give a nuclear bomb to everyone, letís all have one nuclear bomb in our own back pocket. Then we will all be powerful, we will all be safe.

††††††††† What version of history would you prefer to teach your children and grandchildren? It is about to become highly complicated to tell, if you wish to remain honest to the facts. Donít worry though, you might never have to make excuses for humanityís history, as humanity is unlikely to survive for much longer.







††††††††† In science fiction there is a specific category of books called alternate history where you simply travel into the past and suddenly change history. What if you could travel to 1754 just before the French and Indian War in America with a modern army of the future, and decided to build a new world order? Would you stop the Seven Yearsí War that started in 1756? Where would you begin, how would you go about it?

††††††††† These could sound like strange questions but this is precisely what many science fiction authors must deal with, they have to think of ways of changing history for the better. Like stopping wars through wars or demonstration of power in order to build a new world order. I am writing such a novel right now and it is not as easy as that. Because suddenly my small town in Quebec from the year 2039 is sent to 1754, becoming instantly the most fearsome power in the world (donít worry, Celine Dion remained safely in 2039, she was in Las Vegas when it happened).

††††††††† The idea is to find a way to end all wars and occupations, if only we could put an end to all exploitation, slavery and injustices against human rights. Eliminating poverty, starvation, pollution, global warming, the list is endless. It makes you think about what could be done in the present to achieve just the same results for the future, if somehow a real superpower was actually keen on achieving these goals. History proves that such a superpower will never exist, since its self-interests and the self-interests of its main constituents always take over, take over the world.

††††††††† In a way this is what todayís superpowers are playing at, unfortunately this is no science fiction. Re-arranging and eliminating the worldís frontiers to permit an opened international commerce which translates into exploitation. Trying to stop wars in the Middle-East through more wars that only make things worse, because our intentions are not exactly honourable.

††††††††† If it was all to the benefit of the people of America or the United Kingdom that we went to war in the Middle-East, or for the purpose of freeing Arabs from their so-called horrible leaders, it would already be more respectable, it could benefit us all. But these wars for profit are entirely for the benefit of very large and rich corporations who no longer have any identity or nationalistic pride. Winning the wars in the Middle-East today will not bring anyoneís pride after many million deaths, it will simply bring more money and financial gains to these corporations, most likely without benefitting any of us.

††††††††† In fictional novels it is far easier, most authors are usually idealistic in nature, they are moral and ethical people. Most books on alternate history are about ensuring Adolf Hitler is killed before any genocide happens and JFKís murder is prevented somehow in hopes that he would have changed history and saved our failing democracy. There is also a morbid fascination about changing the outcome of the American Civil War of 1861. There I suppose the idea was to preserve slavery and prevent the reunion of the American States? Iím not sure, books on that topic bores me to death. Who cares about the American civil wars of the past, unless it was concerning the next one that is long overdue?

††††††††† Here is my problem. I have now an army of the future capable of annihilating the whole world of 1754-1756. I intend for my small town of French-Canadians sent into the past to take over the world but in the most humane way. To do only good in the world and bring about a new world order to be remembered and appreciated for centuries to come. Just that, how difficult can it be?

††††††††† So of course my first move is to stop all immigration from the Spanish and the British countries, and only encourage French immigration to such places like North, Central and South America, New Zealand and Australia. Everywhere else seems already populated to the brink with other people, so they should be left to themselves. No more war and no more occupation.

††††††††† But what about the aboriginal people barely populating the new worlds but still with a right to the land? I can no longer just eradicate them all like we did in the past. Can I just squeeze them out to some particular state no one wants even today, Nebraska for example? Or can I plan a major assimilation program to bring them to live and speak just like the powerful white people of the future, French in this instance? After all, we have suffered so many American blockbusters about real Americans saving and taking over the world, it is time for other nations to become as nationalistic ad nauseam as our American friends. Might as well be Quebec who will come to save the world this time against all alien invasions.

††††††††† It will be difficult because I could not turned Amerindians into slaves, it is well referenced anyway in history that all attempts to enslave American Indians failed. So instead we just drowned them into alcohol. It was not an ideal solution, but you do what you can when you build a new world order. Spoken like a true colonizer of the world.

††††††††† What do I do with the British and the Spanish colonies already in America in 1754? Also with the assimilation to the French-Canadian superpower of the world? I will have to act quickly, otherwise once again most of America will speak Spanish by the time we reach 2039.

††††††††† And once everyone is well on their way to be assimilated, keeping to French as the only main language in the world, I will have turn to preventing the Seven Yearsí War, which basically could be qualified as the real First World War. I will have to drop a few bombs all around any army still fighting or moving toward another nation, without killing any of them. I will have to install my big hegemony upon the world. And if one country truly cannot get the message, I might as well just annihilate it. Spain comes to mind. Others will get the message.

††††††††† Iím already becoming quite the monster in my plans to build a new world order. I came to understand that perhaps there is no way really to save the world or help the planet on a global scale without becoming a tyrant. But the worst is still to come, because once peace has been established in the whole world, even if I decided that the aboriginal people could keep the Americas, New Zealand and Australia, to see how these first nations could develop in time into great nations if we had not interfered, it still remains that I would need to eradicate injustices and provide human rights to all. And what about capitalism versus socialism?

††††††††† My small town in Quebec is now in control of the whole world, it is time to pay a visit to all the Kings and Queens of Europe and other powers of the world, to teach them a few concepts that even today we find hard to grasp, like democracy and human rights. Am I to suggest to them to move aside and become simply a symbol like in England, and order them to create a Parliament of elected officials to take care of business?

††††††††† We kind of tried that recently in Iraq and Afghanistan, it does not seem to have worked out the way we planned. Perhaps because we have forgotten what democracy truly means, we obviously control those governments and so they are not exactly democratic. What can you expect, elections in America are no longer trustworthy, electoral fraud has taken over. That is not the biggest worry though, it is that no matter who is in power, as proven by the extremely poor track record of such an idealist as Barack Obama, the situation in the United States and worldwide just got even worse.

††††††††† We canít have that in 1754, my new world order will be a true democracy, and all these countries will eventually stay home and govern themselves the way they want. Even though the only way I can see this ever happening, would be to actually babysit them until they get there, and then, I suppose, babysit them even more to ensure the perfect and ideal world we all hope for. It could easily become a tyranny one way or another, even with the best intentions, as soon as we interfere anywhere in the world.

††††††††† So no problem, I already have in mind the creation of the New United Nations, headquarters in the extreme north of Quebecís province (near the North Pole, where everything and everyone is already frozen to death), so I will be able to keep a close eye on everything they do. The aims of my new UN will be the same as today: facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and the achieving of world peace.

††††††††† It is just weird that if the UN today is incapable of achieving any of those aims, how can I possibly expect my new UN in 1754 to accomplish anything? Very puzzling this state of affair, and a real headache for my new humanity. How will I make it work, or more precisely why is the United Nations failing to make things better? There are only two explanations: either the UN is a corrupt organization serving the financial markets and large corporations of the world without regard for human rights, just like most governments today, or the United Nations organization is a powerless toothless giant that no one cares about. Which is it?

††††††††† I will have to ensure no corruption and a very powerful United Nations in 1754, backed up by my army from the future. There will be no disobeying the United Nations any longer, and no five main superpowers controlling most if not all of the Security Council. I wonder if I will be able to pull it off. Of course I will, the author of a novel is God, and as long as God is moral and ethical, nothing can go wrong in the creation of a new world order. Wait, where have I heard that before? God or the belief in God never stopped any war or genocide, on the contrary.

††††††††† So now I have to decide between imposing capitalism or socialism unto the world. Thatís an easy one, I will just take Canadaís template of being a good mix between hard core capitalism and extreme socialism (why do I feel like I am talking about porn here), the best of both worlds. The best health care possible for free for everyone for a start, independent from any corporation or employer. The important is that everyone should live happily ever after, with everything they will ever need, without becoming slaves to the system. Will that work though? Seems to work in Canada. Perhaps it only works there because Canada is already such a rich country anyway, filled with natural resources other countries can only dream of. How would such a system work in Africa?

††††††††† I might have some reservations though about stock exchange markets and such volatile economy that can be brought down to its knees every time the slightest insignificant news is announced on TV. Not sure if I want to recreate a world that will have to go into an economic crisis every 10 years, and a deep depression every 100 years or so. How could I prevent that, the manipulations of the market? Will I need to go into that many details in my novel? My God, I will lose all my readers.

††††††††† In conclusion I can now appreciate how difficult it is to build a new world order, impose it unto the world, even with the best intentions ever. People will get hurt, many will be left out, corruption quickly gets in and then you face instead a great force of evil that can be extremely destructive to the world. Perhaps I should not try to create a new world order, maybe I should just ensure no more wars and conquest, and leave all these countries to their own devices.

††††††††† After of course making sure they were all real democracies, unlike the fake ones we have today. Oh, I must eliminate slavery, and women must instantly have the same rights as any man. And there I am, already meddling about and planning interferences. If I could just annihilate all religions with one nuclear bomb, it might be worth it. Wouldnít that be a reign of fear and terror that could only bring about misery across the world? It is never easy to play God with humanity.

††††††††† Interesting how writing a science fiction novel about alternate history can suddenly expose all that we do wrong in this world. The solutions I have to find to make it all work are the very solutions we are struggling with today, that we could implement today to make this world a better one without ostracising anyone. Have you got any solution? Should we go ahead with creating a new world order or not? If so, how should we go about it? Better not leave it to our leaders and governments, corruption there has taken over at every level a long time ago.







Whenever 50,000 citizens across the country decide to walk on the streets to denounce something, that they feel somehow it is important enough for them to get out and denounce that something, surely there should be a device in place to automatically launch a referendum on the subject. So everyone could individually vote on the issue, since we can no longer trust politicians. Or else, where is democracy then, what more do we need to do to convince others that their decisions are wrong and unwanted?

††††††††† National pride has been for far too long a weapon of mass destruction. It has been used to justify the worst atrocities, like illegal wars and torture, in the name of honour and nationalism, all under a floating flag over some land somewhere. Weíll have to think twice from now on before acting collectively on pride, weíll have to pay attention and see through the manipulation of the masses by any kind of authority, be it the government or religions. Are we never going to learn the lessons of history?

††††††††† Pride. Proud of being who you are, of belonging somewhere, of your personal accomplishments, of your collective achievements. All sounds very important, and yet insignificant, unworthy of any attention. When you take a good look back, what is there truly to be proud of? I canít think of anything. And yet, pride can be such a powerful weapon, as long as you have the public vote, as long as you can manipulate the public opinion to your own advantage so it suits your agenda, even your war agenda.

††††††††† You might find it difficult to identify to a group if, for example, they are all Black, or all Chinese, or all Indians, and you are a White British born in Manchester. But if you are a White British born in Manchester, why should you have more in common with all the other White British born in Manchester? To the point that you all have to support the same football team (soccer team) and hate all other teams and British cities, in what we call healthy rivalries?

If you are an American born in Tulsa Oklahoma, or if you are an American born in Boston New York, there you are, already it is not so simple anymore to be proud, to have a sense of belonging to a collective. Do you have then the same identity? Are you proud to be Republican or Democrat? Are you proud of being White American or Black American? Can you be proud of being a human being when compared with all the other animals in the animal kingdom? And when will you ever be proud of being from Earth, if ever? How many millions have seen UFOs and aliens, can we all be nuts? I wonder.

I was never into sports. I was never really into politics. I was never truly into being proud of being French-Canadian or Canadian. I was never proud to be American (Canada is in America). I never had to be proud of belonging to any group or team of any kind. For me national pride is a mystery.

I find it difficult to understand how pride can be used to create a sense of belonging, strong enough to justify going to war with any nation. We are Americans, we are the strongest nation in the world, we will take the world by force, because we can, we are Americans. Our values are the best in the world, everyone should want to be American, to claim our flag as their own, because it means freedom and democracy. Not so true nowadays, but never mind about that for now.

A flag is often the symbol of our pride as a nation. It is the argument to justify anything. To provide a sense of belonging, to give a reason to our existence in a collective. I was never part of any collective, I always considered myself an individual, never really paying too much attention to international borders and their significance, apart from complaining about how hard it is to cross these borders and go live somewhere else.

I guess that pride comes at a cost. That if you are not like them somehow, becoming part of them might just turn out to be impossible. And if somehow you succeed, then you might as well be a traitor to your own people, your own nation, a traitor to yourself and what you personally believe in.

Unless of course you forget who you are, where you come from, your flag, your identity, who you really are, and start supporting Manchester United, just like everyone else. Assimilation complete, you are now a true Brit, even if you speak Russian or Punjabi, or French in my case. Who should care about Manchester United or Chelsea?

Or else, letís then eradicate and take over Iraq/Iran, that has always been the main so-called collective agenda since the very day I was born. Will we ever, together, succeed? This is all part of the same thing, local and national pride. This is how we are being manipulated.

Why should you be proud of anything just because you are born in a certain place on this planet? Why should you be proud of a flag just because you are living within the borders of a land that this flag symbolises? Why do you feel the need to belong in any way with a certain group of people, and then be ready to go to war with another group with perhaps different ideas or religion?

National identity is the first step towards war. City identity is the first step towards city rivalries and chauvinism. You would not think of using weapons to kill the people in the next city or county, why should you feel the need to go to war with another nation?

Because you are still proud of being not only from that city, county, province or State, but also of that country. And well, it must be different when you cross those international borders. The only language they must be able to understand is the one spoken by bombs. Urgh, where has my logic failed?

You could never be proud yet of being a human being compared with all the other animal species on this planet. You could never be proud yet of being a human belonging to Planet Earth. Until at least there is only one nation in this world, one flag, and hence, only one identity.

But by then, the only reason such a thing could happen, would be to the benefit of some tyranny, or global Big Brother government, a New World Order in the likes Hitler so desperately wanted to build. At that point, being proud of anything would be impossible.

Pride of any kind can only create rivalries and wars. As soon as you belong to any group or subgroup, thatís it, you have established that you were against the ideas and values of another group or subgroup. War in any form can then begin, as it somehow never fails to happen.

Pride is a very dangerous weapon. It is used to justify wars, it is used to justify killing millions of people. Not that we really care, since these people cannot be proud of what we are proud to represent, proud to be. They are not really humans or civilised, are they? They become insignificant.

It would never occur to many that pride is only a pretext, a pretence, and really, wars have nothing to do with pride or identity, or religion. It is a tool to manipulate the masses into believing anything, to do anything, in the name of identity, in the name of a flag, a fake symbol which does not ultimately mean anything significant, and should not reasonably be used to justify atrocities and genocides.

I can barely believe that I have just written this. I never thought when I was young that I would be trying to convince anyone that war was wrong, as I was so convinced there would be no need to by now. However, wars, just like everything else, are cyclical, they always come back after a certain amount of years. We never learn anything from the past, from history. And the same old arguments, symbols and tools are being used again and again to justify any political agenda. Amazingly it always works.

Pride is an essential component to all this. And the sooner we realise that we do not belong to anyone, to any political party, to any set of already established philosophies or political ideas or religion, the better we will be.

We are not a mindless collective controlled by a few bad men, a flock of birds with one collective mind. We are all individuals capable of having opinions, capable of stating what we want. Take a step back, and understand that a flag, a feeling of belonging to any group, does not justify anything.

And most importantly, we need to understand that governments can fall and should fall as soon as a majority of the citizens wishes it. Under the democratic rules, I would have thought that many more governments would have fallen within my lifetime. As it stands, I have never witnessed such a thing, no matter how unpopular any decision any government made. We simply accepted it and went on our way. Or decided to wait for the next elections, and we know now that fraud is rampant everywhere, at every level.

Democracy is gone, we have to move to new tactics in order to be heard and operate change. As soon as 50,000 citizens walk out across the country to denounce anything, a referendum needs to be called, across the country.

No, no, it does not matter that Obama has won, electoral fraud still happened in California with Proposition 8, will still happen again on any new proposed law, and more likely also at the next presidential elections. We are not out of the woods yet, far from it.

Donít even think that once we succeed in getting back to paper ballots, fraud would have disappeared. We are aware now of what has been going on for so long, we have proved it. We need to be doubly careful in the future, and ensure some sort of democracy still exists, not just a pretend one.

If you truly feel the need to be proud of anything, it should be to be proud of yourself, who you are as an individual, what you are capable of accomplishing on a personal level, not on a collective one.

You are quite certain that you have nothing in common with your next door neighbour, why should you think that you have so much in common with a whole nation? You could quite easily kill your neighbours, because you know by now that you simply cannot live next to these people, and they deserve to die. And yet, you do not kill them. Why should you then decide in your mind that you are proud to be the same as million others living in your country, and find it acceptable to go to war and annihilate entire nations on the other side of the planet?

Be proud of yourself, of your own little family, but do not go beyond that nucleus. Go any further and you will no longer be acting under the influence of what defines you as an individual, you will no longer be establishing your own values and beliefs, you will no longer belong to yourself. You will belong to others, and those others will make sure you will be obeying their will, their rules, not yours.

Pride is a dangerous weapon, never forget it next time you see the flag of your nation. A flag will always be but a flag, it is meaningless, it cannot be used to create a false sense of belonging and justify wars through pride, through being part of something larger than you could ever hope to be. You do not need to be part of something larger than you. You are yourself, an individual with rights and freedoms guaranteed by law, and that is all that is required.

Think for yourself, be proud of yourself, do not stop thinking or expressing your opinion. As soon as you begin to be proud of something larger than you are, you are lost, humanity is lost, whether this influence is political or religious in nature. Others have now taken control over you and what you will be proud of.

Most certainly one day, you will be ashamed for having so blindly followed any idea or course of action dictated by others, without first considering all that is truly involved, the real motivations behind any decision. As soon as you are proud of something other than yourself, you belong to other people, and other people will decide your destiny.

So, any reason you should be proud of anything you did lately? No? What a shame, I guess this is human nature. That you can barely be proud of yourself, when you can be so readily proud of just about anything else. We will not be fooled again, we can no longer afford to be proud of anything in this world.

History teaches us, how easily pride can be turned into shame, and yet, we learn so slowly, it might take us another millennium to finally get the message, once we are all completely extinct.

More direct democracy through referendum involving every single one of us is what is required at this time, if we have any hope of salvation. And please, no more pride! We are all human beings here, we are all equal, every single voice count and shall be heard. More direct democracy is the new buzz word around here, do repeat it everywhere until it becomes a reality.

50,000 people walking on the street to denounce something, is a clear sign that something is not right within this world. Call a referendum so we can all, in our own individuality, decide what should be. And please, please, please, letís get rid of electoral fraud, or else, this is all meaningless. We all know now that proposition 8 has not really passed in California.

We have a long way to go in order to restore democracy. At the moment, the law is against you, everywhere you turn. Such important issues must come only once in a lifetime. This is it, this is saving democracy. Without it, nothing is possible. That is the first hurdle to overcome, having a real democracy. So, stand up and say and do something about it! Voice your opinion and walk out! Just make sure you donít get shot.







††††††††† The problem with leaders like Blair and Bush is that they reset everything as far as civil rights and liberties are concerned. Once again, instead of fighting for freedom, a better world, we are here fighting to regain our most basic rights that we have lost. Clever, but let me bypass all that and fight for more. We need to free ourselves from everything in this world, everything.

††††††††† Blair was much worse than Bush when it came to building a fortress of a Police State, and though in America they can now hope for change, in Britain there is no such hope. Neither the Conservatives nor the Labours will bring about some fresh air, we can only expect more suffocation.

††††††††† I should take a look at those so-called progressive Liberal Democrats who were centrist before the New Labour came about, and see if there is any hope there. I doubt it, not on the scale I wish to witness change in this world. Even Obama could not achieve it. It can only come from all of us, as long as we keep it in mind and operate those changes in our day to day life.

††††††††† After all, it is a realistic and achievable goal. No need for government or any kind of authority to achieve a world free from discrimination and oppression, we only need to look at ourselves and change the way we go about doing what we do, no matter who we are and what we do.

††††††††† We all have within us this power to alleviate pain in this world, if we could only look at ourselves and treat everyone the way we only wish to be treated. And have this capacity to feel the pain we inflict unto others. Sounds like something right out of the Bible, and yet, dear me, I so wish we could understand it once and for all.

††††††††† The problem with equality is that it is often only defined as part of history, humankindís struggle to gain some equality and liberty in life and politics, including the right to a property, to achieve something in life no matter from which class we come from, ultimately not being a slave to anyone.

††††††††† Well, it might still be quite recent that women can now vote and be CEOs or Prime Ministers, that Black people no longer have to be slaves or suffer all sorts of discrimination, and that gay people do not have to be killed or commit suicide, but here we are, now we need to move on to another level of equality.

Even though this world is far from being perfect, as discrimination is still rampant and we still have to witness a woman or someone who speaks Spanish or a gay being President of the United States, the kind of equality and liberty I am now looking forward to, is the concept I was born with before I learnt the atrocities of history and took part in any social life. Am I upsetting you? Good, we are on the right track.

What I have in mind is much more at a personal level in our daily life, and perhaps much more selfish. Forgetting about the obvious initial struggles to get where we are today, I believe we have forgotten that there is still a long way to go, and that we need to realise and accept, that, in this world, we will never have complete equality, liberty and fraternity. And then, what can we do?

††††††††† I donít feel equal to anyone else on this planet, I never did, do you? If you do, then it must be one more of these great illusions democracies and public relations were capable to make you believe. The whole education and work system are based on inequalities, competition, whoís better than the next one, who should get that job, become the leader, the manager, the supervisor, and especially in politics, whoís going to be at the top controlling everyone else and tell them what to do.

††††††††† There is not really any equality or liberty in our society. If you think otherwise, then you must have had a very loose definition of these concepts to begin with. Or perhaps I am too extreme, an extremist, maybe even a terrorist?

††††††††† Why not, if that is what is required to operate real change in this world. I donít care what happens to me, and dear me, I certainly risk a lot to bring you this, everything in fact, as these are the times weíre living in. Well, as long as you think further, it is all worth it.

††††††††† Whatever you say, Sir! Iím no yes man. Certainly this is part of the problem. Are you a ďYes SirĒ kind of person? I donít doubt it, there is no way to function in this society otherwise. Iím sure weíre all subservient and submissive.Certainly this is part of the problem.

††††††††† The French are always on the street striking as soon as something smells bad. We should learn something from it, that we should always be on strike, as it does work somehow, believe me. Letís go on strike then, a general strike across the country, as the only way to be heard, us, the small and insignificant people, fighting for crumbs, never seeing the whole bread ahead of us, the one always ready for the slicing.

††††††††† I am inferior to just about everyone else on this planet. Everyone is fencing me with some authority or other, whether it is by law, by contract or convention, moral duties or responsibilities. It does not matter if you are being paid a salary, as if you are treated like a subhuman, if you just obey orders, pay dearly for any liberty you take, and live in fear of living another day because of corporate bullying, then you are a slave. Is this just not the life of everybody I just described? And donít we just wish to see an end to this?

††††††††† In the end, none of us are equals, and for my part, I have always felt unworthy and inferior to everyone. Iím sure a lot of us feel just the same. No matter how inflated your Ego might have become. We are well trained nowadays to inflate our own Ego even when there is no real reason for it to be inflated. Look at yourself, really, you are as miserable and insignificant as I am. We are all nothing, even the President.

Is it a conscious decision I have made then? I could study hard and finish top of my class, I could go into politics and eventually become Prime Minister (of Canada, as I doubt a foreigner could do so in England). I could learn management and end up running a few people around in all my superiority, even though there will always be a higher authority, someone superior to me who will in turn run me around, check up on me every second of the day.

The great idea of democracy was supposed to mean that everyone was equal in the eyes of the law, everyone could go into politics, everyone could own a property, no one would have to be frightened and be bullied into blindly following orders. This is where equality ends, because for the rest of what you will go through in your life, equality does not exist. How could it? For that, social hierarchies, any kind of hierarchy, would need to disappear, and truly all decisions and actions would need to be decided and accomplished by everyone, willingly.

For example, letís look at what a true equal society would be like. First of all, you could not be obliged to do anything, because equality means also the liberty to do something or not. As soon as you are coerced into doing something you do not want to do, then thatís it, equality is gone. Someone higher in the hierarchy, be it a parent, a teacher, a policeman, a social worker, a probation officer, a politician, or the law, has just confirmed that you are inferior, if not inexistent, or just existing to justify the whole hierarchy or system in the first place.

So a perfectly equal society means the liberty to go to school or not, whether you are just a child. Because even though you may be a child, you are still supposed to be equal to everyone else. I understand that inequalities are built on any pretext to justify why you are so inferior compared with others, and why you have to follow the orders of any authority, and cannot make your own decisions because of this or that, whatever, all that is gone in our utopia.

Once you are in school, if you decide to go, there could be no longer any competition, exams, comparisons between you and your other fellow students. Because this is the device by which society, at an early age, will decide how unequal and inadequate you are. So, some teacher will talk stupidities all day long in front of the class, and you could be free not to listen, to walk outside if you wish or to not show up for the rest of the week. And at the end you will not receive any test or mark or anything that could turn you into an inferior human being.

So now you are ready to find a job, if you wish it. There is no basis on which an employer can tell you that you are inadequate, we are all equal, independently from your abilities, knowledge, intelligence or experience. So if you want to be the director of a conference company, or a surgeon, then you should be. And the salary you will receive and the amount of taxes you will pay should be the same whether you are a surgeon, a director or a refuse collector, otherwise, we are not equal. In any case, no one will be your superior and no one can tell you what to do. If you decide to go on a drinking binge for two weeks, you donít have to tell anyone, you have that liberty to do whatever you want, without consequences.

I could continue, but you get the point. A society where we would truly be equal and have the liberty we feel we deserve, would be chaos. And so, equality and liberty cannot exist, which might explain why the education system is more about testing you and comparing you with others, than actually learning something worthwhile and productive for society, without all the pressure.

So letís clearly state it, in this world none of us are equal, and our freedom is ridiculously restrained, as restrained as the one of prisoners. Think about it, there is not much difference between you and a prisoner, if you are working full time. The latter might have more time to live freely in his or her own mind than you do, as long as they are not being bullied by fellow prisoners or police officers, but is it not the same at work? It certainly affects you the same way, for someone who knows nothing of what could be worse.

The way most corporate hierarchies are going about it in this day and age, plagued with bullying tactics, discrimination and a rigid authority controlling your life to the minute, you could easily described them as tyrannies or dictatorships. However I will settle here for calling them autocracies.

An autocracy is a form of government in which the political power is held by a single, self-appointed ruler (he who rules by one's self). Compare with oligarchy (literally means rule by the few), and democracy (rule by the majority). So you see, at any rate we are far from living in any kind of democracy. The President or the Prime Minister of the country still decides for everyone, and at work the President or CEO or General Manager of the organisation decides for everyone, via a string of VPs, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, my God, the list is infinite.

As for the last part of the French motto, fraternity or brotherhood, you already know what I think about this, you cannot hope that anyone will come and rescue you. Everyone is selfish and will think of its own person and family before even thinking about helping anyone else. Worse than that, I am sure you have noticed how excited and pleased your colleagues are when you are in trouble and you are called in the office for a little chat. How quickly they forget that they will be next, and that this is a serious problem that requires attention. This patronising, this bullying, I could easily make it my life long ambition to eradicate those in the work environment, as I suffered so much from this wherever I was, whatever I was doing.

We rarely witness any sort of fraternity or brotherhood in life, I seldom did. If you feel otherwise, then you must be one of those happy go lucky persons that whatever it is that they do wrong, everything goes for the best in the best world there is (then you are brainless). I would think you are the exception rather than the norm, and probably there must be an excellent reason to explain why strangers would break their back to help you, or even your family and friends, when for the most of us they would rather let us die in the street than give us money or help us in any way when weíre in trouble.

I have a normal loving family, I have normal loving friends, and every time I was at the deep end, none of them came to help, even though I had to go through the humiliation of asking for their help. In the end, a stranger in Switzerland came to my help, she was the only one, and so, yes, you can still expect sometimes, very rarely, the exception confirming the rule. So much guilt I feel about this now, I wish to pay it back twenty times over, and I will one day. One should be able to survive on its own. If society cannot provide this, then society is to be blamed. This life, surviving, ainít easy. Donít tell me otherwise, I have lived, I know. Donít sell me Jesus, I want to be free!

The fact remains that generally fraternity and brotherhood simply do not exist. And if somehow someone helps you, like some religious group for example, you can bet they do so expecting something in return, normally with some hidden interest that it may take you a while to figure out. By then it is too late, you are trapped. Beware of all those preying over your head, they will only limit you so ever more. Donít think, just do what youíre told! No longer, as here comes freedom, and what a liberation! Finally we can breathe around here!

If society was so ready to help everyone, then we would have solved poverty worldwide by now, we would not drop another bomb on some city anywhere in the world, there would be no war, we would all be happy. As this is also impossible for now, then we cannot expect any time soon that it will change, and that out of the blue suddenly everyone will start loving each other.

There is no love in this world, and when there is, thereís usually an ulterior motive to it, even the one of wishing to reach heaven. It is now time to be reminded to try to be more compassionate, and I feel many of us are doing a genuine effort to do so, but only to a certain point. In the end we are all selfish and we all worry first about our own survival. This fact needs to be taken into account when rebuilding this world, after its soon to be destruction, since everything seems to have been planned that way.

So despite the French motto of Equality, Liberty, Fraternity, which is basically the same ideals and values that America boasts it is following, with perhaps the Freedom of Speech on top of it, which is now as good as dead, we know deep down that it is all an illusion. And somehow they try very hard to convince us that it is real, when we all know it is not.

It is called propaganda, and we all fell for it. Just like in Russia, when for a very long time common people were very poor, never eating enough, living under an oppressive regime, and yet they all believed they were living in the best country in the world. Whether they truly believed it or not, or that they thought that everywhere else it was even worse than in their own country, I am not certain, but the propaganda over there has been very successful, just like it is now in our own Western civilisations. One needs to free itself from all this.

We all think that we have the freedom to do whatever we want, that we have a perfect democracy that works, that we are all purer than pure and compassionate and helping, that we are all advanced and so much more civilised than in the past, and yet, when you stop for a second to assess it all, you realise that it is all but a lie.

But to find out about it, you need to do a bit of research, you need to start thinking for yourself, and you cannot do that whilst watching the TV or reading the newspapers, because the mainstream media are either blind to it, fear reprisals or some consequence, and therefore become part of the propaganda machine. They certainly report blindly all the statistics, news and opinion polls the government provides them with, they certainly donít question anything. This state of affair has brought us to the brink of collapse, and weíre still heading right for the centre of the black hole.

The Internet is the last remaining tool for the truth, and that too will disappear within years, if not months. Laws are already limiting a lot of information on the Internet, it is a just a question of time before it too becomes like the mass media and part of the lie. Have you tried lately to find out the lottery results on the Internet at work? Did you get the Blank Screen of Death? More than half the Internet is blocked to me at work. And from moving from this situation of being one at work to one at home, is a question of time, it is but only one step away.

There are serious talks in France of limiting who can put texts online, that it would first require the decision of a publisher of magazines or books. They want to turn the Internet into what the world of mainstream media has become, where only a handful of people can publish anything or be heard. And of course, whatever then will reach anyone will be sanitised to the point that it will be difficult to understand exactly what the author was meant to denounce, if anything.

Faced with this situation that we do not have what we thought we had, that none of those great rights and freedoms we thought we had actually exist, and even worse, that it would be utopian to believe that such a world could exist, what can we do? There is no equality, none of us decide anything around here, soon we wonít even have the right to denounce it.

Well, first you need to be aware of it. You also need to find the truth in any way you can. You also need to accept the fact that we are not equal, we have no real liberties or freedom to speak of, and that democracy is not what they claim it is. After that, no one will take you for a fool, at the very least, and manipulate you into doing something that truly you should not be doing, or that you simply do not wish to do. And then letís hope that some sort of change or salvation will eventually come.

And then you have to work in the details of everyday life, about how to go about eliminating a little bit more everyday those inequalities, this lack of freedom. How to be a bit more compassionate and helpful toward everyone, even strangers, and somehow be ready to tell any authority when something is just not what you want, or is down right not acceptable. Find ways to stop something horrible before it happens, even in a small capacity, on a small scale. It might make a bit of a difference, reduce bureaucracy and autocracy somehow, or at least make it less rigid, and it might bring a little more happiness into this world.

At this time we are not what we claim we are, we are not even making an effort to become what we claim we are. You cannot count on any government or authority to change that, you can only change it yourself on a personal level in your day to day life, all of us together, somehow.

We are not equal, we will never be equal, but we can stop pretending that we are and we can work toward making us a bit more equal. Is there any compassion left within you? Is there any compassion left in this world?







††††††††† Mr. President, it is getting harder to understand and follow up on your hidden agendas. Whatís next, the total annihilation of humanity? Except of course for you and all those billionaires, who miraculously will not be affected by the greatest financial depression since 1929. We feel you will all be partying like if it was 1929, as perhaps this is how you make your fortune, whilst the rest of us, fools, will foot the gargantuan bill.

††††††††† Mr. President, what is the truth now? Was 9/11 planned? Is this financial terror also artificially created by you? Is it true that by your doing, democracy is now dead? I bet you still have plans to attack Iran despite the anticipated disastrous consequences.

††††††††† You give the impression to be pushing for the Third World War in order to profit through all those war contracts, and in the long term, reap more profits out of oil contracts by beating Russia to it. You seem to be willing to sacrifice America and the world, in the pursuit of your own self interests and greed.

††††††††† Mr. President, do you really care if the price of oil goes ballistic, if the whole U.S. economy goes bust and if America goes bankrupt? I believe we can confirm that you helped a great deal in eradicating the middle-class in America, and did nothing if not worsen the fate of those 37 million Americans living in utter poverty. Must be nearly 100 millions now, soon to be all 300 millions.

††††††††† It is true that in your country, not only no one can afford health care, but also, no one can afford any kind of justice through the legal system. In Eastern Europe, even in many places in the Third World, people have free access to health care and justice.

††††††††† You may soon be responsible for turning your country, the United States of America, into something worse than a Third World country. What a great President you are. Tell us, tell us your legacy, for all of us, for history. Tell us how brilliantly you succeeded in working for your own interests, the ones of your family, closest advisers and corporate partners. I hope one day, if you do not tell us the truth, we will at least find out. Maybe we already found out and somehow it is not reaching anyone.

††††††††† Mr. President, is it true that electoral ballots are rigged, that those voting machines are easy to manipulate, and elections have been stolen twice? It does seem that McCainís victory is now assured no matter how people will vote. I have heard that you might declare a state of emergency before the next elections, and even declare martial law and cancel the elections in order to stay in power.

††††††††† I cannot believe, whilst the rest of the world is completely clued up about you, that half of America would still wish to vote for the Republicans. It must be true that somehow you even found a way to control not only all the main electoral opinion polls, but all the mass media as well.

††††††††† Is it possible that nothing we read or watch on TV, is the truth any longer? It appears that most key journalists are all now on the payroll of your corporate friends financing your campaigns, and they are the only ones reporting to the masses. Are we so deluded that we think the nation thinks a certain way, vote a certain way, when this is all but a lie?

††††††††† John McCain, the Republicans, cannot possibly be still popular. Too much has gone through, too much has been said, too much evidence against such corruption at every single level of this society has become known and is now transparent.

††††††††† Nothing we do makes any sense anymore. Trying to figure out your big plan for a fascist state is not easy, because we have to see through all the lies, read between all the lines, and there is no real resistance against you. We cannot be heard, we cannot get through. We have the facts, we have proof, we write and publish books about it, and yet, somehow, you are still winning, only your own distorted truth reaches us all.

††††††††† If I was not fighting you, Mr. President, I would be so depressed from the fact that the people have become so powerless to stop you, I would commit suicide. As it stands, Iím still hoping I can make a difference, alone, against such power, the power of corruption, the power of lies, when it comes from the authorities against such a small voice, the voice of millions of people.

††††††††† Your citizens you are paid to represent, whilst you did everything else but represent them in the last decade. What a traitor you are to your own nation, what traitors are Republicans to their own country! And donít kid yourself, it is now common knowledge all over the world.

††††††††† And the world knows that Democrats are not to be trusted either, they supported you and your hidden agendas all the way. Your supremacy is absolute, and will be ongoing. So much so, we have all lost faith in democracy, in politics, in our institutions. We can no longer trust anyone. Complete chaos you leave behind, and a national debt which can never be repaid, sinking the rest of the world with it as everything is now so interlinked together.

††††††††† It was well done! People say you are brainless, others that you are a psychopath, it is because they ignore your true hidden agendas. At the very least I will acknowledge your brilliance, what a clever man you are! Never would have I dreamt someone would have the guts to go through with such grand plans, and this time it might actually succeed beyond your expectations. True, it is the third time, if not the fourth, your family has tried this sort of worldwide takeover. Letís study this further.

††††††††† Mr. President, perhaps you would like to tell us the truth about your grandfather helping Hitler rise to power, by financing his campaign, and thereafter his company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act. And that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish your family fortune and set up its political dynasty:


††††††††† Maybe you should tell us about your great-grandfather who was also involved in the armament business during the First World War, and somehow worked towards making it happen in order to profit from it:


††††††††† And we would welcome a few words about your actual family involvement in the 70s in the Savings and Loan Scandal which cost American tax payers over $1.4 trillion dollars. Are todayís events just a repeat of this corporate theft on a grand scale, interests that you and your family represent? Most of you are all sitting on these boards of directors, of these large corporations who profit from all these irrational decisions we have made recently. We have a hard time keeping track of whoís who in your family, and whoís doing what exactly. We all know though that it represents gross conflict of interests, and yet you get away with it:


††††††††† Well, now you know why I do not trust you, why I am sure you are lying through your teeth, and I demand we change the name of that airport in Texas which is in your name, as now this is a shameful name all over the world.

††††††††† It is a safer bet that the brother, son, grandson or great grandson is doing exactly the same thing his family has always been doing, and the signs are there that you are, as corrupt as all of them, fomenting world wars and global control of the world. Repeating history, the same schemes to steal as much money as possible from anyone and everyone, ensuring your family will always remain somehow in power, in charge of the world, creating chaos. There is no doubt John McCain will simply continue this legacy.

††††††††† I wonder how long it will be before your brother becomes the American President, and hence, of the world. So powerful you have made the United States, that it dictates worldwide, without the need for diplomacy. Just listen to the voice of those cannons, of those nuclear warheads, they are heading our way.

††††††††† But for how long, you have brought about the destruction of your country, as greed and power were far more important to your family, than the health and wealth of your own countrymen. How so unpatriotic of you, to turn the multiple millionaires into billionaires, whilst the rest of the country starves to death and has only one solution left, civil war. Something you are in fact encouraging, as it serves your purpose, and you are ready for it. Hoping the financial meltdown might suffice to provoke such a state of affair.

††††††††† Mr. President, explain yourself on those concentration camps in the U.S. awaiting just this sort of thing, a civil war. Capable of holding thousands of people, equipped with millions of plastic coffins in preparation for the bloodshed of the century:


††††††††† I stopped reading newspapers years ago, because I could not stand reading all those lies coming out of political life, whether I was in Canada, in the United Kingdom, in France or in the United States. As it happens, I have lived in all those countries, and everywhere you had to dig deep indeed to find the real truth behind any headline. And how such other matters of heightened surveillance and destruction of freedom and privacy are taken so lightly. Describing in detail the police state and Big Brother state we live in, as if it was a matter of normalcy.

††††††††† And the rest of the people unaware of it, with statistics telling them that this is what they want and always wanted. Of course, none of us ever wanted any kind of freedom in this life. Your statistics are so blatantly lying, it is ridiculous. No one can ever trust anything coming out of any government, certainly not any kind of statistic or opinion poll, not at this time anyway.

††††††††† I was tired of lies, of ignorance, of the collaboration everyone seemed eager to give any authority in their pursuit to our unhappiness. It does drain you, if you have a brain to see through all that. You might then wish you were brainless and could go on living in absolute ignorance. Somehow you canít, as it hits you on the head on every street corner. So in our life, so in our face, all this is. Still, most people are asleep. Or are they? Or is it just the impression the mass media is giving, pretending to?

America is not stupid, America is awake! I feel it might suddenly wake up with no warning, and it will overpower any contingency plan Mr. President might have thought would be sufficient to contain any such revolution.

††††††††† You cannot contain 300 million people when they demand the head of their President. And it is about time something happen to stop you, Mr. President. It doesnít matter how many days you have left in office, because from you, we can expect anything at any time, and donít we know it!

††††††††† The impeachment procedures might be going nowhere, they still went far enough to prove one thing: you are guilty and you deserve to be impeached. If not sued for crimes against humanity, but that will come in its own time.

††††††††† The main problem with truth is that we are all obsessed with it and we are ready to sacrifice a lot just to find out any old truth about anything, but most especially about us. On the other hand, the other main problem with truth is that we were all born with this extraordinary ability to lie most of the time. You can see now why the battle between truth and lie has often been mistaken with the battle between good and evil.

††††††††† It is generally accepted that truth is good, and lie is evil. It must be written in stone in virtually every single bible or religious book on the planet. It is also one of the first things you learn when you are a kid, not to lie or else there will be consequences. And when you are caught lying, I dare say, there are dire consequences.

††††††††† You might even hear it on your first day in school, it must be a golden rule, if not the most important one of any teacher. Courts of law are all about finding the truth, so much so that the sooner you tell the truth and your trial cracks, the lighter your sentence will be. But waste the peopleís money, lying until the very end, and see what happens to you. The law will not forgive you, because then lying becomes almost a bigger crime than whatever else you may have been charged with, be it murder.

††††††††† As for the government, the police, employers and financial institutions, they have now finally developed extracting the truth out of you to a fine art. I have found that, within the last five years, you could still get away with lying a little bit, but no longer. Not since all those Patriot Acts in the U.S. and Terrorists Laws in the United Kingdom, as those laws are not applicable to so-called terrorists, those laws are all designed and applied to all of us. You might still be blind to this, it wonít be long before you realise it though. Just check out the cases going through the legal system, it will suddenly become all clear.

††††††††† I nearly lost my job last week because I said I had taken no sick day at work, when in fact I took seven. It wasnít a lie as it turned out, as at the time that I wrote my second application form, in order to become permanent, I had taken no sick days. And yet, they saw a lie and they were not joking about it. The smallest lie is punishable by utter destruction, you will lose your career, you will lose your house, you will lose your family, you will lose all your benefits, you will lose your freedom to move and travel to other countries, you will lose money, you will end up in Court for fraud or whatever else they can think of.

††††††††† You are constantly being recorded on every phone call you make, every single e-mail you send, and it doesnít matter if you were truly genuine about everything, but somehow a little white lie came out of your mouth and they can prove it, you are then finished.

††††††††† Cameras everywhere, an army of colleagues, friends and bystanders ready to backstab you, as amazing as this may sound, you can no longer get away with doing anything wrong at all, and you better know the law, as ignorance is no defence.

††††††††† It is a shame really, because lying is second nature to all of us, and to be honest, we should be able to get away with lying a bit, or else it is chaos awaiting us. Politicians lie all the time, and they do pay the price when they are found out (well, sometimes). The police and the prosecution in Court are lying all the time, certainly a lot of white lies, or else they would never get their defendants convicted.

††††††††† Will your employer, after you have brought them up into a work tribunal, really admit that they have victimised you in some way? Watch them move the Earth with their army of lawyers in order to ensure their success. I have heard the worst lies ever coming from management and HR departments, because at the end of the day, the end justifies the means. And this end is to get you sack without pay, as you must always be in the wrong.

††††††††† If somehow a new drug was invented and no one could lie anymore, or even simple telepathy was now possible after a new technology came to the market, I would very much like to see what kind of world that would be. It is obviously what the government and the police always wanted, a perfect and infallible lie detector.

††††††††† Dear me, if they could read your mind, you bet this would be turned into law immediately, and you could never ever again get away with anything. Though weíre there already, through other clever ways they came up with, mostly by gaining access to all sorts of databases and linking them all together. Wherever these databases come from, be it innocent companies offering services on the Internet.

††††††††† I cannot imagine any Court of law declaring such lie detector unlawful. Will the human rights in that context allow us to lie once in a while, even if it is just to make something really bad look a little bit better? No such right to lie will ever be granted to anyone by anyone, and yet, considering that it is second nature to all of us to lie, you would think they would think twice about this, allow for some attenuating circumstances.

††††††††† But they donít, they never will. Our politicians, our Mr. President, must obey the same rules, they must not lie at any time, and must pay dearly if they do. It does so happen that we can prove that most politicians lie most of the time.

††††††††† If one day lies are no longer possible for whatever reason, it will be chaos. Can you imagine if I cheated on my partner a few times and came back home to admit it all in the greatest details? My relationship would be over instantly. Can you imagine me going to work tomorrow morning and tell every single one of my colleagues what I truly think of them, including my boss? They would kick me out the door so fast, I could quite possibly go faster than the speed of light.

††††††††† It wouldnít matter though, every single employee would also be kicked out as soon as they finished telling us their true colours and all the things they said behind our back, and all the other backstabbing that we all know goes on daily in every single office on this planet.

††††††††† If the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain went on the news tonight to tell us the real truth behind recent events, we would most likely be declaring the Third World War instantly, and most probably suffer a few civil wars as well in the process.

It is not reasonable to expect the truth from anyone. We know we lie all the time, we know we can expect people to lie all the time. And now it has become a game of digging out the truth until people get caught, and then we can create scandals all over it, destroy careers, plans, schemes, families, companies, economies, everything! Such a Big Brother state is not worth it at any rate, because then we are all guilty, we are all criminals, every single one of us!

Who would want to live anyway in a world where no one would be lying? How boring would that be? There would be no need for us to worry about anything, any problem would be confronted on the spot, we would always know exactly what everyone think of us. There would be no more mysteries to uncover, truth to find, people to destroy.

We could stop worrying sick about what we think people think of us, the anger inside because once again someone lied about us would disappear. We could actually live much better lives, happy in all, assuming of course that somehow our nature would change as a consequence of everyone knowing everything about everything.

Would you not feel better now that you have told the truth? How many times have you heard that, and thought no, I wonít feel better, but somehow admit that yes you feel better about it. When you see the direct consequences of telling any truth, you certainly can only regret it. Letís keep the pretence, letís save face, why not add another lie on top of it all?

It is very simple, if you can no longer get away with lying, then perhaps you will change, maybe you will never lie again, maybe the whole humanity will stop lying overnight. Is it the case though? No, weíre all still lying, I cannot see this ending any time soon. The fact that we no longer get away with it, just causes more trauma and destruction along the way, makes this existence impossible to everyone.

And one day, maybe, we will finally get the message, all of us, the whole world, we will never lie again. That would be the day that any form of authority, and even your loved ones, will have total control over you, over your thoughts, over your mind, everything. You might then call it mind control.

Will ensue the inside struggle to keep happy when you actually are quite depressed, keep thinking positive whilst your dark thoughts could actually annihilate a few small countries. And whatever you do, perhaps you will be better off not thinking and not talking at all, stop living altogether. And it all starts with this obsession with the truth, when you can only expect lies from your fellow citizens, your politicians, and even from Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister.

Often we only lie to protect the people we love. Sometimes we lie for a bit of freedom, I donít know, getting off work 10 minutes earlier, or get an extra 10 pounds or something, or an extra 100,000 pounds. Well, in that case you are going too far, greed takes over, and then I understand that some punishment is in order. But for most of it, lies are just a way to gain a little bit more freedom, happiness, or make an already unbearable situation just a little bit more bearable. Nothing threatening, nothing really to worry about, when considering the other side of the coin, the police state, the Big Brother state, the nightmare of such an existence.

If there is truly one thing every parents should teach their kids, or teachers their pupils on the first day in school, is not that they should not lie, but that we are human beings, we cannot change our nature. Everyone lies, and if you do not lie yourself, they will manipulate you so fast in your life, they will have you for breakfast. So watch out!

Yes, better learn to lie convincingly as soon as possible, learn to distinguish between lies and truths whenever anyone speaks to you, be it from any form of authority, as they lie all the time but expect only the truth from everyone else. And good luck with your life.

In any circumstance, never expect the truth, or at least all the truth, and you will be better off not to become obsessed by it. Be happy, somehow, with all these lies you are being fed on a daily basis by everyone you will ever encounter. And most importantly, never lie yourself, as you can no longer get away with it. But how could you achieve such a feat. Then, be ready for the consequences.

After all, it is only human nature to lie all the time. Isnít this right, Mr. President?







††††††††† Beyond you, a whole world needs to be saved. We are at war. This war is illegal. Our leaders are being prosecuted for war crimes against humanity. This genocide has been accomplished by soldiers who were following orders. It has screwed their mind up, they can no longer live with their own conscience. So, when they decided they had enough of killing people and faced being killed for no reasonable justification, and that they simply walked away and decided to face either the electric chair or a seven year hard labour sentence, we have to consider them the real heroes of this war. We need to give them amnesty. We would have done the same, just to be able to live with our own conscience.

††††††††† No pity for the guilty. It takes courage to face a death sentence over continuing an illegal war and genocide. More courage than most of us will ever show in our lifetime. We have not been brainwashed into becoming killing machines, trained to forget to think and simply follow orders. Who do you think killed those one million plus Iraqis? Your sons and daughters, and they are still at it, and far worse, against their will, against the will of the whole planet. It has to stop! Sooner rather than later.

††††††††† I donít need to be reminded that I am dying now, we donít need to be reminded, that we are dying now. And that it is all in-house, pure self-destruction, and that there is no need for it. Are we a dying civilisation, desperate to strike wherever we can, while we can? What a great bully we are, unable to see the full consequences of our actions. Shame on us all!

††††††††† If we could only change our perspective, change our collective will, that we will do well in this world. And go about doing it and save ourselves, and save the world. We can, and so we should. No need to bring about destruction and death to this world, because this is now what we are, great destroyers of worlds. I so wish we could justify it, but can we? I canít, can you?

††††††††† It is in our power, and if it is not, it should be in our power, to change the world. It is, after all, in the Constitution. Or has it been erased from itÖ I canít keep up with all those patriotic laws, because, oh dear, Iím so unpatriotic, and dear me, I feel it might save me not to be. To be a patriot nowadays is tantamount to be a traitor to oneís nation and what it stands for, and has been standing for, for centuries. Who are you? What do you stand for? Do you really stand for this mass killing?

††††††††† This is not the first or second world war, this is not the Nazis trying to take over the world in a surprising successful manner, to establish a dictatorship over us all. This war is not about saving us, protecting us, against a foreign power trying to control us and eradicate our freedom and our rights.

††††††††† This illegal war can only have one purpose, ensuring that the dollar will still be the currency of the world, that rich oil and gas corporations will have full access to all natural resources in the world without having to pay fairly for it. This war cannot be justified, unless we wish to be called evil, a nation taking without asking what does not belong to us.

††††††††† Fair trade, fair play, diplomacy, adapting to what the world throws in our path, sensibility and compassion, compromise, is what is required in this world at this time. Iraq has got oil, Afghanistan has got drugs, we need those for whatever reason. Well, we will just have to pay for it in honest trade. And whoever produces it, will just have to profit from it. Not us after taking it over against all international laws.

††††††††† At the moment, we pay much more than it is actually required through these wars, for something we need not pay so much for, and for profits that would not benefit any of us. Let me stress this again. If we were to pay fairly for those resources, it would cost us far less than what we spend in wars to acquire it all, against the law.

††††††††† The difference resides in the fact that once the costly war is over, paid by us all, it will only profit corporations who spent nothing toward these wars, except financing political parties. Only those corporations will profit from these wars. Oh, they remain so clean that way! But oh so dirty they are, and so much destruction they bring about. That no political party ever should be able to benefit from any outside monetary source ever again. First law to pass. And gone will be all those lobbying groups who believe so rightly that they can buy their way of life, not ours.

††††††††† I understand Iran might possibly have nuclear weapons, or might soon have nuclear weapons. And that no matter how bad the depression might be, we will have to annihilate them to ensure our security. This is a recipe for disaster. It can only bring us to sink further into the black hole.

††††††††† We will have to accept that Iran will become a new nuclear power in the world. We have no choice. We cannot commit another genocide and annihilate 70 million Iranians. We will simply have to learn diplomacy and fair trade. Then Iran will never be a worry again. This is the only voice of reason.

††††††††† Come on! We do not need to start a Nuclear Third World War over Iran developing a nuclear weapon, it would be the end of us all. We can only accept it and trade fairly. Because then, it would not be Iran we would fight, it would be Russia and China. Are we ready to die over a few billion worth of oil? When we donít even need oil to survive in this world?

††††††††† It is time to take radical decisions and move on to cleaner energies. It is time to stop those rich corporations from controlling us and dictating our destiny. We are almost there, almost past the need for oil and natural gas, almost past the need to fight and go to war over natural resources. If we can just continue a little longer, until some sort of breakthrough in science, or simply a radical law about moving to cleaner energies, not requiring all that we are fighting for, then humanity will survive. At least a little longer. Can we just be reasonable and stop those useless wars? Already we have all the solutions we require, there is no need to fight over any of this. There is no need to die over any of this!

††††††††† I get angry when I hear of how certain people will call deserters traitors. When I hear that some righteous bastards, who did not enrol into the army in the first place, feel the right to assault army deserters. When us, the people, could consider executing or sending to prison young soldiers who showed a conscience. Most of them are already gone anyway in their mind, for the rest of their life. They already went for a tour of Afghanistan or Iraq, there is no need to send them for a second round of mass killings, from which they might never return.

††††††††† This is not a war about protecting our families, our nation. To ensure we will keep democracy and freedom. We have already lost all that, through no fault of our enemies, and we dare hope that new administrations will bring it back, but we have no guarantee. It seems that it will be business as usual, and that it might only get worse. Oh dear, is there no hope in this world?

††††††††† Imagine, a traitor to the nation, who decides that after killing so many people, and escaping so many times a certain death, that he or she can no longer live with his or her own conscience. These people are already dead, they have gone mad, never again will they function normally in society. Their onlook on life is totally new, unexpected. They know what is going on, what they have done. They suffer from what we have done to them. Brainwashing, perhaps even packed them with drugs, in order to make them the perfect soldiers, killing machines necessary to accomplish the genocides of the new millennium. At a time when there was no need for any of it.

††††††††† So civilized we thought we had become, and yet, it is just more of the same. An immature humanity still being dictated what to do by a few bad men. No hope for peace, when we are the attackers, when we are all about pre-emptive strikes against targets that show no threat. We are as bad as the Nazis, we are the evil ones in this war.

††††††††† The last deserters who were executed were from that era, the Second World War. I would not be talking like this today if we were attacked and we were defending our nation against an evil force. I would feel that deserters had it coming and were an example to the rest of them, to the rest of us. Freedom and democracy, after all, have to be saved at any cost. And if a generation has to be sacrificed to ensure their continuity for the next generations to come, so be it.

††††††††† But there you are. We have already lost everything we could hope to be fighting for. There is no more democracy, there is no more freedom of any kind. And none of it was a consequence of those wars. Explain that!

††††††††† Those wars are not only illegal, they have no purpose other than making oil and gas corporations money. A soldier today has the duty to speak against it, to walk away, to become a deserter. But I know how difficult this is. There is a whole hierarchy in the army, which is why these feelings need to be felt and addressed higher in the hierarchy. You can either save your nation, or be a participant in its total annihilation. We are near collapse, on every side, about everything. The next few years should be interesting, if we can survive them.

††††††††† This is an illegal war. There are serious talks about prosecuting our leaders for war crimes against humanity. This is not conspiracy theory, this is reality. Any deserter has a strong case to make. These are no criminals, they are the ones with a conscience, they are the ones who already had their life destroyed. Never again will they ever function normally in society.

††††††††† None of them should be prosecuted, all of them should get amnesty. And most soldiers should follow their example, and higher up in the hierarchy, is where this all needs to happen. So speak up, for the people under you, you are their only salvation.

††††††††† When your leaders make irrational decisions, when your leaders are risking the very existence you are there to protect, you have to speak, you have to denounce it, you have to protect the ones under you. Amnesty is logical, necessary, obvious.

††††††††† And I am now talking to all those judges who will preside over these courts martial. Do not be evil, be human. These kids, our sons and daughters, who had the courage to face far worse than it would have been if they had simply lacked courage, to walk away, and continue to kill mercilessly, those are what this nation requires. Those are the soldiers with a brain and a conscience that this society needs. At most, I suggest a community order, a few hours unpaid to help veterans of war, they certainly need it, for what we made them suffer. Certainly not a prison sentence, in the circumstances.

††††††††† And the way we go about recruiting new soldiers, is so immoral, so unethical, that it has been reported that there has been a high suicide rate amongst those army recruiters. Letís face it, an army capable of developing and offering the most violent PC game downloadable for free over the Internet, who will stop at nothing to get our sons and daughters to sign up for the exciting life of killing people and get killed, when there is no real necessity for it, can only be called entrapment. And so they do entrap many of us, desperate enough, too clueless to realise what we are signing for. Oh dear, I feel despair.

††††††††† Because this is where it becomes all so unethical and immoral. The contract those soldiers have to sign. It is for life that they give their soul and body, because once signed, that contract, they no longer belong to themselves. They no longer have any freedom. They can no longer break the contract. There is no provision for such a thing. If they break the contract, it is death that awaits them, or sentences that are more extreme than the ones we give to murderers.

††††††††† No one in their right mind, in normal circumstances, would ever sign a work contract with any company, stating that they give themselves entirely to the company for life, and that there is no way out. One month notice is all that is required on both sides to terminate such a contract.

††††††††† It is immoral and unethical that the State should offer such contracts to any soldier. It is not reasonable for anyone to give up their entire existence to anyone or anything, no matter what the circumstances. This is against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights. Any soldier, just like any employee anywhere in the world, should be able to break the contract of employment within a monthís notice, two at most. Otherwise, I call upon this planet every single union that exists, those same unions supposed to protect us, and let them state what should be, and if it is acceptable that one signature should doom forever the unthinking and misinformed entrapped person for life.

††††††††† We would not expect anyone to sign their life and soul to any company. We should not demand it from our soldiers for the nation. It is not reasonable to ask for a signature, and then own their existence until we see fit to let them go. This is contrary to everything we stand for, freedom, equality, fraternity. These soldiers should have the same rights as anyone else. One monthís notice, two if they are already abroad killing people. After that, total freedom, just as it should be. Especially when considering our immoral and unethical ways of recruiting them in the first place.

††††††††† Then, there would be no more deserter, they would know that they can get out of it all just like any of us can get out of any job we ever sign a contract for. Who knows, maybe there is a way to shoot bullets in the air instead of at people, or sending a rocket a few meters away from the real target, for a month or two further, until finally here comes freedom again, and feel the escape from it all? Maybe there is a way to minimise the genocide? And live with oneself afterwards?

††††††††† All those things going through my mind! Saving myself, saving people, as some sort of salvation. Can I still reach heaven? No, it is too late for that. I should have thought about it before giving up my soul to my country, a country so powerful, that it never required me giving up my soul to it in the first place. Not at this time when there is no threat, and when there never was a threat to begin with.

††††††††† Considering how disloyally and in bad faith the army recruits new soldiers, I feel, I fear, we have to put a stop to it. If the government so strongly feels that it requires more recruits, let them justify to congress that conscription is essential. Let them convince us that this war is justified, somehow, if they can.

††††††††† We all know it is not, we all know it is all a war for profit, and that none of us will ever profit from it, and that our duty is only to kill more people and avoid getting killed. None of us know why! None of it makes any sense!

††††††††† Amnesty, it is amnesty that we need to guarantee all deserters. We need to invite desertions, breaking of an immoral and unethical contract that goes against the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am also talking about The United Kingdom here, not just the United States.

††††††††† Let us be free! Let us free the world! Let us be fair, let us listen to reason, let us understand and be compassionate! Let us recognise our real heroes of the war. Letís guarantee amnesty to all deserters, let us guarantee amnesty to all future deserters!

††††††††† We understand you! We would have done the same. The future will prove you right. And hopefully you will be allowed to come back and live a normal life, despite all that we made you suffer, without good justification.

††††††††† The Germans were not coming this time, God only knows why we put you through all that. But our leaders will pay for such lunacy, I can assure you. Your dad, your mom, your brother, will respect you again, they will see you for the hero you are.

††††††††† Iím so sorry, Iím so guilty, we are so guilty, please forgive me, and please, forgive us all. We were so wrong, but, we were so misguided by our leaders. It is no excuse, I know, we should have seen it coming, we should have known better. Never again should we be so blind. Never again. Especially when the Vietnam War already taught us all that we needed to know about the future, and yet, we remained blind to it all, condemned forever to make the same stupid mistakes, with far reaching consequences. We will never learn, we have only ourselves to blame.

††††††††† Welcome home son! Welcome back to your own country! Welcome back to normalcy, after the horrors we made you suffer. We admire and respect you for the decisions you made, for realising none of this was acceptable, or justifiable. And now, we will help you forget, we will help you accept, that none of this was your fault. You were only following orders. You will still go to heaven, or else, none of us will ever reach heaven.

††††††††† Thatís a promise. Total amnesty, even from God, or else, none of us deserve to be saved. Because none of this was justified, none of this was even legal as per international laws in the first place.

††††††††† Iím proud of you son! I only wish I did have the guts to do the same, walk away, to desert, once I would have realised what was truly going on. And now, let us deal with this court martial for you, let us deal with those judges, let us make them understand exactly what is going on, what has gone on. And here will come, from the whole world, an amnesty for you all!

††††††††† And now, we will prosecute the real criminals of these illegal wars. We will seek and gain, the maximum penalty for such real crimes.

††††††††† The war is over. Amnesty for everyone, because we were wrong, we acted against the law. You were right. Amnesty for all deserters, you are our only true heroes in this war. Only you decided to walk away against what was inhuman, against everything we are supposed to be and claim to be fighting for.

††††††††† There will be once again this world of freedom and democracy where happiness is possible. And this time it will not be a pretend world, that could so easily be overturned. It will exist and last, because we have no choice now but to rewrite the Constitution, and make it a written new Constitution that no despot will ever so easily go around to redefine, everything that we are, that we stand for. One man should never again have that kind of power, to destroy everything that we are! Curse forever the name Bush, for generations to come! Never again should a Bush come to power, or have we not learnt our lesson?

††††††††† This flag will once again be respected, and people will once again cry proudly whilst looking at it, and understand what that flag truly means for the whole of humanity. True democracy, true freedom, peace, love, emancipation, the right to happiness for all! Resources for us all!

††††††††† No one will go starving in this world, no one will ever feel despair, because we are all the same. And if managed with fairness, forgetting any kind of monetary market, there are enough resources for everyone in this world. We all deserve a happy and fulfilling existence. Never believe anyone telling you otherwise, never mind whatever else that might be happening in the world. We are all free, and we will all lead a happy existence.

††††††††† Just think such a world, and make it happen!







††††††††† Of all the issues I talk about within this book, immigration is potentially the most explosive and I am well aware that I could easily say something right here right now which could absolutely and irremeably annihilate any kind of career I might wish to pursue. Immigration is a touchy subject, filled with taboos, things people actually think with high fervour, and yet, are not allowed to speak at the cost of being shut down and ignored. There are problems to immigration that we cannot ignore, and they should be talked about.

††††††††† Fortunately, I never truly felt passionate about immigration, and so I can see and agree with both sides of the coin. The real problems are whenever something becomes extreme related to immigration, any event, any situation, any point of view, any speech, suddenly it spins out of control and we have a riot on our hands and feel surrendered by enemies whilst thereís a war going on.

††††††††† When I was young, with full intention to move and live in Europe, in the United States, in China and everywhere else, I firmly wondered why we had fenced the whole planet into large and small countries, moreover, I could not get my head around the fact that laws made it impossible for me to live in any other country but the one I was born in. To me then, there should have been no frontier anywhere, and no government should have been able to stop me from living wherever I wanted in the world. I still think like this sometimes, however it would be ignoring just about all the main issues of immigration, an idealistic point of view which could quickly bring about civil wars.

††††††††† First and foremost, there is this issue of a national identity, a shared culture within citizens of a same country, similar kind of values. Previously the governmentsí ideas about these issues were to integrate the immigrants within oneís society until they have been assimilated to our culture, our values, until they become part of our national identity. Nothing was supposed to change, however as soon as the immigration went out of control, you found many people sharing cultures and values completely different than the ones of the national identity. Rightly so, these people were not going to forget their own culture and accept Christianity just because they moved country. And if there are enough people like you around you, then why not create your own little community within the larger one.

††††††††† Governments understood these issues, and suddenly we embraced diversity and multi-cultural nations, but only to a certain extent. Because as soon as the immigrants wants more, or have their say about how things should be run around here, inevitably there will be a divide larger than an ocean, because values can differ to such an extent, it becomes an issue of the most basic human rights.

††††††††† A large Italian community in Toronto seems to have adapted very well in Canada. Same goes for Chinese, which also has a large community there. Muslims and Jewish people have not adapted so well, and there are clashes to this day. Religious values are important to those last two groups, and there seems to be insurmountable difficulties in adapting, in integrating, when perhaps there is no desire to do so in the first place. These groups have lobbied to change the established way of life to reflect theirs, obviously it was not received well within the national identity and the established values in place in Canada.

††††††††† So, whoís right, whoís wrong? How do we deal with these issues? Do we accept a compromise and let any group have their say and together create the world to be? Or do we fight back to save what we call our national identity, our own culture, our own values? Do we let more immigrants come into our countries every year and get them to live in their own communities as they used to in their our countries, or do we reduce immigration considerably and shut ourselves up to the world, protecting what remains of our land and values?

††††††††† One way or another, it is a no win situation. Whatever decision will be made, no one will be happy, because both sides are right, and both sides are wrong, depending on the issue.

††††††††† I believe the only solution is to remain far from any extreme. You donít open your frontiers widely to let in just about millions of people, but you donít fence yourself in either. You let communities develop on their own, you give them all the most basic human rights there are, but of course, you cannot suddenly sacrifice the national identity and the established values so quickly, as these needs to change in time as a society evolves.

††††††††† And most important, you should never limit your immigration to groups in needs, political refugees, people flying from persecution in their own countries, and so on. It is important to give them asylum and to open our doors to these groups, however sometimes it feels they are the only ones who can actually move to another country. I rarely meet Canadians or Americans in London, almost never. It is certainly not because none of them wish to move here, it is just that immigration laws make it impossible. I am still struggling after 15 years in London to get my British Citizenship, I canít afford it, the bureaucracy involved frightens and discourages me. That I am still here after all this time, is frankly a miracle, and it was the struggle of my life. I would have liked to live in America for a while, but I never will because I will not go through this a second time. It is true that I did move to Los Angeles for almost a year, but it was a contract, and even that was not easy and cost a fortune. We were only talking about a visa.

††††††††† On one side we protect ourselves to the point that no one can move to another country unless they are willing to go through a nightmare, and only if somehow they succeed in justifying their move. On the other side, for humanitarian reasons, we feel obliged to open our doors to millions of refugees from instable countries, often because of our own fault. The result, we see it today, it leads to ghettos and riots, a situation no one is happy with.

††††††††† I feel the situation today is not to close our doors even more, it is to open them even more. The European Community leaders seem to have understood that, and now hopefully some poorer countries get to be richer and more organized, to a point where their citizens might not wish to leave their country. And then, they can now go anywhere and work in any country in Europe. It is just my unlucky status that I am not a European national and so I must still suffer horribly with the immigration nightmare that we have built and which obviously does not work.

††††††††† We are very much afraid of foreigners, and no matter how much propaganda we could devise, we will still feel alienated by a large flow of immigration, especially if it comes mostly from a few countries and suddenly these new communities wish to impose their views and culture upon our own.

††††††††† How we get to the point of seeing all the sons of our neighbours like our own sons, and that they deserve more of a chance than the sons of foreigners, is perhaps a mystery that we may feel the need to fight, when human rights tell us otherwise.

††††††††† In most countries, if you are a foreigner who wish to study, the tuition fees go off the scale. It was meant to discourage foreign students, and give a chance to our sons and daughters, born from our ancestors, to have access to education. This has backfired, universities have immediately identified they needed money, and foreign students are plenty, and it pays well. So many decisions we make are not the wisest ones. And once we find out, we realise our mistake, and yet, we do not change them.

††††††††† In Canada, I was refused to do my Masters Degree, and I was not happy when I found out that most students doing a Masters were Chinese. I felt they took my place, because they brought more money in. I wish I could say that it was wrong of me to think like that, but it was an extreme, there were only Chinese students doing their Masters that year.

††††††††† But then, I saw the other side. I was accepted to study in Paris, and so I went. Moreover, foreign students in France donít need to pay exorbitant tuition fees, it is the same for everyone. I never realised that my presence there might be preventing a French national from studying in such a great institution. I was told once though, and it certainly made me angry, as I felt it was unjustified. A French man told me to go back to my own country, that there was no need for me to come to France and steal whatever resources there were from other French people.

††††††††† It certainly opened my eyes at the time. Because I felt like I was an immigrant, but of another class. A class of immigrants that people from any country would not mind to see immigrating in their own country. Canadians are after all well perceived worldwide. I finally understood that it was not true. Yes, I am white, yes, I come from a rich country, yes I speak excellent French and English, yes people from my country seldom immigrate since they donít feel the need, and so we will never for example find a whole community of Canadians in Central London fighting for their right to exist within the largest British population. And even if it had been the case, whatís wrong with that? Oh right, your national identity, your values, your resources meant for your sons and daughters.

††††††††† No matter what, I am still an immigrant, and people feel that I do not belong in any other country but my own, that when I study there, when I get a job there, I take it from their own sons and daughters, who will not be given the chance they feel they deserve because of my mere presence there.

††††††††† My arguments were also useless. I said the percentage of British people immigrating to Canada every year must be larger than the percentage of Canadian moving to Great Britain. And so it balances itself out, doesnít it? Your country takes me in, and my country takes of one of yours. Whereís the problem? I could have understood this reaction in London, because my first language is French. I could not understand it in France, where clearly my ancestors come from. It didnít matter, once an immigrant, always an immigrant. And the law does not discriminate, it is still impossible for me to live in France today, I could never immigrate and work there because of those laws. I will the day I get my British Citizenship, and only recently because of the new European laws, which I fear, might change overnight.

††††††††† So now you see why for me immigration is a touchy issue, why I can see both sides of the medal, and why I cannot take position on the subject. I see the truth in both camps, I see wrong in both camps. Ultimately I feel immigration policies have failed us terribly in the past, because they were extreme, they were meant to protect us from something, through our fears of foreigners, and ultimately they backfired and brought us all that we fear most.

††††††††† If you truly wish to move to another country, I believe it would be easier for you to first become rich in your own country, then simply move around from country to country for periods of three to six months at a time, as a visitor, never bothering with visas and immigration. It is easier to become rich in your own country than actually move country and face immigration laws.

††††††††† If your country is in turmoil, well, it is a different matter. If you can come up with a good reason to seek asylum anywhere in the world, Iím sure you will be able to. It wonít be easy, however it will be easier than first becoming rich. And once you reach your new country, there will be a whole community of people of your country there waiting for you, waiting to help you get a new start in your new life. You will stand a better chance to this new life than I ever was able to, as I never felt this urgency to survive like you must do after what you have gone through in your own country.

††††††††† For me, it is felt, that since I come from Canada, I have no good reason to wish to leave it or be accepted in any other country, I should in fact die where I was born. You donít need to be a psychic to understand that I loathe the very concept of this idea, that I feel that any human being should have the right to move anywhere in the world whenever he or she wants, and these immigration laws be damn!

††††††††† As for a true national identity, shared values and beliefs, how important these are to a nation, well, I think you cannot be hypocrites. If these are important to you, they are equally important to all of us. Integration, assimilation, those are ugly words. Diversity and multi-cultural societies is the rights way to go. And when one of those small communities become large enough to be able to request something from the majority, well, you will have to consider it, you may have to compromise. You could have saved yourself a headache in the past by abandoning such radical immigration laws, you could still save yourself for the future, and finally open your doors to everyone and avoid these ghettos of so-called undesirables. But weíre not living in that perfect universe, I doubt you will see the need to change your policies, and if your leaders do, I feel this will be highly unpopular, just because you always miss the larger picture and the consequences of your actions in the long term.

††††††††† By now, there should be a large community of Canadians, Americans, Europeans, and people from all over the world living in Britain. Now, the largest communities are Indians, Muslims, Africans, etc. At the moment the flow comes from Poland, and I wonder why it does not come from all over Europe. One day Poland will be a richer country, and then, Polish people will go back. One day people will immigrate not because they have to, but because they will wish to, just because they will have this desire to explore the world we live in and experience different cultures and ways of life.

††††††††† You will have to embrace the presence of the immigrants you already have and listen to them, you will have to compromise at some point. After all, we are all human beings, right? And those human rights, are for everyone, right? Even immigrants.

††††††††† Muslims are not about to leave your country, nor should they. This is now our country, all of us, and we will learn to live together, stop the discrimination, stop the creation of ghettos, stop being afraid of the difference. We are not threatened in any way by the presence of foreigners, if you feel you are, it is in your mind and it cannot be justified rationally, it would not stand in any court of law. Yes, I speak French, I donít believe in religion, and since my arrival in England 15 years ago, I have not converted one single British person to speak French or to abandon his or her religion. Nor do I wish to.

††††††††† Your way of dealing with immigration has failed. Now, either you close your doors completely and allow no one else to come in, creating prisons as everyone else will do the same, and then you will have to die where you were born. Or, letís truly open the world to everyone! Letís see what happens, letís deal with any problem as it arises. And if that does not work in the long term, then we will re-assess the situation.

††††††††† I understand this is extreme, and extremes when dealing with immigration are a bad idea. But now we have to fight the extreme situation you have created. I cannot see any other solution. One way or another, I think we may now have to sacrifice a few things, like national identity, conformism, shared values and beliefs, whatever. We should all be free to believe in whatever we want to believe, we should all be free to move around and to develop our own set of values. This needs to be done on an individual basis, not a collective one, otherwise, it simply becomes imposed values and beliefs on a whole country. Otherwise, your national identity is an artificial one imposed on everyone else. And then, we will just have to learn to all live together because this world does not belong to anyone, if anything, it belongs to all of us.

††††††††† Such an open door policy for immigration would create quite a problem for socialist countries or moderate countries like most of the Western World. Your biggest argument is that we simply cannot help the whole world by welcoming them all in one go, and at first it would be that, all in one go. Such a policy can only be achieved successfully in America where social programmes are nearly inexistent and no one, including the State, will help anyone getting back on his or her feet. Welfare, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, all that, you only gain, perhaps not, if you are a full time contributor to society for a while, if you have a job offering you these insurances, or if you buy these insurances yourself independently.

††††††††† It is however not true. When an immigrant enters the United Kingdom, that immigrant has almost no right. They cannot claim anything, and if somehow they do, their visa or their chance to gain the right to remain here will be gone, as you have protected yourself so well.

††††††††† So there are ways to protect yourself, even if I feel that these policies are extreme and unjustified, and probably also create all sorts of problems in the long term. But there you are, you have no reason not to adopt an open door policy when it comes to immigration. And then, it is your job to make sure it comes from everywhere instead of just a few places, for whatever reason. And you have to convince others that they have to adopt the same policies, so everything will eventually in time balance itself out and stabilise.






So easily you will lose your social status



††††††††† I work in a criminal court, this is the best place to observe all in one go the different levels of social status. It goes from the lowest to the highest all in one day, in any court. I was able to identify with all these players in this great game of judging and punishing citizens for the slightest misconduct. So easily all of them can lose their social status overnight, you would not believe. The next case I call could easily be yours.

††††††††† When I go home at the end of the day and need to escape this nightmare, Iím no longer certain what music truly represents my social status. If I should listen to classical music (everyone knows Mozart, but what about Brahms?), pop music (Cťline Dion/Madonna), rock and roll (sort of U2), indie music (Muse/Suede), or death metal (Type O Negative). Someone will need to rescue me, as I listen to them all.

††††††††† As an author I often think I do not require a social status, I am only an observer reporting what I see. I have taken my last job in a criminal court for that very reason, observe, mix in, become it, and report. But I am confused. I am now of all social status, a hard criminal, a common criminal, a civil servant, a manager of civil servants, a counsel, a solicitor or barrister and a judge of the high court.

††††††††† Are we equal and all the same, as human beings? Or, oh my God, who are we? I no longer have any identity. This conundrum was reflected in many of my previous articles, people thought for a moment that I was a hard core criminal. I am not, Iím a writer before all, if anything else really. I become everyone as I am everyone. Maybe I take myself too seriously, or too frivolously. Iím not sure which.

††††††††† I am not completely brainless or disconnected, we have to have a justice system of some sort, we need to arrest and bring those who do wrong in a court of law, judge them and punish them accordingly if necessary. I am part of that machine, the machine of the justice system. Sometimes I really have to remind myself that I am only a clerk, I do not condemn or defend these defendants, I donít judge them, I take no side, I certainly do not sentence them.

††††††††† It is hard all the same, because more often than you might think, it never goes as planned or as it should. And I know, unlike others perhaps, what goes on behind the scene, what it is like, what it means. I could not possibly wish it even on my worst enemy. I have many of those.

††††††††† All sorts go to prison, rich executives and CEOs who somehow are caught decades later with a fake passport, or some kind of fraud, some politicians who let themselves be bribed so easily, to the lunatic who cannot control himself as soon as he drinks one beer too many, and will go on to disfigure once again someone for life who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Better not be you then, just move out of the way.

††††††††† It really opens your eyes to who we are as a society. I thought recently I should only write in French, so no one would know who I am, or could read all that I wrote in the last few years. As a civil servant, I am not allowed to have a political opinion, let alone express it. This article is really at the edge of what I am allowed to state, it is actually illegal, and yet here I say nothing of real consequence, nothing concrete.

††††††††† I cannot hide, you have no idea about these judges of the high court, they all speak many languages, French is usually their second language. Otherwise, their sons and daughters who never needed to do anything of their life, certainly travelled everywhere and learned all sorts of languages, after finishing their fourth university degree that we all know will lead nowhere. The same can be said of all these counsels, barristers and solicitors. Well travelled they are, so much money comes their way, they donít know what to do with it. How many huge HD TVs one needs?

††††††††† Such a contrast to all these defendants we deal with on a daily basis. Those who are no one, who could never dream of being anyone in this life, the minimum salary would be good. Sometimes I am quite certain that if they were given every chance, it would still be hopeless. Might as well die then. Oh but I am against any kind of death penalty. I much prefer a nice spicy Indian meal, I admit Iím an addict.

††††††††† In between these extremes there are us, the court staff. It is a whole universe on its own, with husbands dying of heart attacks and clerks having cancer. So much gossip, such easy ways to destroy oneself if one does one mistake or speak too much at any point in time. I wonder if I will ever learn my lesson and just shut up once and for all, something I have not been trained to do.

††††††††† You only require five minutes of losing control of yourself, in order to annihilate any kind of social status you might have reached in time. I nearly did it today, once again. Losing patience with all these civil servants who are all depressive and go off for days and months, and moans and complain and donít want to do their job. So I end up doing all the work. Well, I lost it today. I was certain it was the end, either I would resign on the spot, or they will sack me. Well, no one can be sacked from the civil service, and that is one major headache for any manager there.

††††††††† Try it, walk naked across every court one day, Iím sure you will still manage to escape being kicked out the door. It is not that all the civil service is lazy and does not want to do anything, it is only half of it. The other half is being overworked to death doing the work of three employees, and some days, well, you lose it. You then go on to face so many management meetings about it. Because for you who work so hard, there is a double standard. You will never be treated the same way as the ones who have already been marked as totally useless and beyond hope. Those get away with murder and it will never reach a court of law.

††††††††† I have come recently to be very close to all these judges. It is an entirely different existence, even though it is all so closely related to the low life they sentence every day. I have to believe there is still a way to read and hear the worst of human kind, and yet, feel totally detached from it all. And yet, go on to play such a major role in the future of any human being whoís done wrong once or twice, or a hundred times before.

††††††††† I have seen lists of antecedents that could cover the whole world, and yet the Judge is clement, especially when the defence counsel is convincing. I will admit that I would always be clement, but sometimes you have to accept, there is a limit to oneís patience.

††††††††† When did I become so righteous? When I discovered God one rainy night on a corner street of Brussels where I was robbed by four kids, one with a knife planted in my back? They only got away with three Euros I think. They only found my wallet, I never keep anything in it when travelling or living in such wilderness as are some corners of Brussels. I still hope these kids will go on to become great writers or entertainers, or some lawyers somewhere in Texas perhaps, they are all criminals over there.

††††††††† So easily one social status is absolutely and irretrievably wrecked as soon as one name is mentioned in a court room. Many are brought there through so many lies from complainants and victims of whatever. Some are justified for being there, and yet, you canít escape the fact that if in some way these defendants could have been facing all this before acting, somehow if they could have thought first, their entire existence could have been radically different. Or is it not possible in the heat of the moment to think and stop what we are doing? Is it not possible to think anymore? I canít, can you? For me it has always been about surviving the next day somehow.

††††††††† Many are hopeless, they come back every year to face the same charges and even worse, and well, what can you think or do then? It is in their nature, they will not change, and nothing could stop them from doing it again the very next day. These are the extreme cases, and there is no hope for them. And I so wish there was, I so wish I could somehow help them understand and prevent all this. They are aware, they know, and yet, they cannot help themselves. They even accept their sentence, they think it is well deserved (some of them).

††††††††† I live in some sort of welfare estate, having no money whatsoever, I am a civil servant after all. My direct neighbours are often normal citizens who for one night lost it, and went on to threatened to bomb the whole building with some remnants of grenades they somehow got hold of. Others just canít control themselves once they are drunk, and will go on in search of a fight, smashing someone in the face, until the wheel starts again: the arrest, the police station, the court case, the judgement. Around me are pretty much the extreme cases, no one is listening to classical music around here.

††††††††† Down the road, a bit more upmarket, higher social status, you find the odd one who finds himself in court but certainly had good reason to act the way he did. Letís see if he will get away with it.We all feel the need to kill someone sometimes, heck, Iím guilty of that myself. I must have read too many books of Agatha Christie, I read all 80 of them. I usually donít act upon it unless obliged to, due to unusual circumstances. Let me see justify myself in a court of law. Am I that clever, can I get away with it? Can you?

††††††††† When one is lying in court it is obvious, and then it does not matter if someone did you wrong, being caught lying will always lead to you losing your case. I can tell you that much, always keep to the truth as much as you can, even if it makes you look really bad. I hope I have helped.

††††††††† So easily I could find myself in the dock. And yet, I always think I donít belong there, that it could never possibly be me. It will be me one day, it will be you. Then you will want to rethink about the way we go about everything in the justice system, the police treatment, the whole prison system, the whole of society! Because then, you will be reduced to that, you will be nothing else but someone charged with something. Your life is already gone by then. Someone will lie, someone will get you there.

††††††††† It no longer matters to the police or the prosecution who you are and if you are unjustly being framed by the lies of others. You go through it, the prison cell, the court case, the trial, everything. You will be treated the worst way possible.

††††††††† Many believe it is the way to go, in order to get people to think before they act. Treat them like sub humans, like animals are not even treated, they will think twice next time. But what if you are innocent, or were somehow justified, or pushed to act the way you did?

††††††††† It is no easy ride once you are arrested, you quickly get confronted with the worst of corruption from our police force, a prosecution who will stop at nothing to ensure you end up in prison for quite a while, even without tangible proof (hell, they will invent them for you).

††††††††† And then you understand exactly how you have no rights whatsoever, you can only but be guilty until proven innocent. The shock is always greater the higher your social status is in society. You had no idea, did you? Low life criminals know all about it, they could write books and books about it. I have written a few myself, in secret, you will never read them as I could not possibly put them online on my website.

††††††††† Iím not even yet talking about what happens in prison, if somehow you get convicted from a lack of a good defence counsel. Well, never go to prison without money, you will need it. Make sure people can smuggle things in for you, even though this is highly illegal and will lead to custody for the daring friend, it is worth the risk since you could not survive otherwise.

††††††††† Who would have thought that even in prison one would so desperately need money in order to survive? And do not dream of going there with a mobile phone cleverly hidden up your ass, they now have the technology to detect such object without having to put their hands up your ass.

††††††††† And so ironic that most of these prisoners who are so straights and laughed and ridiculed all those gay or gay looking students in school, driving them all to suicide eventually, that once in prison for too long they quickly become the worst twisted bisexual men you could ever meet in your life. As AIDS or any other incurable venereal diseases like hepatitis is what your real sentence will truly end up being.

††††††††† No one bothers with condoms in prison, why should they? Everyone knows that with a condom you cannot feel anything. If you somehow can survive all the mind games of the authorities and other prisoners, and real consequences of incarceration, even in detention whilst being a kid, you are quite someone I would like to meet. You will no longer be a kid then, I can assure you. Donít despair, you will learn the trade and come out a complete professional criminal. Quite the respectable figure, for such small minded and impressionable minds down there in prison.

††††††††† This is what I always hope judges keep in mind. A prison sentence is a death sentence every single time, one way or another. And no one cares, no one thinks of sorting this prison system out apart from me apparently. Separate them all, always!

††††††††† Iíll eventually write a damn book about it, it will be real ugly. What can I expect from a government ordering torture? Well, it existed well before it became worldwide news, it will exist in the future for a long time in our prison system, even without being condone by the authorities. This is what prison is and will always be.

††††††††† Are you sure you need to drink that last beer? You better think twice mate, you never know where that last beer will bring you. Just hit someone in self-defence, or get mixed up in some argument, and you will quickly find out, how far the lies of others can bring you. How rapidly all that you worked so hard all your life, this wonderful social status of yours, will come crumbling to dust at your feet, and at the feet of your parents who thought so much of you and will even believe you are guilty of all the lies of all parties.

††††††††† Only five seconds are required for anyone, of any social status, to self-destruct, to annihilate their entire career. Never forget it. Even if declared not guilty, by whatever means, the stain, the stench, will always remain. You are finished, even if you somehow escape mental and physical torture you are sure to find in prison or detention.

††††††††† Better never go out of the house at all, and even then, most often it will happen at home with your loved ones, so quickly they will turn against you, because all of us are so unreasonable. Better not exist at all then. I thought of many ways by which someone could commit suicide, even if one is a coward like me and lack any sort of courage to actually do it.

††††††††† Sorry! Am I being too extreme? So easily you could reach that point, you have no idea. You could not possibly find any justice in this world, if you can even afford it, Iím fairly certain of that. And remember, I am part of that justice system, I know all about it.

††††††††† I have a judge who always listens to classical music in between cases. Another who speaks many languages, how cultured he really is, no one had the chance to probe it to the end, not even the ushers in love with him. I have new judges who are so lovely, so nice, so high class, I am there thinking, yes, you are truly someone, someone I could fall in love with and I donít care of what sex you are. I could so easily become a part of your life and drink your words every minute of this existence, I cannot comprehend you are a judge in a criminal court. Should we have sex right here on your desk Your Honour, with your nice cup of tea in between?

††††††††† I will be shot for saying that. I think I need to drink that last beer, never mind the consequences. I am a human being after all, I am just like any of you, so donít be so quick in judging me. Why donít you stop to judge yourself once in a while? Like now would be a good time, before one of my judges does it for you.

††††††††† Iíve got them all on my side, none of them would send me to prison now, they would fight for me as so limited are their horizons. Outside their bubble universe they only know me, I am such the blue eye boy, I can do no wrong. Yes, I will be shot now, if I could only shut up once in a while. I should really write in French, no one reads anything in French (except those judges).

††††††††† This is what I have been identifying with recently, far from the world of the criminals, even the counsels which we have been told as clerks we control and should never let them take over the show in any court. And over those civil servants and their miserable existence, being underpaid and overworked (half of them at least). I see myself as a judge, I see myself at their level, I have to be that delusional as an author.

††††††††† Yeah, such a nice and rich and peaceful existence. Such social status should never be hindered, not even whilst dealing with such ugly cases, reading all these statements, watching all these CCTV recordings, listening to recorded phone calls and emails, and other ugly things low life human beings are capable of. Your Honour, you are an artist! It is a creative existence you require! And yet, without all this ugliness, you would be nothing, or what exactly would you be?

††††††††† I know the route, if I wanted to I could follow it myself. After all, I started as a student of law many years ago. I could finish it, and work towards becoming a judge of the high court. I could do it. I am not a judge however, they are. And these are the people I speak with everyday, that I am helpful to, who appreciate me for all my hard work. And yet, I would wish to go further, find out more about who they truly are.

††††††††† They canít be saints themselves, those who judge and punish us, can they? Are those your children on the wall Your Honour? Tell me all about it, how proud you are of being alive. Such ecstasy is so rarely found these days. Oh, it is not as perfect as it should be, is it? Is this why you are so moody and out control most of the time? You would not let any of that influence your judgment, would you?

††††††††† Because then, I would gladly put my trust into a computer only answering to logic. Only those can truly be trusted. I am of that generation that only trust machines, only they cannot be influenced by anything, or be bribed, or become corrupt by politics, and even then, they can easily be manipulated, just like you Your Honour.

††††††††† I wish I could fault them, I wish I had something negative to say about my judges. But I donít, they never failed me, they never acted beyond their role, which in the end is so framed anyway. They have little liberty to go beyond any boundary. There is always a court of appeal, and donít they know it. The ďcourt of appealĒ are those three magic words that a clerk needs to state in order to calm down any of those judges when they get carried away. I do abuse those three magic words all the time, I have to say.

††††††††† So I have come to admire them, those judges, and feel that somehow, there is justice in our justice system. In some way it makes me feel uneasy, as somehow it should not be the case. On whoís side am I? They do sentence these people, they do send them to prison. Is it always justified? So difficult to tell, and then, you can only trust the system, trust that we are doing the right thing, that no decision is actually unjustified and everything has been considered.

††††††††† I think corruption in any system of government or justice, is not to be found in every day life, at the lower levels. The higher you go, this is where you will find corruption. And yet, it does not erase the fact that anyone could so quickly annihilate their social status as soon as their name gets connected to any court. Even the judges are not immune, say one thing wrong at any one time, forget who you are and what you are doing for one long minute, and that is it, it is national headline news.

††††††††† This is why I am so confused. I took that job to spy on the justice system, to report its faults, to prove there was no justice in this world. And my pre-sentence report is simply positive, those people do not require a sentence.

††††††††† However, I cannot say the same for the police force, the prosecution and the prison system. Be afraid, be really afraid is all I can say. Frankly, the higher your social status right now, the lower your chances are to survive it all. But that is another horror story, which I will only speak about in a few years, once I am no longer a civil servant working in a criminal court.

††††††††† All I will say though is: complain, complain and complain at all levels. Because though these authorities are prone to easily forget the law and get carried away, to the point of becoming racist and homophobic and everything else as a matter of fact, many others within these institutions are responsible for investigating every single complaint, and turn the existence of the culprits into a nightmare. Eventually they will get the message, eventually they will no longer act outside the law, or, they will no longer be there to abuse their powers.

††††††††† You will still lose your great social status as soon as you get too close to any of us, but at least, there is still some justice in this world you can get, especially if you can afford it. Oh yes, mortgage yourself to the teeth, declare bankruptcy you have no choice, you have to get the best to defend you. Otherwise, well, you will lose the only thing that truly matters. No, not your honour, not your reputation, not your credibility, not your social status (all that is lost as a given), you will lose your freedom.

††††††††† It is always best not to live or breathe at all, better lock yourself up every night in a cupboard somewhere. It is the only safe way out of this life. Remember, we are all criminal at heart, as so easily we can end up in court and lose everything, even with a not guilty verdict.

††††††††† I have already said too much, Iím sure I will be up for sentencing soon. This article is the end of my promising career in the justice system. I donít care anymore after one beer too many. There must be a way to move to the northern part of Scotland and find a job there that involves no one?

††††††††† Better stay away from it all altogether, as you can never trust anyone, not even your defence counsel who will always but care little for you. Keep in mind that I will soon be calling your name in my court, no one is that perfect.

††††††††† So easily you will lose you social status, in a world filled with convincing liars.




Justice (2)



††††††††† The Justice system, pretty much everywhere in the Western World, is now completely out of reach to anyone, except perhaps the poorest and the richest. The richest can afford to sue someone, even though it could easily break the bank and lead to bankruptcy if they lose. The poorest can usually get legal aid or some sort of financial help. So, for most of the population, you would only go to Court if somehow you have no other choice, because it means guaranteed bankruptcy, whether you win or not, and guaranteed bankruptcy to any other individual (not a company) you would sue. Justice is too expensive and it takes too long. So in the end justice is rarely served. The rich will get justice, especially that they will hired the best lawyers in the market, so they will probably win even though they should have lost, and the poorest might lose big time even though they may have been innocent, obviously, the counsels and lawyers they will get are the ones who just started or cannot get any business anywhere else because theyíre not very good at their job and probably donít really care too much about your case in the first place.

††††††††† Another major problem, especially in Common Law, is that the law is vague, so vague in fact that a Judge can sentence just about anything he or she feels is appropriate. As a consequence, for two defendants committing the same crime, you will rarely get a similar sentence. Once again, the richer you are, the more well-known you are, the more likely you will get out of it easily. If you are a nobody, a wall of bricks will most likely fall on your head.

††††††††† Not only that, it is very subjective. Depending on the Judge you will get and his or her mood on that very day, you could be spending 13 years in prison instead of 3 with another judge. Of course, there is always the chance to appeal, but appeals are not guaranteed, they can be rejected, and they are quite often.

††††††††† In our Courts at this time, you are innocent until proven guilty, and yet, because it takes forever for your case to be heard, you can remain in prison for up to a year before your case is heard, even though you have not been proven guilty yet. And now, with the terror laws, you are pretty much guilty until proven innocent anyway, and can be imprisoned for a long time without even a trial. So, it is getting worse. Anyway, how innocent are you until proven guilty when a jury can decide that you are guilty without evidence, just because they donít like you? If there were truly no evidence, then there would be no need for a jury in the first place. And if you lie, and there is nothing or no one to say you are not, then a Jury cannot decide that you are lying, as far as theyíre concerned, you are telling the truth until otherwise proven. I donít need to tell you that this is not so, and that a trial is a highly subjective process where quite often you are guilty until proven innocent.

††††††††† The law is vague, it is damn complicated, so complicated that even lawyers and counsels are not too sure what the law is. There is no way you could defend yourself and, most of the time, you could not even have a good idea of what youíre facing once youíve committed a crime.

††††††††† Some of the identified problems have existed since Roman times, and so I doubt I could find instant solutions. Iím sure there are books on the market about how to reform the Justice system, I wonder if they go far enough and if anyone is reading them.

††††††††† I know I am not knowledgeable enough and probably never will be to suggest what can be done about the Justice system. However, it would be nice if the whole thing could become free for everyone, if you could not choose your solicitor or counsel, if somehow the law could be written and rendered more accessible, if a case could be dealt with within a week of the crime happening, if the whole system could be cleaned from the bureaucracy it has become, and if we could ensure that sentences are more or less always the same and that your sentence does not depend on a hard or soft Judge nor his or her mood on that day.

Justice needs to become accessible again, it needs to act swiftly, it needs to be clear and uncomplicated, and as much as possible should not require so many counsels and lawyers in between. Self-representation should be more common, encouraged.

††††††††† I am not certain how these goals can be achieved or implemented, but I trust it can be done.







††††††††† My Generation does not require any of this. What? Everything you are thinking and worried about right now, the nightmare we are in. I never saw the need to identify to any generation or to talk in the name of a new generation, but such a mess you have made of this world, whilst the worst is still to come, I feel now perhaps there is a need to. A necessity maybe to speak about what will come after the destruction of most of our institutions and way of life.

††††††††† You have proven that none of you could be trusted with any matter relating to humanity: happiness, compassion, sympathy, functionality, stability, reliability, jobs, survival, fairness, justice, intelligence. And so it is urgent we take over and fix everything, if it can still be achieved.

††††††††† Far from acting like the wise patriarchs that you are supposed to be, building institutions to last, putting into place structures that can be relied upon in a society, and acting responsibly, quite the contrary: that older generation is out of control, does not know what its doing, does not seem to care for any of us, or for any consequence for its own actions, and here we are, my generation might witness the end of everything before accomplishing anything worthwhile in life.

††††††††† Iím 35 years old, thatís already an older generation. Many of you would qualify me as too young to do anything worthwhile, and it is true that I have achieved naught. Certainly not however from a lack of potential or wanting. But who can we trust?

††††††††† The older generation invented nothing, they just kept what previous generations had wisely already put into place, and through some extreme greed and insanity, pushed everything to its own limits, and now everything we worked so hard for is crumbling to dust.

††††††††† The younger generation is no better, it has been called Generation Kill, playing video games all day, trained from the cradle to be the perfect soldiers in the wars the older generation is so desperate to fight, in order to make huge profits through the war and security industries, and the resources it can steal, never mind if it brings about Armageddon. And me and my lost generation in between, who are we, what have we achieved? Nothing, we were never given the chance.

††††††††† I suddenly feel the need to reassert myself, bring together people my age. Iím sure we are all sinking with the toiletís water, in dead end jobs around the country, already deep in debt because of expensive education, with no hope to ever buy a house or being able to afford having a family. With no hope for a better future but being at the bottom of any corporate hierarchy, suffering all sorts of neuroses. None of us have ever even been a manager in this pointless and soul destroying management structure, where everyone orders everyone around to disastrous effects, with one man at the top deciding everything for everyone else like a true despot. It is the same in politics.

††††††††† We are witnessing the mess and destruction around us, powerless to do anything about it. Is it something related to generations? Or is it just that in that kind of system we have, only heartless evil people can get to the top, through lies and devastation of others, and once there, brainless as they are, things can only get worse?

††††††††† Perhaps this is the case. Maybe our ways of climbing the social ladder is at fault, so any intelligent person gets out of the way when being confronted by some rotten human being willing to annihilate anything in its path to the top. We end up with the worst psychopathic people running everyone else around and making the most absurd decisions.

††††††††† So I thought, perhaps I should start a movement of some sort. Whatís the quickest way to rally a whole bunch of people to my cause? Oh, people my age! I will tell them this is a generation thing, but in fact I will make it look like it is an emotional crisis, patriotic stuff, our country, our flag, our future. The old arguments, it will always work.

††††††††† I would tell them, in my indoctrination tactics: letís eradicate anything that came before us! We donít need Democrats or Republicans, Liberals or Conservatives or Labours, we certainly do not need anyone who has been in politics over five years in his or her lifetime.

††††††††† We do not require these soul destroying corporate structures, social hierarchies, so many people in authority at every level, that not one person can actually now think for himself or herself without being confronted by an army of people controlling their existence.

††††††††† If I donít make it a generation thing, how else would I rally anyone, to make them understand that everything has gone wrong, and somehow it is in the structures that changes are required? Who else will I get on my side? Lunatics, conspiracy theorists, convicted defendants who already lost their head through sheer exasperation at this lack of any kind of freedom, and who ultimately decided that there was only one thing left to do: pick up a gun and start shooting?

††††††††† We donít need marketing and sales executives, managers, directors, board directors, VPs, presidents, etc. Job titles that are so meaningless, you could not possibly have any idea of what these people do, if they happen to be doing anything worthwhile for society. So much management, and look where we are now.

††††††††† We donít need capitalism, I think it is now proven without any doubt that it can only cyclically fail miserably. We donít need communism or socialism, also too riveted in corruption and misery. Itís time to try something new.

††††††††† The whole financial sector, it started well, it was well thought of, and then, a bunch of new decisions wiped it all out, to bring more money to the richest people. And now, the economy runs in a vacuum, where nothing is based on reality. Suddenly all the flaws of the economy and the financial sector are obvious to us all.

††††††††† It all needs to be redrawn completely to compensate for so much greed and irresponsibility, keeping in mind that no one can be trusted, just like children. However, I would more readily now trust childrenís innocence to govern my affairs than old businessmen in politics plagued with conflict of interests that no one is denouncing as being totally unacceptable.

††††††††† Can generations really help here? New people taking over, no matter how old they are, just new people with new ways of thinking and organising things. After all, there are so many people in this country, whenever there is a major issue, there is always someone out there who thought out all the solutions so perfectly, you can always find it if you dig deep enough.

††††††††† It is a fact that all solutions to all our problems already exist, and could be implemented almost instantly to the better good, and even to save us all. But no, we go for the worst decisions, as if they were the only ones available. Is there anybody still left thinking around here? Or will we let all these corrupted politicians and corporate heads (the line is blurred between those) dictate how the world as we knew it will end?

††††††††† Our political systems are not working, we cannot get heard, as even our representatives are powerless. Politics is a one man show, and this has to change. Following the party line is scandalous, political parties need to disappear. More direct democracy has got to be implemented, and anyone who has been in politics more than five years at this time, needs to be dropped into a black hole, contaminated as they must be by now.

††††††††† Corruption and conflict of interests in politics definitely have to go. Political campaigns that cost millions and billions, this is not acceptable. Everyone should be able to get into politics and given the chance to make a difference. No one should be able to receive millions from anyone in order to buy an election.

††††††††† By a new generation, I donít mean age brackets. I mean new blood, new people, new ideas, to replace the old ones who have been there since forever and can only see to further their own interests. I mean nicer people, people who care for the people. Someone who will not jump ship as soon as the powerful evil opposition, ready to exterminate everyone, will show its ugly face.

††††††††† We need intelligence, practicality, a willingness to change structures and being able to find and implement those solutions. We donít need the stories of old. There are plenty of new ideas out there, even success stories of countries who have done much better than we could have ever hoped to achieve ourselves.

††††††††† We could do with a new generation of politicians, a new generation of financial advisers and any other political advisers, a new generation of employers and bosses capable of seeing us as human beings before tools of productivity to be harassed and abused.

††††††††† We could do with a new generation of caring people, there to help us for a change, building the real infrastructures we need instead of destruction, privatisation the way it has been handled through so much political corruption.

††††††††† We could do with changing everything from top to bottom. I donít know how radical we will need to be. Donít listen to me, because I have now become damn extreme and cynical, but perhaps we can strike some sort of right balance, as long as nothing of the old remains.

††††††††† We desperately require a new generation of thinkers and achievers who can establish and put into place new structures which will bring about prosperity, freedom and happiness. We need to handpick these people and put them in power, because they certainly are too bright to go anywhere near what the world of politics has become. And then, we need to ensure they can do their job without worry or intimidation.

††††††††† Here comes the new generation who will rethink everything, be able to find the existing solutions and implement them, and yes, for once, they will be able to listen to the people, act for the people, work towards making this world a better one for everyone. Letís start with reinstating a real democracy and reorganising the financial world, and not shrink in front of such a task, as it is in the structures that we need to rebuild.

††††††††† This is such an old discourse. They were saying the same thing 2000 years ago, and somehow, we never made it worked. A real democracy, people deciding their own fate, working towards a just and fair world for everyone. Will we never be able to take control of our existence?

††††††††† For once, letís ensure that no one in 100 or 1000 years will feel the need to say what I am saying here. I am tired of repeating what every single generation before me has already stated in much better and knowledgeable ways. Perhaps we should go back and listen to what they were saying, we obviously did not pay attention the first time.

††††††††† Well, now we are desperate and on the brink of disaster. Seems like a good time to start thinking and achieving something new, no matter how old it is. Solutions already exist, letís review them all, and letís act.

††††††††† It is no longer a question of hoping of getting heard, it is a question of taking back the power that belongs to us, sitting down with people we can trust, and then simply act. Letís hear your solutions, no matter how crazy they are, we are desperate.

††††††††† Is there anything more important than that, whilst we are all now completely alienated by our all powerful, blind and deaf politicians running around like chickens with their head cut off? No solution they offer is a solution, it can only get worse. They suffered enough, we suffered enough, letís put them out of their misery, letís kick them all out before the next elections.

††††††††† Why? It is very likely that the next elections will be stolen again for a third time. Possibly the Republicans will win no matter how more popular the Democrats actually are. The proof is in the fact that independent smaller survey organisations all agree that the Democrats will win with a landslide, but disagree completely with the major opinion polls from the mass media, where apparently the Republicans are rating much better:

††††††††† We need a world where all our money and resources will not go to the military to fight wars, or rescue missions to save useless bankrupted financial corporations. We need to invest in people, free education, social securities, free justice, free health care, freedom, cheaper transport and to eliminate poverty. These are all easy and reachable goals, do not believe any politician telling you otherwise.

††††††††† Another old discourse. Must be because a long time ago, this is what people wanted, this is what people still want, and this is what people never got. If that is not proof enough that we never actually took control of our own destiny, I wonder what is.

††††††††† Iím sure we can do it, if we forget personal ambition, social hierarchies and pettiness. Iím sure we can achieve anything if we replace our actual leaders. They certainly have the worst track record ever, whilst the ones in line to replace them are just more of the same breed.

††††††††† Letís bring in a new generation of thinkers and achievers, and letís rebuild a simple, practical and productive world based on reality, a world in which we can all finally find peace, peace of mind and happiness.









Marriage has reached its sell by date



††††††††† Letís start a real debate about marriage, not just a question of if gay marriage is acceptable or not. Marriage is certainly an interesting concept, mostly a religious one. Religions, great at officialising for the record these unions, a task eventually also espoused by the State, and can now be given legally, almost administratively. In this millennium, after so much liberation in the Western World, is marriage not becoming a past date concept, obsolete? And what about baptism? They are religious concepts we desperately need to free ourselves from.

††††††††† I will get straight to the point, I am gay, I have been in a stable relationship with another man for 15 years. We are in love and are faithful to each other. I didnít say free from arguments and problems plaguing our existence, I said faithful. Not because we hold dear to this concept, but because not being faithful brings more troubles than it is worth. And I guess there comes a time when, well, you donít see the point anymore of going to clubs and meeting people.

††††††††† My sister has been in a relationship for perhaps ten years now, she had two children with her boyfriend, with a third one from his first marriage which failed spectacularly. The Court, the irrationality, the nightmare. After that he does not want to marry again, and she, never saw what marriage was good for, she never believed in this sort of institution. Iím proud of my sister.

††††††††† And you should have seen the crisis when they decided that their kids would not be baptised, you would have thought they had simply declared that the Third World War was on. It is possible to get un-baptised these days, I would seriously be considering it, if it were not acknowledging this institution in the process. I do not believe in any of these institutions, neither should you.

††††††††† What is marriage exactly? The union of a man and a woman together, supposedly for life, unless somehow you can find a way to cancel it or terminate it. We are getting expert at that, and there is nothing wrong with this state of affair. It is in fact significant, you can only wonder if marriage is truly necessary nowadays.

††††††††† At the moment, the challenge is to extend this marriage to gay couples, and perhaps also eventually to people living together in some sort of interdependence without any sexual interaction. These unions are now acknowledged in Common Law by any government for legal purposes, making marriage obsolete. Still worried? You donít need to get married to sign a contract similar to a pre-nuptial agreement.

††††††††† Most people only wish to get married because they have this romantic religious idea that this is what we have always done, tradition, and so, letís do it, letís make it big, letís spend 100,000 on it and cherish the memory forever. Until the divorce comes at least, when finally the horror and mistake of getting married will hit you full blast, disgust you for life, of what it really meant to get married. Before, divorce was not an option, but now it is.

††††††††† Also, we are pushed into marriage not only by everyone around us, but by the government (preferential treatments if you are married) and religions as well (fear of going to hell if you do not get married). It is contrary to any idea of freedom to get married. And freedom is important, more than marriage, is it not?

††††††††† As soon as gay marriage is official everywhere, you will see, we will have to marry, it will be like an obligation. I would never have been able to remain in the UK without first getting married. At the moment, it suffices to prove that we are a couple. I donít like this idea of marriage, you are forced into it, and then forced into divorce eventually. Now, whenever a gay couple breaks up, it is not bloody, but throw a marriage and a divorce in there, and letís see how bloody it will become, just like with heterosexual couples.

††††††††† More exactly, to whom does marriage profit? Perhaps you can help me answer that question. It does bring security I suppose. With marriage comes a whole branch of the law, to ensure some sort of fairness and security to both parties, very much like a contract between two business partners. And remember, contracts are usually drawn between people who do not trust each other. You do agree to it all in theory, even though most people fail to see the extent of that contract. They finally understand when the divorce comes.

††††††††† Marriage was a good idea before, when women were not working and there were children in that union. Marriage ensured stability, it was harder for anyone to just bin the family and leave for the other side of the planet. If someone else came to break that marriage, in theory the other person and the children would be catered to.

††††††††† It is different now in this modern world, rare are the marriages that will last a decade. Women do work, often earning more than their husband. And the children, well, not only the nuclear family has finally exploded, the law has taken over to ensure both parties will cater to these children one way or another, marriage or not. So, why would you wish to get married now, apart from ďthis is traditionĒ, or a romantic idea of what it once meant?

††††††††† Who came up with this idea of marriage? I am trying to imagine here how it came to be, why it was felt it was important to have marriages at the time, when it burst out upon this world and became an absolute necessity embraced by everyone.

††††††††† Is it purely a religious concept, or was it incorporated within those Bibles and religions from a tradition that already existed? Perhaps some pure people thought that having sex with more than one partner was disgusting, even, enjoying sex was unthinkable. Might as well separate the sexes for life, have your babies in a test tube in a laboratory, and bypass marriage and sex altogether. Men in America, Women in Europe, gay peopleÖ might as well kill them all.

††††††††† If I was at the beginning, and could decide how this world would be organised, I do not believe I would have wanted to impose any kind of marriage concept. I donít think I would have thought it wise to ensure that a man and a woman had to decide early on that they would need to make their union official and that they would need to die together.

††††††††† I would have thought it common sense that you remain with someone for as long as both parties desire it and feel they get something out of it, and once this is no longer true, you move on. For example, if you are within an abusive relationship, with shouting and beatings, why should this relationship continue? Maybe the abusive person would be peaceful outside that relationship, within another relationship perhaps.

††††††††† This idea that marriage was for life was a bad idea, and I provided only one example, there are many more. Love is a mystery, and why it is here one day and gone the next, is also a mystery. No wonder there is so much hatred in this world, when most people living together in marriage despise each other, enough to think of murder, and of course the ones suffering then are the children.

††††††††† The only reason this institution of marriage lasted so long, was because it was at the heart of most religions. And once the religions lost their grip on the modern world, and people started to live more freely, gain some liberty, and started to think for themselves, suddenly marriage did not seem such a wonderful concept anymore.

††††††††† Divorces multiplied, and I cannot fathom why people would want to re-marry. They should know better by now that it is not necessary, and they could avoid so much trouble by making it a Common Law relationship instead, or just: we are together now, letís see if in a few years this is still working out. No need to officialise everything, or making it permanent.

††††††††† Today many people just get married because it brings more benefits. In many countries you save a lot of money just for being married, and I wondered why for a very long time. What purpose is it of the government to encourage marriage, by giving you perks for being within a marriage? Especially if many young couples just got married to save a bit of money, like students, and hence, ensuring an early divorce once the incompatibility is discovered. This incomprehension has been corrected in the United Kingdom recently, you do not save on taxes any longer for being married, you do if you have children, which is far more sensible.

††††††††† Today many people get married for some bureaucratic reason, for example a visa, a passport, the right to live in another country, the right to obtain certain rights within the law which are only accessible to you if you are married. You would be surprised about how many marriages only take place as rational decision to obtain something which would be otherwise denied. We should eliminate those reasons, because it is clearly discrimination.

††††††††† You can see this more clearly in a gay relationship when both parties are from different countries. I am Canadian, my same-sex partner is British. By some miracle we are still together, because the law has changed in the UK in the last 15 years, just at the right time in our case. Before that, dear me, this relationship would have been over a long time ago, I would now be back in Canada.

††††††††† I needed to be with my gay partner for four years in order to be allowed to request any kind of visa and remain in the UK. This was impossible, because no initial visa extends that long. The law changed just in time, it was reduced to two years, so Iím still here. Straight couples can get married after one day of meeting each other, and the other partner can then request a British Citizenship and live here forever legally within the year.

††††††††† It took me 14 years to reach the point where I can now ask for my British citizenship in my gay relationship, and now that I can, I am so appalled by all this bureaucracy, and it costs so much money, and takes so long, I have not requested it yet.

††††††††† My partner had a good job with a company that provided a lot of things for the partner of their married employees, like insurances and other benefits. As I was gay, I had no access to these benefits. The law has changed now and I would be recognised as his partner, and would have access to these benefits. But you see, we only recently became openly gay at work, and then again, it is not guaranteed that we will in future jobs.

††††††††† For example, my partner is now working in the motoring industry, very homophobic, and so he has not declared himself openly gay in those last jobs he had. I never do tell anyone I am gay straight away in any new job, because then I would never get it or become permanent.

††††††††† And now, what if one of us dies and there is no will? Apparently all his assets including the flat go to the government! I would be left stranded on the street. If we were married, it would automatically go to me, there would be no question about it.

††††††††† What if this relationship ends? We discussed it. It is his flat, it has always been, though we bought most of what it contains together in the last 15 years. Do we share everything equally? Would it stand in a Court of law that I am allowed to half of this content purchased since the relationship began?

††††††††† This is where marriage comes in handy, I could easily then leave with half of it. Of course, I have no intention of doing so. I would get my computer and that would be it, I would leave with nothing else. He has talked about giving me a cash settlement if ever this happens, but I only need the minimum, to get the chance to move out and find somewhere else to live.

††††††††† Unlike married people, we are not blood thirsty to cause as much damage as possible and gain as much as we can from a failed marriage. It is one of the main reasons people do get married, part of this security clause.

††††††††† So you can see that many people just get married in order to get something which otherwise they would not get. This is why many people still get married even when they donít want to, and even though there is not much point to it, if you exclude religious beliefs and tradition, and the chance to claim assets and money.

††††††††† I have to come back to this idea of who benefit from all of us being married for life and building those traditional families for which most laws and regulations apply to? The authorities, governments and religions.

††††††††† What has the government to gain if we are married, single, in a gay relationship, or not? Nothing. In the United Kingdom they recognised that, finally, and now, it does not matter much what is your marital status, although they do ask you the question on all the forms you need to fill out, the same for all those employers when you seek employment.

††††††††† I donít know what they do with this information, if it influences any decision about your future, if it is used for discrimination against you. A bit like most high profile politicians, it seems to be a pre-requirement in order to get elected to be married, have a family and to believe in God. I am going to be sick.

††††††††† Remain the religions. Why is this idea of marriage, and most importantly, only between a man and a woman, stability, order, so central to religions? What do they really gain by this? Why is it justified for them to spend millions on promoting marriage, and anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-contraception laws? Oh! This is a large can of worms, it strikes at the heart of any religion, an overall philosophy of life wildly opened to conspiracy theories. I could not possibly discuss all this here.

††††††††† I have a few of those theories, conclusions I have reached in time. Religions not only want you to have as many babies as possible, and hence gay relationships are vilified, but on top of it, those children need to be legitimate, hence bastards wonít do. This explains why bullying has always existed not only for gay people, but also for illegitimate children. Bastard is after all a common nickname today, how shameful it was once to be an orphan.

††††††††† Nowadays those children are recognised by their parents, but before, not long ago, when religions still had a stronghold on our life, it was not possible to recognise those children. They were truly orphans, and the mother had to go into hiding to have that baby before giving it away, or marry as soon as possible, as soon as she became pregnant.

††††††††† Forced into marriage once again all for the wrong reasons, where love would rarely come to fruition. Religions never cared about love within any marriage, they only cared about more babies, the idea of sin and providing more rules to obey.

††††††††† Why would this idea of having as many babies within marriage be so important to religions? Well, letís see where it leads. Overpopulation, unsustainable society, incapable of providing for everyone. Not a problem, letís have 30 billion human beings on the planet, as it will quickly become after a few more generations, as it grows exponentially.

††††††††† Moreover, they all need to be legitimate, meaning we can track down exactly where they come from and their lineage. Something openly highly important to the Mormons, but less openly in Christianity, but still there at the heart of it.

††††††††† It is the ultimate tool of surveillance, against your own privacy, the only way they can tell who you are just by looking into their own records. Born here, baptised here from those parents, married there with that person with those witnesses, died there. We know who that person is, we can hold that person accountable.

††††††††† What then, what is the point? Well, the point has been proven in Quťbec, Canada, the French Catholic part against the English Protestant part. This example could be extended to Ireland. The course towards colonisation in America was plagued with wars, and who will ultimately win that war. Spanish Catholics won in the South, American Protestants and all the derivatives won in the middle, the Royalists Protestants and others won in the North.

††††††††† The French Catholics still in Quťbec are an anomaly. All the laws for assimilation were in place. Not only it was carefully drafted in the Constitution for all people to eventually speak English, it was also designed for Catholicism to disappear once and for all. And you wonder why, when you consider that Catholics and Protestants follow such a similar faith, it is ridiculous to even have thought of fighting over this.

††††††††† It did not work that way, religion was merciless in Quťbec. Driven by fear, the population did exactly what all the priests had been told to preach by the Vatican. Having 16 children was a normal occurrence for most women. And those laws about having to give up oneís religion and language in order to get into politics or move up in the social hierarchy, to gain any kind of power, never worked. Results? Quťbec and the French speaking population around it, is reaching today around 10 million of the Canadian population, a third of the country, all still Catholic. It has not come to that, but Quťbec could easily have recruited an army and fought anything coming its way.

††††††††† So you see, it is not a stupid idea to have as many babies as possible, it ensures the survival of a religion. Within a few generations, 100 years, 200, 300, you end up with quite a sizable population, all Catholic, capable of defending itself, and even, attack in order to convert others.

††††††††† This is why religions want as many babies as possible, are against abortion, against contraception, against gays, and also, as it was still popular in Eastern Europe until recently, sterilising mentally challenged or physically deformed people. Of course, if the population has sex with only one partner within marriage, diseases are less likely to decimate your glorious and powerful nation. All to ensure the survival of a religion. It is a question of power and supremacy of the world, and purity of the races.

††††††††† Now, this part about legitimate babies is interesting. How do you explain that it is important that those children are born within marriage? What does it matter if one million children are born outside of marriage in, for example, a population of 10 million? You still have 10 million Catholics, you still have possibly one million more soldiers who can all rally to your cause of spreading your religion around, until all of America is Catholic, if that could still be a reachable goal.

††††††††† Letís study what happens to illegitimate children then. They are lost in the system, they have always been. This is Biblical stuff, the great families at the origin, tracking down without doubt your ancestors and descendents. Power has always been a family matter, being part of a powerful family, with money, capable of taking control, being justified in doing so. Look at the Bush family, perfect example that even outside of a monarchy, it is still ongoing today in an American republic.

††††††††† It made a difference before, not today. In a monarchy context, only legitimate children could inherit fortunes, only people with established past could get into politics or achieve great things. But this was the result of religious philosophies and teachings.

††††††††† Apart from the fact that those children could not be tracked down, recorded for posterity exactly where they came from, which families, etc., well maybe there was a question of honour. If you do not have any purpose in protecting the honour of your family, perhaps you were more likely to go astray. And there is this question of not transmitting diseases by sleeping around with many partners. It does not cut it though.

††††††††† The Germans were high on espousing all of those religious concepts, at the height of their power. I do not claim here that they were intent on pursuing this idea of a superior race because of religion, but perhaps they reached somehow the same conclusions based on the same arguments.

††††††††† The Super Man was once an important concept, and though it could openly be admitted by the German Nazis, it could not from the Vatican. It would mean acknowledging that evolution does play an important part in humanityís development, that with each new generation, you get better bodies and minds. Until the very day you have the ultimate new generation of perfect human beings, and then perhaps a saviour can be re-incarnated, Jesus Christ can come back and accomplish more impressive miracles.

††††††††† The idea is to produce as many babies as possible, all legitimate, all more intelligent with any new generation, no possibility for deformity or infirmity. It was also essential that they should be strong built, great soldiers for the nation. Blond with blue eyes as a bonus, would mean perfection, purity of the races. Who knows, closer to God maybe. All in the name of the survival and continuity of a nation, a religion. Power and supremacy.

††††††††† All these concepts and ideas were once important, but no longer. Religion is not, and should not, be central to anyoneís life, if we can hope for any kind of freedom and real democracy in this world. With it should go concepts like being anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-contraception, anti-women, and the last stronghold: marriage. No more control and power over us! Not interested in fighting those wars for you, ensuring your continued power hold on anyone, least of all us.

††††††††† In conclusion, I do not support gay marriage, because I do not support marriage at all. I support one law for us all, based on civil rights. No discrimination of any sort based on if you are married or not, if you are a bastard, if you are handicapped, if we can trace you to any important family, if you are gay, if you smoke and drink alcohol or not. One law for us all, without discrimination. As the French adage goes, it should all be about: liberty, equality, fraternity.

††††††††† Only in the name of romanticism and tradition, would I still support marriage for anyone who still feels like getting married. In that case, well, it becomes the liberty to do so, a question of equality, and so, being in a straight or a gay relationship, or even in a common law relationship, should not matter.

††††††††† You should have the right to marry anyone you wish, but not gain anything in return. It should not make any difference whether you marry or not, because the law should be the same for everyone, for every single relationship that exists on this planet or even if you are single. And then it becomes a question of fraternity, accepting it as such, eliminating discrimination of any kind.

††††††††† Marriage, forced marriage, getting married because you might gain something, all this need to disappear. Marrying because you want to, in the name of tradition, because of love, no problem. It should be meaningless, it is becoming more and more meaningless by the day, but you should be allowed to do so.

††††††††† And if you do want to marry your pet, this is also acceptable. I have no problem with you marrying your parrot, and by law, giving it all away to him or her upon your death. My parrot is after all, much more intelligent and talking much more sense, than many people I meet everyday. This is a real love story, the kind you would rarely witness in real life.

††††††††† So if you wish to marry a rock, go for it! Because this is where we need to be, where we need to go. Marriage is an institution that was first established for reasons unknown, for reasons that do not seem to benefit us in any way.

††††††††† It should not matter, or make any difference to your personal security or advantages you should get anyway within this life depending on if you are married or not. Earning a citizenship just because you are married, forcing upon you marriage and eventually a divorce, is discrimination against those who are not married, or who cannot marry. This is wrong.

††††††††† Marriage should be obsolete. Any benefit you might get from being married should entirely be covered by the law and applied to you whether you are married or not. Marriage should only be entered into because of tradition, but still change nothing to any kind of social status. And then, free from any religious frame of mind, it should not matter if this is a straight or a gay relationship, or if it is between you and the love of your life: your dog.

††††††††† At any rate, in any case, marriage has long past its sell by date.





Genocides are no surprise in a world built on hate



††††††††† I hate anyone who is not like me. I hate anyone who is not white, who is not a capitalist, who is not a Christian, who does not live in my country, who is not of the same social class as I am, who does not share exactly all my ideologies and who is not a homosexual man. I could not possibly love anyone, so I hate you! Donít despair, youíre just the same, you just wonít admit it. And now, letís go to war!

††††††††† Hate is such a satisfying emotion, it is even highly encouraged by just about everyone around you, your parents, teachers, friends, religious preachers and government officials. Hating what goes against the party line, the main ideology of the country, is unthinkable. Hating that neighbour is as normal as enjoying the Sun in the summer sky. And hating those Muslims, those Chinese, those Russians, those Communists, those Africans and just about everyone else in the world, is perfectly normal! Letís face it, who could possibly love them? Not I! I have been taught better. I hate everyone, even myself!

††††††††† Donít worry, I am not a love preacher. Just like everyone else, I love to hate everyone else. I canít stand any of you for a start, you are such a disappointment to any ideal I might have been born with, any ethical value I might have picked up along the way. I love you just as you are, people incapable of love, even although youíre preaching love to a screech.

††††††††† As love is a concept that has been abused over the centuries, love is a concept completely overrated at any rate. But not hate, it has remained much the same for most of humankindís history. Hate is the only argument behind any of the foreign policies of any nation. So why should you be so surprised to find out that we are incapable of love? You wanted it this way, you made it happen, and now we can only hate everything and everyone, you above all else.

††††††††† Hate is an extraordinary driving force in this world. It can motivate nations to go to war and gain something in return, though we are rarely privy to what we might gain, if anything, if it does not all go to corrupt officials and some rich corporations.

††††††††† Some nations need to be eradicated, genocides just have to be accomplished, and none of that could happen unless there was hate motivating the ones accomplishing the dirty work. Unless we have been successful in convincing them it was all just but a virtual video game? None of this is of consequence, isnít it?

††††††††† As Sarah Silverman once said, who cares about genocides? What is a Darfur anyway? If Steven Spielberg did not make a film about it, we donít need to give it another thought. He is not about to make a film about Palestine, is he? But Iím more worried about the genocide in Iraq, because it is done by us, and it is still ongoing even though we are all aware of it now. One day we will live to regret it, it will be a stigma on our nations. Of course we will conveniently blame George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair for it. Make no mistake, we are all responsible and history will blame us all.

††††††††† Which brings the question, why do we hate anyone? How is it accomplished that suddenly a whole nation can hate another nation? Clever mind games are obviously at work here, this is the reason governments spend so much money in PR and propaganda, to further their own political agendas.

††††††††† I was nearly convinced recently to hate all Jewish people and all of Israel, for what they are doing in Palestine. Of course, it must somehow be some sort of government ploy, surely I truly should love them all? I was nearly convinced recently that we had to annihilate 70 millions Iranians. No reason was given to me apart from that they may be developing a nuclear weapon. Of course, this deserves a genocide on a scale never witnessed before!

††††††††† I know better, I know I need to love everyone, Jesus Christ said so. You must have heard of him? I think he only spoke of love, though we tend to forget it. Hate is so fashionable nowadays, as it always was. Jesus Christ was all about hate, wasnít he? Oh yes he was, if we are to believe everything we hear. Hate it is, war it is, for eternity and to infinity!

††††††††† At the moment we have been told to hate Muslims, all of the Middle-East, and as a result we went to war and this war is still raging. More than a million of people have died, most of them civilians. This hate was driven home by the fact that 20 of them destroyed two towers in New York a decade ago. Without that, we would not hate them, we would go on ignoring their existence just as we did before. And now before this is over, a Third World War will be upon us. We will see then just how much hate can be a driving force in the world, but perhaps none of us will survive to find out.

There are many people I hate on this planet, so much so that I wouldnít mind if they were to die right now. It would be interesting to analyse them all and find the common points I canít stand in all those creeps. The government thinks the same or else we wouldnít be at war.

Without thinking too much though, I have to say, I couldnít hate anyone who likes me. And the ones I hate at first sight, I think I may feel that way because I believe they couldnít like me. No one could love America right now, everyone in the world hates us!

Which brings the question, are there any occurrences of people I hated the first time I met them, and it turned out that they liked me, and so I liked them back? Yes, plenty. Iím wondering, is there anyone I would hate on this planet if everyone loved me? Perhaps not, I might just have no reason to hate them.

This is not true of the government though, they would still go on hating the people who likes them. And anyway, who could even entertain the idea of liking them now? They have done everything they could to be the most despised people in the world. Not only our enemies want to go to war with our governments, but the citizens in our own countries would like nothing better than go to war with our own political leaders. Hate is just universal.

We will go on hating as much as is necessary in order to eventually get to love everything and everyone. Because ultimately we feel love! It drives us insane! We just have to love everything and everyone! Pass me the bucket, the large one. I am not unlike you an idealistic person. Iíd rather go to war. Brainwashing works beautifully on me.

††††††††† I sometimes hate people I never met and will never meet. And so I will never know if they could like me or love me. This hate against love story could never be answered then. Is it just that I feel they could not love me? That we are somehow incompatible? I am a fairly good judge of character, I can tell right away if someone will like me or not. Iím rarely wrong, and those people donít usually make a complete turn around to suddenly declare that they like me. And so there is always some hate between us, no matter all the efforts I could make, or their efforts if they are wiling to give it a try.

††††††††† Is there any other reason I could hate someone apart from the ďyou donít like me, then how can I like youĒ? Jealousy? Being envious of someone who gets something I wanted, when I feel it should have been mine? Especially when theyíre crap and that I think Iím so great, never mind if I am or not? Yeah, Iíve been known to hate people for these reasons. This unfairness, the injustice of it all. This is the competitive world in which we live, where only a few will climb the social ladder and succeed beyond all hope.

††††††††† Some people are just blatantly selfish, they will take credit for what you did, and as it seems, will never even give it a second thought. This is something I could never do, I couldnít live with myself. And yet many people did it to me. I cannot love these people, no matter what, no matter if they loved me.

††††††††† Some others are simply there just waiting for you to fall down, hoping for it, making sure it will happen. They are there stirring up events, overlooking everything you do, and then they run to your boss ready to denounce you. What is surprising is that I never did that myself, and yet they feel the need to destroy me without any apparent reason other than they simply dislike me. I suppose, if they didnít like me to begin with, I couldnít like them either, and so the war begins, until one or the other has been annihilated. Usually me, since I never retaliate, take my revenge or play these mind games. Anger is what then fills my heart.

††††††††† A better analogy would be your immediate next door neighbours. Do you love them? Is that so? Why then are the criminal courts filled to the brink with disputes between neighbours? Most of these cases are dismissed before coming to Court, without witnesses evidences are hard to come by. We canít even stand our next door neighbours, and they are virtually the same as we are, how could we ever love foreigners in strange lands? Hence who can possibly care about genocides?

††††††††† This world is full of hate and Iím uncertain as to what is at the root of such hate. Is it our whole system, our institutions, the way we go about everything, the very foundations of our society? Iím told there are drugs on the market that could do wonder, some of them even legal. Should we packed ourselves with drugs then, go on living in a permanent haze but feeling incredible love towards the world? Maybe a Beatlesí song will do.

††††††††† I observed that many people around me seem to feel nothing when confronted with these situations, it rolls all over their back and they keep smiling. And the worst of it, is that it seems that because of it others tend to leave them alone as they are not seen as a threat.

††††††††† God I wish sometimes I could be Gandhi. I would never usually refer to him or anyone like him except that for a while now Iíve been thinking of him. How would he have coped with the bitchiness and the backstabbing I witness everyday? What would Mother Teresa feel if she had gone through everything I have gone through in this life?

††††††††† I feel they got it easy because my life has been a nightmare, paved with hate everywhere I have ever been. I was never prepared for it, Iím still really bothered and upset by any insignificant dig against me. How I wish I could just brush it off, and in so doing make it all disappear as if none of it existed. Just go on ignoring evil around me.

††††††††† Simple minded people tend to be blind to the bitchiness and the backstabbing. They are always happy no matter what and how I so envy them. My own brain is always in overdrive, I see everything, I overanalyse everything, I donít miss a trick, I see the hate everywhere. I can quote the backstabbing that was reported to my boss, even though I wasnít there and that I cannot be certain that there even was a backstabbing. Weíve all become paranoid with good reason as it is always justified, after all we live in a world built on hate.

††††††††† ďLe Regard díAutruiĒ is something often debated in philosophy. A concept I thought was completely ridiculous and a waste of time. ďThe glance of others upon youĒ is how I would translate that, though Iím sure there is a better translation available out there. I never thought it was worthy of philosophy until I had to spend hours in trains going to Central London, and once there, walk all around those stations and especially climbing these escalators. In one day you can easily be confronted with something like a few thousand people looking directly at you, assessing you, judging you, even though you will never speak with any of them.

††††††††† I came to loathe it terribly. Almost reacting like those people who, if you look at them for too long, suddenly will jump a few yards just to punch you in the face. And your crime was to look at them for perhaps 10 seconds too long, and that proved to be too much for them. Their insecurity, paranoia, instantly tells them that there must be something wrong with you, since obviously you would not look at them if there was not something wrong. You just canít stop judging everyone, canít you?

††††††††† It is all pure hate, and this right to some sort of privacy even in the middle of a crowd. Why not look at the ceiling instead? Why not indeed. The ceilings in the London Underground are just peachy! Worth looking at instead of anyone else. I do it all the time now, in order to pretend that no one else is looking at me, in order to pretend that no one else exists in this world. That would be just perfect. I need just one more great genocide, in order to finally be all alone in the world. Is this not how you feel sometimes?

††††††††† Well, you have to understand that I spent more than a decade in crowded trains and underground all over London, that the only way I could go through all this was to avoid looking at anyone. If I couldnít see them looking at me, then they might as well not exist. I donít care if theyíre looking at me, judging me, if I donít know it, Iím fine. And it works, when you actually can go into robot mode for an instant, and every time something you donít like happens. But before you know it, youíre permanently into robot mode, feeling no emotion whatsoever, just to survive it all.

††††††††† Iím not Avril Lavigne, this cool bird who, right at the centre of the largest metropolis, wants the whole planet to notice her, singing at the top of her lungs on top of cars. I want to go unnoticed, I want die within the masses, as if I didnít exist at all. And dear me, all I can see everywhere, in everyone, is hate, people looking at everyone, judging everyone, hating everything, hating the world.

††††††††† So why donít you just look somewhere else and hate something else? There is a perfectly nice looking decrepit ceiling right above your head, right in the Underground of Central London! Donít look at me, donít speak to me, because by definition we hate each other, we canít stand each other! Look at that ceiling, die within it for all I care, it is fine by me.

††††††††† I had enough of hate, we can go on ignoring each other just like that for a whole lifetime as far as Iím concerned. Or we can go to war. Your choice. If we cannot stop hating, perhaps we could pretend that others donít exist? That the Middle-East never existed and leave them be? I love to hate hate.

††††††††† Now, how can this be transposed to people who hate me and backstab me? If I could somehow ignore it, then I could still be nice to them, ignoring their true nature, how bad they are treating me. Very difficult, it is not as simple as looking the other way, when you know deep down what is going on in your back.

††††††††† This is perhaps what Mother Teresa and Gandhi were capable of, in my mind. They must have had this ability to be blind to the bitchiness around them. Somehow it didnít affect them in the slightest. They could go on with their business without any confrontation, fights or wars. And never mind if the whole country was at war in the background killing thousands if not millions!

††††††††† How can one be blind to all this? Not be bothered by it? How can anyone acquire this weird but essential wisdom? I wish I could, this is perhaps the hardest lesson Iíve got to learn. And it would explain why for the last decade Iíve been but a prisoner of these offices, filled with bitchiness to the brink. I still have to learn that lesson, and somehow Iím about to claim that I will never overcome this obstacle, I will never learn to love even the ones who hate me. We just love to hate everything and everyone, donít we?

††††††††† And yet, this is key. Loving the ones who hate us, whilst not doing anything to justify that hate. And this is the whole Jesus Christ message as well. That important lesson is one that everyone fails on, and when you reach the point where you can clearly state it like Iím doing now, and look for ways to reach the solution, to change enough to become a Saint, then I guess you are wise. How wise you really are then depends on how successful you are at being blind to everything going around you. Just live the best way you can, good luck man!

††††††††† It will help me a great deal now that I have written about it. I will try, I hope I can succeed. To love the ones who hate me, to love everyone. I always tried, I always failed in the end. Too much hate comes my way, and to love in these conditions is proving overwhelming, simply impossible. I just hate you, whoever you are. All you can do is kill me every day and commit genocides as if it was the most normal act in the world. The ladder of values in this world has been going downhill since the very birth of the first human beings.

††††††††† There must be a way, it must become possible somehow. It is just a change in my own attitude, in our own attitude. Maybe, just maybe, once I will succeed. I will love someone who truly hates me, who would stop at nothing to destroy me. And then maybe, just maybe, they will eventually love me back, or at the very least I could hope not to be bothered by their hate.

††††††††† I donít know. I donít know if anyone actually hates us. Is it just in our mind? Is it just propaganda? Maybe the world is at our knees, loving us for what we are not? It doesnít erase the fact that hate is the emotion that drives us to go to war, to commit genocides, even though none of us truly cares, none of us is even aware it seems. Hate is a powerful emotion. It drives our destiny, and before we know it, it will also destroy the world.

††††††††† Somehow weíll have to learn to stop hating. Somehow, weíll have to learn to ignore all the messages from life. That despite it all, we are incapable of hate, because life can be so wonderful, as soon as you are blind to it all. I am so idealistic, I need to be shot. Hate has always driven this world, hate will always drive this world. How can we love this world when the world hates us? Couldnít we do anything to change this state of affair, couldnít we do something so the world will love us?

††††††††† This is now a debate between loving or hating. I love you! I love everyone! I donít care about anything else in this world. I can just feel some sort of weird love for everyone, no matter how much you hate me, no matter how you look at me down in the Underground of Central London.

††††††††† I am at the top of that car, singing life away, just like Avril Lavigne, and somehow we will end up loving each other and finally bring peace upon this world, ignoring all government propaganda to satisfy unimportant war agenda. Or, this is war. What will you choose?

††††††††† Oh, I so love you all! How could you hate me for loving you so much? You canít. So letís just fall in love with each other all over again. No need for hate in this world, we can always turn a blind eye to it whenever hate creeps up.

††††††††† There is no need for hate in this world, because when you start thinking about why, no reasonable answer could justify it, not when it leads to wars and genocides.






Peace and Love: Time to Recycle the Flower Power Era


††††††††† The Peace and Love era of the 60ís and early 70ís, with its flower power gimmick, was such a ridiculous idea, I would not have been caught dead being associated with it. It was not my generation you see, so instead I hated anything related to it, including The Beatles and Donovan. I think back now and I wonder, perhaps we need to recycle that era. Let me explainÖ perhaps because there is only hate left in this world right now?

††††††††† I watched a documentary about Donovan recently and he said something that truly caught my ear, about how everyone in the 60ís felt some sort of euphoria as if paradise and utopia were within reach of the whole humanity, and they were about to rebuilt this world based on something we had never thought of before: love!

††††††††† It was such an easy time for artists, you could make a record within a week, you could write a book within a month, production companies and publishers alike weíre ready to kill to give you a contract, and it went on to make millions. At a time where marketing and sales and big industries were in their infancy. Today it takes at least three years before anything is overproduced, at least 100 persons will work on any product to be released, and in the end it does not even see the light of day. With an overpopulated market with so many authors, so many artists, with stringent conditions and obligations to be commercial in nature, it has just about killed art as a whole.

††††††††† But this is not what I wanted to talk about. After all today we no longer need those large corporations to be heard, we can put everything online on the Internet as long as money and fame is of no importance to us. And so as artists we can still be idealistic in nature and write whatever we want. Something is missing though, this euphoria that we were going to change the world on a massive scale, that love would change everything. Love?

††††††††† Unfortunately it was too easy a period, it was the baby boomers era as well. Money was falling from the sky, the children kept coming, powerful executive jobs were landing on every doorstep, and very quickly the flower power generation was replaced with the normal and usual gasoline power, and with it the wars in the Middle-East resumed, more virulent than ever. Except this time no one has been talking against it for over 35 years.

††††††††† The result is astonishing, we have lost all our civil rights, there is no more privacy, in the UK we have even witnessed the Big Brother State/Police State becoming a reality and going even further than what George Orwell ever foresaw. Every time you send an email or a text message on your phone, you have to wonder: will this get some lights to beep on some government spying agency, will I get arrested, even though Iím just talking about the childrenís play at school?

††††††††† Genocides have become the daily news and no one really cares, World War Three is just about to become a reality and that too leaves us indifferent. There has been no love in this world since the early 70ís and no hope for a better world. No one is going to change anything, weíre just going to die unhappy, frustrated, powerless. But not me baby! As I will change this world one way or another, even if I have to die trying!

††††††††† We nearly reached the same euphoria with Barack Obama. For a second there we felt it, what they must have felt in the 60ís. This feeling of love and that overnight everything would change in the world. But just as we calculated it would be, it has been very much business as usual since Obama entered office. After he won the elections, everyone went back to their normal existence and forgot all about it. None of our rights have come back, we are still at war, there are still genocides everywhere, and worse, we are entering an economic depression that could potentially be worst than the one of 1929. If for some reason we could still find any comfort or hope in a better world, from the great world of international politics, we were utterly wrong.

††††††††† This is why I feel that such elation, such hope, such actualisation, can only come from artists, from culture. It has to come from singers, authors, painters, film makers, actors, poets, anyone who can reach out to the world. We have to change our attitude, we need to bring some positivism in this world, we need to bring back this same euphoria of the 60ís and early 70ís, where artists thought they would change the world on a massive scale! It does not matter that they could not, and that they have not, at the very least they all felt something great, and so we can!

††††††††† So perhaps it is not exactly the flower power or the peace and love movement that I feel we should resuscitate, but something similar, something that will bring us the same hope and drive to take control of this world and bring it to a better place, where we could all find happiness, where finally it will be peace the world over, and why not, love.

††††††††† Love not only of ďstinky-foreignersĒ and our so-called enemies, or love for the world, but love in our daily life at work, our colleagues, more relaxed management rules, less greed but happiness in our life, and love at home. Before it becomes that all we will ever feel is hate and destruction, and make the Armageddon a reality through the Biblical meaning of the end of humanity.

††††††††† After all, with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair, we really felt it. We all thought this was it. The fascist era was back, Hitler had just changed name and face, but he was back. We thought we might actually witness the end of the world within our lifetime, especially when you added on top of it Global Warming that the Republicans worked so hard at denying its existence, going as far as censoring American scientists. Such a blast this was!

††††††††† And then, we find that Barack Obama does not appear to be changing course, neither Gordon Brown in the UK, and Canada still has Stephen Harper for many years to come. If Barack Obama cannot change anything, whilst he was such an idealistic candidate, it can only mean one thing. It is not the lack of wishing which is at fault here, it is that no President or Prime Minister is in fact in control of the destiny of our countries. It must be true that they are but puppets to more powerful groups like rich corporations and banks.

††††††††† And with this ends all hope for us to change this world, because democracy is meaningless at any rate. Donít blame Obama, just like we now understand that we cannot blame Bush and Cheney, none of them have ever been in control of our destiny, they were just obeying orders coming from above. Poor souls, I forgive them such evil they have brought upon in this world.

††††††††† Any change in this world now can only come from mass public opinion, until the people in power can feel threatened by such a movement, until we are all on the FBI blacklist, just like in the 60ís and the 70ís. When such a desire to change the world and bring peace and love to the world was felt at every level by everyone, once the silence and corruption of the mass media was finally broken and became insignificant. Reaching out, convincing people, bringing back this hope and euphoria like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Donovan, Bob Dylan, The Moody Blues, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Who, T. Rex, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix were only too capable in achieving. If only for a moment in time.

††††††††† Incidentally, being born in 1972, I canít stand any of these bands or artists except The Moody Blues, which is still my favourite band of all times (after my dad listened to it every Saturday morning for something like a decade, whilst I was growing up). I donít think my dad ever heard of Janis Joplin (thank God!).

††††††††† And there lays a big problem. This new euphoria will not come from the same bands and authors that highlighted the whole thing some 50 years ago, even though many are still active today. And I cannot imagine how any of those actual manufactured bands of today, who are being dropped like flies by their record companies, just like publishers drop their authors after one published book, could make a difference. So who will bring back love to the agenda? Who will bring back peace to the agenda? Scientists who will finally find a way to power our houses and cars with flowers, without using arable lands somehow?

††††††††† Sometimes I feel like I am a senseless bastard, because after more than 30 years in this world, I still donít know what love is. Neither life nor death, actually. As if these concepts were so indefinable that we could never agree on a definition for these concepts in the first place. Hence, what are you talking about when you state that all we need is love? What is love? Paul McCartney is still alive, I wish I could ask him that question, but John Lennon wrote the song. Maybe Uko Uno, or whatever her name is, would know something about the meaning of that song? She is our last hope to explain it to us, what John Lennon truly meant. This is where humanity is right now, none of us know what love is, let alone figuring out why we would need love for.

††††††††† True enough, the first thing I learnt whilst studying in La Sorbonne in Paris a few years ago, and it was perhaps the only thing I remember having learnt whilst I was there, is that the word love, like the word heart, has been used throughout history to describe so many different concepts, changing with each new generation or century, that depending on the author you were analysing, the whole meaning of the text could change, even though for centuries we all know that the only single idea that everyone has ever written about was love. It turns out that none of them were talking the same language.

††††††††† I tend to agree, within the same time frame, every time I hear a love song or that I see a film about love (just about every film I watch or song I listen to), I cannot recognise that love they are talking about. As it is some sort of magical and powerful emotion for which we have to believe you could kill or commit suicide for. I have never experienced any of that, even though sometimes I got a bit too involved and felt something out of these films or songs, which finally has nothing to do with what my experience of love really was.

††††††††† I would say that what I have experienced in life is more like a strong physical attraction for others, sex, and I think many people confuse this with love. It has always been known that the frontier between physical attraction and love has always been very thin. But really, sex has nothing to do with love, does it? It is not with sex that we will stop the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, and just about every other war we are starting today (Iran is next). So what about love, can it still stop wars, or pretend to at least?

††††††††† So now I would normally talk about the love between a parent and a child, as being some sort of real love without any sort of physical attraction. However Freud destroyed this argument, and even then, the love between a mother and her son, or a father and his daughter, is all physical, strong physical attraction. Yeah, I know, a bit disturbing, but weíve all accepted it now, we have all come out of the closet about it, and we simply continued to live our lives. The troubling thing here, is that this physical attraction appears to be very strong even if your child or your parent is an ugly fat blob. We are a generation of obese nowadays, the mass media just love to remind us about it all the time. Love is more and more impossible by the second, as Pop! here comes another fat one!

††††††††† So that is what I really feel like about love. Something we couldnít agree on what it is, something we could never be certain if it was not something else. At the end of the day, if love truly exists, like these weird physical attractions, it must have more to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain, electricity setting alight some neurones, and perhaps even magnetic fields surrounding us. In the end, not only it will be easy to create machines and robots to experience what love and physical attraction is, as these appear to be so mechanical and physical in nature, and easily programmable in C++, that machines will probably feel all these emotions at a much higher rate and strength than any of us were ever going to be capable of in this lifetime.

††††††††† I am of this generation living in a virtual world, none of this is real, and yet, I will programme into my art some sort of love and worldwide peace, and I will succeed as Iím good at what I do, creating my own reality. Hereís something Donovan and George Harrison never thought of, as perhaps they were not good at anything in the first place. So many drugs, and yet, so little understanding about this virtual reality weíre living in. Drug is quickly becoming all that is twisted about this world, and alcohol, is there a way out of this nightmare?

††††††††† Can love actually exist in this world? What were the 60ís about then? We need to find out, or else, we are forever doomed! Oh! It was all about hard drugs, silly me, magic mushrooms and so on, and I never took drugs. Oh! My god, we cannot reproduce the 60ís, we cannot bring the same state of euphoria, ever. Because drugs today are of such poor quality, I fear we will never feel love again. So much for the flower power movement in the middle of the desert of California, with drugs of the highest quality never to be seen again in this day and age.

††††††††† I know I am very cynical about all this, and of course you most probably are yourself, just like I. You fell in love once or twice in your life, and Iím sure you would not describe it in any way the way I just did. If I were to ask a class of students to write down what they thought what love was, Iím sure I would get as many different definitions as there would be students in that class. And I would not be surprised if one of them didnít describe love as a big and disgusting huge chocolate cake with more cream on top that your heart could sustain. I could certainly fall in love with such a cake, I havenít eaten for days. More often than you would think, someone would describe love as reaching ultimate power, and becoming a tyrant to the people surrounding them. It brings the same elation, the same feelings, does it not? Whatever.

A musical band called Foreigner had a song called ďI want to know what love isĒ, and though at first sight you could think that the author (Mick Jones) was a senseless bastard like me, and that was the reason why he still didnít know what love was despite being a grown man and having experienced so much sex, I think we could interpret the song much more philosophically. He must have fell in love before, how else could he have written such a love song that still plays on the radio every other day after 25 years? And despite having fallen in love, he still didnít know what love was. Because love is indefinable.

††††††††† Just take the most celebrated android in history, Data in Star Trek, he has trouble understanding emotions. There was an episode where he tried to fall in love with a woman and it was useless. Another one where he tried to understand hate and asked the Chief Engineer on the ship what hate was. It turned out that the only way hate (or love) could be described, was only through similar emotions, something the robot couldnít understand. And so explaining what love or hate is, to someone who never experienced it, appears impossible. This is when someone could describe love as being a chocolate cake, something the counsellor on the ship was fond of, something women would like men to believe is a good substitute for love. Chocolate might as well be love in a bar, if they can apparently bring out the same emotions in someone. Down with Love was a movie about that.

And down with my cynicism. I think we can fairly say that I loved three persons in my life. And a few others I had some infatuations with, which probably is more like physical attraction. I would also have to admit that I love my sister, my mom and my dad, in ways I could not love anyone else. This bond with my family is simply because I am their son and brother, we were all brought up together, and so we developed some affinities, common points, and eventually love was born out of it. Could be familiarity though.

For my three big lovers, this is another story, as I couldnít even begin to explain why I loved them. Why them and not others? There are after all six billion people on this planet, why would have I only loved one person in each of the decades I was alive for? And, was it true love? Letís review them all.

The first love of my life, we stayed five years together. First it was a strong sexual attraction. Six months later, almost to the day, it was already something else, and love was born. A year later we were completely and madly in love. We truly cared for each other, we were blind to each otherís bad qualities, as perhaps we always were from the beginning, until of course the bad qualities were way too obvious that even a blind man could see them, and then it was over. Two years later I met him, I thought, what a monster! How could I ever been in love with that? The physical attraction was the real culprit here, there was none anymore, and love was dead by the same token. From that relationship, I cannot describe what love really was. It was a nightmare, yes, but apart from thatÖ

Before I talk about my second lover, I have to assess my third one, which is still the actual relationship I am in. Well, perhaps I should not talk about that one, Iím not certain there ever was any love to begin with, even though in time this relationship developed into a full blown one. When your whole existence to remain in one country depends on you remaining with your ďloverĒ, your freedom is cut short and you can remain in a relationship a very long time for all the wrong reasons. There must have been love at some point, there probably still is, but perhaps it would be better called familiarity, closeness, friendship and whatever else, after 15 years since this relationship began. It has been a real nightmare and it still is. Iím so confused. Tell us, you are so confused with your love life! Which brings me to my second lover.

That last love must have been the only true one I experienced, probably because it never happened in the first place, and will never happen. It was a secret love going on during my first relationship, an American I met in Paris, and it was love at first sight. I know now that this relationship, even if it had not been stopped by the laws and regulations of all these countries (I could never live in the United States, the other one could never live in Canada), was doomed from the start. We didnít have the same values, being faithful proved too hard for that lover, and even love would not stop that strong physical attraction. That lover met someone who looked exactly like me in New York, I have seen the photos, from the sound of it we were identical in every way, and the whole relationship turned out to be a disaster. I donít think youíll ever come across a more honest writer than I, I just donít care about anything anymore, I never did.

In fact, there is only one true love story in my life, the one with my cat. I must have had over 30 cats in my life, I loved them all, but nothing like the way I loved Murmy. When I left for Los Angeles two years ago, I cried all the way to the airport because of her. The year I past in Los Angeles, if I drank too much alcohol on my own, I was again crying for her. Ultimately I came back to London for her. She slept in my arms every single day from the day she was a baby. She spent long hours on my knees whilst I was writing the night away. That year away from her has been the most difficult time of my life. If she was to be killed by a car tomorrow morning, Iím not sure how I would survive. I would kill myself.

I guess this is how we can define love. By actions, reactions, extremes. Something no human being was ever able to make me feel. So perhaps love exists after all. How to conceptualise it, however, is another problem. Will I ever be allowed to marry my Murmycat?

How does love work anyway in the first place? Why do you only love the other sex? Why do I only love the same sex? Why would certain people send me off the wall, while others leave me as cold as a stone? Is it all chemical reactions, magnetic fields, electricity in the neurones? Is it all in the brain? Matching frequencies, energy? Ultimately love is a mystery which cannot be explained, which is perhaps why it is so hard to define. It is all psychological, nothing logical about it, it is flimsy, its origins are perplexing. Just like physical attraction. The fact that we are not attracted at all to the same sex, and ready to lose our mind at the sight of the other sex. And as soon as we see a fat blob, thatís it, the game is over, we lose our passion and our hard on.

Love is certainly linked to physical attraction, so much so that often we cannot make the distinction between the two. And none of that responds to logic, it cannot be computed, it cannot be predicted. It just happens. Like shit happens. Or does it? Maybe one day we will be able to compute all this, predict it, tell you exactly who you would definitely fall in love with if that person gets within 10 metres of you at any time in this lifetime.

Surely if science was as advanced as we all seem to believe it is, we would have found ways by now to calculate these things, and most probably one day we will. Because love, like physical attraction, is in the brain, it is physiological, biological, psychological, and so on. Nothing that mysterious about it, Iím afraid, weíre just too ignorant right now to connect the dots and figure it all out.

Which is why I firmly believe that the robots we will programme in the future, will eventually feel love and other emotions a hundred times higher than any of us. They will probably fall in love with every escargot they will meet on their way to the car park. I certainly do. And that is a love story really worth talking about. I should write a love song about it, and I will. Michael Jackson first became popular, after all, after singing a song about a rat called Ben (what was all that about?). That was a great love song, whatever a love song is, whatever love is.

So, it is not love that the Peace and Love era was describing, it was all about some weird state of mind that told us that we were all very significant, that any of us could make a difference and change the world for the better. And though it all failed spectacularly as soon as they all became conformists, for a while at least they were off their head, they truly felt this world would change. And perhaps this is all we really need, once again, today. Hope in something that will never materialise.

So instead of despair, we will feel some sort of hope in a better world. Never mind if the end of humanity is just around the corner. I truly feel the need to be elated, without the need of hard drugs. Do something about it, write some good songs, write some good books like this ďOn the RoadĒ of Jack Kerouac. Can this Beat Generation ever come to life again for a few years?

I tried so hard to bring love and peace to this world, to try to bring something uplifting. In the process I just managed to have the fight of the decade with my partner. I destroyed first my keyboard, then my PC, then half the flat. It is a miracle this article survived this war. It is a miracle I can still write these lines with half the keys still remaining on my keyboard, at a time when even Nine Inch Nails is not hard enough to translate all my emotions about this world. I will write no matter what!

Who would have thought that writing about love was such an impossible goal to achieve? I fear, if all that is possible under my own roof, is a permanent state of war, whilst I have such a desire for peace, I have no hope left for the rest of humanity. All that this world wants, is war! And so the world should get just that, war! Will I ever write a book mentioning love?

Please bring back the flower power, the peace and love era, just for one more decade before it all ends in a great firework display of an Armageddon! Iím afraid, this is all my generation will ever produce, hate on a scale never witnessed before. Love? God only knows what that is, if there is even a God to begin with, if he was not a C++ programmer, or a C++ construction in the first place.

Love is such a misunderstood concept nowadays, just like peace. We might never get to know what these concepts truly mean, ever again. Iím not even sure if I wish to know these concepts any longer. Bring me war! Bring me genocides! Bring me Armageddon! Iím ready! This is the only language my generation will ever understand. Flower power? Peace and Love? You are joking, arenít you?

††††††††† I have failed miserably. We have failed so miserably. Is there any hope left for love in this world?







Christ father, is the meaning of life to kill all Muslims?


††††††††† I asked my Mentor what value I should put on oneís life. I asked my Mentor what meaning I should give to my life. You must have asked yourself the same questions recently, or else, are you sure you are worthy of being such a good Citizen, such a good Christian? Would you like to know what my Mentor told me? You are dying to find out, as we are dying to find answers to these questions. Well he told meÖ nothing, as I have no mentor. I am my own master.

††††††††† Thatís the secret of this existence, you are your own master. You make out of this life whatever you want. Letís just hope you are an ethical and moral human being at the core and cannot so easily be influenced into believing anything and everything floating around in the heavens. Or you will quickly be joining the ranks in the never ending extermination of all Muslims from this Earth. And what will this achieve in the end? Iím not sure.

††††††††† When it comes to the value of your life, both governments and religions have proven through history and even today that they donít believe it is worth much. Just about the cost of sending a soldier on the other side of the planet to kill another human being with the Churchís blessing, and that soldier being killed right after. Their meaning of life for us seems more like ensuring their power over us through mass control and conformism. They have hardly ever proven they had our best interests at heart, have they? So easily we doubt everyone nowadays, what have they got to sell, what type of slavery are these groups in the market for? This is certainly the capitalist mentality.

††††††††† If someone cannot value the life of another human being no matter if it is our enemy in war, that someone certainly cannot value your life either. And all the headlines in the daily news prove it time and time again. Your life is worth nothing in this world, you could never possibly be on any right side of the fence. You can always only be the next target.

††††††††† Governments and religions are responsible for so many deaths every year, so much of our global misery, should we really put a price on someoneís life and follow some meaning of life coming from them? They are responsible for soul-destroying us all, until we all become mindless machines stressed to death, incapable to even think, let alone living a meaningful existence. At least this is how I see it, after all that has happened in recent years.

††††††††† I donít need to get into the details here to justify how and why, just open any history book, even the biased ones, it is all there to see. I am that confident that you will find exactly that in any history book you will ever read, until at least you take control over your own existence, over the existence of us all, as you can be powerful enough to have quite an impact upon this world if you want to.

††††††††† One day we will have to free ourselves from such conditioning, we will have to value all life and come up with our own meaning to this existence. Perhaps even just to keep our own sanity, as nothing is even remotely moral or ethical in this world right now. It is obvious that evil has taken over, in a world where the ones speaking against evil are the evil ones.

††††††††† And then ask yourself, is your Mentor perhaps promoting evil? It should all be about love and peace, being peaceful and happy. If your leader does not speak in such terms, he or she is evil, and you are corrupt just like he or she is. You can believe me as I speak for God, the very words he spoke to me. And if you can believe that, then there is no hope for you or for a better world.

††††††††† Do you need to be patronised, treated and spoken to like a child? Do you need to be told what the meaning of life is and what to do? Or can you wonder, research, question, debunk and debug all that comes your way, in order to develop your very own understanding of the meaning of your own life? It works for me, and Iíd like to think that I am more ethical and moral than most.

††††††††† What is life? Note that I am not talking about existence. The difference being life in general and your day to day achievements, against a biological existence and how you suddenly came to be in this world, with some weird conscience that there is a universe out there that makes absolutely no sense. So what is this life?

††††††††† I would say it is the sum of everything you have done in your lifetime, for which on your death bed you will look back and assess globally what it is that you have made of your existence. Of course, it will be filled with regrets if you have not managed to do anything you thought you were destined for. Or you may actually even be satisfied that you have achieved all the small and larger goals you have set for yourself, including realising your childhood dreams.

††††††††† There is no reason to wait until you are on your death bed to look back and assess your life, what you have done with it, what are your regrets, what are your achievements. In the end it is all relative. It depends on how pretentious you really are, what sort of potential you thought you had inside of you, or that people thought they saw in you. It depends also on how much vanity you are capable of and how greedy you are.

††††††††† Failure to achieve anything after being born with such a drive to succeed and get somewhere usually brings you closer to God and Jesus Christ. Thatís fine by me, I only suggest you stay away from any religion and keep your freedom of thought and action.

††††††††† We are no Mother Teresa, did you think you could become the President? Or a simple Member of Parliament or a Senator, someone who could never make any difference even if he or she tried very hard to do so? Someone who would never make it after trying for so long, or perhaps a one hit wonder type of person? Or were you aiming to become Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael, never mind their flaws? Better be completely out of oneís mind and achieve something great, than dying remorseful and unknown in utter poverty.

††††††††† If your dream in childhood was to marry a respectable man and have three babies, and you successfully achieved just that, then I guess your life will be fulfilled at the end. This is where the problem starts. How much did your parents pushed you into becoming God reincarnated upon Earth? There is no cure for that, parents will always push it as far as they possibly can, but you donít have to listen to them. Wonít be easy, but you donít.

††††††††† This is key, the meaning of your life can only be defined by yourself, or else there cannot possibly be any enjoyment or happiness for you within this existence. Listen to your parents, to your teacher, to your priest, to your political leader, and you will end up committing suicide. I know, Iím an expert on such things.

††††††††† You can only listen to yourself after dumping them all out of your ear and sight. Free yourself, right now. Or this is all that will torment you later on in life, even after they are all dead. It is the very first step towards identifying what is the real meaning of your life. Free yourself! Only then will you see clearly about what motivates you to even continue to exist in this world.

††††††††† I wouldnít mind being a rock contemplating the universe structures for an eternity, or something similar. That is what I truly always aspired to be, but no one around me would ever say it is acceptable, that this is what I should do with my life. And then, it has thrown me into a permanent existential crisis. Is this how we could describe your actual neurosis? Smile, finally someone understands you. You can stop the drugs now, itís normal, youíre normal. They are the neurotic ones.

††††††††† Some people have incommensurable dreams, larger than life, they need to become the most successful person ever in their own field, whatever that field is. Every single movie has this premise. If youíre a lawyer, youíre the best damn lawyer there ever was, or you certainly work hard to become it. Youíre striving to be Top Management, to be on top of the world, this is life for the ambitious ones. And for the rest, well, 1.8 children in average and a successful marriage out of three ought to do the trick in order to die happily, and shame on you for having such low expectations in life. So shameful you are, we might have to hide you from life.

††††††††† I am an ambitious one, I have been boosted to the max by my family and my environment, and I hope to never have to look back and feel that I failed. I was born driven to get somewhere fast, and yet, after all those years Iím still nowhere. It can be disheartening, this feeling of utter failure. If I were on my death bed right now I would think: better die quickly and forget the whole thing ever happened. If only I had set myself smaller goals, a simpler purpose to my whole life, I guess I could die happily at any moment.

††††††††† I canít even have children and suddenly solve my problem, here is certainly an easy meaning to oneís life: popping babies into this world like if there was no tomorrow. Trying to remain proud whilst watching them wrecking their own existence and going nowhere fast. At least Iíll be spared such disappointment, such despair of having fathered human beings more useless than I am. How in the world can you sustain such a double failure?

††††††††† What have you done wrong? Oh just about everything, starting with how you picture this world and any kind of significant way of giving any life any worthy meaning. The thing is, whenever a parent or a mentor reaches a stage where he or she can be proud of his or her child, it is when the child usually reaches breaking point and is about ready to give it all up, ready to kill his or her parents and mentor in fact, and start a whole new life. Such is life without freedom.

††††††††† Half the planet will die happy, the ones from whom no one is expecting anything significant, the ones expecting almost nothing from this life, feeling lucky to be alive and that is enough for them and everyone else (they mostly live in the Third World). The other half will die disappointed beyond belief, having failed to achieve any of their dreams or the dreams of their parents and any other authority around. Because only a few will succeed in any given field. The probability that you will be the big winner is very slim despite hard work. It would be like winning the lottery and we all know by now that no one ever wins the lottery. You can only be destined for failure, this is a certainty, no matter how brilliant you are. The days when even mediocrity could reach superstardom status are long gone. Such notoriety was meaningless at any rate anyway.

††††††††† When I was young I thought I had it all figured out. I knew exactly what life was about, and on my own I came to the same conclusions that many other philosophers and religions claimed life was. It was about learning from your experience, being stuck until you understood why you were stuck, learning something from life so you could finally move on. I see now that it was naÔve of me to believe that life could be just that, a training ground, a long learning process, figuring out what all these people and these obstacles were all about. Well I did learn a lot, I did seem to be stuck until I finally opened my mind and my heart and accepted a few things, and then I did seem to move on with life.

Writing your existence I thought gives you an edge, you figure out much more that way. It seemed to me that my life was moving much faster, faster than I could have ever dreamt of. I was figuring out everything along the way and I never got stuck in any place or with the same horrible people for too long. And so I felt great to have figured out the meaning of life, learning, learning to accept your nightmare, learning to love the next ones at any given time and no matter what monsters they were. Have a whole diagram of your whole existence right there in your mind, where you were before, where you are now and where you are most likely to be in the future: at the very top of any pyramid you could come up with.

It was naÔve indeed. Because when you look back, everything about your life seems so insignificant, boring, useless, that whatever you may hope to have learnt in your lifetime, whatever wisdom you may feel you have acquired, all of that quickly amounts to nothing. Does not seem to warrant the miracle of life as some put it, or such an existence of deprivation.

If only I had discovered God on a lone street corner of Manhattan one rainy night, after being mugged and getting the fright of my life, I would be now celebrating my salvation. Could it really be that easy? Or would it not be to simply choose the easy way out.

Why should I think about the meaning of my life when I know itís hard, since the answers are never forthcoming, when I can just let others think for me? Why should I even make any decision in life when I can let others make them for me? So simple to just then live blissfully ignorant and unaware of everything about the universe we live in and any purpose humanity might have within it.

If Christianity could have had its way, we would still be living in a flat world, and that flatland would still be the very centre of the whole universe. Religion is a three dimensional world for two dimensional people in a one dimensional thinking process, welcome to paradise. You should quote me on that.

In time it appeared to me that life was more like an accident than anything else, and we were struggling to get somewhere to survive, waiting for our day to die or be destroyed. This is another way of looking at life. We were not meant to be, weíre like parasites, and somehow we built things, discovered sociology and philosophy one day, and yet, it all amounts to nothingness and absurdity. Oh look, here comes the bug who most distinguished itself in that certain sphere of interest. How impressive! Iím going to puke now. I will always remain totally unimpressed.

We as humans donít distinguish between smart ants and stupid ones. They all look the same to us, we all crush them to their death, exterminate them when they decide to build their nest under our wooden floor (just like a nest of Muslims perhaps?). The same way it is not uncommon for the smart ant, I beg your pardon, the smart human being who succeeded where most others failed, to still feel unaccomplished, goals unreached, with still something missing in their life. Iím so sorry, have I lost you now?

I know enough of success and great achievements myself to have learned that much, you still wake up the next day as empty as ever, wondering what life is all about. Which is why a few great ones became what could only be described as lunatics in their late years, jumping into weird religions or secret sects, never to be heard from again. After all their success, they still had not found their reason to exist. Perhaps because there is none, except maybe surviving the best way we can without any kind of expectation.

And so, you can only make the best of it and die at the very end of it. Sorry if your life was filled with regrets. Sorry if you were highly successful and discovered that it was all meaningless. That life ultimately must have been about something else, something you could never have figured out on your own, something no one could ever figure out.

Has your Mentor not told you it would be just that? Or has your Master showed you all the Disneyís VHS tapes in 100 languages from ďCinderellaĒ to ďSnow WhiteĒ to ďLa Belle au Bois DormantĒ? Or even simpler, no one has a VCR anymore, hereís a PC interactive game of the Old Testament, Henry the VIII tyrannical version. That ought to keep you occupied and out of my way for a few hundred years of war.

There are many religions out there, new age and spiritualist movements, who will tell you exactly what life is. They can easily brainwash you and you might die completely fulfilled in the illusion that you knew what life was all about, and you will live exactly the way they meant for you to, that every single human being was meant to according to their definition.

If I wanted to I could start such a movement, I could create a new religion, I could ensure you will all die believing you have fulfilled all the requirements of a perfect existence. You better believe me because, as I stated earlier, God speaks to me and he told me what your destiny was going to be. Now do you believe me? Will you die happy? How could you even doubt. Should I throw some fireworks and magic tricks in the package to make it all more convincing?

No one has any answer, because no one on the planet could tell you who is right and who is wrong apart from yourself. If there was only one religion in this world, only one main religious book, then perhaps we could hold them as the authority upon the subject. But there are too many religions, too many religious books which all claim to detain all the answers, even, too many different versions of the very same religious books, and they all contradict each other. There have been too many wars fought over them and too many deaths. They have successfully defined the value of your life to a naught. Christ! Father! The meaning of my life is not to go halfway across the world to kill all Muslims! Who knows, maybe one day they will fight back and humanity will simply annihilate itself. I bet you will be cheering then, whilst brandishing your burnt Bible.

Remember that your life is worth nothing in the eyes of anyone around you, even your parents, until you think like they and become what they expect you to be, to conform to the rest of them. If you donít, you will always be but a pawn to be sacrificed at any given moment until such time that you take control of your own destiny. There canít be any truer words ever stated in this world.

Did you really think the meaning of your life was to become a suicide bomber? Well, I think we have all become just that, even under Christianity, or what is exactly the definition of a soldier in the US or UK army, if not the one of a suicide bomber? Human beings, no matter the nationality, the faith or religion, are all but just the same when they are blinded by any outside influence or authority, political and religious leaders.

You can only be but a rebel if you wish to be free. This is what you have been struggling with for most of your life. Until the very day you will finally say loudly: I am free! I am free to find my own meaning to my own life and follow my own destiny.

There is not one right religion, there is not one right religious book, until the whole planet can agree that there is one, assuming that the whole planet would not have been held hostage into believing so, through fears and guilt and wars. No one has the answer, no one knows what life is about, assuming it is about something other than surviving it all as long as possible.

So where does this leave me? Where does this leave you? The truth is not out there, you do not want to believe all that you are told. Not one religion or government or person will come and save you and tell you what life is all about. If they do then perhaps you should think twice, when so many others could do the very same thing with so many different answers. It would be like picking at random one solution out of a million ideas: here is what life really is, this is the purpose of your existence. Really? Iím so mindless myself, I believe you, Iíll believe anything.

This would be delusion, and if youíre gullible enough to embark on any such journey with strangers, then my God, contact me right now and I will easily turn you into my own personal slave. I could achieve great things this way, I could become filthy rich. I believe I could write a Bible and create my own religion within six months, and I might one day, who knows? I met people in Los Angeles who thought just like that, they have become highly successful and filthy rich since then.

We are six to seven billion people on this planet right now. We are all wondering what life is all about and we all have a different opinion or vision of what it is. Many of us have been brainwashed by some philosophy or other, but most of us who are still free, are still wondering, thinking, trying to find the purpose of our existence, assuming there is one. Is there meaning to this life or not?

There is only one possible answer to what life is when you truly sit down like me tonight and try to figure that one out. Life can be as many things, have as many meanings, as there are human beings on this planet with a working brain. What life can be when all is considered, can only be what you yourself make of it. So what is life for you? What is the purpose of your existence? And there you have your answer.

But wait, is this what you truly feel it is inside, or are the answers coming from some dodgy book you read at some point in your life, or some dodgy religious or political leader who gave you all the answers so you never even needed to get your brain into gear in the first instance to try to figure it out for yourself? That is most important. What life can be, what life is, can only come from deep inside of you, not from any other charmer out there.

So after all that, what is life for me then? What is the purpose of my existence? Great question. I donít think I will ever find the answer within my lifetime, this quest has become the meaning of my life.

I could end here, but that would be too easy. I must have some sort of idea of what my life is all about? I do, I always did, even though the answers have changed many times since my youth, and will hopefully still change many times before the day I die. Because if we are supposed to evolve as a species, then surely the meaning of life must evolve as well?

Or are we created as one thing, and can only die as that thing? In that case there is nothing to learn anymore, there cannot be a purpose to our existence. We just follow our destiny, the path all laid out in front of us by others. No evolution, everything is as it should be. Just donít question anyone, just obey.

If your potential at one time can only be to reach the first step, then that must be the reason for you to exist. If eventually you develop or find out you have the skills, knowledge and aptitudes to reach the top of the stairway, then the whole meaning of your existence just changed. And if one day you reach the top, you will have to set new goals, figure out once again what life is all about, where it is you want to go, that you feel you should reach within this lifetime. Donít seek too much guidance, you must know deep inside what you want from this life. Just reach out and do it.

The most important thing ever is that you let no one decide for you, tell you what your life is all about or should be about. You make your own life, you make it what it is. Only you have the answer. If your own meaning of life is to get drunk every night until you start destroying everything, or to ensure you always find a large black hole to fall into, instead of being a loving person helping the old lady next door, then this is your meaning of life and it is as valid if not more than whatever anyone else might tell you. Because then it would come from you, you would be free to seek out those answers for yourself. Your only destiny is the one you build yourself. You make it happen as you go along, as you think it should be. If it feels right, then you must be following the very destiny you yourself set for your own life.

I used to believe I was following a destiny. I could even tell you what that destiny was. I even reached out to it, made it happen, in the end I simply constructed my own destiny. I thought of it, I made it real. Was it meant to be this way? Was I meant to succeed, fail or be in between? It is all up to me, whatever I can imagine, whatever I will think to make it happen.

I just wish I had not an unbounded imagination, as my destiny should get me very far indeed, and at this point in my life Iím not sure if I will ever reach that destination. Of course I believe I will, Iím not prepared for failure, we never are. We will not be cured from such ambitions implemented since birth by the ones surrounding us. It might take a while but I will try to reach my goals before I die.

But truly in my case, I understood too late, I have been contaminated beyond salvation. I will follow the path all laid out for me by others. Unfortunately not even my parents will ever be proud of me. I guess itís their own fault, if they wanted Jesus Christ for a son, well, they should have been born Gods.

This article is dedicated to a friend of mine from Kansas who just died of smoking too many cigarettes in his lifetime. I only hope he will be an example to me. I hope he had the time to figure out what the meaning of his life was, and his faithful wife tells me that he did. Now I wonder, what was the meaning of his life?

Life can only be what you yourself make it to be. Life can only be what you feel it should be. Careful though, you donít want to have any regrets on your death bed. At the same time, you donít want to follow the destiny others have set for you, when you know deep down that you have absolutely no interest in such a destiny. Then you are free indeed to identify your own meaning of life, follow it through and die happily in the end. Your own life is worth more than any government statistic, or any religious war.






The battle of the sexes is still raging



††††††††† I donít think much of women in this world. This is quite a hard statement to make, it is politically incorrect, I certainly will lose my job for stating it so clearly. However you have not heard the end of my argument yet. I donít think much of men either. Youíre all the same, you just alienate each other as youíre simply incompatible. Weíre all tired of this life, weíre all tired of each other. If we could only just shut up once in a while, the battle of the sexes could finally be over.

††††††††† Tired of your woman? You shouldnít have let her out of the cupboard then. Tired of your man? Find yourself a high paying job, make sure he loses his (it should not be hard these days), install him on the sofa every morning with a baby in each arm and a remote control in the middle. I believe you will not meet much resistance. After all, it is a myth that men cannot change diapers, once they are obliged to do so by their other half.

††††††††† The more the war rages at home, the more we witness the impact at work, weíre all ready for the asylum. So canít you just sort yourself out? Before we have to pass a law that will separate the sexes for life? One way or another, this world requires a well deserved peace.

††††††††† There is no denying today that men and women are two different entities, they have almost nothing in common. Of course, from the point of view of biology they are virtually identical, it is even said that it takes a while for a baby to have any definite sex, that it is almost randomly decided later on. Babies can be either male or female, and that, weeks after conception.

††††††††† The brain is the same for both sexes, although it has been identified that some parts will be more active depending on the sex, it is even different for gay people. Ultimately only some physical attributes will be different, depending on which hormone will kick in, and that can also be decided or encouraged medically. So we are all the same, and yet, as we grow older, or even after being born male or female, we may have collectively entirely different interests. This is where all problems start.

††††††††† It is true that society, education and conditioning have a lot to do with deciding what is proper for women and what is proper for men, and improper for the other sex. And yet Iím not sure women would naturally in big numbers wish to play with toy soldiers, do hard physical work or get passionate about sports. As it would not be a majority of men who would want to become nannies or nurses.

††††††††† These are the traditional roles identified for each sex, whilst today these roles are being redefined on a massive scale (in the Western world at the very least). I did play with Barbie toys when I was a kid, and plastic soldiers. I have a good excuse, Iím a queer, and then my identified social role is no longer that evident, as I could be or become anything I want in this world, even a surrogate mother. This is what most of you believe anyway.

††††††††† There is no denying that both sexes could easily be good at anything, and without the stigma society attaches to certain roles, we would witness something quite different. Nevertheless there are some areas that women and men are simply less interested in than the other sex. Sports, car racing, women have a tendency to wonder why men like it so much. Textiles, emotional stuff, shopping, psycho-analysis, men have a tendency to wonder why women are so involved in that sort of thing. Why would we need to shop or feel anything anyway? And what could possibly be so amazing about a bunch of people pushing a ball on a field?

There are many exceptions nowadays, the line is getting blurred as we go along, but it remains that there is a fundamental difference between men and women. To the point where many couples are stranded in some sort of trap, unable to get out of it, wondering why they are together when they have absolutely nothing in common with their other half.

Initially there was only one thing they clearly had in common, this desire to get some comfort by sharing a bed together. And for many this was not even an interest, but was pushed upon them because society makes it an obligation for anyone to marry and have children. Iím not even getting involved in forced marriages here. We are all pressured into marrying as soon as possible and popping babies out into this world before weíre 45, the ultimate psychological and biological limit.

††††††††† Iím gay, and even though Iím a man, I still find it very hard to see any common points between me and the next man I meet. At the same time, still being a man, there is not much I feel I have in common with most women. Even other gay men I meet often have either too much in common with females, or too much in common with males, and so I have nothing in common with any of them. No wonder I feel so rejected and out of everything, everyone to me in this world is an alien from another planet. It explains a lot.

††††††††† It is strange that this need to have sex and have babies, this biological call to mate and reproduce, for which we humans have absolutely no control over, brings together people who have nothing in common, and yet, will be spending the rest of their life together, or at the very least until it is really no longer bearable and they will eventually have to separate or divorce.

††††††††† Religions understood that quite early on, and decided unilaterally to declare the man in power, and that the woman needed to obey and shut her mouth. Even without religions, the only way a relationship could really last, would be if one person within the couple was willing to compromise all the time, to basically forgo making any decision or even exist. They then become the slave of the other whole of the couple.

††††††††† Some are forced into this role, men or women, because the other person within the relationship is so unreasonable, he or she will never back down on anything. The only way such a relationship could continue, would be to accept that the other half will take full control of that relationship. What a life this must be, and yet, many are happy to accept that social role. Others simply suffer in silence, or eventually find a way out of their nightmare.

††††††††† I am in the middle of such a nightmare myself, even within a gay relationship that has miraculously lasted for over 15 years. And there are children in this relationship: 7 cats, 1 dog, 2 snakes, 1 chameleon, 2 poisonous frogs, 25 assorted marine fish including a few killer shrimps (my favourite), 25 tortoises, and Mr. Barnsworth, our dear blue and gold macaw, a talking parrot. This last one is worse than a kid, believe me. Well if gay couples are not allowed to have kids, they certainly will at least adopt a whole zoo.

††††††††† I have nothing in common with my mother. I have a lot in common with my sister and my father, in fact most probably because of my fatherís influence. All three of us could have a reasonable relationship, even though still, we fight and argue all the time. If we were still all living under the same roof today, that family could go nuclear at any moment. And by nuclear I mean it would explode in a chain reaction that no one at that point could get under control. As this is the definition of not only nuclear families nowadays, but of all families. Better that than having a control freak of a parent, a totalitarian figure controlling the whole family through fears.

††††††††† Human beings were not meant to be social and share and love each other. They were not meant to help or understand each other. They were meant to fight in the wild for food and kill any other person they met along the way, including their mate, which was not even supposed to be the same for the rest of their life. And yet, because we multiplied so much, and that it takes too long to walk out of the nest, we were forced to compromise and learn to live together. What a misery.

Under those unnatural conditions, some laws had to be established to ensure some sort of order and control, so in the house the man is in charge, and at work, another man is in charge of all the other men. And if somehow you disobey any of the orders of the appointed authority, the consequences are so out of proportions compared with the crime, that you soon learn to regret it deeply, making sure that the next time, you listen and do what youíre told.

††††††††† It is very rare that someone would actually like a boss, like it is not common to find a woman who passionately loves her man if he is abusing his authority a bit too much. Nowadays women are equally naturally in charge and abusing their own powers, making their subordinates, their husband and children angry.

††††††††† Iím sorry but I will have to state it now. For most of my life women were my Line Managers and Directors. I donít think much of their management style, it is as bad as any manís management style. Letís consider our most prominent woman in the Western world, without contest Hillary Clinton. Do you really believe her presidency would have been significantly different from the one of her husband? Or is it more likely that it would have been very similar? Women are not more compassionate or understanding, they are as merciless as the next man. In a way this is reassuring. Women are no better than men in any social hierarchy, weíre all the same as soon as we lay our hand on any kind of authority or power.

††††††††† Humans are simply not capable to live together in harmony, despite any philosophy and radical change that came upon us in history. We all hate each other, and trying to love the next stranger proves more difficult than Jesus Christ may have led a few disciples to believe. It begins to explain why the word team work is so offensive to any of us, because none of us ultimately wishes to work within a team, we know it is always plagued with problems and insurmountable obstacles which in the end bring us all to the brink of war. Just like any normal hierarchy within any family.

††††††††† This is at the microscopic level. If you want to verify that it is also true at the macroscopic level, what are governments most famous for? Waging wars, hating the next nation, stealing from them as much as they can. This is all any government in this world was ever able to achieve. In the last 100 years alone we had two world wars, and from what we can observe right now, at the turn of the new millennium, the third one and perhaps the final one, is just around the corner.

††††††††† And yet, some optimistic people thought we were evolving, that events and mentalities were changing, that a true era of peace and love was upon us. There will never be such an era for humankind, we were not meant to develop any sort of relationship at all. Neither between nations, neither in schools, neither at work, neither within our own personal relationships or families.

Somehow some biological laws of nature force us to have sex, to become completely neurotic if we donít have any sex for a long period, or even get us to feel completely bunker if we donít find a mate for one sex session for too long a time. And if we have to marry for this to be, weíll marry any day of the week, any hour of the day.

You will not convince me that only men think of sex, or else women would not go berserk at the idea of not being married or at least being within a stable relationship. Or is it just security women are desperate for? And men, as primitive as they are, sex would be their only concern?

It is well known that all women would die happy virgins if they could, whilst men would have to go to war and kill to satisfy their most primal urge, if prevented from spreading spermatozoids all over the place. It is a wonder anyone should marry in this world, having such opposite motivations to couple in the first place.

Some other parental instincts, still obeying laws of nature, push us to take care of our progenies until they can finally walk out the door and reproduce themselves. These illogical, basic and low animal instincts are what finding a mate and reproducing are all about, and most often never mind about any kind of convention. Weíre desperate in front o